Carly Fiorina rejects California drought is the result of climate change


Carly Fiorina rejects the premise of Chuck Todd’s question that the California drought is the result of climate change, and explains why he shouldn’t begin a question about California’s water policy with the assumption that everything done by the government to regulate water and water policy over the past 40 years has been perfect, safely blaming all problems on vague, semi-measurable “climate changes.”


Liberal politicians have made the effects of California’s drought worse by refusing to build more reservoirs to help during the lean years, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said Sunday.


Asked by “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd if she agreed that climate change has exacerbated the drought, Fiorina shot back that liberal politicians for 40 years refused to allow new reservoirs and water conveyance systems as the state’s population doubled.


“So 70 percent of the rainfall has washed out to sea,” she said. “That’s pretty dumb if you know you have droughts every single year, or every three years, lets say.”


One of the liberal politicians Fiorina was referencing, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, called Fiorina’s position, “utter ignorance.”


“Building a dam won’t do a damn thing about fires or climate change or the absence of moisture in the ground and vegetation in California,” he told Todd. “I think these people if they want to run for president better do kind of eighth grade science before they make any more utterances.”