Climate Depot Report: Rainforest Factsheet: Clear-Cutting the Myths About the Amazon and Tropical Rainforests

Amazon deforestation in 2009 declines to lowest on record…’fell below 10,000 square kilometers for the first time since record-keeping began’ – June 22, 2009

Jan. 30, 2009: New York Times: ‘Galloping jungle’: Farmlands revert back to nature as saving the rainforests becomes ‘less urgent’ – ‘For every acre of rainforest cut down each year, more than 50 acres of new forest are growing’
Excerpt: Here, and in other tropical countries around the world, small holdings like Ms. Ortega de Wing’s – and much larger swaths of farmland – are reverting back to nature, as people abandon their land and move to the cities in search of better livings. These new “secondary” forests are emerging in Latin America, Asia and other tropical regions at such a fast pace that the trend has set off a serious debate about whether saving primeval rain forest – an iconic environmental cause – may be less urgent than once thought. By one estimate, for every acre of rain forest cut down each year, more than 50 acres of new forest are growing in the tropics on land that was once farmed, logged or ravaged by natural disaster. “There is far more forest here than there was 30 years ago,” said Ms. Ortega de Wing, 64, who remembers fields of mango trees and banana plants.

Spoof: NYT in 2019: Scientists Now Say Global Warming Fears Fading Away – Claim There Never Was Warming Consensus – By Marc Morano

‘Save the trees’ more political myth than environmental truth – Jan. 2009

‘Save the Trees, Use More Wood’ – May 1, 2002
Greenpeace co-founder and Ecologist Dr. Patrick Moore (who left the green movement because it became too radical for him) stated in 2002: Save the Trees, Use More Wood: Excerpt: Moore explained that advances in forestry techniques have resulted in wood becoming one of the most environmentally friendly products. “We should be growing more trees and using more wood,” explained Moore. “The less wood we use, the more steel and concrete we use. […] Moore explained that a greater demand for wood products leads to more forested land, noting that 80 percent of the timber produced in the U.S. comes from private property. He predicted that if “those land owners had no market for wood, they would clear the forest away and grow something else they could make money from instead.” “When you go into a lumber yard, you are given the impression that by buying wood you are causing the forest to be lost, when in fact what you are doing is sending a signal into the market to plant more trees,” Moore added.

The Amazing Amazon Rainforest – May 13, 2009
Excerpt: In a report published in the 6 March 2009 issue of Science, Oliver L. Phillips of the UK’s University of Leeds and his 65 co-authors write that “old growth forests in Amazonia … through photosynthesis and respiration … process 18 petagrams [18 x 1015 grams] of carbon annually,” which they say is “more than twice the rate of anthropogenic fossil fuel emissions.” They also state that over the past quarter-century of intensive region-wide measurements, the productivity of the Amazon rainforest — even in its extreme old age — has been found to be “increasing with time.” […] “…increasing growth rates” … “the only change for which there is unambiguous evidence that the driver has widely changed and that such a change should accelerate forest growth is the increase in atmospheric CO2,” because of “the undisputed long-term increase in [its] concentration, the key role of CO2 in photosynthesis, and the demonstrated effects of CO2 fertilization on plant growth rates.”[…] So if the nations of the world are truly concerned about the health of “old growth forests in Amazonia” — as they truly should be — they had better not be in too great a hurry to drastically curtail anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

‘Even climate models employed in IPCC Report ‘show no consistent trend in annual, Amazon-wide rainfall over the 21st century’ – March 26, 2008
Excerpt: Stating that there are “risks of a drying climate” in response to CO2-induced global warming, the six researchers report that even the climate models employed in the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report “show no consistent trend in annual, Amazon-wide rainfall over the 21st century,” additionally noting that they suggest only a tendency “to less dry-season rain in the east,” and that they actually predict more rain “in the west and in the wet season.” On top of this good news, they report “there is mounting evidence from artificial drought experiments (Fisher et al., 2007), flux towers, and satellite remote sensing of forest greenness (Huete et al., 2006) that intact Amazonian forests are more resilient to climatic drying than is currently represented in vegetation-climate models.” […]
In addition, they say that “plant acclimation to higher temperatures may limit detrimental effects below 45°C,” and that “rising CO2 may improve plant water use efficiencies and offset the negative transpiration effects of rising temperatures.”

