Climate Depot on Gingrich’s Global Warming Views: Newt never left Pelosi’s love seat! Co-sponsored 1989 climate bill with Pelosi! — Teams up with Warmist Evangelical Prof. for new book

Climate Depot Editorial

Gingrich is not now and never has been an “agnostic” about man-made global warming claims. It is crystal clear from his long public life that Gingrich is and always has been a committed greenie and believer in the Al Gore/Sen. John Kerry/IPCC vision of man-made climate change. This has been obvious since 1989, when Gingrich teamed up with Nancy Pelosi to co-sponsor a climate bill. It has been obvious since his rejection of endangered species act reforms in the 1990s. It has been obvious since he preemptively conceded a climate debate to Sen. Kerry in 2007; it has been obvious since his atrocious claims in his 2008 book; since his slamming of fellow Republican colleagues in 2008 for opposing environmental extremism; since he sat on a love seat with Pelosi in 2008; to his 2011 faith in the now horribly corrupted and political National Academy of Sciences; and finally to his selection of a professor who is a committed believer in man-made climate fears for a chapter in his new book.

Climate Depot urges Newt to come clean and admit he has been misleading GOP presidential primary voters in 2011 about his views of man-made global warming. Mr. Gingrich, it is time for you to publicly admit that you still bitterly cling to a deeply held belief in man-made global warming fears.

Background on Gingrich & Global Warming:

Warmist Gingrich & warmist Katharine Hayhoe team up to write climate book coming post-election — Newt is long-time warmist and show no signs of recanting

Report: Gingrich Cosponsored 1989 Climate Change Bill With Pelosi! — ‘Sponsorship of Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989’ — Gingrich a committed warmist in the 1980s!? — ‘Alongside Pelosi, several other pro-choice advocates sponsored the bill [which included population control measures], including Conyers, Boxer, Barney Frank, and Schumer…it never made it out of committee, but professed climate change was ‘a major threat to political stability, international security and economic prosperity…affirming that ‘curbing world population growth will be critical to achieving the goals’

This is how Newt uses his intelligence? Gingrich’s go to climate advisor is major warmist who brags about ‘collaborating’ with Union of Concerned Scientists! Say it ain’t so Newt! — Real all about warmist Hayhoe’s woeful climate science claims and research skills here and here.

Oh No! Gingrich is a mess! Warmist climate advisor Hayhoe touts ‘resources ‘ like Skeptical Science’ & , — She also touts UN IPCC & a book by Ed Begley Jr.!

Climate Depot note: ‘Gingrich has revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is, & always has been – -a committed believer in man-made climate fears! The fact that Hayhoe was chosen to write a chapter in his new book is all we need to know. Will Hayhoe be his potential pick for climate advisor?! Gingrich has never left Pelosi’s couch! If the GOP can only come up with Newt or Mitt — is an Obama 2nd term all that scary when it comes to climate? Just asking…’

Gingrich climate expert Hayhoe: ‘What would Jesus do on a warming planet?’ – ‘That’s a defense to skepticism offered by Texas Tech professor Katharine Hayhoe, the author of the climate chapter in Newt Gingrich’s upcoming book on the environment’ — Hayhoe: Jesus ‘told us to love our neighbor as ourselves; and today,it’s our global neighbors—the poor and needy, the disadvantaged and hopeless—who are already being affected by climate change,” she writes. Natural disasters, rising seas and extreme temperatures are affecting (and taking) life across the globe, she says. “To ignore their cries and cast scorn on those who attempt to draw our attention to their plight is not a response of love; it is acting out of fear, and God is not the author of fear,’ she writes.

Gingrich up 12 points; also, warmist Hayhoe thinks her climate hoax chapter will still be in Gingrich’s new book – Hayhoe: ‘Looks like my climate chapter will still make it into new enviro book by Newt Gingrich. We’ll see!’

