Gore announces coalition of Dem AGs to investigate ‘climate denial’: ‘Looks like fraud. They are violating the law’

Joined by Attorneys General from six states, former Vice President Al Gore announces the formation of an ‘historic coalition’ to investigate “commercial interests that have been… deceiving the American people” about the reality of the “climate crisis and the dangers it poses to all of us”.

AL GORE: Climate skeptics are “according to the best available evidence, deceiving the american people, communicating in a fraudulent way –  about the reality of the climate crisis and the dangers that it poses to all of us and committing fraud in their comunciations about the viability of renewable energy and efficiency and energy storage.”

“In the opinion of many who have looked at this pattern of misbehavior and what certainly looks like fraud, they are violating the law.”

Press Conference
Office of NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman
March 29, 2016


Al Gore to skeptics: Agree with me or be investigated! Gore joins Attorneys General to threaten RICO style investigations –

Gore: ‘We cannot continue to allow the fossil fuel industry or any industry to treat our atmosphere like an open sewer or mislead the public about the impact they have on the health of our people and the health of our planet.’

Attorney’s General: The ‘ongoing and potential investigations into whether fossil fuel companies misled investors and the public on the impact of climate change on their businesses.’

Democratic Attorneys General Refuse to Join Rockefeller-Backed Climate Investigation – A press conference today featuring Al Gore and more than a dozen state attorneys general was expected to reveal new state-level investigations of U.S. energy companies regarding climate change. But the vast majority of AGs standing on stage refused to join such an effort, signaling a lack of interest in wasting their own states’ resources.


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  1. Stand by. Joe McCarthy is going to leap from his grave and applaud wildly. State sanctioned witch hunt to silence the voices that might expose the AGW fraud. The real racketeering investigation should be against the climate alarm industry – trillions being stolen and misdirected on pure idiocy. The science is so unsettled even a cursory look would reveal there’s as much evidence disproving as proving AGW. Foul work is being done here. The sheer scale of deception is matched only by the scale of profiteering. Nothing like it ever before in human history. My background is in science and I’m offended beyond words at the complicity and corruption of fellow scientists who’ve sold their souls and lied to support a dishonest political cause.

    1. The Inquisition is, I think, a better model to base the comparison on, given the faith-based dogma that AGC has become.
      “You are charged with preaching wrongful, pernicious, and misleading doctrine about Anthropogenic Climate Change.”

    2. Actually, the more I think of it, the better this idea sounds.
      This is the best way to get Libs and one of their religions i.e. climate change/global warming/ whatever Libs feel like calling it on any given day out in the open and exposed to all thinking people to see for what it is, a huge scam/hoax.

  2. A fundamental of a free society is that it cannot be a crime to be wrong about science, for this would make law the arbiter of science. Al Gore is a truly evil man. Science should study him.

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        1. The all caps serve little purpose but to make you appear petulant and bratty and draw attention to the fact that you’re too inept to spell engineering.

      1. Your question can be interpreted as:

        1) Why does he choose to be evil? I don’t read minds, but I assume that, like most evil people, he is a parasite. Parasitic humans must enslave others.

        2) Why do I call him evil? His entire life has been devoted to the power-lusting control and enslavement of others. Parasitic humans are marked by two distinguishing traits: coercion (a polite word for violence) and an endless quest for ever more control of others, usually hiding behind a mask of altruistic rhetoric. Gore is deeply involved in the business end of trying to sell “carbon credits” – selling humans the “privilege” of producing energy. This is parasitism on a colossal, global scale. It is, in effect, setting up a toll booth for life itself.

        Shaming and dismissing anyone who disagrees is also a mark of dishonesty and Al Gore has lead the way in repeating the lie that only a tiny minority disagree with him and branding opponents with dismissive name-calling. Now he wants to use the law to punish disagreement. Truly, he is an evil man.

        1. So, Al Gore is evil because he does evil things, according to you.
          And you claim that selling carbon credits and telling people that they are wrong about sciecne is evil.

          Did I understand you correctly?

          1. John, others can read what I actually wrote, so it is your dishonest summary of my position that is pathetic. Passing laws to punish disagreement is not just “telling people that they are wrong”.

