Ducking Debate: Warmist Dan Weiss Pulls Out of TV Debate With Morano at Last Minute! Warmists refuse to debate global warming ‘skeptics’ in the media

Warmist Dan Weiss Backs Out of Debate at Last Minute — Ducks debate with Morano – Watch Morano on Fox Friday Night 9pm (repeats at midnight) ‘The Independents’ show

Fox Business: ‘A discussion about the science of the stuff with Climate Depot skeptic Marc Morano (once tabbed by Media Matters as the “Climate Change Misinformer of the Year”) and Center for American Progress Director of Climate Strategy Daniel J. Weiss, who refused to debate directly with Morano, and chided us for airing his views.’


Climate Depot’s Marc Morano Full Statement:

Note: I have actually debated Dan Weiss three times before on television.   Once on MSNBC TV in 2010 and twice (in very long debates) on ABC News TV in 2010. So why has Weiss changed his mind about debating me in 2014? The answer may be obvious,  Weiss’ performance in those debates were panned by his fellow warmists.  See:
Morano on Weiss’s ducking debate at last minute: 
In what is part of a growing trend, yet another global warming activist ducked a TV debate.  Weiss and other activists claim the debate is so settled that granting a skeptic “equal time” does some type of disservice to “science.”
As the blog Bishop Hill noted about the attempts by the BBC to censor global warming debates: ‘The consensus over the existence of the greenhouse effect as a pretence that all aspects of the climatology are beyond debate.’
Climate activists want to impose everything from carbon taxes,  UN treaties, capandtrade,  epa regulations, light bulb restrictions, automobile regulations,  even our bedtimes – – yet they will not debate the basis for these actions!
Weiss knows full well that his boiler plate talking points would be obliterated in actual debate,  so he did the only thing someone who is not confident in views would do – – he ducked the debate.
I agreed to debate Weiss the day before the taping on Fox.  But while I was enroute to the studio for the debate,  I got an email from the Fox producer informing me that Weiss would not appear with me on air.  Weiss would only come on air if he could be in a completely separate segment.
I have had many debate cancelations previously.  In 2010, I was set to debate Hollywood producer James Cameron after weeks of negotiations, only to have the debate cancelled at the last moment when my plane landed in Colorado for the debate.
Warmists do not like debate, because their arguments cannot withstand a even the lightest of scrutiny.  Why else has Gore refused to debate?  Why else would Gore claim the science center was ‘settled’ as far back as 1992? Flashback Gore 1992: ‘The time for debate is over. The science is settled’
The reason warmists generally refuse to debate goes back to at least 2007:
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Report: BBC ‘has ordered program editors not to broadcast debates between climate scientists and global warming skeptics’ — ‘So from now on the pronouncements of climatologists will be treated as holy writ and the most alarmist scientists can be allowed to scaremonger without fear of contradiction. The consensus over the existence of the greenhouse effect is used  as a pretence that all aspects of the climatology are beyond debate.’


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  1. This is the only “strategy” left to the Chicken Little brigade. By refusing to debate, they are going to claim it’s not worth their time, since the science is “settled.” What a bunch of weenies.

  2. Bore, Kerry, and Obummer refuses to debate. If they really believed global warm they would have a debate…could be they do not believe in what they are preaching

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