Watch: Catholic TV Host Stands Up to Warmist Petition for Trying to ‘stifle’ Debate: ‘For a mob by petition to attempt to stifle debate…is a type of bullying that will never be tolerated’

EWTN Host Raymond Arroyo of ‘World Over’ – Watch: Begins at 10 min.

Arroyo: “This week a political group has started a petition to try to silence this show by daring to feature what it calls ‘a notorious climate change denial activist’. Now, for anyone who cares to watch, we hosted a fair debate, boys and girls. We invited a climate change activist and a skeptic to make their respective cases. Which they did. And we trusted the audience would come to their own conclusions.

Is this online pressure group and its supporters really saying that the science of climate change, the record, is somehow above debate? And that even to discuss these matters should be verboten? Sorry but that doesn’t wash here. Part of my job here as a journalist is to ask questions. I question government officials, church officials, anyone in the public arena. That’s our obligation. Free speech and open discussion are the very hallmarks of a democratic society. For a mob by petition or otherwise to attempt to stifle debate or forbid certain topics from conversation is a type of bullying that will never be tolerated on this program…
All views will be entertained and challenged right here.”
End Arroyo excerpt.
Watch the debate that started the controversy!

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From: Eric Pooley <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 9:54 AM
Subject: Re: EWTN Disrespects Pope Francis in Front of Catholic Viewers
To: Michael Milillo 

Recipients of this email should also be aware that EWTN misrepresented this discussion to Carol Andress of EDF. Ms Andress was not invited to participate in a “Climate Change Debate” and was not informed that Marc Morano would be a guest. If she had been told these things, she would have declined the invitation. This was ambush journalism of the cheapest kind.
Eric Pooley
Senior Vice President
Environmental Defense Fund


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    1. Apparently, she isn’t a scientist. However, IPCC and the AGW-CC orthodoxy (theology?) isn’t science either, it is political theater and as such Raymond invited just the correct parties to the debate. Neither are trained scientists but are political debaters, and one side didn’t seem to be prepared for discussion.

  1. One thing is certain. A carbon tax does not work. Australia is the proof. Australia had a carbon tax. The tax was abandoned. All the carbon tax did was it imposed an unnecessary financial burden on businesses, it did not reduce any business activity and therefore CO2 emissions whatsoever, and no power station effectively moved into green renewable technology.

    1. No it imposes a burden on the consumer. Who shoulders the burden of a tax is determined by the elestacity of demand for the item. Energy has an almost perfectly inelastic demand. It is used as the real world example of inelastic demand the world over in econ classes.

      Because of its highly inelastic demand a CO2 tax will be payed by the consumer. This is why almost all major energy companies have their own “renewable” or wholly owned “renewable” subsidiaries. They intend to get the tax that the consumer pays get kicked back to their renewable divisions for “research”, money that will be used partial for dead end research(no amount of funding will overcome the laws of physics) and the rest will be used as a general slush fund part of which will be kicked back to the politicians as payment for the scam.

  2. A former warmist here. I became more skeptical (sceptical for the brits amongst us) as I debated the evidence myself. As a staunch advocate of the “scientific method” I warn anyone who’s on the fence on this topic – beware the scientist who discourages debate. Robust skepticism is the law in real science. Debate is judge, jury and executioner – not Al Gore.

  3. Carol was a loser. She admitted she could not speak about the 18 yr pause and then made the audacious claim that anthropomorphic GW was “basic physics” and “common sense” (which is it?) and then she made an illogical illustration with toxic chemicals in a pond (ponds are closed systems, the earth is not) and the living giving CO2 in the atmosphere. Come on. This is similar to claiming that giving a thirsty man water or poison is the same thing. So, why is the EDF paying her? Then came the ingenuous comment in the EDF email that she was “blindsided” because she did not know this was a “debate.” “Debate” or not, she did not know what she was talking about and she called the producers liars. Right. As for the pope, he is a Marxist/liberation theology fool and is not the vicar of anyone. May God have mercy on him.

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