Study: ‘Productivity of tropical forests will likely rise even higher in response to predicted future increases in air’s temps and CO2 concentration’ – May 7, 2008


Flashback to the year 2000: Climate Depot’s Executive Editor Marc Morano was producer and correspondent for documentary “Amazon Rainforest: Clear-Cutting the Myths.” Below are reprints of articles and interviews from 2000 regarding the groundbreaking documentary.

2000: Celebrities Confront New Attack on Rain Forest from Morano’s Documentary

June 26, 2000 CONTACT: Marc Morano
Hollywood Celebrities Step up Attack on American Investigator’s Amazon Documentary

Reporter Marc Morano. correspondent for the nationally syndicated American Investigator newsmagazine show has been under fire from major Hollywood Celebrities in recent days. Last week US Weekly entertainment magazine did a feature article stating “Hollywood Celebrities are ‘infuriated’ by the new Amazon Rainforest Special. Now, EXTRA, the nationally syndicated entertainment TV show, featured a segment on American Investigator’s new TV special: Amazon Rainforest: Clear-cutting the Myths on it’s June 23rd program. The Special presents the scientific facts that the Amazon is one of the most intact and least endangered forests on the planet. (nearly 90% intact)

The EXTRA segment had the headine “Rumble in the Jungle” and featured Robin WIlliams, Dianna Ross, Elton John, Sting and other celebrities and asked if they were “Duping the Public?” with their rainforest benefit concerts. EXTRA’s correspondent Scott Rapoport reported “Morano is well known as a right wing crusader, he’s worked for Rush Limbaugh.”

Upon viewing the segment, Morano found it ironic how Hollywood wants to label him a “right winger”.” “Simply because I am questioning the status quo, questioning conventional wisdom, they label me a right winger,” states Morano. “Thirty years ago, anyone who questioned authority and the establishment was considered a left wing hippie,” he adds.

Sting’s Rainforest Foundation did not refute a single fact from American Investigator’s report. EXTRA correspondent Scott Rapoport reported, “Many say the statistics in Morano’s documentary don’t matter anyway.” Laurie Parise, the executive director of the Rainforest Foundation is quoted as saying “The Rainforest Foundation isn’t just about the trees, it’s about the people.” The segment concluded with the following: “All the stars good work can’t be stopped by Marc Morano’s report.” Parise then ends the segment with this quote: “I know in my heart that we’re doing the right thing.”

Morano later commented that, “the celebrity activists can’t refute the scientific facts so instead they hide themselves behind heartfelt feelings and noble intentions.” Morano adds, “The save the Amazon cause is one of the biggest environmental misrepresentations of the past two decades,” he said.

The special will debunk the myth that environmentalists and celebrities are the friends of indigenous people’s. “We interview the tribal leaders who have contempt for environmental activists and celebrities because they feel exploited by them,” said Morano. The Amazon special is set for it’s broadcast premiere June 30 nationwide.

American Investigator ( is a nationally syndicated television newsmagazine. The program will have it’s international broadcast premiere on June 30.

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Stars Confront New Attack on Rain Forest
US Weekly Magazine
June 26, 2000 Issue (Cover “Love Story”)
By Ben Pappas
page 32

When celebrities such as Sting, Harrison Ford, and Billy Joel stump to keep the world greener, they give environmental causes validity and glamour. But their high profile work does not sit well with some right-wingers who have declared war on their cause.

“This is a sacred cow no one’s ever touched,” former Rush Limbaugh Show reporter Marc Morano tells US weekly, referring to the Brazilian rainforest relief effort. In his TV documentary, Amazon Rainforest: Clear-cutting the Myths, Morano questions the usefulness of saving Brazil’s rain forest, which he argues isn’t in danger. “Almost 90 percent of the Amazon Rainforest is intact,” he says.

News of the show, which is set to air on June 30 on the syndicated program American Investigator, has infuriated members of the star-packed Rainforest Foundation, who says Morano isn’t up on his issues. “We never said that the Amazon was less than 90 percent intact,” counters the group’s U.S.-based executive director, Laurie Parise. Parise added that 90 percent of the Central American rain forest was intact in 1940, but it has now shrunk to one-third of that. “Should we wait 50 years to turn to South America so that we can then show more devastating statistics?”

Attacking environmentalism is old hat for Morano, whose 1999 TV documentary Whale of a Tale mocked efforts to save free Willy’s Keiko the killer whale. But this time, Morano’s subjects can fight back.

