German Parliamentarian Calls Climate Science ‘A Very Dangerous Mixture’ Of Belief & Dogma

German Parliamentarian and physicist Dr. Philipp Lengsfeld of Angela Merkel’s (once) conservative CDU party gave a short talk last year at the 10th IKEK international climate and energy conference late last year in Berlin.

Dr. Lengsfeld, the son of human rights, anti-Communism activist Vera Lengsfeld, sees the green movement for what it really is: an oppressive system designed to strip the individual liberties from citizens.

Skeptics, EIKE, doing “a service to science and democracy”

The European Institute fro Climate and Energy, which co-hosted the conference and posted the video, wrote:

He compares the ideals of communism to those of the climate rescue ideology, namely rescuing mankind from itself and leading it collectively to paradise conditions – if only it would surrender its rights and the dignity of individualism. Both of these can be achieved only by dictatorship and Lengsfeld calls them criminal – even with respect to those stated in climate ideology.”

At the 1:50 mark he thanks EIKE and reminds the audience that “science and democracy thrive from the same basis: freedom, creativity and competition”…

Autocracy, on the other hand, lives from conformity, solidarity and brutal selfishness when it comes to asserting their own interests. Therefore it is totally clear to me that you are performing a service to science and to democracy.” And for that my deepest thanks.”

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