Climate Skeptics Descend on Vatican – Seek to Influence Pope on ‘Global Warming’

Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano will be part of a high level skeptical delegation with the Heartland Institute, traveling to Rome to offer alternative voices to the Vatican and Pope Francis on global warming. The skeptical delegation will hold counter events during Pope Francis’ climate summit on April 28 at the Vatican. (See: Pope Francis to Host Major Summit on Climate Change)

Morano will join skeptical scientists from NASA and elsewhere, to lay out a detailed case explaining why climate science does not justify the Vatican putting its faith in the work of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) or the UN climate agenda.

Skeptic Events In Rome – Morano & Heartland Institute – Who, Where & When:

Will also feature former NASA scientist Hal Doiron, Physicist Dr. Tom Sheahan, and Dr. Richard KeenChristopher Monckton, Cal Beisner and others.

Monday, April 27, 1:00 p.m. GMT +2 (7:00 a.m. ET)

Hotel Columbus
Via della Conciliazione
33 – 00193
Rome, Italy

A slate of independent scientists and policy experts offer a “prebuttal” to the Vatican’s April 28“Climate Summit.”

Tuesday, April 28, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. GMT +2 (7:00 a.m. ET)
Palazzo Cardinal Cesi
Via della Conciliazione n. 51 (Piazza S.Pietro)
Rome, Italy

Morano’s key points to Pope Francis and Vatican officials will be as follows: 

“The Pope’s claim that “It is man who has slapped nature in the face” needs to be weighed against the fact that fossil fuels have allowed mankind to stop nature from slapping man in the face. The more we develop with fossil fuels and increase our wealth and standard of living, the more we can inoculate ourselves from the ravages of nature.

Fossil fuel use is the moral choice to make. Sadly, the Pope is aligning himself with a UN agenda that will limit development for billions of the world’s desperately poor residents. (Der Spiegel: Pontifical Academy Of Sciences Pushing For Climate Treaty…Finds Fossil Fuels Akin To ‘Modern Slavery’ !)

If Pope Francis goes ahead with his climate encyclical and uses it to essentially lobby nations to commit to a development-limiting UN climate treaty, it will be unprecedented action and massively misguided. And to now have the Pope jump on that bandwagon would sow confusion among Catholics.

Instead of entering into an invalid Marriage with climate fear promoters — a marriage that is destined for an annulment – Pope Francis should administer last rites to the promotion of man-made climate fears and their so-called solutions. This unholy alliance must be prevented.

The Pope has been misled on climate science and his promotion of the UN agenda will only mean the poor will be the biggest victims of Climate Change policies.

The Pope has picked a contentious scientific issue in which — now going on almost two decades of no global warming, sea ice recovering, sea level rise rates stable to even decelerating, on almost every metric from polar bears on down – the global warming narrative has weakened.

If Pope Francis embraces the Climate Change agenda, he will be aligning himself with the biggest enemies of the Church and of Catholic moral principles.  They are the enemies of traditional Catholic moral principles. These activists are pro-population control and have bought into “population bomb” hype.

Some climate activists have even called for genetically altering humans to fight global warming. See: Meet Man Who Wants to Engineer a Master Climate Race?! NYU Prof. Matthew Liao: Humans genetically engineered to combat global warming – ‘Pharmacological enhancement

Development is needed for so much of the world, and carbon-based energy is one of the greatest liberators of mankind, lengthening life expectancy, lowering infant mortality and bringing running water and electricity to those who need it most.”

Morano will reveal just who has been advising the Vatican and the Pope on climate change.

“A workshop of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences held in 2014 was reportedly a key influence on the Pope’s views. The proceedings of the workshop included activists like Naomi Oreskes, Peter Wadhams, Martin Rees, Hans-Jochim Schellhuber, Jeffrey Sachs and Joseph Stiglitz.

Jeffrey Sachs, a UN special advisor UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. Sachs tweeted on November 10 that ‘Climate liars like Rupert Murdoch & Koch Brothers have more & more blood on their hands as climate disasters claim lives across the world.”

The Pope is taking advice from Sachs?

Peter Wadhams is a scientist that even his fellow global warming advocates distance themselves from. See: Warmists attack fellow warmist Prof. Peter Wadhams for ‘using graphs with ridiculous projections with no basis in physics’

German climate adviser Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber was also at the Vatican climate presentation in 2014. Does Pope Francis want to align himself with Schellnhuber’s views? See: Flashback 2009: German Climate AdvisorSchellnhuber ‘proposes creation of a CO2 budget for every person on planet!’

Naomi Oreskes is known for advocating climate skeptics who dissent from the UN/Gore climate alarmist view be prosecuted as mobsters! See: Merchants of Smear: Prosecute Skeptics Like Gangsters?! Warmist Naomi Oreskes likes the idea of having climate ‘deniers’ prosecuted under the RICO act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).


Watch: Morano on Fox News on Pope Francis & Climate: ‘On every metric from polar bears on down, the global warming narrative has weakened’

Background info on Morano’s trip to Rome

Heartland Institute Heads to Rome 

to Advise Pope Francis on Climate Policy

World’s Leading Scientific ‘Skeptics’ of Man-Caused Global Warming
Invite Public and Press to Open Events April 27 and 28 Just Outside the Vatican

The Heartland Institute is sending a team of climate scientists to Rome next week to inform Pope Francis of the truth about climate science: There is no global warming crisis!

Monday, April 27, 1:00 p.m. GMT +2 (7:00 a.m. ET)
Hotel Columbus
Via della Conciliazione
33 – 00193
Rome, Italy

A slate of independent scientists and policy experts offer a “prebuttal” to the Vatican’s April 28“Climate Summit.”

Tuesday, April 28, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. GMT +2 (7:00 a.m. ET)
Palazzo Cardinal Cesi
Via della Conciliazione n. 51 (Piazza S.Pietro)
Rome, Italy

Climate scientists and policy experts lay out a detailed case explaining why climate science does not justify the Holy See putting its faith in the work of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Both events are open to all press and the general public. Go to Heartland’s Vatican Environment Workshop page for real-time updates, presentations, and podcasts.