“Out work will not end until the peoples of the forest tell us they no longer need outside help,” Rainforest Foundation cofounder Trudie Styler, Sting’s wife tells US weekly. On April 13 at New York’s Carnegie Hall, Sting, Elton John and Ricky Martin headlined a sold-out benefit that netted $2 million – half of what the foundation expects to raise this year. Approximately 70 percent of that money will help people living near rain forests in Central America, Africa and Asia.

But outside the concert, Morano ambushed stars as they exited. “Environmentalists and celebrities have over-hyped the situation,” he says, adding that they are “neo-colonists” who denigrate the quality of life for native people in the name of saving the rain forest.”

Parise responds, “We only sponsor projects that the indigenous people say they need.” Styler says she established the foundation in 1989, after being approached by Brazilian chief Raoni of the Menkragnoti Kayapo, who said his way of life was endangered by timber and mining concerns. “We saw with our own eyes the dangers facing them as their home was destroyed for the profit of others,” says Styler. “The Rainforest Foundation was created to honor a commitment Sting and I made to the indigenous people in the Amazon region. We will continue to fight the fight, for them and with them.”

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Click here for comments from American Investigator.

American Investigator ( is a nationally syndicated television newsmagazine. The program will have it’s international broadcast premiere on June 30.

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Friday, June 16, 2000 CONTACT: Marc Morano

See the Television Program that the New York Post feature article is based upon. Find out why Rush Limbaugh has been talking about this American Investigator Exclusive.

Reporter Marc Morano is Attacked By Hollywood Celebrities

The article from the new edition of US Weekly Magazine (June 26) praises Hollywood celebrities for their involvement in the rainforest cause stating celebrities “give environmental causes validity and glamour.” The Magazine was less charitable with their description of American Investigator reporter Marc Morano, stating that “right-wingers have declared war on their cause,” “infuriated members of star packed Rainforest Foundation,” “Morano isn’t up on the issues,” “Attacking environmentalism is old hat for Morano,” “mocked efforts to Save Free Willy,” and “Morano ambushed stars as they exited.” Not the most flattering adjectives.

US Weekly Magazine hardly mentioned all the science or the facts featured in American Investigator’s Amazon TV program. The one fact they did mention was that the Amazon is nearly 90% intact, prompting the Executive Director of the Rainforest Foundation Laurie Parise to say “We never said that the Amazon was less than 90% intact.”

Morano commented after reading the article that “At least Hollywood is admitting to some of the facts.” “The save the Amazon cause is one of the biggest environmental misrepresentations of the past two decades,” he said.

“It’s fascinating to see Hollywood celebrities quaking in their boots over a factual investigation into the Save the Amazon cause,” said Morano. The special will debunk the myth that environmentalists and celebrities are the friends of indigenous people’s. “We interview the tribal leaders who can’t stand the environmental activists and celebrities because they feel exploited by them,” said Morano. He added that this Special, set for it’s broadcast premiere June 30 nationwide is “going to rattle the environmental community and is destined for a huge international impact.” Already the program has been featured in a New York Post two page spread, a 45 minute discussion on the Rush Limbaugh show, and even NPR radio is interested. The program is set to air internationally in England and Brazil.

Keep checking our website for updates on this unfolding story.

American Investigator ( is a nationally syndicated television newsmagazine. The program will have it’s international broadcast premiere on June 30.

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Excerpt from June 2000 – New York Post article: TV reporter Marc Morano, who’s spent more than a year investigating the rainforest movement’s claims for an American Investigator TV program that will be broadcast nationally next month, says he was amazed when he discovered the truth. He says the statistics he found–backed up by satellite imagery of the forests–speak for themselves….
here for full article.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2000 CONTACT: Marc Morano


WASHINGTON, DC American Investigator’s television newsmagazine “Amazon Rainforest: Clear-cutting the Myths,” hosted by former CBS and CNN newsman Reid Collins, airs June 30th *****.The documentary uses scientific evidence and satellite imagery of Amazon in a point by point refutation of the myths by the Hollywood environmental activist community.

“Clear-cutting the Myths” and the investigative reporter for the documentary, Marc Morano, were attacked by such Hollywood illuminaries as the wife of rock star Sting in the June 26th issue of US WEEKLY entertainment magazine. The nationally syndicated entertainment show EXTRA featured the controversy on its June 23rd program. Still, Sting’s Rainforest Foundation has been forced to concede that the forest is nearly 90% intact.

