Flashback December 2004: Listen Now: Climate Depot’s Morano at 2004 UN Summit in Argentina: ‘There is no science to support that global warming is going to happen’

Original Air Date: December 2004

With Host: Sharon Hughes of “Changing World Views” (Full Audio of Morano interview while in attendance at the UN COP10 climate summit in December 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina is available here. Morano’s 2004 interview begins at 9 min. into interview.)

Marc Morano: People “should not worry about global warming. The more you look you at global warming, the more you look at climate change, the more absurd it becomes. We were warmer in the Middle Ages than we are now.” […]

“To sit here and say man is destroying it all and say that this is the end of time and we are facing this catastrophe — there is nothing to support it.”

People say shouldn’t we be prepared for global warming, prepare for it?

Morano: “Why don’t you put on full body armor and a helmet every time you get in a car because you could have an accident? A lot things ‘could’ happen, but there is no science to support that global warming is going to happen. From Everything we’ve seen this is natural. […] The UN is using junk science to try to control world economies with Kyoto [Protocol].”

End Excerpt. To hear full interview from December 2004, go here.