For more information, please contact Jim Lakely at [email protected] (preferred) or 312/731-9364(in Rome beginning Monday, April 27) or Gene Koprowski at [email protected] or (office)312/377-4000 or (cell) 312/852-2517 (in Chicago).

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Tuesday, April 28 is hosting a workshop titled “Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity” to “raise awareness and build a consensus” among people of faith that human activity is causing catastrophic global warming. The Heartland Institute – the world’s leading think tank promoting scientific skepticism about man-caused global warming – is bringing real scientists to Rome next week to dissuade Pope Francis from lending his moral authority to the politicized and unscientific climate agenda of the United Nations.

The Vatican’s summit features two men – Ban Ki-Moon, secretary-general of the United Nations, and Harvard economist Jeffrey Sachs – who refuse to acknowledge the abundant data showing human greenhouse gas emissions are not causing a climate crisis and there is no need for a radical reordering of global economies that will cause massive reductions in human freedom and prosperity.

Heartland’s experts will send this message to Pope Francis: Please do not put the enormous weight of your moral authority behind the discredited and scandal-prone United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Instead, speak out for the poor and disadvantaged of the world who need affordable and reliable energy to escape grinding poverty.

“The Holy Father is being misled by ‘experts’ at the United Nations who have proven unworthy of his trust,” said Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast. “Humans are not causing a climate crisis on God’s Green Earth – in fact, they are fulfilling their Biblical duty to protect and use it for the benefit of humanity. Though Pope Francis’s heart is surely in the right place, he would do his flock and the world a disservice by putting his moral authority behind the United Nations’ unscientific agenda on the climate.

“People of all faiths have a moral calling to continually seek the truth,” Bast said. “That is why Heartland is sending a contingent of real scientists to Rome next week. We are bringing the Vatican a message of truth for all with open ears: The science is not settled, and global warming is not a crisis. The world’s poor will suffer horribly if reliable energy – the engine of prosperity and a better life – is made more expensive and less reliable by the decree of global planners.”


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Pope’s visit to U.S. stoke climate fight – Francis’s visit, which he told reporters this week will almost certainly include visits to both D.C. and United Nations headquarters in New York, will come only a few months after he is scheduled to issue an encyclical urging Catholics to fight climate change. He’ll also use the encyclical — a decree of sorts — to push United Nations leaders to be tough in December when they work to write an international agreement to reduce emissions and help poorer countries adapt.’



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  1. Here’s a news flash for the pope: Although global warming is BS, there IS a correlation between environmental problems and over-population. Therefore, you may want to reconsider that whole “go forth and multiply” thing.

    1. No, there is not over-population. All the people in the world could fit into houses with yards in a space the size of Texas. Nor is there a lack of food in the world. There is a problem with the distribution of people . If you were to visit cities in India, for example, people live cheek by jowl. But look at all the open space in North America.
      The UN Agenda 21 people and their servants (who are also behind global warming) in all too many Western governments let people keep their properties and pay property taxes but dictate how people can use their property. A recent instance is a peat farmer who is not allowed to dig on his farm. In other cases, the tyrants are declaring the property to be wildlands or wetlands and thus deemed communal property. The control freaks either buy up or steal the land, destroying road access to it and fencing it. Sometimes they populate the now communal land with wolves to discourage trespassers. Of course wolves get over fences and then attack farmers’ sheep and cattle. That is part of the plan: to make it impossible for people to lived in rural areas and then move them into high density ‘human settlements’. The dense population serves to create an illusion that the population is too large.
      In the human settlements, high density housing includes 48-storey and higher condos with units even smaller that 250 square feet. With more people than necessary jammed into a limited space, the sidewalks become crowded, as do the streets. That helps meet another objective: to get people out of cars and independent travel and into mass transit, notably light rapid transit. The movements of those people who do have cars are monitored both by the electronics within the car, including GPS, and by under-the-road electronics that do more than merely measure the speed at which one is driving. The electronics can also detect how many people are in the car and some can read the contents of the car.
      There is lots of food for all the people of the world. The modern transport system allows for ready delivery from farm and processing plant to almost anywhere in the world. Controllers easily monitor delivery and can stop it for whatever reason, just as is done with financial aid to developing nations. Aerial photographs show that swaths of land on the globe are growing greener because of the increase of carbon dioxide which is necessary for plant life.
      So now we’re back to how stupid it is to limit man’s emissions of carbon dioxide.

  2. I am a devout Roman Catholic…there is such a thing as climate change, but it is not MAN MADE. The climate and the earth have been changing since the very beginning of time. Pope Francis is too liberal for me.

    1. The press is selective about what they publish.
      He’s not the liberal they make him out to be.
      When they finally accept that the Pope is Catholic they will heap all the venom and bile they usually reserve for Popes.

    2. I also am a devout Roman Catholic and let me just say, climate change has been part of earth from the beginning… There are records of tropical eras in Earth’s history and ice ages as well, flooding and droughts. This is not just accounted for in biblical accounts but through anthropology and archeology.

      1. Pure bible school junk science and nonsense. No, the climate has not changed from the beginning as there was no atmosphere. What happened more than 50 million years has no bearing on today’s climate and extant. You’re a gross ignoramus and scientifically illiterate when it comes to basic climate science.

        1. Oh let’s call each other names…but that is what your side does when you disagree. Climate change has too been a part of life from the very beginning…AND ONLY GOD CONTROLS THAT. Just a little tip for ya….GOD CONTROLS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Zeus says you’re FOS. And no, climate change has not been a part of life since the beginning. Amazon has plenty of used science textbooks for sale at very low prices. For ten dollars or less you could acquire some and do some reading and start removing the ignorant fog you reside in.

            1. HAHAHA!!!
              Sorry, I’m still laughing at you.
              So the ices ages never happened?
              Or the cretaceous era or the Jurassic era or any of the other several era of the Earth that show that the climate has always been changing?
              You’re joking right?
              Do you know anything about geology?

              1. The fact is that we have polluted the atmosphere beyond natural levels, & we are in for a world of hurt. Are you aware that the Pentagon considers it a threat to National Security? Or that insurance companies are starting to factor it in to their actuarial tables?

                1. The pentagon?!
                  They are satan as far as I’m concerned,
                  Hey USA, start cleaning up you pacific garbage patch and stop deep open trench mining for heavy metals, stop fracking and I’ll start taking you a little more serious!