The recent annual Rainforest Concert at Carnegie Hall, sponsored by Sting’s Rainforest Foundation, featured performances by the likes of Elton John, Billy Joel, Sting, Gladys Knight, James Taylor and Tom Jones. “Just save the bloody thing,” Billy Joel implored. Other celebrities interviewed by American Investigator offered their insight: “If it doesn’t get fixed,” said Tony Bennett, “the earth is not going to work.” Donald Trump said the Amazon is “pretty bad from what I understand.” Tennis great John McEnroe said he was participating because he wanted “trees to be around in ten years.”

Actor Chevy Chase, who was a featured speaker at Earth Day 2000 offers that “socialism works” to help people out of poverty. He adds, “I think Cuba might prove that.”

Celebrity activist Tom Arnold, also in attendance at Earth Day 2000, sees it as the West’s duty to control the developing world and makes no bones about the fact that we are controlling the poorer nations.

“It is arrogant. But we are going to have to be, because we learned from our stupid mistakes and we are going to have to help them. It’s what’s going to have to happen,” he opines. Arnold believes that the wealthy nations should subsidize the poorer nations because it’s “the only way it’s going to work is if we help them and that’s going to cost us a lot of money and we’re going to have to do it.”

Jayni Chase, Chevy’s wife and head of Friends of the Earth believes that Brazillian’s present day suffering is justified because “environmentalists are trying to think long term, not just feed your child tomorrow. We’re trying to think long term.”

“Clear cutting the Myths” hosts interviews with several prominent eco-scientists who provide evidence contrary to what environmental activists in Hollywood and elsewhere present as “fact”. It also raises questions about just how compassionate and informed celebrities are about the plight of the poor people of the Amazon.

Tribal Chief Samuel of Brazil’s Terra Preta region on Sting’s involvement in indigenous affairs:

Chief Samuel: “I think he does not good, not bad. He’s just out promoting himself.”

Caboclos indigenous villagers along Rio Negro in Brazil on environmentalists claiming to represent their interests.

Villager Fabio Ferreira: “That is a lie, they do not represent us and they are representing their own interests…. Not only people from some organizations, but also individuals look for us and ask: why do you burn the rainforest and why do you use it? They tell me to keep it untouchable. And some even exaggerate to the point of saying we have no right to make a path in the jungle because it will destroy the ecosystem on that path.”

Caboclo Janio Oliverra Miranda: “We have no other alternative here of living, we have to live off the jungle. What are we going to do? Are we going to rob people or become thieves? We have no other alternative?”

Caboclo Deuzita Oliveria: “That is our only source where we can get something to make money with. If people stop us, we’ll, we’ll die eventually.”

For more on American Investigator’s “Amazon Rainforests: Clear-cutting the Myths” call Marc Morano at (202) 543-4787 or go to
American Investigator ( is a nationally syndicated television newsmagazine. The program will have it’s international broadcast premiere on June 30.

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Monday, June 6, 2000 CONTACT: Marc Morano

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See the Television Program that the New York Post feature article is based upon. Find out why Rush Limbaugh has been talking about this American Investigator Exclusive.

American Investigator Television’s “Amazon Rainforest” Exposes Environmental Movement’s Campaign of Misinformation

WASHINGTON, DC — Hosted by former CBS and CNN newsman Reid Collins, the new television documentary: Amazon Rainforest: Clear-Cutting the Myths, is set to rattle the international environmental movement. American Investigator traveled to Brazil to debunk the myths surrounding the Amazon Rain Forest. Despite the alarmist rhetoric that the Amazon is about to disappear, reporter Marc Morano reveals that the Amazon is nearly 90% intact and is one of the least endangered forests on the planet. American Investigator examines and debunks the international environmental campaigns of misinformation regarding the Amazon. Also revealed, the truth about how many “football fields” a minute are actually disappearing. Discover why even some environmentalists are condemning the efforts to “save” the Amazon.

The program featuring interviews with international environmental groups including Greenpeace and Rainforest Relief. Celebrity interviews include Chevy Chase, Tom Arnold, Tony Bennett, Donald Trump, Billy Joel and Sting. Also interviewed, ecologist Patrick Moore, who was founding member of Greenpeace, U.S. Economist Walter Williams, Brazilian government officials and British Authors Philip Stott and Robert Whelan.

