Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘Global warming activists are desperately seeking to tie any and every weather event to global warming. Rest assured, your SUVs do not cause heavy rain’

Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot and Former staff of U.S. Senate Environment & Public Works Committee featured on DC Ch. 9:

Environment Virginia Links Extreme Weather Events To Global Warming |

Ch. 9 Excerpt: The Virginia report only goes back 60 years and that’s what other experts say we have to be careful about. In fact, those who challenge global warming, including Marc Morano who is a former staff member of the U.S. Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, argue that other studies have found both temperature and precipitation were higher 1,000 years ago during the medieval warm period.

“Environment Virginia’s attempt to link man-made global warming to rainfall events in Virginia or any specific region is the stuff of pure politics — not science. The continental U.S. is less than 2% of the Earth’s surface, so any attempt to draw precipitation trends from such a small area using only cherry picked timelines, is grossly misleading. Current data shows that global precipitation has undergone a slight decrease over the past 30 years. Global warming activists are desperately seeking to tie any and every weather event to global warming. Rest assured, your SUVs do not cause heavy rain.

“Other studies have found both temperatures and precipitation were higher 1000 years ago during the Medieval Warm Period. A 2012 peer-reviewed paper in the journal Nature Climate change found no correlation between Co2 and rainfall in India.”

End Morano Quote


Background info on Precipitation:

Global precipitation fails to obey theory of global warming: ‘There has been a slight decrease in global precipitation over past 30 years of global warming’ — ‘There has also been a decline in extremes of precipitation’

U.S. Precipitation Shows No Correlation With Temperature: ‘The average temperature for the ten wettest years is 52.86. The average temperature for all years is also 52.86

New paper shows no correlation between CO2 and rainfall: — ‘AGW theory proposes that increased CO2 levels lead to increased water vapor in atmosphere (despite empirical data which shows the opposite). A paper published in Nature Climate Change February 2012 studied rainfall over Indian subcontinent 1813-2006 & finds rainfall has decreased since 1930s as CO2 emissions markedly increased. The data instead shows a natural, cyclical variability in mean annual rainfall that peaked in 1870s and 1930s with absolutely no correlation to levels of CO2’

New paper finds temperatures and precipitation were higher 1000 years ago — ‘The paper finds higher temps & precipitation were present during Medieval Warming Period (960-1100 AD) than at the end of 20th century. This paper adds to published work of 986 scientists who have documented that Medieval Warming Period was as hot or hotter than present and was a global phenomenon. This study also shows both the rate and magnitude of the rise in temps from the year ~ 700-880 AD was much greater than over a comparable period including 20th century’

Researchers Find Rainfall events influenced by Cities:’ Cities incite thunderstorms, researchers find’: ‘Summer thunderstorms become much more fierce when they collide with a city than they would otherwise be in the open countryside, according to research led by Princeton engineers…Their modeling suggests that the city of Baltimore experienced about 30 percent more rainfall than the region it occupies would have experienced had there been no buildings where the city now sits…While thunderstorms are thought of as being purely forces of nature, the Princeton research suggests that man’s built environment can radically alter a storm’s life cycle…The Ntelekos-Smith research showed that the 2004 storm over Baltimore was partially affected by the neighboring urban environment of Washington D.C. as air from the south became more turbulent when passing over it. This made the air mass particularly ripe for a storm by the time it reached Baltimore.

New paper finds ‘no model consensus’ on precipitation projections: Journal of Geophysical Research study finds 19 different models had ‘no model consensus and a ‘large spread’ ‘with both large positive and negative anomalies’ in projections of future Australian tropical climate. Furthermore, the authors conclude that since model projections are all over the map, that indicates there is ‘large internal or natural variability in tropical Australian precipitation relative to the climate change signal’ [of alleged AGW]’

Australian ‘experts’: ‘Remember when it wasn’t raining, and we told you CO2 causes lack of rain? Now that it’s raining too much, we just remembered CO2 causes too much rain’

Thailand Flooding Almost As Bad As When CO2 Was 320 PPM — ‘Hit by the worst flooding the country has seen in 50 years’

Rebuttal: ‘The logical conclusion is that CO2 reduction will make flooding worse, like it was 50 years ago’

Climate Modeling Failure: IPCC’s Model Prediction Of Extreme Precipitation Events Found To Be Wrong — ‘Two Swiss experts analyzed 80 years of evidence of extreme snowfalls and extreme snow depth for Switzerland. Their research found that these two indicators of extreme precipitation events did not increase as predicted by the IPCC’