            2. I do not live in an ignorant fog. You may keep thinking that if you wish, if it makes you feel better. I know that I AM RIGHT…so don’t waste your liberal words on me baby!!!!!

              1. “You may keep thinking that if you wish, if it makes you feel better.”

                You have just exposed the goal of all liberalism.

                Liberals have no intention of solving any problem. Their only objective, with any issue, is to make themselves think that they are better than you and me.

                1. Um, no. You are describing the Greedy Opposition Party: Opposed to everything except tax breaks for those who do not need them, & wars. If we solved the problems (that the GOP refuses to do) then the GOP would have NO reason to exist.

  3. …… and the Pope is supposed to do WHAT? With all that ‘holy’ and ‘righteous’ authority from GWAD and power (bought with uncounted DEAD bodies via broadswords and whole-body roasts at the stake) he just MUST call Kommrade Al Gore&Kompany into account!

    The FACT that all plants live on CO2 – except for Monsanto’s wildlife-killing GMOs of course – is beside the point. A drop of rot-gut wine and modified 10W40 should cure all environmental problems, including the DELUDED environmentalists!

    When all those with enough brains and intestinal fortitude vacate the Vatican, will someone remember to blow out the candles and turn off the electricity? After all, we can’t have ‘pollution’ running loose, can we?

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
    Aku Press, LLC.
    The Akurians
    BLOCKED by Google, Yahoo, Comcast, AOL, Earthlink and spamhaus;
    I will NOT pay their EXTORTION!

  4. While the UN is actively and financially pushing the climate change meme, thousands of innocent people are dying in the Mediterranean sea while the UN looks the other way.
    The UN was created purposely in aid to such humanitarian situations but instead it is shirking its responsibilities towards those hundreds of thousands of men, women and children thousands of whom have already drowned in the Mediterranean sea or killed or died of hunger and disease before reaching the shores of North Africa.
    This is what the Pope, my Pope, should be telling those hypocrites: Go back and save all those innocent people from certain death then we discuss this purported innocuous 2 C rise in the global temperature.

        1. He’s not the Pope but the AntiChrist. The beast is made up of this, secular(God Less) liberal democracy, and Rome’s inter-faith gospel where all the religions are equal.wwww.catholicendtimtruths,com

    1. No one has read his encyclical yet. The mainstream media is always happy to put words in his mouth (what else is new).

      Until I read his encyclical, conclusions like yours are premature.

      1. True, but the left sees the issue as a tool to implement wealth redistribution. From what we have read and heard about Francis, he definitely is inclined in the same direction. He often seems less than street smart when it comes to anti-Christian statists that would like people more dependent on the state and less dependent on the church and each other.

          1. Jesus only spoke of voluntarily giving directly to one another as individuals. He never spoke of empowering a secular government to take from some against their will and give that to others. Whoever is alleging that is following false doctrine or lying to push an agenda.

            1. Now liberals are all worried about Jesus says amazing ain’t it. But when it is a women and the unborn its a ” choice ”. left up to the women not the living baby inside.

            2. he did not make it clear how the distribution should happen.
              but considering you are posting on the internet while children are starving in this very moment. im pretty sure he wonders why you did not give away your wealth to the poor…..

              1. Then you have not read the Bible. Christ never commanded more taxation or any particular distribution of tax money. He did speak of charity but if it is at the point of gun it is hardly charity.

                1. no, you just want to read into the bible what you like. so you can attempt to justify not following Jesus’s advce and remain rich while still hoping to enter that paradise thingy.

                  but what did he say about the chances of rich people getting into heaven?

                  Christians are funny how they twist and stretch the bible so it fits what you want to believe. so you can justify your wealth to yourself and ignore the fact that alot of it is based on taking resources from poor people while they stayed poor and you got rich…..

                  i wonder if peopel like you really believe in this whole god and paradise stuff. if i did, i would not risk living in the first world while poor children starve to death.

                  but i guess you are one of those christians that believe all you have to do is repent on time and you are good to go.

                    1. “. The Government wants 38% and more.” not for the poor only. only a small part of that goes to poor people. most of it is spend on services and infrastructure you need to live your wealthy life

                      you really believe that your god is ok with you being a rich kid from the first world spending almost all your money on yourself and giving almost nothing to the poor? people are starving while others die because they are too fat.

                      you are in the fat part of the world.

                  1. “It is easier for a camel to go through he eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god” (Mark 10-24-27)
                    The culture of these times saw wealth as evil but as a reward for moral behavior. They believed that if you lived a good life that prosperity will come to you as a reward from God.Conversly, if you were poor then God was not happy with you. Jesus turned these views on its head. Wealth is not a sign of favor nor is great wealth necessarily exploitative.Jesus was saying that there is something wrong with us all but money has a way of blinding us to. We feel self reliant and begin to think that we are okay and move away from reliance on God. I am simplifying this but the passage does not refer to having money as unjust or wrong in itself.

                    1. whatever, it’s nonsense anyway,
                      but funny how your interpretation is a nice excuse for you having money 🙂

          1. Try actually looking into what the United Nations wants to do and wants to do with carbon credits before you make foolish statements. It goes well beyond clean energy. That is only half of it.

    2. Environmentalism is purely based on faith. Since all their computer model “facts” have never come true, and all their doom and gloom is way out in the future somewhere, they need to hitch a ride on a successful religion. But if our Marxist leaning pope buy’s into this there will be even less attendance to church than there is now. Stick to the word of God…not man.

    3. The Pope is well aware of this verse. So getting him to sign on to C.C. is Impossible.

      Genesis 8:22
      “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

      Every Christian Knows C.C. is the Scam of this Century and the Pope does to.

      1. Adoption of the UN anti-human agenda would be the end of the Catholic religion. The climate scammers are an intolerant religion that cannot co-exist with Christianity.

        1. Why is anyone surprised when a building filled with the representatives of the world’s most arrogant, power hungry and rapacious people comes up with the same solution to every problem? The UN needs to decide what’s best for us for a “nominal” fee.

      2. He is not. He is a servant of satan and communism – the same type of communism that murdered followers of Christ and the same type of communism that impoverished billions and enriched the corrupt scum.