The documentary features point by point refutation of myth after myth using scientific evidence and satellite imagery of Amazon. The truth is revealed about the “50,000” species a year which are said to go extinct yearly, whether the Amazon is the “lungs of the earth,” and whether the Amazon is really about to burn up.

The program exposes the myths, and outright lies of the environmental movement and reveals the political and economic agenda behind the movement. The truth is revealed about how “earth friendly” indigenous people are and why the indigenous peoples of the Amazon have contempt for environmentalists. Find out how the environmental movement’s opposition to economic development may be condemning residents in Brazil to a life of poverty.

An explosive, hard-hitting program, destined for huge international impact. Filmmaker Marc Morano is available to discuss his forthcoming TV special, “Amazon Rainforest – Clear-Cutting the Myths.” For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Marc Morano

American Investigator ( is a nationally syndicated television newsmagazine. The program will have it’s international broadcast premiere on June 30.

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Monday, April 24, 2000 CONTACT: Marc Morano

Earth Day: Chevy Chase Says Socialism Works, Cuba is a prime example!
Chase Says he is an “Intellectual”

Tom Arnold calls ABC’s Sam Donaldson a “factory worker” who lacks “Passion”
Actress Donna Mill Urges Americans to “use less”
All Exclusive Interviews – Caught on Tape
Video/Audio Copies Available

WASHINGTON, DC — In an exclusive interview at the Earth Day 2000 on the Mall on April 22, actor Chevy Chase, a featured speaker at the rally, sang the praises of socialism. Reporter Marc Morano of the nationally syndicated television newsmagazine, “American Investigator”, conducted a one-on-one interview with the very contentious Chase. At one point, Chase grabbed at the microphone and attempted to interview Morano. The following is a partial excerpt from the television interview. (A full transcript of a very annoyed Chevy Chase is available at

Morano: “Is capitalism and development a good way to help the developing world’s poor?”
Chase: “No, not necessarily. No, not necessarily.”
Morano: “Why not?”
Chase: “Because sometimes socialism works.”
Morano: “Socialism works to help people out of poverty?”
Chase: “Yeah.”

Chase added, “I think it’s conclusive that there have been areas where socialism has helped to keep people at least stabilized at a certain level.” Chase acknowledged that there is less freedom under socialism and cautioned, “when you just say capitalism versus socialism, it’s too simple.” Chase then offered an example of which country he thought was doing things right. “I think free markets are important, but you know you can do both and I think Cuba might prove that,” he said. Chase does not believe capitalism should be the norm throughout the world. “I would say, if you say is capitalism the way, I would say the is answer is no, not necessarily.”

A highly agitated Chase took offense at the question of whether or not Hollywood was guilty of any hypocrisy by preaching to Americans about conservation. Morano asked, “Skeptics would say that Hollywood has all this wealth and money – ” Chase interrupted, “I am not from Hollywood! I’m from Upstate New York first of all and second of all, I don’t know who you are!”

Later, Chase responded, ” I would also like to address your skepticism about Hollywood people. A lot of them are airheads. There are also well educated, college-educated people with degrees, not only BA’s, but MA’s. Intellectuals who read and care about these things. You’re talking to one and I don’t particularly like being, you know, set upon by a skeptic who thinks he’s talking to some guy from Hollywood who just plays tennis all day and spills water all over the place. That isn’t the way we live and that isn’t the way people who care about the environment live. So take it easy on them!”

Later in the day, a still incensed Chase confronted Morano again and said, “and intentions count as much as anything else. Some people may not know every increment of every decision and every controversy, but the intention to make the earth better is something that simple. It’s good.”

Actor Tom Arnold chastised ABC’s Sam Donaldson for disapproving of DiCaprio’s interview with President Clinton. “It’s people like Sam Donaldson, who I heard was upset, these guys, they’re like, you know, factory workers. They come, they do their jobs, you know, there’s no passion there. Leo cares about this. He has an opinion on it. He’s not, you know, just an observer, he’s not, you know – so I think it’s great that he did it and that he cares enough to be involved.”

