‘Hippie Moron Protests Climate Change By Walking Across America Barefoot’

I’ve gotta ask – are these idiotic leftist stunts meant to actually DO something productive? Or are they just pathetic cries for attention? ‘Cause I’m going with the latter.

According to this, a man name Mark Baumer has decided that it’s high-time SOMEBODY spoke out against the EEEEEEVILS of climate change (no word on if Al Gore or Leo DiCaprio have commented yet).

His grand master plan? Walk across America barefoot.

Yep. That’s all he’s doing. And that’s supposed to do something about the environment.

Mark Baumer is walking across the United States barefoot, but this isn’t his first rodeo. He’s already walked the length of the country once before—though that time, he wore shoes. This time, he’s walking to “save the earth,” and to raise money for the environmentalist group FANG Collective, which resists the natural gas industry in Rhode Island and contributes to other causes like the protestors at Standing Rock. At press time, Baumer had raised a little more than $3,000.
Baumer does not step aside for cars. He will, however, move over for trucks. (“They’ll really mess you up.”) He’s a vegan, so dinner can be difficult—once he bought a can of corn at a gas station. For Thanksgiving dinner, he ate a bag of cashews. Along the way, people have tried to give him so many shoes that he says he could have filled three bags with them, had he accepted the offers. He’s been walking for two months now, and his bare feet are doing just fine.

So… Mother Nature is going to look at this guy OH SO BRAVELY walking without shoes and decide “Oh gee, maybe I should stop making the weather change every three-four months. And maybe I could tone down those pesky climate cycles that I’ve been engaging in for millennia, while I’m at it!” All because some granola-head-hippie wants to wander around America like a bum.