Blameshifting: Obama tells DiCaprio climate change ‘contributed’ to the Syrian civil war

WASHINGTON DC — Discussing the threat of climate change with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, President Obama on October 3, said “powerful” studies suggest “the droughts that happened in Syria contributed to the unrest and the Syrian civil war.”

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “There’s already some really interesting work — not definitive but powerful — showing that the droughts that happened in Syria contributed to the unrest and the Syrian civil war. Well, if you start magnifying that across a lot of states, a lot of nation states that already contain a lot of poor people who are just right at the margins of survival, this becomes a national security issue. And, that’s why even as we have members of Congress who scoff at climate change at the same time as they are saluting and wearing flag pins and extolling their patriotism they’re not paying attention to our Joints Chief of Staff and the Pentagon who are saying this is one of the most significant national security threats that we face over the next fifty years.”

SXSL: President Obama Participates in a Discussion with Leonardo DiCaprio and Dr. Katharine Hayhoe (Also see: DiCaprio: Climate deniers ‘should not be allowed to hold public office’)
The White House
October 3, 2016


Climate Depot Debunks President Obama’s claim:

Scientific studies, data and history refute Pentagon’s climate/national security claims – Climate Depot’s Rebuttal

Der Spiegel: Even Warmist Scientists Dismiss Climate Change As Cause Of Syrian Conflict, Refugee Crisis

Flashback 2014: ‘Why Climate Change Had No Impact on the Syrian Uprising

OBama Shifts Blame From Assad To Global Warming As The Cause Of The Syrian Civil War: ‘National security experts have pushed back against these claims. Former U.S. Army Gen. Robert Scales told Congress in March the “administration’s new-found passion to connect climate change to war is an example of faulty theories that rely for relevance on politically-correct imaginings rather than established historical precedent.” “The point is that in today’s wars, politically-correct theories inserted into a battle plan might well extend war needlessly and get soldiers killed,” Scales said.

Obama’s claims are wrong on three levels: 1) There is no evidence that Climate Change causes drought, nor is there evidence that the number/scope of droughts are increasing.
2) At the time the Syrian civil war started in 2014 the Earth’s temperatures hadn’t warmed for 16 years
3) The Syrian civil war grew out of the Arab spring, not a drought.

Flashback 1974: CIA Warned GLOBAL COOLING Would Cause Terrorism

‘All Large European Wars Occurred With CO2 Below 350 ppm’ Via Real Science website- Most Of The World’s Wars Occurred Below 350 PPM CO2

Flashback: Debunked: the ‘climate change causes wars’ myth –Peer-reviewed paper ‘thoroughly eviscerates’ climate war claims — ‘The primary causes of civil war are political, not environmental’

Flashback: ‘A total takedown’ of myth by the Center for Strategic and International Studies — ‘Since the dawn of civilization, warmer eras have meant fewer wars

Study: Cold spells were dark times in Eastern Europe: ‘Cooler periods coincided with conflicts and disease outbreaks’ –Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’


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    1. Having been on this panel earlier in the day, we all agreed that Haiti is being destroyed by a Hurricane because of climate change. Obama mentioned that 1.33 million Haitians will be airlifted this month into Red States to augment the voting patterns of the Red States. He acknowledged that Haitians breed like rabbits. He plans to release the following statement……”in light of the tragedy in Haiti, we will airlift 1.33 million of the best scientists, engineeers & artisans that Haiti has to offer into America in order to amplify the wonderful and diverse mosaic that is America. God bless you and goodnight.

        1. and you’re an idiot too. global warming is a poorly understood science, natural source (volcanos) are much larger emitters than mankind. But when it comes to man India, china…..well down the list = US, and obammy and his sycophants would raise each families energy bills by $100/month? absolutely totally stupid.

          1. They’re only part white because of the white privilege of the slave owners. It was their right to use their slaves any way they saw fit. If they got pregnant, oh well, fetch me another one.

            1. Yeah, nearly every race/ethnicity has enslaved a different race. Black Privilege of successful African tribal leaders supplied whites with captured slaves.

            2. Tell that to the slave traders still in Africa. They sold their own kind out, kind of like how your typical SJW is doing to it’s own kind. The general attitude, who gives a damn if it doesn’t involve me.

            3. Did the southern black slave owners marry the slaves they got pregnant or is that just a black genetic trait, impregnating females and not taking responsibility. Today in the black community over 70% of all black births are out of wedlock.

            4. So if white privilege is wrong then shouldn’t black privilege also be wrong? The word use to be segregation and now all we see is segregation on the behalf of the black and other races while whites are now being socially discriminated against. If one is wrong shouldn’t the other be wrong just as well? How can you fix the racism problem by promoting racism as a tool to fix it?

            5. Did you know ? The Indian Ocean carried more slaves to India than slave traders carried across the Atlantic Ocean to the “new world” ? Of every 100 slaves brought to the new world, only 4 went to the English colony in North America ?

            6. That’s hilarious, do you really believe that nonsense? First off only 12 to 13 percent of Americans owned slaves. Those slave owners were white, black (free people of color) and Native-American. Most Americans lived much as they do today. They certainly had many of the same occupations. School teachers, law officers, clerks, farmers, fishermen, timber men, cowboys, doctors, nurses, government employees, politicians, business owners, factory workers and the list goes on and on. None of those occupations required one to own slaves. Only the wealthy could afford to own slaves. They were required to pay for their food, clothing, lodging, medical care and education. Education? Yes, education, if you are a business owner your slaves have to be able to read and write in order to work in the business. Perhaps they need to know carpentry, brick making or farming. The slave owner would make sure that person was taught the trade in order to do the work. Did slave owners have sex with their slaves? I am sure many did and most of those sexual encounters were not rape. Many white people, then as now, had sexual encounters with black people. There were some mixed communities of black and white people living together. They were few and far between. My great aunt came out of such a community. She married my uncle and had a beautiful family. Her descendants are all successful and prosperous members of their community. The point is that the majority of white/black sexual encounters had nothing to do with slavery. It was the natural desires of young people to have sex with the nearest attractive person and it was often a person of a different race. Whites and blacks lived very close together in many communities, especially in the South. It was this racial mixing that later brought about calls for the separation of the races. It was the real reason for the laws making segregation of the races the law of the land. Many states also made it illegal for a black person to marry a white person. Laws upholding segregation were meant to protect the white race, to prevent the white race from becoming a race of mulattoes (a people of mixed race). Now, that being said, it didn’t prevent white people and black people from having sex with each other. It was just done very quietly and no one talked about it. There was also the matter of prostitution which even today accounts for many mixed race births. Prostitutes, both white and black, have sex for money and don’t discriminate on the basis of race.

              1. You’re talking sense and using facts. What does that have to do with the message of the left wing today?? Nothing, that’s what. Groups like Black Lives Matter are elevated to hero status. Look at advertising, white man stupid, black man way smarter. Do you think most young people coming out of college these days know what you posted? They’ve been to taught their entire lives that they are what’s wrong with the world. Get a grip.

          2. Right, I’m white as can be blonde hair and blue eyed but yet I tan like a Mexican thanks to 20% Blackfoot Indian. My lid is topped with racist crap, I treat all with respect where deserved. I feel sorry for anyone that steers racist shit towards me these days because honestly people like that don’t need to be here any longer. All your hate is draining on us that want to get along. Oh and Never HitLiary. I liked Ben Carson to be honest.

          3. Ben Carson is a sell-out because he actually is black and got an education. How does does that happen it must have been the white devil. LMAO sarcasm of course

            1. Of course you know that Bill’s DNA is already on file. So just to put it at rest, Check it and compare it to his purported son. The entire thing would be over in a week. But no, Clinton supporters wouldn’t go for that any more than proving with available DNA they already have that Obama’s father is who Obama says that it is. Funny, we can use DNA to convict criminals of crimes 30 years ago but we can’t seem to use it to determine the true father of this kid or Barry. Why is that?