      3. sometimes I wonder if the pope is Catholic. Jesuit happy dancers tend to invent their own religion by ‘incultursating’ populist ideals. Sometimes I wonder if the pope is a Christian. At least he seems to know the Father of Lies is real. But he doesn’t understand that GoreBull Warming is the Mother of All Lies.

        1. If you believe the press.
          His comments about a clean planet have been twisted.
          He was a pain for the Jesuits as well as the politicians when he was younger.
          He is Catholic.

                1. The press will continue to paint the Pope as liberal until they are convinced he’s Catholic then they will heap all the scorn and bile they can on him. They’ve done it before.

                  1. we’ll see how goofy his encyclical is. or his Synod on the Family. or his repression of traditional orders. or his appointment of lefty bishops . Or will he learn to cry as Paul VI did when he came to realize how infected the Church was?

                    1. So far he’s been faithful to Catholicism even if the press heavily parses his words and distorts what he says. The press is like this to every new Pope. It didn’t last long with Benedict but even he got this treatment for awhile.

  5. The Pope has a university degree in chemistry, so he should know about CO2 and other science facts. Do not underestimate him. He has so far shown that he has the correct priorities. We’ll see how it goes with Ban ki Loon.

    1. I have a few degrees and know a lot about Hypothalamic Function On Body Temperature Regulation. That must mean I understand all the factors and functions of the nervous system. That’s a shameful argument.

    1. Don’t forget about the money. LOTS of money to be made in that CLIMATE EXCHANGE. Obviously, this pope has a bucket of money in there. lol

      1. Too religious a connotation.
        Mostly they call us ignorant or mentally ill.
        The only reason they care about consensus it to justify hiring politicians to fix the weather.

      2. They have already come close.

        A few years ago there was a suggestion that any meteorologist who dared question the Glo-Bull Warming Cult should be fired and denied any job in the field.

    1. Galileo opposed the scientific consensus of the day.
      His problem was with the science of the day and the theology was only part of his troubles.

      1. Vacuity on steroids. He was opposed by the dumb theocracy who followed ignorant goat and sheep herders incorrect observations about physical phenomena. Science did not exist in Galileo’s time as we know it today. Less bible school swill and more history and science will make you better informed.

        1. I agree with your point that “Science did not exist in Galileo’s time as we know it today.” But science will not exist in the future in as we know it today, either. Its called a paradigm shift. And it is the core of scientific advancement. The current paradigm has been global warming. And the data is increasingly showing that the current models are immature and overly simplistic. Might as well try and predict the weather by the study of etheric currents, and phlogiston.

        2. Garbage, His math was flawed and his results were less consistent than the existing models.
          If he had done a better job the scientific minds of the day wouldn’t have wanted him silenced.

  6. A toast to our Global Warming friends,
    True believers to the end,
    No matter what the weather be,
    It’s global warming can’t you see?
    The ice is thicker than before,
    Well that’s just something to ignore.
    Al Gore stands with them in defiance,
    He says that warming is settled science.
    They point with pride to his Nobel Prize,
    To hell with all the proven lies.
    They call all disbelievers deniers,
    And those who present real data are liars.
    Facts and figures they rush to conceal,
    Ever spurred on by their hardened zeal.
    Arguing with them is a waste of time,
    Since they have already made up their minds.
    So hop on board and drink the Kool Aid,
    And be a member of the Al Gore brigade.

    1. I can… Some of these schemes envision international capital flows from “rich” countries to “developing” ones.. (So they can “develop green!”)

      It’s really nothing but a scam.. Rent seeking on a global scale.. But, if it sounds like making rich countries pay poor ones, of course Francis is right in the middle of it, because that’s the definition of “social justice” Fleecing this guy, pocketing most of it for yourself, then handing the remaining pennies to some guy over here.. and feeling good about doing it and “helping the poor”

    1. We are over 7 billion now.
      If you gave every family on the planet their own little piece of suburbia you wouldn’t need much more than Texas.

      1. oh and that would be enough for all the food you eat, all the steel, aluminium, plastic, glass, stone copper, silver , platinum, etc etc etc that you use for your hosue, car, sartphone etc etc?

        we do not have anough resources for everyone living a 1st wrold lifestyle…..
        but yeah, nto that this bothers someone from the first world…..

                    1. you made the claim, you need to provide the evidence. why should i have to google your claims, you made the claim, so i would accume you have evidence. so provide a link to the evidence.

                    2. I claimed you could give every family on the planet a home in suburbia and not need more than Texas. You complained about resources. You made the claim it wasn’t possible and I told you you were wrong. When you back your claim we can talk about my claim but I’m not your tutor.

                    3. i talk about this claim

                      “We consume less than 5% of the food available. ”

                      that is utter nonsense. and i have not seen any evidence for such a claim.

                    4. Your claim of over crowding and limited resources is utter nonsense.
                      I have not seen any evidence for such a claim.

                    5. ” limited resources is utter nonsense.”

                      you believe in unlimited resources?

                      where did you get that 5% from?

                    6. We have more than enough stuff for several billion more.
                      Come on smart guy, justify your claim first.

  7. The pope has no authority regarding climate science.
    Once again, he is being impulsive and unthoughtful.
    Instead of being a dilettante and engaging in mindless diversions, he should return to the his mission: Saving Souls.
    God have mercy on the pope and please dear Lord, get this guy back on the reservation.

      1. What is this encyclical stuff? Does that mean a pope can change GOD’S RULES any time he pleases or what? Sorry. I’m not catholic. I don’t get it. There is ONE mediator between God and man, The Man Christ Jesus. Where in sam hill does a pope fit in there? Please explain.

        1. Catholics also believe that Jesus is the mediator between God and man.
          However, Catholics and Orthodox believe that Jesus has left ministers to teach with authority on earth. That is successors to the apostles. Those successors are called Bishops. As Peter was the rock and leader of the apostles, the pope is the leader of the bishops. As the apostles had the power to bind and loosen so do the bishops. (Mathew 18:18 , IIRC)

      2. The point is that what ever he writes or says about the climate, He has no teaching authority on this subject. So your question is a non sequitur.

    1. Joseph Bast is not a scientist.
      Marc Morano is not a scientist.
      “Lord” Monckton is not a scientist.
      Why would you rely on these guys?