More Background on Extreme Weather

Climate Depot Special Report: A-Z Climate Reality Check — Sub-Prime Science Exposé: ‘The claims of the promoters of man-made climate fears are failing’ — Presented to UN Summit

Excerpts from Climate Depot’s A-Z report: “…deaths due to extreme weather are radically declining, global tropical cyclone activity is near historic lows, the frequency of major U.S. hurricanes has declined, the oceans are missing their predicted heat content, big tornados have dramatically declined since the 1970s,droughts are not historically unusual nor caused by mankind, there is no evidence we are currently having unusual weather…”

Global warming not making weather wackier: ‘The weather was wilder and weirder in the past than it is today’ – – ‘back when CO2 was below 350 ppm’ — ‘People are claiming there are more disasters now. That’s crazy. The weather was terrible in the past, back when CO2 was below 350ppm’ – ‘Climate was never safe. You had horrific fires, droughts, floods, heat waves — it hasn’t gotten any worse with the CO2 increase’

Prof. Pielke Jr.: ‘There is no evidence that disasters are getting worse because of climate change’ – ‘There’s really no evidence that we’re in the midst of an extreme weather era – whether man has influenced climate or not’ — ‘If you look over the long term, and buy long term I mean 100 years or more, there’s actually no up or down in U.S. hurricane landfalls’

Latest EU Research Confirms That Predicted Increase In Storminess From Global Warming Has Not Occurred

In Anticipation Of The Gore ‘Lie-A-Thon’ – Severe Weather Reality From The 1950s, 1960s & 1970s — Read this ‘list of severe weather incidents that took place during the 50s, 60s and 70s. These terrible and destructive events occurred well before the current decade’s hysteria about CO2 emissions.

Extreme Weather Whining: ‘US in 1930s had nearly as much extreme weather as all other decades combined’ — ‘In fact, the past decade (2000-2009) may have had the least extreme weather. Twenty three states set their record high temperature in the 1930s, compared with one during the past decade.’

UN IPCC 5AR: no climate change for next 20-30 years: ‘New IPCC report plans to say that science doesn’t know whether CO2 has an effect on most climatic observables’ — UN IPCC draft report: ‘Climate change signals are expected to be relatively small compared to natural climate variability over the coming two to three decades’


Prof. Pielke Jr. : ‘Are US Floods Increasing? The Answer is Still No’ — ‘A new paper out today shows flooding has not increased in U.S. over records of 85 to 127 years’ — ‘This adds to a pile of research that shows similar results around the world’

Quick Flood Facts: ‘The world’s ten deadliest floods all occurred before 1976. The historical flood record is horrific. Here is a small sampling of news stories’

Shocking extremes in U.S. drought and flood conditions! … They occurred in the 1930’s, 1950’s, 1970’s, 1980’s… During the past decade, not so much’

Federal study finds no evidence that climate change caused more severe flooding during last century! — Inconvenient Reality: U.S. Geological Survey finds in some regions ‘floods become LESS SEVERE as greenhouse gas emissions have increased’ — USGS scientist Robert Hirsch: ‘Currently we do not see a clear pattern that enables us to understand how climate change will alter flood conditions in the future’ — But, USGS pleads they need more study (and money!): ‘Noted more research is necessary to better understand the relationship between climate change and flooding’

All Of The World’s Deadliest Floods Occurred With CO2 Well Below 350 PPM — ‘We know that hurricanes have declined, tornadoes have declined, floods have declined, and droughts have declined. That is why history has been redefined to start in the 1970s’

Gore Rebuked: ‘There is currently no evidence that human-generated greenhouse gas emissions are making storms – or floods – worse’ — ‘So why, in the name of heaven, is Al Gore now spending time and money on a campaign that claims the exact opposite?’