                1. Well, if yuckily, said.

                  I understand he’s always willing to contribute some DNA. Just ask the girls on Orgy Island or his pedophile friend, Jeffrey Epstein.

          1. When asked why Bill Clinton was the first black President, a black man in a street interview said it was because he was stepping out on his wife and that he was in trouble with the law.

            1. As sad as that statement is, it is truth. They fell for the whole we own your community and many are falling to their own demise because of broken families. I still have hope for many of them though as they all don’t buy into the MTV, MSM, radio ghetto culture which just helps promote business for the prison complexes.

              1. That’s just reality, sorry but the truth does hurt sometimes. The black communities in general are their own worst nightmares. This is not all by any means but to many make it look bad on the rest. Kind of like you know the whole police corruption gig and this BS BLM movement. I chose to serve 6 months and refused to do 80 hrs community service talking to children about respecting the law over some corrupt BS cops after I tried to call out attention to 2 officers beating on my brother, give him props he held his ground for a while. I was assaulted and blamed for it and still know there is good in most officers. Oh and I’m white.

            1. To is, or not to is — that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Or to take arms against a sea of troubles.

                1. I don’t know that it is all that clever. You really touched a nerve, reminding me of my past, for which I thank you.

                  Hamlet’s soliloquy, from my 9th grade English class. I had to look up the exact quote. But it hit me how the lawyers have butchered the English language. I guess ole Billy was right, ‘first we kill all the lawyers.’ I like the Eagles too.

                  My 9th grade teacher, was an outstanding teacher and person, one of a kind. He picked on me through my senior year, until I learned the subject matter. He got me into public speaking my senior year in high school. I hated it because it scared me to death. But, learning to communicate was critical to my engineering and business career. Today, were he still alive, he might think that it was not all in waste. God rest his soul.

                  Sorry for carrying on. like I said, for some reason, you really hit a nerve.

          1. what mildly surprises me is the personal attack wording when discussing our mullah in chief. should one dislike a dog with teeth that bites ?

            our mullah in chief is simply proof of the adage…”as the twig is bent so grows the tree”.

            our mullah attended an islamic primary school so why would it discard those years of teachings ? and discard its reverence for islam as shown by its dismissal of atrocities conducted in the name of islam.

            our mullah’s parents were self proclaimed communists. why then would our mullah suddenly discard the “same wage and wealth for all” agenda ? now its called “redistribution of wealth”. and to bolster its “progressive” voter base, it plays the “class struggle”, “class envy” jive used by all communist regimes. blaming the harder, smarter workers for the economic plight of the “progressives”.

            with 20 years lapping up the sermons of its pastor, the reverend wright, why wouldn’t our mullah also believe the “g.d. america” vitriol ?

            as a lawyer why wouldn’t our mullah blame others for a criminal defendant’s chosen actions ? the other dude did it. disadvantaged yoot. product of a broken home. no father figure in the home. the bad element in the neighborhood. great gramps was a slave. the confederate flag. lack of opportunities. the system is against the criminal. and my bestus-favoritest… “the weather”.

        1. Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Allen West, Thomas Sowell to name only a few that I would be proud to call president. At least they love America.

          1. TY Ben Carson my first choice this year, Ron Paul was mine last cycle. But I’m just a white privileged a-hole, sarcasm. Can proudly say I never supported the Clintons, Bushes, nor Obama.

              1. Are you mad a black man actually is smarter than you and actually did something and got PHD in “brain science”. This is coming from a blonde haired, blue eyed white boy. No matter how much people like you wish to divide us, some of us are just bred with this Christian culture which sees no boundaries and is the basis of the US Bill of Rights. Keep F’ing with us.

                1. No I was just making a statement that the man you say should lead our country does not know what the pyramids were. Just because he was a brain surgeon doesn’t make him an expert in any other field. Plenty of people are smart in their field but a complete disaster in others. Just like Ben, being a Christian does not make him any more or less valid as a candidate. The Christian culture had nothing to do with the bill of rights! If you wanted to look at the world when the bill of rights was written the American Liberals are one of the first that said GOD didn’t ordain a king to rule people by right of birth.

                  I am terrified of what might happen when we really start F”ing with you. I don’t want you to fall off the plywood double wide porch and shoot yourself.

                  1. Who cares about the pyramids in Egypt, the point is the man had the aptitude to learn one of the more difficult Sciences in the world.

                    Um, yes you’re right we chose to be ruled by men and that is always a choice and is a frame of mind. I’m not ruled by no man, no matter the control they think they may have. Today’s liberal is in all honesty the 180 of that and just as the Bible warned of what was once called good will be called evil. It’s easy to see that is becoming more true every day and that Christians are the real intended target.

                    Live and let Live is the basic principle behind the whole Bible, do unto others as you would want done unto you, don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t cheat, and was predominant religion of England so don’t give me that Christianity had no part in the making of our Constitution. It’s Jesus himself just like Jefferson that warned us of Central Banksters running the show.

                    When you really start F’ing with me? PLZ

                    1. What Planet are you on and how old are you to make the statement that we are more evil today. I remember Jim Crow was that evil? I remember when woman and girls were not given equal protection. I remember in the olden days spousal and child abuse that nobody cared to stop. Just when in the History of mankind are we more evil now than before. America when children were forced to work? America when we allowed slavery? Almost the entire history of humans were woman were not given equal rights and were subject to physical and sexual abuse? Protection of children from exploitation? All of this existed in the good old days!! You know they did!!! If you are my age and I am not that old I remember those days clearly! Everything that existed today existed then, there is nothing new under the sun here, now it is just in the open!!

                      See your more evil world view does not hold up to any reality. What Fags can get married now so America is Doomed but it was blessed when we held other humans as slaves? The country is not against Christianity! The people (just like the Pilgrims) say your religious sect and its belief system are yours alone. You cannot dictate your religious views to anyone but yourself. I know you all hate the fact but this country was founded by people that said, “nobody has the right to force anyone to believe like you do!” Your religious views are yours alone! You have no right to force those views on others especially when those views effect others in any area of commerce. All people are to be treated equally with respect.

                      PS I challenge you to find anything in our Constitution that was taken from Scripture. It flat out does not exist. Most important our liberal founders said a king is not ordained by GOD! The King of England was crowned in a Church like all leaders of the time. His king ship and right to rule were based on the Religious Belief that good granted him the crown by an act of Birth so he should be followed! You have no idea what you are talking about.

                      For every Jefferson quote you have other founding fathers, guys in the room with Jefferson said he was wrong! From the time constitution was written before the ink even dried people discussed what it really means. There are always two three for 10 different opinions on every line. Stop pretending the Constitution is not an evolving document because it has been since the beginning.

                    2. I never said “we are more evil today” because I know I would never say something like that period. Mankind has been corrupted since the beginning of time almost. All that stuff you just mentioned still happens until this day all over the world, Middle East being the best of examples and that comes straight from their religion. You don’t believe in Islam? do you honestly know the penalty for that? The world has always been f’ed up and the first people that may step up to help another will probably be a Christian because it’s ingrained in us. We are not the haters the media paints us as, any true Christian is judging him/herself more then others.

                    3. “Today’s liberal is in all honesty the 180 of that and just as the Bible
                      warned of what was once called good will be called evil. It’s easy to
                      see that is becoming more true every day and that Christians are the
                      real intended target.”

                      Do you want to say that again? You can read your own quote! Again refute my claim when in the history of the US and the world are people better than today!!! Name any point in history! You can’t because your statement has no basis in fact!! I know your Church Buddies all nod in agreement but the statement is 100% false.