            1. Do you know what an appeal on consequences is? You should, because you just committed that logical fallacy. Which summary was dishonest? You can’t seem to make up your mind why Gore is evil.

              Oh, now Al Gore is evil because he passed a law that punishes disagreement.
              You actually have to resort to wishful thinking to back up your libel.

              What law was that? Tell me.
              I mean, you are yet to tell me one ‘evil’ thing that Al Gore did.

              Why is that so hard for you, John?

              1. You appear to believe that misquoting me when my actual words are right there for everyone to read is an effective debate strategy. I never said Al Gore passed a law. If you had read the article above, you would note that it is about Al Gore advocating such an evil law. And anyone other than an amazing logician such as yourself would note that I am calling Al Gore evil for advocating such a law, not passing it. That is ‘one’ of the evil things that Al Gore has done.

                Why is that so hard for you to understand, John?

                1. You have once again not answered any of my questions. Why is that?

                  And no, you don’t get to tell me what I believe or what my beliefs are. You can’t know that unless I tell you or can read my mind.

                  You are in a corner. You have yet to give me one evil thing that Gore did.

                  You did accuse him of passing some law.

                  Passing laws to punish disagreement is not just “telling people that they are wrong.”

                  You’re making it harder for yourself, Johnny boy.

                  1. I have not told you what you believe, I told you how you appear. I did tell you clearly what Al Gore did that was evil. I did not accuse Gore of passing a law. The quote from me that you post says nothing about Gore passing a law. Calling me Johnny boy is a very effective debate strategy and should help convince other readers here that you are an amazing thinker.

                    1. Johnny boy, your a liar. You wrote

                      You appear to believe that

                      You tried to tell me what I believe according to your observation. Liar.

                      You have once again not answered any of my questions. Why is that?

                      And no, you don’t get to tell me what I believe or what my beliefs are. You can’t know that unless I tell you or can read my mind.

                      You keep accusing me, but you completely forget to detail it, to back it up with evidence. That’s the same what you are doing with Gore. I have misquoted you? What am I dishonest with?

                      You are in a corner. You have yet to give me one evil thing that Gore did.

                      What evil thing did Gore do? You accused him of passing some law. Yet you now claim you did not. You’re a liar. Is he evil for suggestion that people such as you, an irrational dishonest person who wants life on earth to go extinct, are wrong and should be locked up and treated for their mental illness? I for one agree with that. You need serious private professional help. I can’t help you, nor can Gore.

                      Passing laws to punish disagreement is not just “telling people that they are wrong.”


                      Surprisingly, when I started this dialogue with you, I was hoping that you have sound reasoning why Gore is evil. You clearly do not. But what surfaced was a bit of a surprise. It came out that you are a compulsive liar. You write something and then claim in the very next post that you did not write it. That is even when your text reamains there (I quoted it, remember?).

                      Predictions. You will once again not answer my questions. But yiu will proceed with more claims, more lies and contradictions. You will resort to insults because your reasoning failed you. Are you happy with that?

                    2. You keep repeating that I can’t tell you what you believe, and then you tell me what I believe – that I want life on earth to go extinct.

                      I now understand why you think I have failed to make clear what is evil about Al Gore: you share in that evil. You also want people who disagree with your beliefs to be “locked up and treated for their mental illness”.

                      I’ll let you have the last word and other readers can judge for themselves the two sides of our revealing little debate. While you are not worth debating with any further, you are worth observing as a lesson in why the pen is not mightier than the sword.

                    3. You lived up to my predictions.
                      Still no sound reasoning why Gore is evil. Only hyperbole and projection from you.

                    4. Stop lying. I never told you what you believe.
                      We both know that this about your greed. And I’m backed by many scientific research that shows a strong correlation between climate science denial and Laissez Faire Capitalism.

                      You refuse to accept that that you can’t get unlimited growth from limited resources. The fact that there should be some regulation to control that fallacy is not acceptable for you and must be rejected at any cost.

                      Tell me about your greed. About your greedy lifestyle.