Analysis of Gingirch’s climate advisor Hayhoe’s scientific claims: ‘Is It OK For Christians To Bear False Witness/’ — Katherine Hayhoe ‘seamlessly integrates her two religions –while violating the fundamental tenets of both. Science and Christianity both demand honesty…Katherine seems to have no difficulty bearing false witness about the climate, while claiming to be a Christian and a scientist’

Why Does Katherine Hayhoe Begin Time In The 1970s? – ‘It makes her feel good about basing her life’s work around a trend which doesn’t exist. It was cool in Texas in the 1970s,so by picking a cold time as her starting point, she can fool herself into believing there is a warming trend’

Gingrich’s Global Warming Book Featuring Warmist Scientist Katharine Hayhoe Delayed Until 2013: ‘A sequel to Newt Gingrich’s 2007 book Contract with the Earth is in the works…One of the essayists is climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, asked by Maple to provide “a good opening chapter that lays out the facts on global climate change.” Hayhoe is a Texas Tech climate scientist and conservative evangelical Christian, who has written A Climate for Change, calling on her fellow evangelicals to stand up to the climate crisis. According to the Los Angeles Times, Maple believes ‘Gingrich is still interested in doing the book’ — The Gingrich campaign did not answer emails seeking comment about the project’

Hayhoe celebrates being critiqued by skeptics: ‘As a climate scientist, u know u’ve arrived when you have blogs personally dedicated to smearing you & Morano writes about you. um, hurray?’

Gingrich sure can pick ’em! Climategate’s Michael Mann rises to defend Gingrich’s climate advisor Hayhoe from Climate Depot’s Morano! ‘Welcome to the club Katharine. Consider it a badge of honor ;)’

Warmist Peter Gleick defends Gingrich’s top climate advisor Hayhoe: ‘Yes! Congratulations. Being smeared by Morano et al. is like, um, I can’t even think of an apt analogy. Consider it an honor’

Hayhoe essentially claims: Climate Has Been Terminally Ill For Most Of Earth’s History – ‘A one- or two-degree increase in the world’s temperature may not seem like much. But think of your own body when your temperature goes up by one and a half degrees. It means you’re getting sick’ – Rebuttal: ‘There have only been a few relatively short periods in Earth’s modern geologic history with temperatures as cool as they are now. Most of the time, temperatures were 10C warmer’

Katherine Hayhoe claims that record rainfall events have increased in West Texas: Reality Check on Hayhoe: ‘In Crosbyton, Texas (the closest USHCN station to Lubbock) only one of the ten rainiest days occurred since 2000. By contrast, two of the top three occurred in 1913. In Snyder, Texas –four of the top ten occurred since 2000. Perhaps they moved their rain gauge to the bottom of the drain pipe’

Hayhoe Claims Your Energy Choice Will Cause A Permanent Drought In Texas

Newt Gingrich’s Dumbest Idea: ‘The dumbest—and also the greediest and most inhumane—of Gingrich’s recent actions is his having shilled for ethanol’

‘The Green Gingrich’ CEI’s Myron Ebell provides a quick historical look at Gingrich’s green history.’As Speaker, he refused in 1995 & 1996 to allow a floor vote on reform to ESA’ — ‘Failure to reform the ESA devastated rural Americans and particularly rural Westerners, who happen to vote [Republican] overwhelmingly’

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Newt Gingrich on why he sat on sofa with Pelosi in Gore ad: ‘My point is conservatives ought to be prepared to stand on the same stage and offer a conservative solution’ – ‘Unlike Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich makes no apologies about his past advocacy on climate change’

Climate Depot Response to Newt: ‘Please spare us the explanations for your gullibility and poor political calculations. What ‘solution’ does anyone need to ‘offer’ to the alleged problem Gore presents? Please stop trying to spin your low IQ moment with Pelosi and Gore — it is embarrassing’

Update May 11, 2011 — Climate Depot Impact: UK Guardian: Gingrich’s presidential bid clouded by his belief in climate change — Newt ‘put on defensive’ after Climate Depot ‘demanded he apologize for appearing in Gore ad’ — UK Guardian: ‘Now Climate Depot, the website run by a former aide to the arch-denier, Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, is trying to force Gingrich to issue a public apology. The web site sent out an email blast on Gingrich’s ideological transgressions on cap-and-trade on Wednesday and demanded: ‘Will Gingrich recant and apologize for appearing in the ad with Pelosi?’