                    4. Do you think that every Muslim in the world has the extremist view of their religion? Do you think every Muslim is a religious zealot. No they are not and most Muslims are culturally Muslim and not religious zealots!!! Just like most Christians only identify as Christian because it is the predominate religion in our culture.

                      I have been all over the world and your analogy is completely false. Just 77 years ago good christian people set the world on fire. Not just the middle east but the entire world. Christian people that systematically decided to eliminate entire races of people? Being good or bad is no more ingrained in Christians or non Christians. Again it sound good but history says you are 100% wrong.

                    5. Hmm, kind of odd to me considering the whole though shall not murder part in the ten commandments. Just saying you’re a Christian does not make you one if you don’t actually believe in what it teaches. Unlike the Quran which allows for them to kill the infidels, unbelievers and promises them they were meant to rule the world. That’s the basic truth and it really doesn’t matter what way you look at it when it’s in writing. So I guess most Muslims don’t believe in Sharia Law either than?

                      I don’t think they are all violent but their culture doesn’t fit in with US Constitution ideology and is nothing more then a stepping stone in their way. Many ex Muslims have left the practice and spoke out against it also telling of how they were immigrating all over the world then would just mass populate until they are able to take it over. Keep playing with fire and you might just get burned one day.

                      I’m guessing you’re talking about Hitler given the time frame and well like I said just because you call yourself one doesn’t make you one. What sense does it make to hunt down God chosen people? The Bible teaches that is the Devils plan, you know the “Great Deceiver”.

                      What’s next the Crusades?

                    6. No it is you who pretend that any practitioners of any religion somehow have the moral ground to judge another. I stated a fact people still living today were gathered up by Christians (in many cases egged on from the pulpit) to commit mass murder. Anyone older than 81 years old has a vivid memory of the events. It was not about the time of the Crusades. All of the these so called civilized Christians committed mass genocide on the same level as any killer in history. If they wouldn’t have been stopped they would have made the Mongols seem civilized.

                      Using your same argument the Muslims talk about it but the modern era the Christians actually did it! I think it is a rather large distinction.

                    7. Look I wanted to avoid responding to you just because…YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF THE BIBLE AND NO IDEA OF THE QURAN…..SO DON’T SPEAK OF THINGS WHEN YOU NEVER BOTHERED TO READ WHAT THEY SAY. Just because one distorts facts does not make them a reality.

                    8. Typical so called conservative. Your whole ideology comes for the talking heads on TV and Radio. The parroted catch phrases sound so good but in fact they have no basis in fact. I am not distorting reality you are. You are completely ignoring fact and replacing it with fiction. You pretend that that one religion is more violent than another and facts just say you are completely wrong!!! No distortions of fact but the true indisputable but in your case pesky little facts that show your TV and Talk Radio catch phrases are Bull****!

                      Fact in point I could care less how much fundamentalist Islam hates the Jews! You can pretend all that you want that the Jew Hate and intolerance are only seen in one religion or sect of one religion. Facts say you are 100% wrong. The Islamist say to kill the Jews but in the modern era only White Civilized Christian’s said Jews should die and did something about it. White Civilized Christians exterminated most of the Jewish population of Europe (not talked about but actually kill millions of Jews). Much of this hate preached from the pulpit using the same text you hold sacred and beyond reproach! Just like in the world of Islam false preachers pick and choose portions of text to preach hate. Just like the Christians pick and choose portions of the GRANDER TEXT to pretend they are superior.

                      Nothing is further from the truth.

                    9. Say what you wish but that doesn’t make it so. Obviously you know nothing of either book. People can say whatever but that doesn’t make it so and neither do your comments. Evil can twist anything to suit it’s purpose and you are supporting the wrong side whether you know it or not. One book talks of ruling the world by force and another tells to forgive and love one another, do unto others as you want done unto you, love your neighbor as thyself, love your enemy. So go peddle your BS propaganda lies somewhere else because the ignorant have no business arguing things they know nothing of. I’m a purple people eater just because I say I am, see how that works?

                    10. You have never read the Koran you just parrot something that someone else told you! You lift out bits and pieces and pretend that your religion is so special! Your religion, practices by Civilized white people set the world on fire. With support from the same book preached from the Pulpit. Not in the olden days but modern times. The Islamist may talk about it but white Christians using your same text tried to exterminate entire races of people. They would have done more if they were not stopped. Not the Crusades people are alive in large numbers that experienced it so stop pretending. You have no argument just a parroted statement you heard on talk radio that can’t stand up to any scrutiny.

                    11. Deflection, deflection. Have I read all the Quran? No but enough that I don’t ever care to either. LIKE I KEEP TELLING YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY YOU ARE SOMETHING DOES NOT MAKE IT SO, I QUOTED YOU WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS. Here is what the Quran says

                      Here’s the son of Hamas terrorist leader converted

                      Many other such stories of conversion and telling the true nature of Islam. You are blinded by your hatred of Christians or those you perceived as ones but in actuality are not. They just used the label to try and serve some sick twisted purpose. Keep believing your little lies, I’m giving you the facts and all you keep saying is all these Christians killed so many.

                    12. I don’t know read Samuel 15:2-3 that talks about God ordering the death of every man, women child and the animals. PS look at the Nazi’s how many did they kill! Muslims talked the so called civilized Christian’s did!! You are not denying facts are you!! Muslims are big talkers White Christians are real doers. That is unless you want to ignore the the jewish extermination and pretend the bastardization of the Christian faith is any different than the bastardization of Islam. I know but we are white so we are right we have to be.

                    13. I can almost bet with 100% certainty that you think Obama and HitLiarY are Christians too because they say they are right?

                    14. You pretend that Trump is!! Better yet you even convinced yourselves even Mormons are Christians the last time. I know you are a conservative you get to have two different standards!!!

                    15. Nope, don’t think Trump is really one either and only by name. The point being was anyone can say they are something when they are not. So when you say the Christians killed the Jews, I say your wrong because if they were really Christians they would know their Bible now wouldn’t they? I do know a fella in the Bible they call the Great Deceiver who would like to see us Christians and Jews fall alike. After all that is the story behind the prophecy of Revelations and the so-called end of days.

                      As far a Samuel goes, which has nothing to do with the Christians because this was all before the time of Jesus. Almost all the Old Testament is about the history Israelites, or your real native Jews and God’s chosen underdog if you will. I never said our God wasn’t a vengeful one because He is but I’m saying the message of Jesus the Son of God was to love one another and forgive one another and to believe in Him, the message given to Christians(those that believe in Jesus Christ). The Lord even tells us not to avenge ourselves and that vengeance is his alone.

                      The roots of Christianity are not Catholic, they are based off the Torah from the Jews and the story of Jesus fulfilling prophecy and his disciples. Christianity was already being spread throughout well before the first Bible was ever put out and well before the Roman Empire who believed in multi-deities before absorbing in Christianity. The Romans are the ones who crucified Jesus by the will of the Jewish Pharisees. So if anything the Roman Catholics used Christianity for power gain and nothing more and can still see that in the Vatican today and just like our corrupted government these people seem to be above the law. There is sects of so-called Christianity that is not even accepted by the majority like the Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah Witnesses. Reason being they teach practices in contradiction to the Bible as well as use additional books for their belief system.

                      Is their some residue of the Roman Empire in Christianity? Yes but faint at best and that be of the changing of the Sabbath day to Sunday which was the day in which the Old Roman Empire worshiped the Sun God. Another easy way to point out the control system in the Roman Catholic church was the removal and replacement of one the original 10 commandments. The one of worshiping false idols, the Pope power structure is an epitome of worshiping false idols. Look at how much damage control they did with all the child molestation charges and who was arrested or indicted? You know what the Bible says about someone that is to hurt one of his little ones? It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and
                      he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little

                      As for your evil Jews, that exists and is a big part of the reason behind so much anti-semitic attitude in this world. This isn’t your average Jew, these Zionists and bankster-type elitists which will ultimately lead to all nations turning against Israel one day because of their greed for power and control. Sure you heard these names before Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild.