      1. blahaha as if the climate scammers have any real scientist. That’s my point real scientist don’t need popes or phoney fudged data. Biggest scam in the modern science era..

    1. so you have a proper source for this alleged map? this map is only to be found on conspiracy theory websites and nowhere from a official source…..

  8. One bright red flag in this entire issue is the insistence from the warmists to focus upon anthropogenic generated CO2 , almost entirely discounting all other factors particularly solar variation , water vapor , methane , volcanic activity etc. It’s as if they started with the final deduction , then worked backwards trying to make the data and models prove it. Contrived political science, full of misinformation, exaggeration, and deception.

    1. Utter nonsense. Climate scientists study ALL of these in great detail.
      Warming is seen in observed temperatures by the way…you know like with thermometers.

      1. Really ? Gee that’s comforting to know they use thermometers. If only we could persuade them to stop adjusting the data to fit their agenda driven models , we would have a more accurate understanding of just how deceptive these hucksters are.

  9. Unfortunately, I fear that His Holiness has been influenced by the peace-and-justice crowd headed by Peter Cardinal Turkson, a man who cares a lot more about power politics than he does for anyone’s soul. Thus, you can expect Francis to make common cause with the econazis who demand both a radical transformation of global industrial and energy policy and coercive population control. The very same greenies that will share the stage with the Vicar of Christ will (next week or next month) be advocating forced sterilizations and publicly funded abortion. And with Francis – who is he to judge?

  10. The Pope is a socialist who advocates for government to steal from people to forcibly redistribute to others based on any scam excuse his fellow socialists can fabricate. That is a far cry from advocating charity (i.e. voluntary redistribution).

    1. the pope is a power hungry madman who is hell bent on stalinism despite that stalin murdered followers of christ and pilfered the wealth of billions.

  11. The Pope should better appreciate and understand the climate system that the Lord has provided. The primary temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere involves the convective greenhouse effect which does not involve the LWIR absorption properties of greenhouse gases. Good absorbers are also good radiators so it is doubtful that greenhouse gases actually trap any heat energy. The radiative greenhouse effect, if it actually exists can only be secondary in nature. In terms of the radiative greenhouse effect, the primary greenhouse gas is H2O, not CO2. H2O provides ample negative feedbacks to changes in other greenhouse gases so as to mitigate any effect that changes in other greenhouse gases might have on climate. Negative feedback systems are inherently stable as has been the Earth’s climate for at least the past 500 million years, enough for life to evolve. We are here. There is a major problem that has to be addressed and that is Man’s out of control population in a world of finite space and finite resources. If Man does not control his own population then Nature will, catastrophically. The climate change that we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans and Man does not have the power to change it. But the Lord did give Man the knowledge and ability to control his own population. We need to use what the lord has provided to avoid future calamities and suffering. The Pope needs to come out and support rational forms of population control.

  12. Morano?

    Is he catholic?

    The Pope’s argument will be on moral ground.

    To deny science and put future generations at risk is immoral.

    The holy father could refuse the sacraments of the church to Morano.

        1. got that right. the 2nd amendment guarantees it.
          Along with scammers denying the fact that human breathing alone accounts for 7 billion kg of Co2 emitted per day.

  13. Facts are facts and science, knowledge of the natural world, is knowledge! When people falsify data and use phony facts to advance a lie as the truth, it is difficult for the average man (or woman) to know the facts from the lies! True scientists base their conclusions on verified observations that have been experimentally reproduced! What amazes me is how little the observed facts are promulgated. I believe the Pope is clueless on the facts regarding climate change if he plans on promoting this phony green industry through manipulation of governments to comply with carbon taxes! Anyone see the amount of ice that has grown at each of Earth’s poles over the last two years?!

  14. Man’s resurrection of CO2 is one of the greatest blessings to the earth. It may even cause some beneficial warming and delay the return of the devilish ice sheets. Combined with literally empowering humanity, fossil fuels are truly a gift from God. So it is written, in the climate record. Amen.

  15. Sorry, but the Pope’s mind is already made up, because:

    — The Catholic Church is a leftist organization, and has been since the time of Jesus, who himself was a leftist… Just look at his teachings. Of course he, and the Church, have the right to promote leftist ideas… however…

    — the fight against Man-made Climate Change is the perfect pretext to promote leftist ideas.

    1. jesus was a share all care all love all. But people in the good book who followed jesus were from all walks of life, from tax collectors to the roman centurion to the meek. but he was not a thief and he did not serve satan through communism.

    2. Garbage, Perhaps you don’t know Catholicism.
      Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Property applies even if you want the government to do your taking for you.
      Charity is not cultivated with a government bayonet.

  16. to you skeptics: go to your garage, shut the doors, start the car, open the windows, 20 minutes later you’ll have the proof of global warming

  17. Apr 24, 2015 NASA | IceBridge Heads for the Coast

    Take a break from your day to soak in the sights and sounds of an Operation IceBridge flight over Greenland’s southwest coast. This video features both the rugged scenery of Greenland and the somewhat rugged interior of a NASA C-130, the aircraft serving as the aerial platform for this spring’s science campaign. IceBridge flies over the Arctic and Antarctic every year measuring changes in the ice with instruments like radar and lasers.

  18. The Great Pause lengthens again: Global temperature update: The Pause is now 18 years 3 months (219 months)

    ‘The RSS (Remote Sensing Systems) satellite dataset shows no global warming at all for 219 months from October 1996 to December 2014 – more than half the 432-month satellite record.’ ‘The global warming that the IPCC had so confidently but misguidedly predicted 25 years ago has stopped altogether.’ ‘The Great Pause is a growing embarrassment to those who had told us with ‘substantial confidence’ that the science was settled and the debate over. Nature had other ideas.’

    1. You can bet the Global Whatever $cienti$t$ are now regretting all that money we’ve poured into temperature collection technology in the last two decades. It corresponds to the period over which temperatures mysteriously stopped rising. ROFL!

  19. These ‘scientists’ have an abundance of faith which allows them to believe in Global Warming despite the lack of evidence.

    1. Governments have an abundance of money to ensure the Global Whatever $cienti$t$ maintain their faith in The Model regardless of the nonsensical predictions that never pan out.

