Flashback 2000: Actor Chevy Chase Says Socialism Works, Cuba is a prime example!

From April 24, 2000:

Monday, April 24, 2000 CONTACT: Marc Morano http://web.archive.org/web/20010415050947/http://www.americaninvestigator.net/main.htm

Earth Day: Chevy Chase Says Socialism Works, Cuba is a prime example!
Chase Says he is an “Intellectual”
Tom Arnold calls ABC’s Sam Donaldson a “factory worker” who lacks “Passion”
Actress Donna Mill Urges Americans to “use less”
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WASHINGTON, DC — In an exclusive interview at the Earth Day 2000 on the Mall on April 22, actor Chevy Chase, a featured speaker at the rally, sang the praises of socialism. Reporter Marc Morano of the nationally syndicated television newsmagazine, “American Investigator”, conducted a one-on-one interview with the very contentious Chase. At one point, Chase grabbed at the microphone and attempted to interview Morano. The following is a partial excerpt from the television interview. (A full transcript of a very annoyed Chevy Chase is available at


Morano: “Is capitalism and development a good way to help the developing world’s poor?”
Chase: “No, not necessarily. No, not necessarily.”
Morano: “Why not?”
Chase: “Because sometimes socialism works.”
Morano: “Socialism works to help people out of poverty?”
Chase: “Yeah.”

Chase added, “I think it’s conclusive that there have been areas where socialism has helped to keep people at least stabilized at a certain level.” Chase acknowledged that there is less freedom under socialism and cautioned, “when you just say capitalism versus socialism, it’s too simple.” Chase then offered an example of which country he thought was doing things right. “I think free markets are important, but you know you can do both and I think Cuba might prove that,” he said. Chase does not believe capitalism should be the norm throughout the world. “I would say, if you say is capitalism the way, I would say the is answer is no, not necessarily.”

A highly agitated Chase took offense at the question of whether or not Hollywood was guilty of any hypocrisy by preaching to Americans about conservation.

Morano asked, “Skeptics would say that Hollywood has all this wealth and money – ” Chase interrupted, “I am not from Hollywood! I’m from Upstate New York first of all and second of all, I don’t know who you are!”

Later, Chase responded, ” I would also like to address your skepticism about Hollywood people. A lot of them are airheads. There are also well educated, college-educated people with degrees, not only BA’s, but MA’s. Intellectuals who read and care about these things. You’re talking to one and I don’t particularly like being, you know, set upon by a skeptic who thinks he’s talking to some guy from Hollywood who just plays tennis all day and spills water

all over the place. That isn’t the way we live and that isn’t the way people who care about the environment live. So take it easy on them!”

Later in the day, a still incensed Chase confronted Morano again and said, “and intentions count as much as anything else. Some people may not know every increment of every decision and every controversy, but the intention to make the earth better is something that simple. It’s good.”

Actor Tom Arnold chastised ABC’s Sam Donaldson for disapproving of DiCaprio’s interview with President Clinton. “It’s people like Sam Donaldson, who I heard was upset, these guys, they’re like, you know, factory workers. They come, they do their jobs, you know, there’s no passion there. Leo cares about this. He has an opinion on it. He’s not, you know, just an observer, he’s not, you know – so I think it’s great that he did it and that he cares enough to be involved.”

Actress Donna Mills of the Knots Landing TV show fame, expounded that Americans need to cut down on their high living. Mills said, “We do have to cut down on consumerism. We’re the worst offenders in the world, this country is. We have to realize it’s not things that make us happy, it’s people and our environment.” She added, “I can’t speak for other celebrities, but I try to cut down and use less if I possibly can.”

Despite a two-story high inflatable SUV with the license plate DRTY GZLR (Dirty Guzzler) and an attached banner stating, “STOP GLOBAL WARMING – CLEAN THE AIR”, many of the program’s participants did not heed these calls to “use less.” Earth Day Chair Leonardo DiCaprio arrived in a stretch limousine with his entourage, while Vice President Al Gore, who once again called for an end to the internal combustion engine, boarded his oversized dark green Chevy Suburban, upon exiting with a fleet of SUVs.

Actor Dennis Weaver criticized the media for giving too much airtime to skeptics of Global Warming. Weaver commented, “It seems like a few that deny global warming get more attention than they should be getting in my opinion and that’s a problem I think.” Donna Mills agrees and believes that no scientists doubt the realities of global warming, “I don’t think there is any more skepticism from scientists about global warming. There may be from sectors of the community, but not from scientists. Scientists are in agreement that global warming is a serious problem.” Mills suggested that “we need to eventually cut out all use of fossil fuel.”

Tom Arnold added that he believes global warming is a very serious issue, but suspects that not all members of the media think the issue is serious. “I am sure there are people in the media that believe differently, but it just so happens that they don’t want to be mocked, cause it’s stupid and it’s preposterous and the facts are all there and eventually you have to look at them,” said Arnold.

Mike Love of the Beach Boys gave his philosophy on what’s wrong with the earth, “Too many natural laws are being violated, that’s why the ozone depleted and that’s why the earth is warming up.” Country Singer Clint Black urged, “America needs to contact their government leaders and let them know that they’re ready for change. That they’re tired of seeing brown air and tired of us doing things that harm us, harm our selves and our planet.”

In addition to “Ralph Nader 2000 – People Over Profits” signs and volunteers, a man named Garry Davis, from the one World Government House was on hand to announce he is running for World President. Davis criticized today’s geo-political systems, saying, “The nation state system was a carryover from another age. We’re all citizens of the world.” He also called for “dramatically and radically” changing economic structures in order to achieve one world government.

Brian Czech, an ecologist was promoting his idea of the “Steady State” economy. He said his goal was to “replace the national goal of economic growth” because “All economic growth is ultimately dependent on the liquidation of natural capital, wood, water, soil, and fisheries.” He called upon the “liquidation class” to stop their excess spending. A bumper sticker for sale on the mall read “Republicans Screw the Country, Democrats Just Screw.”

American Investigator, a nationally syndicated television newsmagazine, covered Earth Day 2000 for it’s upcoming Amazon Rainforest Special: Clear Cutting The Myths — a special which will debunk the myths put for by the environmentalists regarding the Amazon. For more information click here.

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