                      The Muslims are just talk, huh, funny I gave you a reference to the
                      religionofpeace, they give numbers on deaths, well at least, on the ones
                      they know of. Also tell it to the families who have nothing to do with
                      this war that have loved ones lost or raped all in the name of Allah. These stories are a constant now in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, several attacks here in the US. Is this blowback from the Middle-Eastern wars? Sure it is, this country killed many innocent and just added fuel to their fire for a world caliphate. Since you obviously don’t like us Christians much and stick up for Islam and the Muslims. Please explain to me Sharia Law, the world Caliphate and how that fits in with any so-called western ideology.

                      If I missed something, let me know, trying to consolidate our conversation here a bit as it’s getting a bit spread out. As far as how old am I, 43.

                    16. 1. Why do you give Christians a pass. They said they were Christian nations. Protestant and Catholic by the way. Their actions did not match their belief system you say but genocide was Preached from the Pulpit!!! The Direct and indirect action that lead to a genocide. All preached from the church. That was before the new love of Israel and Jews and even existed well after the war ended. You yourself act like they brought it on themselves? So every christian that acting really wasn’t a christian and every Muslim that acts crazy is held to their actions? Don’t you see the complete lack of logic.

                      2. The base Christian Faith the dogma and the actual text in the New Testament came directly from the Roman Catholic Church. Anything else is false and does not match the historical records. The dogma associated with the Christian faith was completely developed over 1000 years by the Roman Catholic Church. You are incorrect the the teachings of the Christ are in many ways diametrically opposite from the Torah.

                    17. Because evil is what is and evil corrupts all, Satan if you will. The Torah is the the 5 books of Moses and definitely has it’s part in Christianity. Out of the 7 churches God recognizes in end days there is only one that is not corrupted, Philadelphia . My belief is those that walked away from them all and still just believe without mankind’s corruption in the churches, not your modern day basic steal of the name. The Church is the people and their bodies are the Temples, not these fake big money churches we see today. The church is Jesus’s followers not any stupid building . If you destroyed every Church building did you destroy the foundation, absolutely not.

                      And like you said they were mislead from the pulpit, blind sheep that don’t bother to read the word but have others dictate it’s meaning for them. So how do you blame Christianity for peoples ignorance of what’s written?

                    18. Idiots tell me this all the time because it was taught to them, Jesus told the disciples to sell their stuff and get swords and that means we should fight. That was only to fulfill part of prophecy for Jesus and didn’t allow any killing but healed the ear that I think Peter chopped off one of the Roman soldiers. Jesus also warns us of those that live by sword will die by sword. Does he say you can’t, no, but he tells you how your going out.

                      This whole globalist movement is against Christianity, I know you don’t see it yet but you will. It’s already springing it’s roots and growing quickly. Then once that is out of the way they will go after Israel. Funny how you say the Christians killed the Jews, when we are the only ones until kind of recently that had their backs. Kind of funny how we always hold them back from defending themselves but we are all over there creating chaos at will. You know who General Wesley Clark is? You should hear his 7 countries in 5 years and then you’ll start understand how much of a fraud this whole 9/11 has been and I can show where that is in the Bible. It’s about a beast that is the process of toppling 7 kings where the Old Roman Empire used to be, that’s your Middle East today. Jesus loved parables and so it seems the Bible in general likes them too.

                      Now I don’t claim to have a exact date and time like these fanatics but we are told we will know when it’s nearing. The Bible says no one knows the day nor hour and any that do lie. It’s nearing because this is a world wide mind-set not just mine which I thought for awhile it might be and globalism has never been exposed like it has now. I’ll tell you right now if the time comes where there is an one world type currency and you have to accept it or your cut off. Learn some skills and head off into the wild and find Jesus unless you don’t think your soul is worth it.

                    19. I don’t give people passes, I’m telling you who is following their book and those that aren’t. You seem to have an issue fake Christians but not real Muslims.

                    20. Hitler was an occultist, like you see with some of these other so-called Christian cults, like those that commit mass suicide because the planets are aligned just right and it’s our time to go back home. Are they Christian, NO. You don’t know the Bible so I don’t know why you act like you do because if you did you would understand what it means to be Christian.

                    21. You just don’t get it do you! You act as if the JEW hate preached by Germany from the Pulpit is excusable. Not too many years ago hate against blacks was preached by the evangallicals in America. After the fact you say they are not really Christians but the Muslims that teach hate from the pulpit means all muslims are guilty. Come on you know the difference but don’t care to see the difference.

                    22. Most of the New Testament is stories of Christ’s disciples, keep saying it’s Rome who made Christianity. Jesus started Christianity not Rome.

                    23. Typical so called Christian deny the most basic historical facts! Historical facts that cannot be ignored! All Christianity the entire dogma of the faith was developed by the Roman Catholic church! The New Testament was assembled under the direction of a Roman Dictator! What was included or not included was decided by men 300 years after the events. You can try to deny the fact behind that statement but you are just ignoring history. I know it is easy to do Conservatives deny fact every day in their lives. If they would actual use facts they couldn’t be a conservative.

                    24. The Historical fact of the baloney the conservatives love to preach. According to the Bible a Roman Proctate at the behest of the Jewish Temple Authorities. There is no real Roman record of the event and their wouldn’t have been. I know quote Josephis if you want but every real historian knows that was added well after the fact. Fact and fiction get mixed after 300 years.

                    25. Well theology has been argued forever and it seems we are not making any progress either. So on that note, take care. Find me on the other side and will pick it up then =)

                    26. I don’t pretend to be anything but the flawed Christian I am. It’s people like you that think your right and perfect all the time that I worry about. I state fact and you promote this Sharia Law culture. I see what goes on in those countries and they can keep that craziness in their own part of the world. They kill their own, they stone women to death and women and women must have witnesses to claim rape, they throw gays off 3-4 story buildings for fun, they behead/burn/drown Christians who are not bothering anyone just because Allah says it’s fine. Don’t even try to compare that which stills goes on until this day to the actions of those who do not even believe what is written in the past. There is no comparison of one who is following the actions of their so-called god and the other isn’t.

                    27. Don’t blame Christianity for your stupidity! You parroted something that has no basis in fact and pretend because you heard it on talk radio it has to be true. I could care less about Sharia Law. I care about the crazy that comes out of all so called religious dogma. One is no different than the other!!! You claim now at this point in time and pretend if many conservative Christians had their way fags wouldn’t be flying off roof’s in the US. Read the actually postings where so called religious people say the exact same thing. The same about women and other religions. Don’t act like it is the fault of any one religion! It exists in the extreme element of all religions!!!

                      The best part of you rant is that you say all Muslims are extremist. They are not! Their religion has the same problems all religions have! People taking advantage of the weak minded to teach hate!! It happens in all religions and Christianity has experience the exact same problems. Genocide was preached from the pulpit in WWII. You say they were not real Christians so the religious element gets a pass. Why do you not give the same pass to Islam. Why because you are weak minded!!!

                    28. Um no us Christians have basically ran most of Europe and the US for awhile now and I don’t seeing them being killed for it. God says it is abomination but not a sin that is unforgivable. The same for woman, lmao, the Bible teaches you are to be one with your mate and that you’re to look after one another.

                      I say they were not real Christians because they don’t practice nor believe what is written, so they are not real because they fail the basics. On the other hand the Quran teaches violence is just fine and the end justifies the means. Do I need to go find you some Imam’s now that say it’s fine to kill the gays?