Global precipitation fails to obey theory of global warming: ‘There has been a slight decrease in global precipitation over past 30 years of global warming’

100/500 Year Floods : Every Few Weeks? Reality Check: ‘One of the big lies of 2011 is the claim that ‘the new normal is 100 year floods every year’ — ‘A search of news archives finds out that 100 year floods have been reported constantly, ever since someone thought the term up’

UK Scientist suggests Gore distorted his study: ‘Al Gore is doing a disservice to science by overplaying the link between climate change and weather’

Myles Allen: ‘When Al Gore said last week that scientists now have ‘clear proof that climate change is directly responsible for the extreme and devastating floods, storms and droughts,’…my heart sank. Having suggested the idea of ‘event attribution’ back in 2003, & co-authored a study on origins of UK floods in 2000, I suspect I may be one of the scientists being talked about’

New peer-reviewed paper on the 2010 Pakistan floods – nothing to do with ‘climate change’

1974: Climatologists Blamed US/Pakistan Flooding On Global Cooling

Is Flood Magnitude in the USA Correlated with Global CO2 Levels? Answer: No — ‘The results of 21 peer-reviewed studies on flooding & climate variability in N. America: ‘If anything, N. American flooding tends to become both less frequent and less severe when the planet warms…on average, we would expect that any further warming of the globe would tend to further reduce both the frequency and severity of flooding in N. America, which, of course, is just the opposite of what the world’s climate alarmists continue to claim would occur’

Which of the below worst floods on record were caused by carbon dioxide?




1887, September-October

Hwang Ho (Yellow) River, China

Over 900,000


North China



Kaifeng, Honan Province, China

Over 300,000


England and the Netherlands


1287, December 14

The Netherlands





1421, November 18

The Netherlands


1964, November-December

Mekong Delta, South Vietnam


1951, August 6-7



1948, June

Foochow, China



Big tornados at dramatic decline since 1970s:

Climatologist: ‘There has been a downward trend in strong (F3) to violent (F5) tornadoes in U.S. since 1950s’ — ‘Warming causes fewer strong tornadoes, not more’

Violent Tornadoes Have Declined Dramatically In The US Since The 1970s

NOAA Scientist Rejects Global Warming Link to Tornadoes: ‘No scientific consensus or connection between global warming and tornadic activity’ — ‘NOAA statistics show that the last 60 years have seen a dramatic increase in the reporting of weak tornadoes, but no change in the number of severe to violent ones’

‘No link between tornadoes and climate change’: ‘Reasons for spiking death tolls are more likely due to rise in number of mobile homes and chance paths that have happened to target populated areas’ — Scientists: ‘We see no correlation between global or US national temperature and tornado occurrence’

NOAA CSI on the Record Tornado Outbreak: There is ‘no indication that the environmental factors conducive to tornado development…’‘…have changed over the last 30 years, meaning that no change has been detected. Absent detection, there is no attribution’

1975: Climatologists Blamed Record Tornadoes On Global Cooling


Teetering near historic lows:

‘A new research study shows that overall global tropical cyclone activity has decreased to historically low levels during the past 5 years’

New paper finds global cyclones have reached a historical low: Geophysical Research Letters: ‘Since 2006, global tropical cyclone ACE (cyclone energy) has decreased dramatically…’ ‘…to the lowest levels since the late 1970s. Additionally, the global frequency of tropical cyclones has reached a historical low’

World Meteorological Organization study: ‘We cannot at this time conclusively identify anthropogenic signals in past tropical cyclone data’ – ‘Landfalling tropical storm and hurricane activity in the US shows no long-term increase’

U.S. sees 2,232nd consecutive days without being hit by major hurricane – ‘shatters’ previous streak set in 1906 – Prof. Pielke Jr.: ‘Since there won’t be any intense hurricanes before next summer, the record will be shattered, with the days between intense hurricane landfalls likely to exceed 2,500 days’

Hurricanes Becoming Much Less Frequent In Florida: ‘By June,2012 it will have been almost 7 years without a hurricane strike in Florida -the longest period on record’ – ‘Since 1950,hurricane strikes in Florida have been coming progressively further apart’

When it comes to hurricanes, climate change effects may be ‘a wash’ – ‘A new report on extreme weather from UN IPCC, released last month, suggests that for hurricanes at least, the effects of global warming remain uncertain and likely so incremental that it might be difficult to even measure them’ … That’s kind of a wash in my book,’ said Chris Landsea’

The Decline In Major Hurricanes: ‘The most active period for major hurricanes in the US was 1931-1960’ — ‘The frequency of major hurricanes is now about half what it was 60 years ago. The most intense hurricane to ever hit the US occurred in 1935’

Hurricane Facts: ‘According to NOAA, they have been on decline in US since the beginning of records in 19th century. The worst decade for major (category 3,4,5) hurricanes was 1940s’ — ‘There has only been one US hurricane strike in last 1,130 days. 7,000 days have passed since a cat 5 hit US. In 1886, US was hit by 7 hurricanes…It has been over 6 years since a major one hit US. Deadliest hurricane to hit US happened in 1900. Florida hurricanes are in sharp decline. Florida has averaged nearly one per year since 1850. It has been over 6 years since Fla. was hit – the longest hurricane free period in that state.’

New Tropical Cyclone Research From China Reveals Major IPCC Prediction Fail

Third Quietest Hurricane Period On Record In The US: ‘US hurricane strikes have been on the decline since NOAA started measuring them before the Civil War’ — ‘Over the last six years, there have been officially six hurricane strikes in the US, the third quietest period on record. Six out of the seven quietest periods have been since 1975’

NOAA : ‘No trend toward more frequent or stronger hurricanes’: ‘Links these cycles of busy & quiet hurricane period in 20th Century to natural changes in Atlantic Ocean temps’


NOAA lead author of U.S. Climate Science Assessment Report on Texas drought: ‘This is not a climate change drought’ — NOAA’s Robert Hoerling: ‘This is not the new normal in terms of drought. Texas knows drought. Texas has been toughened on the anvil of droughts that have come and gone. This is not a climate change drought’

E&E News on the 2012 US drought: ‘For the scientists who take the long view of history, it’s merely a climatological blip’ — Science: Dust Bowl, 1988 both eclipse 2012 drought, scientists say — 07/30/2012

Rising CO2 causes unprecedented DECREASE in worldwide drought: ‘There has been an unprecedented decrease in world drought severity over the past 30 years’

U.S. Government Scientist Disagrees with Obama on Cause of Texas drought: ‘This is not a climate change drought’ — Dr. Robert Hoerling, a NOAA research meteorologist, who served as the lead author of the U.S. Climate Change Science Plan Synthesis and Assessment Report: ‘The good news, Hoerling says, is that this isn’t global warming. ‘This is not the new normal in terms of drought. Texas knows drought. Texas has been toughened on the anvil of droughts that have come and gone. This is not a climate change drought’

‘Severe drought in 1934 covered 80% of the country, compared with 25% in 2011’

Shocking extremes in U.S. drought and flood conditions! … They occurred in the 1930’s, 1950’s, 1970’s, 1980’s… During the past decade, not so much’

Claim: Texas drought is the worst in history — ‘But in fact, Texas has been getting wetter, the current 15 year period is above average precipitation, and is much wetter than the 1950s’

NOAA Now Begins Time In 1999 — ‘What a complete crock. NOAA has detailed drought records going back to at least 1900’

Professor Will Steffen: Recent droughts and cyclones are NOT due to climate change — ‘There’s no statistically significant evidence that we’ve seen a change in the behavior of tropical cyclones around the world most experts agree however, that we will see an increase in intensity in these cyclones as the warming continues’ — ‘We’ve had very severe droughts before so again we cannot attribute this drought statistically to climate change….’

October 1956 Drought Vs. 2011: ‘Unprecedented CO2 driven drought was much worse 55 years ago’

‘Back when CO2 levels were safe, a southwestern U.S. drought only lasted nearly 50 years’ — ‘The 2nd century A.D. saw an extended dry period of more than 100 years characterized by a multi-decade drought lasting nearly 50 years’


Deaths from ‘extreme weather’ at their lowest since 1900

The Decline in Deaths from Extreme Weather, 1900–2010: ‘Aggregate mortality attributed to all extreme weather events globally has declined by more than 90% since the 1920s’ — ‘…In spite of a four-fold rise in population and much more complete reporting of such events. The aggregate mortality rate declined by 98%’

‘A study published in 2011 in Geophysical Research Letters on causes of the 2010 Russian heat wave deduced that it ‘was due to internal atmospheric dynamical processes’ — Paging Al Gore: Peer-reviewed Study: ‘It is unlikely that the warming attributable to increasing greenhouse gas concentrations contributed significantly to the magnitude of the [Russian] heat wave’

Climate Depot’s Morano on Fox News Mocking Gore’s ‘Climate Astrology’: ‘This is now akin to the predictions of Nostradamus or the Mayan calendar’ — Morano: ‘There is no way anyone can falsify the global warming theory now because any weather event that happens ‘proves’ their case…Man-made global warming has ceased to be a science, it is now the level of your daily horoscope’ — Gore [in 2006 film] did not warn us of extreme blizzards and record cold winters coming’