  3. When it cannot be questioned, it isn’t science… it’s religion. And our democracy is officially dead when we begin to sanction Opinion Police.
    Every totalitarian government in history has had one thing in common: they all believed that they were “right”, and that being right justified any action they might choose to take.

    1. I hope these far-left mutts come after us. Their only claim of evidence of AGW, is their assertions and nothing more. That is not evidence, it is political agenda. The more doubt there is, the louder their screams and the more desperate they become. The philanderer Al Gore is truly an evil creature and will go down in history as a fraud who tried to steal America’s freedoms.

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      2. There is more evidence that the Data is manipulated to Propagandize Climate for it FUD factors, when real Data saying the opposite is ignored. Just imagine the Fascist forces required that get the Military, the Political class the Educational and Government Bureaucracy, Bankers, Celebrities and world leaders to IGNORE the scientific method and then try to make Laws to control and destroy ones life based on cheap energy. All I can say is bring it on, for when tyrants try to rig the system so that ordinary people suffer then the Revolution will wipe these types from history.

    2. If you can’t question it, it probably isn’t true! It is indeed a cult, where Al Gore passes around the offering plate, and increases his net worth from 720K to over 15 million and counting… owns a gigantic mansion, on the water front (so it should be washed away in a year), that puts out more c02 than an average neighborhood block… complete with heated swimming pools, etc. What a jerk.

  4. Gore and his bunch of Dem attack dogs are on a witch hunt. Every bit as fanatically religious as the originals that conducted Salem witch trials.

    1. Well – there is a test. Drop the skeptics in water and if they die – AGW. If they don’t – AGW.
      The AGW fraudsters have this better thought out than the witch hunters.

      1. Good comparison. When it’s hot, global warming, when it’s cold, global warming. Just like ye olde witch hunters, no way that poor distraught woman (or AGW skeptics) is going to escape.

  5. The fraudster calling others fraudsters. That’s projection, Al. Hey, whatever happened to NY being underwater by now and the end of snow,as his “documentary” promised?

  6. If they want to see true fraud they need only look into a mirror. The 1st Amendment allows for even “inconvenient truths” to be spoken.

  7. The only fraud in this is the faux science CAGW scam which is actually a political agenda. The CAGW theory is incorrect because it needs the suspension of the laws of physics to be correct. No fossil fuel companies pay me, and really I couldn’t give a damn about them. My concern is purely about this political agenda which is designed to impoverish ordinary people and transfer more wealth to the one percent. As a lifelong socialist I will resist this in any way I can because I don’t want my grandchildren to be condemned to a life of poverty and servitude. The perpetrators of this scam will use any means, fair, and especially foul to achieve their goal. This drive to prosecute people who are just speaking their opinion shows what lengths they will go to. Anyone doubting my words should ask themselves, if this really was sound science, why do the advocates have to use increasingly foul means to force it onto people? Good science stands on its own feet. It does not need enforcement. It may take 20 years before it becomes blindingly obvious that CO2 does not control global temperatures, but by then it will be too late, because they will have achieved their goal.

    1. Right !

      The only defense needed is a demand to Show Us The Equations that quantitatively explain the trapping of energy in excess of the input by spectral phenomena — or any experimental demonstration of it .

      None exist .

      ( That leaves only the other macroscopic force gravity , which is widely understood to compute as a negative , to explain why the bottoms of atmospheres are warmer than their tops — which it does with compelling accuracy . )

      1. Don’t forget that before our atmosphere can trap heat it has to be sourced from the almighty Sun. It cares not about the Co2 concentration on earth or the major Green house gas H2O. Just think how much temperature changes from day to night with cloud cover V’s Without (as much as 20 Degrees C) and we are meant to be concerned about a change of 2 degrees over 100 years. Gore the failed Snake oil salesman, Or is that “over sexed poodle”

      2. In Armstrong’s own “science” (a stretch calling it that), HE doesn’t provide closed-form equations, having to resort to numerical integration.

        Yet he can’t even admit THAT.