                    29. You can find a whole lot of so called christians saying the same exact thing. I bet you hear it in your church. Not from the pulpit but you hear it stop lying.,

                    30. And don’t mix Christians with Catholics, we don’t like that either. Catholics are nothing but a government entity of the Old Roman Empire that absorbed many religions over the years for the purpose of furthering their agenda of control.

                    31. Catholic dogma is the root of the Christian Faith. The Catholics defined every single tenant of your faith. Trying to deny that is to pretend that water is wet! I know you bible thumpers pretend that your sect of Christianity was something more than a King wanting to get a divorce.

                    32. I think I already told you this too but since you fail to recognize I’ll say it once again, Christians would not kill the Jews PERIOD. The Bible states they are God’s chosen people from the the old days. They are not the Christians enemy and basically share the same faith except they don’t think Jesus was who he said he was. Like I said you nothing of either books but yet you speak like you know. Your the one who speaks out of emotion with non-factual basis and associate groups just because that is what you heard or read when it is in direct conflict with what is written.

                    33. How old are you??? What you deny that white civilized folks calling themselves Christians oversaw the almost complete murder of jews in Europe. Shit it was only 71 years ago! People are still alive from that time. Some of the jews are still alive. Some of the Christians are still alive too. So a Christian who killed jews gets a pass because he really wasn’t a christian and the Muslims who bastardize their faith don’t get the same . I am not so old an brain dead as you I remember not to many years ago when the Jews were not so venerated in evangelical circles. It was those evil jews and Catholics that stirred up the darkies in the 1960’s. Too bad video still exists to show you you are wrong.

                    34. What the hell do the Moors have to do with our form of government! Where did you get that crazy statement! What the hell do the Moors have to do with it.

                1. What difference does it make. A grown man that wanted to be president should know what the pyramids were. It just showed that expertise in one field does not always transfer to another.

        2. So a terrible, exponential debt increasing, freedom eroding, extremely liberal/socialist president would be OK with you…as long as he/she was of a pure African descent? You are as bad as a Nazi supporter.

        3. Would you like one smart from black Lives matter??how about to get a president who cares about the usa no for a f%%$$&ing color of the skin??

          1. He believes in the money and power amassed by the power of taxation (under the guise of cc) to redistribute wealth and gain total control of our lives.

    1. Soros’s stooge from the get-go. 10-years-old before he lived in the United States. His skull was being filled with Muslim dung when actual American kids were learning about freedom, democracy, right from wrong, and the number of states in the union. Only those with an IQ lower than 70 still believe Oblama is an American and a Christian.

      1. So he was raised by a Jewish mother and Jewish grandparents, as well as his Muslim step-father. How and when, exactly, did he come to know that Islam is a false religion, and that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God and the Savior of the World? I’ve never heard that explanation. Did someone witness to him at Occidental College, where he allegedly attended? Or was this on his trip to Pakistan? Why DID he go to Pakistan in his early 20s, anyway? Who paid for that trip? Who did he go with? When he was a “community organizer”, what entity was his W-2 employer? How, or by whom, was that entity funded? I have so many questions … but I know we will never have a truthful answer.

    2. Shame on you for picking on his bowling game just because he said he bowls like he is retarded! Next thing you know, you will be criticizing his golf swing … the nerve of some people!

      Do I really have to include the /sarc tag?

    3. We all know the mental midgets who are responsible for this disgraceful fecal matter pretending to be (pretty much) everything he/she/it claims he/she/it is. If there ever were a ‘good’ reason for Planned Parenthood abortions, he/she/it was it.

      1. Sarcasm aside, first time was black guilt, second time was a corrupt election. If you remember he comment to Putin “When I’m re-elected president…”

        1. Got that right. When you have voting precincts turning in more votes than they had registered voters, and 100% of the votes are for one candidate, it should raise a red flag.

  1. The world is on fire yet most Americans think the most important things are the made crisis by leftists. White privilege and safe spaces and free speech zones for the college sissies. Free condoms and such. Completely blind to what this communist idiot has intentionally done to this country.

      1. … and no one who attended the same years as Obama was reportedly attending, remembers him at either Occidental or Columbia. News org’s tracked down over 400 students who supposedly sat in classes that Obama would have been in, and absolutely NONE of them could remember him being in their class.

    1. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months.Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months. Three. More. Months.

  2. If B.S. had wings it could fly to Heaven!!! Talk about inane nonsense!!! These people live in delusional bubble of their own making!!! The most significant security threat to our nation has been Barak Obama and would continue under corrupt Hillary Clinton!!!

  3. If these clowns really believed in catastrophic human-caused climate change – why in the Hell do they not live their lives in a manner which reflects this concern? How can Leonardo justify having a massive carbon footprint – “knowing” he is killing people and destroying the planet?

  4. Oh, yeah, really? And Obama actually contributed several hundred million US government dollars (or is that billions?) to fund Iranian terror programs. And that is “settled science,” and way more dangerous to us than any “climate change.”

  5. Because when it doesn’t rain, things don’t get wet. And when things don’t get wet, they are dry. And dry things burn better. And there’s only one way to prove that and that is to burn something. See? Climate change makes people burn things. Now….pass the crack pipe, Leo and stop looking like you know anything. Good! Perfect!

  6. What are you doing OBama besides flying all over the world attending events from fund raising, vacations etc. Google the amount of CO2 a 747 spews, the amount the many military planes spew every time you go anywhere. Your carbon footprint is massive, mine is tiny yet I don’t buy in that all climate change is man made, all climate change is bad or that man made climate change is measurable.

  7. Keep it up Obama! You had the stupidity to hire morons like John Holdren as your National Science Advisor and Gina McCarthy as your EPA Director. Over 40 years of one “Climate Doomsday Forecast” after another with nothing ever materializing and we’re supposed to keep buying this bullshit!!

  8. Global warming is to blame for Obama’s brilliance. Oh wait, neither exist.

    Climate change however is real and has happened since the beginning of the earth itself. To think that man has much to do with it is just unbelievable.

  9. Obama is an imbecile for making this fallacious claim, but DiCrapio is a BIGGER imbecile for obsequiously nodding his melon and believing him…

  10. Obama has Mental Problems be they ego based , Politicly based or Psychologically based…
    He is truely delusional and a Clear Danger…To not just the U.S. but the World

  11. BWAHAHAHA He also told him about a youtube video that resulted in the assault, torture, rape and murder of diplomats in someplace called Benghazi….

  12. Obama and illary Clinton are to blame which is obvious to any normal rational person, neither of these morons are normal or rational. No liberal is rational or posses the ability of creative thinking.

  13. Wow! A scientific discussion about climate change and civil war, conducted between a Liberal Arts Major (we think) with a law degree and a High School dropout. Breakthrough insight guaranteed. Maybe they should co-write a book!

  14. Then the scene faded from color to black and white as the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair wearing a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion to a country that was once a shining beacon of science in search of the truth but which is now ruled by a power-hungry despot whose delusional arrogance is matched only by his environmental hypocrisy, a nation once known as the United States of America but with each passing day becomes more and more a part of The Twilight Zone.”

  15. These guys are delusional and therefore scary. ISIS?????????????? Slightly more concerning than global warming oops, climate change. What scares me is his complete disregard for the rule of law. He acts like an emperor. He has allowed the world to devolve into a crap sandwich. Nice job Pence.

  16. Wow, imagine the size of the carbon footprint that kicked Mother Earth in the face just from the two of them and their security details and support staff traveling to meet up, eh, Greenpeace?

    Uh, Sierra Club? Earth First?

    Anybody? Hello?

  17. What crap! If you believe that then you will believe that the slaves brought over from Africa were the top of the line premium intellectuals and prized citizens in their respective villages, snatched from their beds by white marauders. The truth is that the political situation in Syria doesn’t have anything to do with global warming and the slaves brought to this country were the criminals, outcasts, and the retards…which has resulted in the situation we have today in the big cities……..stupid, illiterate, stone age, non-functioning relatives of the aforementioned, but boy can they entertain!