Update May 13, 2011: Newt Responds to Climate Depot! A Love-Fest is Now Called A ‘Debate’?! Gingrich now claims sitting on cozy sofa with Pelosi in Gore climate ad was actually a ‘debate’

Newt redefines the English language!? Spokesman: ‘Gingrich’s attempt to work with Pelosi is another testament to Gingrich’s willingness to debate his conservative solutions with liberals’

Climate Depot Response: ‘Mr. Gingrich, your obfuscation is simply stunning. In 2008, you sat on a love seat with Pelosi and agreed that man-made global warming was a serious threat that required we ‘must take action to address.’ You gave legitimacy to Gore’s version of climate science. Now you claim you were actually ‘debating’ the issue with Pelosi and Gore. Just how stupid do you think the voters are?’

Watch Now: This is what Newt now claims was actually a ‘debate’?! Gingrich & Pelosi in Gore Ad: Newt declares: ‘We do agree, our country must take action to address climate change’

Fox News: Gingrich Feels the Heat for Appearing in Global Warming Ad With Pelosi — Newt has ‘a doozy in his closet’ — Climate ad will ‘come back to haunt him’

Morano: ‘Newt Gingrich is arrogant enough to believe that he doesn’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else’

Fox News: ‘Morano has devoted his blog Climate Depot to lambasting Gingrich’

Rolling Stone Mag.: ‘Deniers Hit Gingrich on Flip-Flop’: ‘Key players in the Climate Denial Machine, such as web spinner Marc Morano, are holding Gingrich’s feet to the fire’

More Media covering the story: Gingrich, a ‘committed warmist,’ faces rising climate criticism — Pelosi ad is ‘exploding through conservative circles’ — Could ‘derail his political comeback’

Morano: ‘In 2007 and 2008, Gingrich actually believed that not only was global warming going to be a, ‘winning issue’ … but he actually believed the GOP base was going to accept this. Those are two horrible miscalculations’

Larry Sabato: Gingrich’s views on climate ‘went well beyond Republican orthodoxy. Joining forces with Pelosi will not prove popular with the GOP base’

Newt’s Presidential Bid Getting Trashed, And It’s Due To His Self-Inflicted Green Idiocy: How He Can Recover: Gingrich is ‘Pelosi’s Republican couch toy-boy’ who ’embraced global warming hysteria’ — ‘If he does not robustly disavow and turn away from his incredibly stupid stances on global warming and ‘cap & trade’, he will never be a viable Republican candidate’

Newt Gingrich: Global Warming Guru — ‘He claims to be a conservative firebrand, but when it comes to global warming, he’s almost as liberal as Jon Huntsman’

Wash. Times Cites Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘Mr. Gingrich, please stop trying to spin your low IQ moment with Pelosi and Gore. It is embarrassing’

Bravo! Anti-green group derides Gingrich’s likely ‘Democratic’ presidential bid: Newt is ‘Al Gore hiding under a Phil Donahue wig’

Watch Video Now! Pelosi-Newt Climate Ad for Gore: ‘Why Newt Gingrich Will Not Be Elected President — Professor reacts to ad by ‘throwing out my quite full barf bag’ — Skeptical Prof. Unloads: ‘Newt -you’re dead to me. You won’t get my vote. Period. Go ask Nancy to vote for you. Good luck and good riddance!’

Will Gingrich recant and apologize for the Pelosi Climate ad?

Flashback 2007: Sen. John Kerry and Gingrich Hugging Trees — & (Almost) Each Other — Gingrich folds like pup tent in alleged ‘debate’ on AGW — ‘Positions himself as a tree-hugging green’

Wash. Post: ‘Before Sen. John Kerry got a word in, Gingrich conceded that global warming is real, that humans have contributed to it and that ‘we should address it very actively.’ Gingrich held up Kerry’s new book, and called it ‘a very interesting read.’ — Kerry gushed: ‘I frankly appreciate the candor.’

Newt’s Candidacy, D.O.A.? Pelosi’s Buddy – The Big Green, Big Ethanol, Big Spending, Big Govt Republican — ‘Newt Gingrich is literally unfit for office, specially the Oval Office. He is the wrong man, at the wrong time’

‘Poor Newt. The preemptive spanks came early and hard’ — Climate Depot’s Morano ’emailed a blistering missive [on Gingrich] to everyone in his rolodex’

Flashback 2007: Newt supported cap-and-trade: ‘I think if you have mandatory carbon caps combined with a trading system… that’s very, very good. And frankly, it’s something I would strongly support’

‘Newt Gingrich’s environmentalism problem’