Actress Donna Mills of the Knots Landing TV show fame, expounded that Americans need to cut down on their high living. Mills said, “We do have to cut down on consumerism. We’re the worst offenders in the world, this country is. We have to realize it’s not things that make us happy, it’s people and our environment.” She added, “I can’t speak for other celebrities, but I try to cut down and use less if I possibly can.”

Despite a two-story high inflatable SUV with the license plate DRTY GZLR (Dirty Guzzler) and an attached banner stating, “STOP GLOBAL WARMING – CLEAN THE AIR”, many of the program’s participants did not heed these calls to “use less.” Earth Day Chair Leonardo DiCaprio arrived in a stretch limousine with his entourage, while Vice President Al Gore, who once again called for an end to the internal combustion engine, boarded his oversized dark green Chevy Suburban, upon exiting with a fleet of SUVs.

Actor Dennis Weaver criticized the media for giving too much airtime to skeptics of Global Warming. Weaver commented, “It seems like a few that deny global warming get more attention than they should be getting in my opinion and that’s a problem I think.” Donna Mills agrees and believes that no scientists doubt the realities of global warming, “I don’t think there is any more skepticism from scientists about global warming. There may be from sectors of the community, but not from scientists. Scientists are in agreement that global warming is a serious problem.” Mills suggested that “we need to eventually cut out all use of fossil fuel.”

Tom Arnold added that he believes global warming is a very serious issue, but suspects that not all members of the media think the issue is serious. “I am sure there are people in the media that believe differently, but it just so happens that they don’t want to be mocked, cause it’s stupid and it’s preposterous and the facts are all there and eventually you have to look at them,” said Arnold.

Mike Love of the Beach Boys gave his philosophy on what’s wrong with the earth, “Too many natural laws are being violated, that’s why the ozone depleted and that’s why the earth is warming up.” Country Singer Clint Black urged, “America needs to contact their government leaders and let them know that they’re ready for change. That they’re tired of seeing brown air and tired of us doing things that harm us, harm our selves and our planet.”

In addition to “Ralph Nader 2000 – People Over Profits” signs and volunteers, a man named Garry Davis, from the one World Government House was on hand to announce he is running for World President. Davis criticized today’s geo-political systems, saying, “The nation state system was a carryover from another age. We’re all citizens of the world.” He also called for “dramatically and radically” changing economic structures in order to achieve one world government. Brian Czech, an ecologist was promoting his idea of the “Steady State” economy. He said his goal was to “replace the national goal of economic growth” because “All economic growth is ultimately dependent on the liquidation of natural capital, wood, water, soil, and fisheries.” He called upon the “liquidation class” to stop their excess spending. A bumper sticker for sale on the mall read “Republicans Screw the Country, Democrats Just Screw.”

American Investigator, a nationally syndicated television newsmagazine, covered Earth Day 2000 for it’s upcoming Amazon Rainforest Special: Clear Cutting The Myths — a special which will debunk the myths put for by the environmentalists regarding the Amazon. For more information click here.

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Q: Is the destruction of the Amazon’s rain forest an eco-myth?

Yes: The Amazon is one of the most intact and least-endangered forests on the planet.

By Marc Morano

The TV newsmagazine American Investigator looked into the claims about the Amazon made by environmental groups and celebrity activists and found that most of the hype is dead wrong. Yet Patrick Moore, a founding and former member of Greenpeace, says that “only 10 percent of the Amazon has been converted to date from what was original forest to agriculture and settlement.”
According to Landsat satellite imaging and analysis carried out at the National Institute for Research in Amazonia, the rain forest is much greener than expected. As detailed in the recent TV special, Amazon Rainforest: Clear-Cutting the Myths, Landsat data indicate that 87.5 percent of the forest is still intact. Of the 12.5 percent that is deforested, one-third to one-half is in the process of regeneration, meaning that up to 94 percent of the Amazon rain forest is left to nature.
Philip Stott of the University of London and author of the new book, Tropical Rainforests: Political and Hegemonic Myth-Making, maintains that the environmental campaigns have lost perspective.
“One of the simple, but very important, facts is that the rain forests have only been around for between 12,000 and 16,000 years,” he says. “That sounds like a very long time, but in terms of the history of the Earth, it’s hardly a pinprick. The simple point is that there are now still, despite what humans have done, more rain forests today than there were 12,000 years ago.”
Moore adds that “the rain forests of the Amazon, the Congo, Malaysia, Indonesia and a few other parts of the world are the least-endangered forests” because “they are the least suitable for human habitation.”