  18. All I see when I look at DiCaprio is a chubby p-ussy who will tell the “peons” to ride their bikes, as he whizzes by in his stretch limo….laughing all the way. He and the rest can go F themselves.

  19. In 7 plus years it has taken all comments are united. We have come a fair piece since 2008. We argued the 2012 election was stolen and we were lied to but hope we are on the Trump page because Hillary would certainly be a mistake. We also can agree Obama was a mistake. He should have never been elected. We can do better but electing liberals and some republicans does damage to our future.

  20. Globalist Libtard lunacy, mini me one flies to global climate fraud meetings in his private jets, the other flies around 747 heavy airforce 1 and limos small army to protect, wherever he vacations/goes. We the people can’t have Ac and have to live with less Globalist Libtard hypocrites!

  21. Is this guy our president? I pray for him even though I do not agree with him most of the time. I am an independent that is gonna have to vote Trump because of this kind of thing. Climate change really? My gosh how could any reasonable person say something like that? This climate change really is a religion to some people. Just wow is all I have to say.

  22. The syrian war was yet another war of adventure for illary and her friends after going in to Lybia on behalf of some her Foundations biggest rainmakers’ clients.

    I understand a good stack of what we will get from JA in a couple of days are communications between SoS at Sid B about the war of adventure into Lybia and others about the arm sales into ISIS etc in Syria in particular.

  23. Why are actors such ignorant people? Obama must be an actor want-a-be because he is incredibly ignorant, too. This just out today –

    Meteorologist Paul Dorian believes that this is indicative behavior of an approaching Ice Age.

    He told the Daily Star:
    “If history is any guide, it is safe to say that weak solar activity
    for a prolonged period of time can have a cooling impact on global
    temperatures in the troposphere which is the bottom most layer of
    Earth’s atmosphere — and where we all live.”

  24. Obama patiently explained climate-change-war-starting to DiCaprio, then, later that night, they put on clown suits and went out together to terrorize neighborhoods.
    I always wondered what kind of d-bag would believe anything that BO creature has to say, and now I know.

  25. I for one am looking for change of climate in DC. Out w/this corrupted air sucking fool and his polluted side kick, Hillary, and a bring in some fresh air ASAP.


      1. We’re looking at about a 17% Trump landslide. After the illegals and tombstones are counted, I figure it’ll be about a 10% Trump landslide.

  26. These dipshc1t Hollyweird weak minded morons will believe this bullcrap and then try to influence and scare the weak minded and low infos in America. It’s all in the elitist globalist’s plan to undermine the working class and force them into one world government. The Hollyweirds like this plan if they can be in the elite class

  27. Amazing…please tell that to the children you ignored that are starving to death.
    They will feel better knowing it wasn’t preventable by the JV community organizer and his “most qualified extremely careless” former Secretary of state.

  28. Obama, a Delusional puppet of the NWO comprised of 102 year old David Rockefeller , 93 year old Kissinger, 86 year old Soros globalist club. Evil united in one grand self effacing, self appointed, power hungry b.s. Can’t get much creepier than these guys.

  29. DiCaprio’s appears to be thinking, I was only going along w/all this climate change nonsense to get parts in movies, but this ass actually believes what he’s saying.

  30. The louder the cries by the rich, famous and powerful for everyone (else) to do their part to reduce globalclimate warmingchange, the bigger the criers’ personal carbon footprints.

  31. Just think diCaprio, if you just kept your jet on the ground, and Obama and family taking all those vacations in foreign countries, there wouldn’t be a war in Syria What size is your carbon footprint, Leo, you hypocrite.

  32. Christ, talk about dumb and dumber. A college grad who majored in community activism and never held a real job in his life and an idiot high school dropout. If you don’t think their both geniuses just ask them.

  33. The US borrowed $10 trillion during Mr. Obama’s term alone, doubling its debt since 2008. Did all that spending decrease the amount of capital available to the poor of the world?

        1. Here’s what happens. The government prints a trillion dollars in greenbacks. They take those greenbacks and store it in the bank. So now they have a trillion dollars to loan to businesses. But those greenbacks have no silver or gold backing. Now multiply this ten times.

  34. It’s a money scam. Plain and simple. Just look a the people who are pushing climate change laws. All mutil billionaires. And all donating to the people who are pro environment and create “non-profit” organizations that collect “donations” from these billionaires.

  35. These guys basic problem is that there’s nothing that they can do about it. They can pass all the laws they want, and it won’t make the CO2 stop. We can’t stop using fossil fuels and not kill millions of people. And we need to STOP, not just “reduce.” The CO2 in the atmosphere is going to be there for another 100,000 years, and the more we spew, the more it goes up. We need a solution but we don’t have it. We need a better battery to do electric cars. We need a renewable solution for grid electricity, which we don’t have without nukes (too expensive) or wind and solar (power goes off when the wind goes away at night.) There’s some possible ways around that, like a global high voltage DC grid, but that is a long way away. We just don’t know how to do what we would like to do… and passing laws won’t change that.

  36. Climate change Barry? Hardly, how about you selling guns to ISIS, with Hildabeast as a willing participant. Jail is to good for you murderers, American soldiers were killed with your bullets.

  37. This is the best, we are listening to DiCaprio, who never even got through high school. spends millions on air travel polluting the air talking about Climate Change. Without acting he would be at Mickey D’s. I have not heard 1 intelligent comment from him ever.

  38. If King O truly believes that, then he needs to resign immediately… He’s not qualified to be in the White House — not even until January.
    (that goes without saying)

  39. Hey I wanna let ya’ll in on a little secret: DeCaprio’s I.Q. hovers around 97. Some Glittertown feathershoe told him he could really rake in the dough with a “foundation”. Makes people think you’re somethin’ when really you’re just another soulless tool of the New World Order.

  40. Diva primo is stupid enough to be seen next to this loser. Syria war happened because you let Isis go ramped. Assad can take care of his own, it’s a diff world over there you should know, you domestic terrorist

  41. All I have to say is Leo, read your fucking lines and shut the fuck up about things you have no business in. I swear, someone gets famous and they think they have the answers to the universe. Just look at Obama, Acorn community organizer becomes a president. What do we have to show for it? Terrorist attacks on our own soil. Nice going ASSHOLE!

  42. Ok, so if scientists can prove global warming is the cause of king bam bams tiny balls and lack of spine which led to many civil wars; I would agree.

  43. Worst president in U.S. history claims he prevented the Iranians from getting nuclear weapons with his ‘deal’. Duh. After Odumbo gave them $150 billion, they don’t need centrifuges to make them. THEY CAN BUY THEM!!! (Yes, the mullah’s and Kim Jun Un are laughing at the Half negro narcissist communist incompetent.)

  44. I heard DiCaprio declare that people that don’t believe in climate change shouldn’t be permitted to hold political office.

    Well, I declare that people like DiCaprio that so believe in climate change, yet contribute the carbon footprint of a thousand people, should be charged with crimes against humanity.

  45. You could also say cultural lag and subsequent decline of the Muslim empire was a direct result of deforestation from the domestication of goats…but that would be a spurious, incomplete, and idiotic conclusion.

  46. I suggest Obama is responsible for the Syrian war. I agree with Russia on this question, and no rain dance and pointing at angry climate gods is about to change my mind. The present leadership of the United States is utterly retarded and contemptuous of common sense. We need regime change.