    2. No. They will not stop until they triple or quadruple our electric bills by SHUTTING DOWN our electric power companies, our oil drilling and our gas companies. And all the money from their scam will go straight into their pockets!

  20. The best thing for the world would be to abandon the UN altogether.
    It has been proven time and time again to just be a social engineering tool that only has corporate interests in mind.

  21. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

    Karl Marx

    This is what informs every decision Jorge Mario Bergoglio makes, so good luck guys.

  22. Religion aside: I’ve never understood how someone could go outside, see a great big ball of fire burning in the sky, and conclude that human beings control the Earth’s temperature.

    1. All it takes to understand man made climate change is the incentive of enacting new taxes and the ability to round up morons with too much energy and time on their hands.

  23. The Pope is a product of Marxist South America. He’ll buy into the global warming hoax in the same manner he attacked capitalism. Someone should inform the Pope that the poverty level in the world has dropped drastically since the world embraced the free market capitalistic model after the fall of the Soviet Union. He thinks the crony capitalism in South America is real capitalism. Perhaps someone should give him a copy of Atlas Shrugged.

    1. World-wide poverty is at a historical high. Five billion people have never made a phone call. Do you get you drivel from bible school?

        1. I’m sure you couldn’t read data if it were in picture form. More children die today from diseases and starvation than at any preceding time in history. More than 30k/day in sub Saharan Africa alone.

          1. That’s been going on for thousand of years. And part of the reason is because DDT was banned. You can thank the knee-jerk environmentalists for that…..not capitalism.

                    1. You need to open a dictionary or look online and learn the definition (and spelling) of ad hominem before typing more vacuity through ignorance.

                    2. I studied Latin for 3 years and apologize for the – mark. If you would like to put your money where your mouth is concerning our knowledge of Latin I will be happy to take you on. A professor once told the class when things get rough Non Illegitimi carborundum. It your case it fits.

      1. Yes, between crony capitalism in Obamaland and European
        technobureaucracy , Putinland’s technocrat/autocrats fit right in.
        Perhaps the next generation will read Atlas Shrugged. or not.
        However, even a challenged capitalism is better than the Marxist
        path the Pope and Obama seem to have us on.

  24. The title of this blog post is incorrect. Skeptics understand the science … Morano and his ilk don’t otherwise they would have claimed the numerous cash rewards/prizes available for the public to present evidence that counters the current physics … it would be scientifically and grammatically correct to use the word “Denier” instead of skeptic. The scientific consensus has formed around the overwhelming evidence. When you disagree with the evidence, that is ignorance. When you agree with the evidence, that is knowledge.Individuals who believe anthropogenic climate change is not occurring are out of touch with reality. Individuals who are out of touch with reality are not qualified to formulate opinions about reality, and no one should take them seriously.

    1. Your flowery rhetoric, condescension, sanctimony, East Anglia, NOAA, instances of data fudging too numerous to mention, the burning ball of Hydrogen and Helium and other trace elements 93 million miles distant from this planet, the history of non-anthropogenic climate change that defines the history of this planet (notably the period of peak glaciation that ended roughly 20,000 years ago and rendered much of the Northern Hemisphere suitable for human habitation), and so forth and so on notwithstanding, we’ll take your word for it.

      Or well just recognize this for what it is, the biggest income redistribution scheme in the history of mankind bankrolled by the Oligarchs. That’s not to say we shouldn’t be good stewards, but why should the Proles live like serfs when the Fat Cats pull stunts like they did back in February, flying in to a “Cimate Change” Soiree in Davos in over 1000 private jets.

      1. Vacuity on steroids. It is embarrassing how scientifically ignorant Americans are despite having free access to great observations and evidence.

  25. Pope marxist. I think the pope should think about how he shares the deus with Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Totsky and Lenin when it comes to his positions. Atheist murderers pushing communist / jesuitism.

  26. I don’t have a great deal of hope that this particular Pope will see reason and find his way to the fraud of anthropogenic global warming. He seems to have a few screws loose.

  27. Please tell me if I am wrong but,the Pope of the past spoke only on the most important issues and the words that were spoken meant something. This Pope can’t stop talking and the mistakes won’t quit coming.

      1. Not by definition. from Oxford Dict. “incapable of making mistakes or being wrong”. I said Infallible only in matters of the Catholic Church. Other than that, such as Climate Change, he can be. He is not infallible in all things.

  28. I hope that the Holy Father drops his obsession with global warming/climate change and he focuses on the rampant sin in the United States and the rest of the world…particularly the breach of the 10th Commandment…covetousness. The American political system would not exist without the encouragement of covetousness. The class warfare and the “soak the rich” ploys and strategies employed by Progressive Democrat are both sinful and shameful. The Pope would best serve God and Christ’s message by decrying this encouragement of sin and the institutionalization of covetousness in the American political system. God gave us dominion over the Earth…but he did not give us free rein to encourage covetousness by craven politicians of the property of the industrious by exploiting the greed, envy and gluttony of the ‘have nots’. Sin is sin is sin…and we need religious leaders who are willing to call out this despicable sin, and its encouragement, wherever it exists.

    1. A Pope will be the false prophet. He will join with his fellow globalist the antichrist to help deceive the world. The present Pope wants a one world government as he is a communist. The man-made climate change scheme is just a wealth redistribution plan to scare the sheeple.He is just another Globullshevik.

  29. The pope is a communist who has no problem screwing the people of Earth over with the B. S. about climate change. All religion is a scam but how can people follow this nut job? The guy is a real loon and so are the people who go to worship him in Rome.

      1. I really hate assuming things because it often leads to looking foolish. Anyways, I am going to assume that AGW is somehow short for man made global warming, not sure why you can not just type that. Now, there is no more evidence for man made global warming than there is for gods. It is just crazy talk. Climate change is real but that is a natural process that has nothing o do with man and the proof of that is in the records. Man did not exist with the dinosaurs but we can see climate change there too.

        1. ” I am going to assume that AGW is somehow short for man made global warming,”

          wow, and yet you want to debate the topic? why don0t you go read a few scientific sources on this topic so you atleast know the very basics?

          1. My comments were not directed at you. All you have done is to quote me and attack me. If you can not debate properly then perhaps you should just shut up. Nothing you have said has added anything insightful here at all.

            1. when you think people need to explain to you a scientific topic of which you don’t even know the very basics of, you are mistaken.
              but if you are interested i can show you many scientific sources where you can educate yourself for free and then you can come back and tell me if you found any flaws in the evidence the scientific community is presenting since over 2 decades.

              1. Honestly, I could care less what pseudo science that you have to support your claim of man made global warming/climate change. The science of such things is akin to the science of Big Foot. Now, if you were talking about natural climate change then there is no debate about that but the idea that man is some how influencing the climate and that we need to solve it through taxes on rich countries, well that is C. R. A. P.

                The debate about man made global warming was never even a starter and was only ever supported by propaganda in the indoctrination camps also known as public schools.

                1. lol, yeah the world’s most respected scientific institutions and universities are now suddenly supporting pseudo science….

                  AGW is an observed fact. like it or not, when you have found any flaws in the evidence the scientific community has published, you should publish your findings on the scientific literature.

  30. Note how other commenters on this subject think this all started with GLOBAL WARMING and then it changed to climate change. I’m in my 60’s and I remember how we were all supposed to be scared to death about GLOBAL COOLING. Sorry. I didn’t believe it THEN, I didn’t believe them when it was global warming, and I don’t believe a word they say NOW! The earth has changed since the beginning of time. Sorry buddies. That’s just the way it is! lol

    1. Sweetheart when it comes to AGW you don’t believe or not believe!!!! AGW is not like a religion where you have a choice to believe or not believe. We study the DATA and the DATA tells us all we need to know. Yes, the earth is warming. Sorry!!!! Are you home-schooled?????

  31. President Obama, can you, and mashed potato face John Kerry quit blithering on about climate change, making complete buffoons of yourself. Yes, the climate changes, and there is no tax you can impose that can change it. Remember, Arizona was once under water long before humans walked the Earth…

      1. Here we go, low information voter. Go to Arizona, walk in the desert and you will find many seashells.

        We need oxygen to live and we exhale C02. Plants need C02 to live and exhale oxygen. Quit simple, though I know its hard for people like you, who can’t see the facts are fudged, its all about control and money and no amount of taxes will stop the weather from changing.

        First its global cooling and when that didn’t happen, its global warming, and when that is not happening, its climate change.

        We dont’ deny its changing, though there is nothing we can do to stop any thing. I pray for 40 days of rain to get rid of gullible, useless idiots like you.

  32. God is a skeptic….Genesis 8:22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat,
    and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

      1. It is all true. The gifts (all 9) of the Spirit still operate in the body of the true believers. I have seen miracles, healings, visions. A relationship with the creator is what makes the difference. Obey Acts 2:38.

          1. Isaiah 28:11 For with stammering lips and another tongue
            will he speak to this people.

            Mark 16:17,18 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out
            devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt
            them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

            Acts 2:1-4 And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in
            one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it
            filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other
            tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

            Acts 2:15-18 For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of
            the day. But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel; And
            it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my
            Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and
            your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:And
            on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my
            Spirit; and they shall prophesy:

        1. Steve what miracle?????. People claim they die all the time> Some people claim to have gone to heaven. People make up all kinds of stuff. SORRY You Got tricked!!!!

          1. I have been to a service of his back in 86. He is 100% true. After the service,my wife could not even speak in English for the rest of that night… Miracles follow his ministry as he has been born again. You can reach the Doctors in Jackson, Miss, to confirm the story concerning his DNA. Why don’t you just seek Mr. Stoneking out for yourself? His wisdom will blow you away.

            1. Sweetheart you “simpel-folk” are so easy to fool. if he can perform miracles I have a friend who is missing a leg. Can he re grow limbs??????? I didn’t think so . You’re guy is full of shit SORRY!!!!

    1. “God is a skeptic”

      LOL but then he himself is not a testable hypothesis….

      and demands one beliefs in him despite a huge lack of any evidence for his existence…..

      that is not sceptic at all.

  33. He supports it because the entire global warming movement is a left wing attempt to redistribute wealth, so called global warming is just a vehicle. They will never admit its wrong.

    1. Exactly right, it is just a scheme and the communist, globalist pope is in on it…It is very clear that alarm
      about climate change, formerly ‘global warming’, was only a pretext on the part
      of the left. Its real aim, as always, was to undermine capitalism, even while
      acknowledging that “No other economic system in history has generated and
      distributed more wealth in such a comparatively short a span of time.” In
      other words, the real aim was Marxism. Marxists proclaimed the imminent
      collapse of capitalism throughout the twentieth century, only to see that it
      was Communism that collapsed. Yet here we are in the 21st century, and Spiegel
      is still printing woolly discourses headed “Capitalism’s March toward
      Global Collapse”. What about giving it a rest for a hundred years? As for
      Spiegel’s beloved Klima-Katastrophe, it is now nearly thirty years since the
      cover had Cologne Cathedral under water (“The Ozone Hole, Melting Poles,
      the Greenhouse Effect: Researchers warn of Climate Catastrophe”)! Carl von
      Ossietzky had it right even longer ago when he said that German intellectuals
      were gourmets of catastrophe. Journalists have been flogging the dead horse of
      climate alarmism for decades, without result. Without worthwhile result, that
      is. Surely it’s time it was decently interred?

        1. science already won, the world started AGW mitigation.
          your conspiracy theory was not able to compete with 120 year of cliamtology, research from the most respected scientific institutions and universities around the planet.
          you lost the fight. your only chance is the US. but even there you are loosing the fight.

    1. Sweetheart the truth hurts, doesn’t it????? Sorry. Even the “simpel-folk” are starting to understand what’s going on with AGW/ You lose!!!! SORRY!!!!

    1. You belief in AGW caused by man is a faith, just like faith in a sky god. So you might want to watch you casting of aspersions. There is no proof that man is causing global warming that hasnt warmed in 18 years.

      1. Sweetheart can you please post the evidence that proves the globe hasn’t warmed in 18 years. Remember be specific and name your sources. Thanks.

      1. What a nice guy this jesus guy is!!!! Why does he cure an old fart, while he gives children cancer and hair-lips???????? You “simpel-folk” who have invisible friends are so cute. Thank you!!!

  34. I am a Roman Catholic, but it seems that the Pope may be a bit of a liberal socialist. I hope he doesn’t get on the political propaganda band wagon, he will be rejected by the Catholics like obama is rejected by credible America!


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    1. there is only one race, the human race. there are no known subspecies to our species, so no dofferent races, only homo sapiens sapiens in different colors.

  36. He is the eighth and last king of Rev 17. He is the last pope according to the prophecy of St. Malachy. He shall go into destruction according to both, and the true 3rd prophecy of Fatima. He is a public heretic and therefore ipso facto not a Catholic.
    Global warming is part of a false end time religion where Francis worships. For God said after the flood: “all the days of the earth, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, night and day shall not rest.” Genesis 8:22, 1609DR.

  37. You expect the Catholic church to reject science and accept the anti science stance of AGW denial?
    you have more chance with other religions, the Catholic church accepts science (Evolution) above the fairytale in the bible….


  38. this pope has to be the stupidest pope in the past 200 years. he should be more concerned about the slaughter of christians and the cleansing of the christians from the middle east than fake garbage like global warming.

  39. It’s all about the redistribution of wealth from developed nations to undeveloped nations and a power grab by the UN. The Pope should support making the poorer nations wealthier, not the wealthy nations poorer. He is not well read on Aquinas, the angelic doctor of his church, on existentialism and God’s gift of the intellect to man and our “requirement” to use the gift for Man’s benefit. That how to reduce poverty.

    1. So, your support for AGW is based on…
      Hubris and Irrelevant argumentum ad hominem.

      Interesting question that you ask. Was that supposed to sway AGW deniers, or affirm their belief by making the pro-AGW folks look like they aren’t logical?

      See my post above about chemistry and physics. If you have a fundamental chemistry or physics question (which is all you needed to know to see through the AGW scam) feel free to ask.

  40. The history of the Catholic Church is filled with popes endorsing crackpot bad science at least as far back as keeping the flat earth belief alive for centuries. This pope is just another clown in a white suit trying to keep the masses stupid so he can live in luxury at the Vatican. Nice scam.

    1. Guess you haven’t opened any science or history books. Do you forgo those that have words especially hard ones? The smart folk have always known the world wasn’t flat … it is your ilk that were and remain confused about physical phenomena and always get it wrong.

  41. If one holds the view that the earth started with creation and will come to an end in the not-too-distant future, CO2 levels and the related climate hysteria doesn’t really matter much. Oil, natural gas, and coal supplies will be sufficient to take us to the end. And we should do all we can to encourage population growth.

      1. Neither God nor AGW exist.

        Chemistry says we don’t add to the amount of CO2 in the air, only temperature does that.

        Physics says that more CO2 in the air won’t add to more warming, as the 13 micrometer IR band is already sufficiently blocked from radiating from the earth’s surface. Yeah, I saw the papers on isotope ratios; the folly there is that they’re pretending that the only source of sequestered carbon is fossil fuels, and obvious lie.

        I mean, I’m sure you feel good about ridiculing someone fooled by their religion, but you’re not even questioning your own beliefs. What is wrong with people?!

  42. The church and government are similar in the fact that it is easier to manipulate and control the poor than the rich. In that respect the church would rather keep “their flock” in third world countries poor. I recall reading about how many more people in Ireland went to church during hard times than during the boom time.

  43. Dont expect rational thinking from the church. After all it has not been very long since they admitted that the earth revolves around the sun and they are still running about chasing deamons. Climate change is a con job and the church might be making money from it. Our ex-vice president is.

  44. It is sad to see the Roman Catholic Church has a Pope who is supporting a Globalist fraud intended to create a one world government and install a global tyranny where they control what you eat, where you can travel, how you heat your home, how many children you have and how long you live using the false pretext of limiting your “carbon footprint”.

    This Man Made global warming thing – our puny production of carbon dioxide has no effect at all on mean global temperature. True, it is a greenhouse gas, but the chemistry says adding more CO2 won’t change the amount of CO2 in the air (only changes the amount of carbonate rock formed), and more CO2 in the air won’t add more warming (the 13 micrometer IR band is already blocked at 100%). It is all “non-science”, a lie, a falsehood – a lie that the Pope himself is spreading.

    As to those who think that supporting this lie is “science” are really showing that they’re either science ignorant or just not thinking.

    Sad state of humanity.

  45. I am so glad and thankful you are going. I am a practicing Catholic and I was very disappointed to think the Pope would fall for global warming. I thought he should keep his eye on other more important things. Sadly the global warming crowd obviously has brainwashed him. He is against people who use money for evil and this it one of those things he should be fighting!

  46. I will such encyclique as a paper toilet. 2 days ago, 22 April on Earth Day at a presentation of an idiot (from Physics Dep Warsaw Univ.) in bilogy dep. the organziers called Police when I start to demolish the lies in presentation like “hoceky stick” of IPCC,dr.M.Mann etc. Even in the last isue (Fizyka i Astronomia dla nauczycieli, March/April, 2015 there is info that Univ.Greanda confiremd the glaciers;s size changes according to earth’s orbit (Milnakovitch cycles). Unfortunately, Devil is acitve at Headquarter (1P4:17) also.

  47. What a load of BS. The Koch Brothers Inc. based on fossil fuels are the one’s feeling ‘threatened’. Not the poor, but the rich will be affected. Green energy is the way to go, growth is explosive, & that is where the jobs are. Poor folks in impoverished countries can put a solar panel on their roof & get electricity for the first time ever, TOMORROW. They would still be waiting years for fossil-fuel based electricity.

  48. If the Pope is genuinely interested in the topic of catastrophic man-made global warming, then he will consider the evidence of sceptics. But as a Catholic, I have no respect for this man who is the current Pope. What Obama is to the US, this Pope is to the Vatican. For example, both grovel for islam rather than defend Christianity above all else. Truth is that both men crave popularism and have little respect for the scientific method or what is at the heart of the scientific method, namely scepticism. So wasting time going to see the Pope on climate change will be just that … a waste of time!

  49. If this does not wake up alleged Roman Catholics, then this should explain why they vote demonicrat. The Vatican was compromised in the early 1960s. If anyone questions that, visit Honolulu, Hawaii, and be prepared to be shocked at all the openly homosexual Priests, and that means actively homosexual as well.

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