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Rush Limbaugh Show Transcript – June 21, 2000 (2nd Hour)

MR. LIMBAUGH: I about flipped my wig. And I don’t even wear one. I’m getting close. No, I never would. But, I mean, I literally, a figure of speech, when I read this, this is just amazing.

Remember, ladies and gentlemen, it wasn’t too long ago when I shared with you on this very program, from behind this very golden EIB microphone, the story of Sting, his wife, Trudie Styler, and all of these duped entertainment industry hotshots, who believe the rainforest is being destroyed to the tune of two football fields a minute. They read through the work of two environmental scientists, one of them a former — I think he was a former Greenpeace person.

Yeah, he was a former Greenpeace person who told us the truth, that the rainforest is not being destroyed. The rainforest is intact. The rainforest is — none of what Sting is saying, none of what Elton John is saying, none of what Trudie Styler think or believe is happening in the rainforest.

Well, this is from the Washington Times today: Brainless in Hollywood. A while back, we told you about the two scientists who discovered that the Amazon rainforest is mostly intact and not nearly as threatened as they thought. American Investigator Reporter Marc Morano’s report is set to air on June 30th. Marc Morano, you know who he is? Does the name ring a bell? “Our man in Washington.”

When we had our TV show, Marc Morano was “Our man in Washington.” He was always down there with his camera, infiltrating liberal havens.

Oh, he found McCurry. Well, I wouldn’t — look, McCurry had consumed, say, a bit more of that beverage than he should have, but that’s as far as I will go.

But “Our man in Washington,” Marc Morano, is preparing a report on this rainforest business, based on what these two scientists said. And this is bad news for the environmentalist whackos. They’re just a little ticked off at Marc Morano and his report, which is entitled “Amazon Rainforest: Clear-cutting the Myths.” The Rainforest Foundation, populated by some big-name entertainers, is especially flustered.

The wife of rock singer Sting, Trudie Sting — actually, her name is Trudie Styler, but we’ll call her Trudie Sting — was reportedly outraged to learn that the rainforest is more than 90 percent intact. She went on to say that she and her husband would continue to honor their commitment to the indigenous peoples of the rainforest.

Marc Morano confronted many celebrities, just as he used to do as “Our man in Washington” — that’s what he did — he went and confronted these liberals. He came away with the impression that most of them didn’t want to know that they’re participating in what he terms the biggest environmental con of the past two decades. Their knowledge base is very low on all these issues.

Well, of course it is. Their knowledge base is irrelevant.

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Shaky science behind save-rainforest effort – New TV documentary finds skeptics among researchers
By Marc Morano & Kent Washburn
June 26, 2000

Excerpt: Patrick Moore became an instant celebrity in 1977 when a photograph showing him cradling a baby seal in defiance of arrest by Canadian authorities was broadcast around the world.

As the front man for the environmental activist group Greenpeace, he helped turn public opinion around on the high-profile issues of whaling, seal hunting, nuclear power and chemical pollution.

Today the environmental scientist and leader of a group called Greenspirit has a new cause — alerting the public to what he calls the “myth” that the Amazon rainforest is endangered by development and deforestation.

“The Amazon is actually the least endangered forest in the world,” states Moore in American Investigator’s television newsmagazine documentary, “Clear-cutting the myths,” hosted by former CBS and CNN newsman Reid Collins. Moore explains that, in the 20 years of warnings about deforestation, “only 10 percent of the Amazon has been converted to date from what was original forest to agriculture and settlement.”

The finding that the Amazon rainforest threat is a myth based on bad science and political agendas — especially by unlikely critics such as Moore, other scientists and inhabitants of the region — is not expected to sit well with a movement that has enlisted schoolchildren throughout the United States and celebrities ranging from Sting to Alec Baldwin to Chevy Chase to Tom Jones and Tony Bennett. And which has also raised tens of millions of dollars for environmental activist groups.

“This is where I really have a problem with modern-day environmentalism,” says Moore. “It confuses opinion with what we know to be true, and disguises what are really political agendas with environmental rhetoric. The fact of the matter is: There is a larger percentage of the Amazon rain forest intact than there are most other forests in this world.”

Moore left Greenpeace, the organization he helped found, in 1986, after finding himself at odds with other leaders of the group.

Keep reading here: