Flashback: Skeptics ‘slaughtered’? Global Warming Professor Stephen Schneider boasts he could ‘slaughter skeptical scientists in public debate!’

Professor Stephen Schneider of Stanford University, a prominent proponent of man-made global warming fears has publicly challenged scientists skeptical of warming fears to debate. (Schneider’s public website with bio and contact info is here. ) Schneider was interviewed by Thomas Fuller of the San Francisco Examiner on May 24, 2009. [Update: Former Colorado State Climatologist […]

Report: Democrats Refuse to Allow Skeptic to Testify Alongside Gore At Congressional Hearing

Climate Depot Exclusive Washington DC: UK’s Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, claimed House Democrats have refused to allow him to appear alongside former Vice President Al Gore at high profile global warming hearing on Friday at 10am. Monckton told ClimateDepot.com that the Democrats rescinded his scheduled joint appearance […]