‘Doomer Depression’: Green Psychologists Confirm Climate Alarmists Are Making Themselves Mentally Sick – ‘Horror Scenarios Promote Depression’ – ‘Desperation and hopelessness’

Here’s an excerpt of what the TAZ claims:

One problem is that climate change is hardly detectable and so people have a psychological distance to it. Apocalyptic scenarios are, however, of little help in overcoming that distance. The overly drastic prognoses that were used especially in the 1980s only amplified the sense of helplessness. ’Because stability is a fundamental desire of every person, thoughts that have to do with situations of collapse often get suppressed.’ This is what one reads in a strategy paper of the Greens in Saxony.”

The TAZ writes that communicating the message that climate change is real and that humans need to accept drastic lifestyle changes remains a major challenge for the movement. Many people just are not reacting to the message.

People are not responding to the message

The challenge its seems is to find a way to shape people’s perception so that they do embrace the message transmitted by the environmental cause. Psychologist Kaiser is quoted by the TAZ as saying.

Pro-social people who are inclined to help are more accessible for ecological argumentation and are thus more open to dedicating themselves to the environment. However, those who do not count themselves as being among the altruistic are very difficult to reach.”

From the climate activists’ point of view, the problem lies with much of the human raw material that they are left to deal with. The movement would be far easier if only everyone had the right mindset and political view. Consequently many believe that the place to start is to shape the young minds of schoolchildren.

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