  47. No, 0bama, climate change didn’t have any effect on the Syrian war, YOU AND HILLARY HAD EVERYTHING to do with it. Quit blaming it on something that is irrelevant if it even exists. Amazing you all want to lean on scientific evidence when it helps you but not when it disagrees w your ridiculous notions. And Dicaprio is a tool , too…

  48. DiCaprio is usually so high, I’m sure he bought global warming is the reason behind the Syrian civil war instead of a U.S. led proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran to block a fuel pipeline to supply energy to the European continent.

  49. Guess they didn’t get the email:
    “Perhaps the most infamous example of this comes from the “hide the decline” email… (it)… appears to show several scientists eager to present a particular viewpoint-that anthropogenic emissions are largely responsible for global warming-even when the data showed something different.”

  50. ( – Nearly three-quarters of Americans don’t trust that there is a large “scientific consensus” amongst climate scientists on human behavior being the cause of climate change, according to an in-depth survey on “the politics of climate” released Tuesday by Pew Research Center.

  51. Sadder still is that there are too many lemmings that believe anything the President says without question. Is the President setting the table for blaming global warming for anything?

  52. This is not about climate change at all and Obama knows it. Once he’s out of office, wherever he goes, he needs to be either jeered or shunned. Take your pick.

  53. I think DiCaprio is preparing for a role to play Obozo in an upcoming movie as president. Title of film is ‘Americans will believe anything’. Not sure how they are going to pull off the ears for Leonardo.

  54. The personal behavior of 1% of the U. S. population results in their CO2 footprint being 50 TIMES that of the other 99%. Not surprising to anyone. But what does surprise people is when they realize this means this small group is responsible for more than 33% of ALL U. S. CO2 emissions (all CO2 emissions being assignable to people) and were this small group to only emit 25 TIMES the average of everyone else, OVERALL U. S. CO2 emissions would immediately (not over decades) decline 17%. Can ANY of you AGW folks please explain why all the plans being implemented and proposed will do nothing to curtail this massive pollution (as the scammers call it) created by such a small group but will financially hammer the lower income and middle classes, just for being alive? Please hurry, it is an emergency.

      1. With your extensive research on the subject, obviously, tell everyone what the CO2 emissions are for the following: Private jets, commercial air travel and the multiplier for flying first class, and the CO2 emissions for living space / person. These are the big 3 of these polluters, but by no means the only outsized behaviors. Their food choices have much higher CO2 footprints than the general population and the annual possession acquisitions are dramatically higher. Oh, and don’t forget to tell everyone you care!

  55. Nearly three-quarters of Americans don’t trust that there is a large “scientific consensus” amongst climate scientists on human behavior being the cause of climate change, according to an in-depth survey on “the politics of climate” released Tuesday by Pew Research Center.

  56. And dumb blondie di Caprio believes everything Obama says. This is the case of a “celebrity” who thinks he is a politician and a scientist, when in actuality he is showing his ignorance very publicly.

  57. So I guess Obama made a mistake……he should have drawn the red line for Exxon not to cross….and then Aleppo would have been saved. And that picture….Obama and DiCaprio discussing science….looks like a scene from the sequel to Dumb & Dumber.

  58. Economic Systems: The alarmists keep telling us their concern about global warming is all about man’s stewardship of the environment. But we know that’s not true. A United Nations official has now confirmed this.

    At a news conference Feb 10 2015 in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

    Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will be adopted at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”

    The only economic model in the last 150 years that has ever worked at all is capitalism. The evidence is prima facie: From a feudal order that lasted a thousand years, produced zero growth and kept workdays long and lifespans short, the countries that have embraced free-market capitalism have enjoyed a system in which output has increased 70-fold, work days have been halved and lifespans doubled.

    Figueres is perhaps the perfect person for the job of transforming “the economic development model” because she’s really never seen it work. “If you look at Ms. Figueres’ Wikipedia page,” notes Cato economist Dan Mitchell: Making the world look at their right hand while they choke developed economies with their left.

    Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:

    Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook


  59. Two clowns. One feels real important talking to the president of the United States.
    The other feels real glad he has found someone who will feed his narcissism.

  60. And then Obama and DiCaprio board their private jets and fly off into the wild blue honder. They should practice as they preach, but don’t count on it. They are all looney tunes.

  61. Obama spews his typical idiotic rhetoric and lapdog Leo bobs his head obsequiously — and this is “news”. a) I can’t believe we have such an a$$clown for a President and b) I can’t believe anyone would pay a penny to watch a DiCrapio movie ever again. They’re both disgusting hypocrites.

  62. The minute that DiCaprio travels everywhere by train and by container boat (you can still do that) to minimize his carbon footprint I would be more than happy to listen to him regarding climate change.

  63. Or maybe it’s the fact that the middle east has been at war for over 2000 years and always will be. Alexander the Great said even the dirt was hostile. Maybe he had reason to.

  64. A normal day for Obama:

    At 9 a.m. he eats Falafel for breakfast, smokes a couple of Camels, and then gives a 3 hour lecture on the need to create a minority status for Muslims and Arabs.

    At noon Obama enjoys Texas-styled Smoked Brisket and Beans with a half-dozen Coors then gives a 3 hour lecture on the impact of Flatulence on Global Warming.

    At 5 p.m. Obama joins Michelle in a corner of the White House kitchen to stuff in an appetizer consisting of a large Chicago Deep-Dish pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, anchovies, onions and mushrooms and then heads up to the presidential residence to have a Food Channel televised organic dinner of asparagus, almonds, sliced tomatoes, broccoli, and raw tuna with the last two 8th graders in America who are still eating lunch at their middle school.

  65. These guys never give up… if we were in a middle of an ice age, it is climate change, if we were in the middle of a monsoon, climate change, if we were in the middle of a drought, climate change, if we were in the middle of spring like weather, climate change…. You getting the picture, things are always changing throughout history and man has very little to do with it. But the arrogant assholes want to tax you to death so they can continue their lifestyles of the rich and famous.

  66. I would have to agree with the President. The climate of corruption from his administration arming them in the first place helped create the Syrian conflict. The climate of incompetence leaving a power vacuum in Iraq by leaving willy nilly helped create the conflict. The climate of hubris not to work with one country, Russia, who is trying to clean up our mess is contributing to the conflict. So yes I believe the President is right, “climate change” did help create the Syrian conflict.

  67. This crappy President, telling this crappy actor, that climate change caused all the turmoil in the middle East, what a bunch of morons! Neither one of them have any common sense, and both of them should be jailed for their Ponzi scheme they are trying to run! It just shows how many ignorant and gullible people there are in this country, to believe a can’t talk without a teleprompter president, and a made for Hollywood actor, on a subject neither one of them know nothing about!

  68. No, but what did contribute to the Syrian civil war was Obama and Hillary, who did give and are still giving aid to so called “Syrian rebels”, who we now know to be ISIS.
    Russia is using Bashar al-Assad and Obama is using ISIS in a proxy war between Russia and the US.
    It’s about to jump to the next level and I wonder if that buffoon Barack Obama will blame World War 3 on climate change as well?

  69. Both of these little boys make a fortune playing dress up a make believe, but Obama has done severe damage to this nation. Neither possesses the IQ/reasoning/education to make any sort of scientific statement.

  70. Obama has been known to lie a lot. After all, he did win the “Liar Of The Year” a few years back. Could he going for a repeat on his way out?

  71. Idiots! Both of them! God help us if the dead people, the illegals, and the fraudulent mail-in ballot factories succeed in electing Hillary Clinton.

  72. There’s no drought in Syria, it’s a desert. The military actions going on there are not because of the climate. It’s those muslims don’t like these muslims.

  73. Now everybody knows for sure that Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption is a hoax. And Obama gone and exposed the fraud. Sheesh. Good news is we can now defund the EPA, get rid of all EPA regs and ramp up production of the V8/V10/V12? That and the repeal of Obamacare will bring back all the manufacturers who left for Tashkent, Mexico etc…And there will be jobs, jobs jobs for the taking.
    The first step is to vote Trump/Pence.
    Old saying…When the blind lead the blind both fall into the sewer. Next time you pass a sewer, look for Obama and Dicaprio..

