Hansen’s NASA GISS data confirm the Arctic was warmer from 1920-1940 and cooled 1940-2000

2005 paper published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science shows NASA GISS data demonstrating that 20th century Arctic temperatures peaked between 1920 to 1940, followed by a decline between 1940 to 2000. According to the authors,

“From approximately 1920 to 1940, North Atlantic Waters from Greenland to Norway warmed significantly, by as much as 3–4°C (Tåning, 1948). Although the causes of this event are not well understood, there is no doubt of its authenticity or widespread occurrence in temperature records (Figure 7).” and

“a major warming event in Icelandic and Greenland waters between 1920 and 1940 was extensively documented (e.g. Sæmundsson, 1932; Ahlmann, 1948; Lysgaard, 1948).”