Climate Wire: ‘Targets of climate hate mail rally to support one another’ — Features Climate Depot’s Morano As The Villain

Below is full text of Marc Morano, Publisher of Climate Depot’s answers on January 10, 2014 to Stephanie Paige Ogburn of E&E’s Climate Wire: 

Morano: ‘It is refreshing to see these scientists finally hear from the public. For years, they have been shielded from public scrutiny as they hyped a man-made global warming crisis. Anyone involved in a public controversy like global warming will get nasty emails. I sure do. See below for sample of my hate mail.

Answers to Ogburn’s questions:

1) How many people, on average, read a given post on your site?

MORANO ANSWER: It depends on the news cycle. According to Google Analytics, from Friday January 3 through January 6 2014. Climate Depot had 492,350 Pageviews and 361,643 Unique Visitors. On any given day the site routinely gets tens of thousands of readers, with individual articles getting nearly as many. the emails posted are on home page, so just one visit to home page and you can access an email if there are any posted that day.

2) How do you find researchers to highlight and what is your decision making process in choosing to spotlight a specific researcher —

ANSWER: I usually go by the outrage factor. When a professor or activist is being particularly ridiculous or insulting, I think I am doing them a favor by posting their publicly available emails addresses.

3) What are you hoping to accomplish when highlighting the work of a researcher on your site? 

ANSWER: I hope to draw readers to the to the latest claims and oftentimes the utter silliness of some of the studies, (ie. AGW causes more, rapes, prostitution, bar fights, a storm is an example of of our ‘sins’ and we should ‘repent. Etc.

4) I noted that you often put researchers’ e-mail addresses at the top of your posts. It’s an odd format. Why do you do that?

ANSWER: So readers can drop them a line and to let the professors hear from the public. 

5) You are probably aware that researchers often get e-mails about their work when they get publicity. Many of them are not that nice. Do you think your posting their e-mail addresses on your blog contributes to that? Does that concern or worry you? 

ANSWER: As I said, all sides of the debate get nasty emails. I hope the professors can hear from the public and not be as insulated. I am not worried one bit about someone getting nasty emails, as it is part of the process. By posting email addresses, supporters of the professors can also email them.  

Here are a few examples of my hate mail:

Climate Depot’s hate mail of the day: Angry green rips Morano: ‘Thank you for being one of the biggest a**holes on planet Earth and for helping to doom every living ecosystem…Go f*ck yourself’ — ‘Maybe you do want to end life as we know it because you are fabricating lots of dirty worthless green numbers in some sick monopoly game. but lemme tell you buddy, you aint worth the ink to print them. Hope if feels good to play god’

Hate Mail Sent to Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘I will have a nice long drive up to DC and have a very short and unpleasant conversation with your ass if you dont stop harrassing scientists’

Will Media Report this?! Hate mail goes both ways: Here’s an example that received: ‘I hope they hang you and the rest of the stooges for the fossil fuel industry’ — 

Hate Mail Sent to Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘Hi I just wanted to let you know what a god**** stupid lying idiot you are. I really hope you are someday put on trial before a world tribunal on charges of ‘crimes against humanity’…You are an evil little f*** and you have your head so far up your a**, you can tickle your tonsils when you wiggle your ears. F*** you, ‘moron-o’

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