Czech Physicist & Fmr. Harvard U.’s Dr. Lubos Motl: ‘EPA’s carbon planning emulates communism’ –

Motl’s full report here:


‘The five-year plans in communism, and to a lesser extent also the analogous four-year plans in Nazism, were a wishful thinking…Nevertheless, they existed and forced everyone to modify his or her expectations. Because these expectations turned out to be wrong, imbalances on the market almost always emerged.’

So even if the carbon dioxide were harmful in some way, this communist-style planning based on random numbers that a pack of clueless arrogant bureaucrats has made up would cause more harm than benefits…What the EPA is planning isn’t useful for anyone because CO2 is a beneficial gas we call life whose positive roles are uncountable and whose negative impact is pretty much non-existent. Even this elementary point – an elementary point that every sufficiently intelligent schoolkid understands after she learns something about fire and photosynthesis and before she is 10 years old – is just too difficult for the green brains at the EPA.

The word “pollution” in that sentence is a piece of a dirty toxic propaganda, of course. In reality, they talk about CO2 which is no pollution in any sense – it is a natural gas that unavoidably accompanies a big part of the essential economic activities in the modern world and that is the primary source of the biological material within plants – and therefore also animals.’



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  1. Once one understands that, for a large portion of “environmentalists”, capitalism, industrialization, and constitutional Republics are to blame for all planetary and human social ills, and that this same group has figured out that once it controls energy it controls all of these things, then all makes perfect sense.

    Anti-capitalist, anti-industrialization, anti-Constitutional Republic, and control over affordable, reliable, abundant energy is the way they intend to achieve their stated ends.

    Not hard to understand.

    Must be stopped. Lest you want to be like Borat.

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