      3. I’ve looked into Bob Armstrong’s “calculations” about a colored ball more than any other person on the planet. They are a joke — and not just because the planet isn’t a colored ball. Armstrong misunderstands Kirchhoff’s law, writes down equations whose units don’t even balance, and applies blackbody equations to objects he explicitly says are not blackbodies.

        His “science” is a joke. It’s so bad he’s afraid to even address questions about it.

      4. “The only defense needed is a demand to Show Us The Equations that quantitatively explain the trapping of energy in excess of the input by spectral phenomena — or any experimental demonstration of it .”

        Armstrong plays stupid again.

        “Thermal Equilibrium of the Atmosphere with a Given Distribution of Relative Humidity,” S. Manabe and R. Wetherald, J Atm Sci, v24 n3 (May 1967)

        “Radiative forcing – measured at Earth’s surface – corroborate the increasing greenhouse effect,” R. Philipona et al, Geo Res Letters, v31 L03202 (2004)

        “Observational determination of surface radiative forcing by CO2 from 2000 to 2010,” D. R. Feldman et al, Nature 519, 339–343 (19 March 2015)

        Their press release: “First Direct Observation of Carbon Dioxide’s Increasing Greenhouse Effect at the Earth’s Surface,” Berkeley Lab, 2/25/15

  8. Oh, my! Sounds like a way to prosecute the true believers. From ClimateGate to Mike’s Nature Trick we have a continuation of fraud. And it costs the taxpayers money, ergo there is damage. The deniers get nothing for their efforts.

  9. Maybe we need to give climate deniers electric shock treatment, or hold their eyelids open as they are forced to watch pro-climate change news reels. Democrats have become a scary cult that has made climate change and worthless renewable energy schemes a religion. The trouble is, it is all a hoax and a lie. On top of that they have made the conquest of the USA by Mexico a top priority. They think by making the USA a Third World country everyone will vote for Democrats forever. It’s all so sick it is like something from a bad science fiction movie.

  10. Am I living in a bizarre version of the soviet union or the USA? The biggest fraudster known to man, who’s book, An Inconvenient Truth, was shown to be one big fat convenient LIE, is pointing fingers and attacking free speech?? WOW! I have no words…

  11. This article is going to bring the climate kooks out of the woodwork just like the cockroaches they are. Watch. Dano, CB, and the others…..

  12. Al Gore usually inadvertently advances the cause of those who are skeptical of the AGW scam. By launching this over-reaching, dictatorial, despotic and ludicrous campaign he will force the formal debate on the issue that he has been ducking for decades.

    A little sunlight on this deception is exactly what is needed. It sheds some light on the perennial question as to whether Al Gore is more delusional than evil.

    Be careful what you ask for Al… it’s going to blow up in your face.

  13. Leftists operate through their control of the courts. That is why Merrick Garland cannot be confirmed–gives the leftists a clear 5 person majority to create whatever legal oppression they want.

  14. When you back a Rat into a Corner the Rat will first wrap Himself in a Patriotic Fervour or Flag; then Try to use the Tax-payer funding of Gubbermint to protect the Rat and His ass ets. (Gore lost about $ 200, million of the scammed futures for Global Warming Credit futures when the faux CHICAGO Trading Facility shutdown.)

  15. It may look like fraud to some Democrat
    AGs, but to many of us its looks much more
    like a shakedown worthy of the Justice
    Brothers. And who are the JBs, you
    ask? Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton,
    of course.

  16. Deutschland Deutschland uber alles, uber alles in der welt. Wait, isn’t this the United States? Oh well, Heil Gore! Heil Gore!! Sieg Heil!!!

  17. Do you know that the 97% consenting scientists said to support climate change includes scientists who study it but don’r agree with the findings or with the measures being imposed to tackle it as proposed by the IPCC

  18. I think the GOP should charge anyone with fraud that write climate alarm stories that never happen. If you make a bogus climate prediction you go straight to jail. It’s only fair.

  19. Let’s sort it out in a Court of Law – the climate science behind catastrophic man-made global warming (a.k.a. climate change) – under the Rules of Evidence. Only in an environment in which evidence can be presented and considered and subjected to the Rules of Evidence can this issue ever be resolved in the best interests of science.

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