  74. At least Jimmy Carter got a fast attack submarine named after him. I think the Navy will give Obama a tug boat in the port of Norfolk for his service.

    1. it is astonishing that they think we are. The majority of Americans do not.

      How insane are the freaks in Hollywood. They are being used like court jesters.

    1. the inconvenient truth got in the way.

      don’t worry, it will be a warm winter. It is predicted that solar storms will flare larger than normal. That will bring out all the global warming nuts.

  75. I thought it was Bush’s fault? Now I’m confused.
    I guess DiCraprio, trusted and objective advisor to the President, got back on his private plane and flew off after the strategy session spewing particulates and greenhouse gases.

  76. Because Leonardo (thelimosine liberal) is a leading SCHOLAR on climate change and has studied and received many post doctoral degrees on the topic.
    This is a case of the idiot schooling the fool – take your pick as to who’s who

  77. You Liberals should never be allowed to run anything that deals with “Reality” again. Just stick to the Entertainment Industry for the good of the country.

  78. This was right after they did a few lines of coke followed by a joint. These two clowns are hysterical. Unfortunately one is the head of our country.

  79. Pretty important since these guys are world renowned paleo-climantologists……
    Oh, yeah that is right, neither one of them have a clue about the subject.

  80. Here Obama tells Leo, both of whom fly around in their own jets needlessly, that climate change contributed to the civil war is Syria? Has anyone seen the new information coming out of East Anglia, England recently. The whistle blower is pointing out that the “facts” have been changed to fit the “man-made” global warming. This is nothing more than an attempt to remove money from the taxpayer’s pockets. It’s BS, just like Obama always puts out.

  81. Just when I think this administration couldn’t say something more absurd… they outdo themselves.

    I really think they are just screwing with people and seeing if people are so stupid to believe anything.

  82. “……“the droughts that happened in Syria contributed to the unrest and the Syrian civil war.”

    California must be on the doorstep of revolution.

  83. The world was more peaceful before radical Islam began to spread. No connection to climate but strong connection to an ideology based on destruction.

  84. Obama is such a joke, he is actually retarded and mentally ill. The climate is changing all the time, hot and cold, back and forth, for billions of years. Obama and Gore embraced this natural change to create “Carbon Credits” to sell to corporations in order to line their pockets, since they invested in their scheme. Yes the climate was heating up, but there is now a cooling trend happening. And does human emissions contribute to climate change, absolutely. But just ONE volcano eruption equals all the human emissions since the Industrial revolution. Although we should try to curb our emissions as much as possible, a clean Earth is very desirable. But Obama and Gore do not see it in these terms, they see it as a way to enrich themselves. Obama wants to buy another mansion and Gore already has his.

  85. El Bumbo and a man child actor are going to save our planet from private jets and big giant mansions and terrible wars that they want to happen and started in the first place. Isn’t it hilarious, these people are just unbelievable! El Bumbo is very divisive, lazy dictator and has us taking care of his constituency now more than ever. Ban all things black, all TV shows, all sports shows well that’s all they do but ban and as much as you can!! El Bumbo is trying to stay in office for life and turn it into the African hut he was born in, not a citizen, Muslim terrorist. Hates America and white people!!

  86. Really? Syrians were saying,”It’s really hot and I’m really thirsty so I think I will start raping 7 year olds, begin throwing gays from five-story buildings and then burn old people alive in a really hot fire in the name of my Religion of Peace.”?

  87. He is either completely clueless about what caused Syria, or he thinks Leo is an idiot and will believe his BS. Either way, January can’t get here soon enough.

  88. Leo is 10 of the “Global Warming Experts” we keep hearing about. Algore is another 10, Sean Penn, Bill Nye, and every 5th grade science teacher still living in mom’s basement round out the cabal.

    1. Interesting Religion Democrat Liberals have…

      “The Church of the Environment of Latter Day Climatologists”,
      (the “Goremons”) is a faith based belief in the political consensus
      among some “climatologists” that the sky is falling…

  89. I now have to believe that Obama has money tied up in some sort of business that will benefit from the acceptance of man made global warming. His insistence on pursuing something that has been shown to be a scam, and then try to tie the Syrian civil war to it is on the outer edges or rationality. This whole argument is absurd and why we give it this much space and/or time in the news media still is beyond me.

  90. Democratic Party Liberalism has gone from “I think, therefore I am.”
    to today’s Liberal: “I believe – therefore it is.”

    ‘Believe’ is what Democrats do.
    There is no fact nor logic which can overcome a ‘belief based in faith’, especially when the Believers are backed by ‘Consensus Science’ and a strict PC code of word, thought and deed.

    “Global Warming” is a Faith Issue to the Left.
    They wrap their Gaia-Group-Think in a cloak of pseudo-Science, and then smugly demand a “solution” which ‘coincidentally’ reflects more Liberal No-Growth ‘ideology’ than it does ‘ideas’.

    Their ‘proof’ is always in ‘the future’, bolstered by ‘consensus scientists’ now.
    “Faith”, a Belief in the Unbelievable, is what sustains most ideologies…
    from old religions to the new Enviro-Luddite “secular” ones.
    Nothing shakes a “true believer” more than that which calls their “religion” into question or disparages it.

    This is not an issue of Science to the Left, it is gaming Science to achieve a ‘Party Approved’ “Future”.
    The irony is to be found in those who subscribe to the new “secular” belief systems while denying the validity of other religions…

  91. Ah Leo, he who dropped out of High School and barely got a GED. If he is talking about anything but acting he is highly unqualified. WHY IS HE THERE?!?

    1. When he talks about acting, he is only acting

      The ancient Greeks applauded the playwrite, not those who simply repeat the words of those smarter than themselves

  92. Isn’t ‘Lil Leo’s and the Democrat’s “Consensus Science” special… ?

    Although “Consensus” is a political term, not a scientific term…
    Climate Changing Global Whatever’s validation by a “Scientific Consensus”
    means that a cure for cancer is only a vote of 51 to 49 away from happening.

    You see, Liberals (aka: Progs, aka: Democrats) have, as part of their indelible traits,
    a fixation on junk science:
    1920 – 1930’s: Liberals embraced the “settled science” of Eugenics

    1960’s – 1980’s: Liberals were positive that Global Famine, predicted due to exponentially expanding population models, (A “Population Bomb”) would decimate the Population of Earth

    1970’s – 1980’s: Liberals promoted dire ‘settled science’ predictions that the Next Ice Age was dawning

    1990’s – 20??: Liberals assure their ‘inferiors’ that a new revelation has told them that “Global Warming” is REAL!!
    As the reality of “no warming in 18 years” (NY Times) laid waste to fragile liberal world-views, Global Warming morphed into the safely vague “Climate Change”.

  93. A muslimarxist who loves drugs, cigarettes and ate dogs for dinner grows up to start a commie caliphate in America.

    Of course his purpose is to kill the freedom and capitalism that enables individuals’ opportunity for prosperity, to bring all under the yoke of pigressive despotic rule.

  94. I stopped watching DeCaprio when he decided to introduce his politics into my life. The last thing I need is to be lectured on how to live my life be a shallow, useless actor.

    1. Agree, same reason I don’t watch damn what’s his name nielson or something? The gun toting actor that’s against the 2nd Amendment. You know the one that had to go in guns blazing after they stole his kid? HELP PLZ =) He’s not worth looking up.

  95. It’s sad that people assume that an actor’s popularity in one narrow vein (pretending for money) translates into total knowledge and wisdom on all other topics

  96. He can’t blame Bush for things now, and he can’t possibly accept that his policies have contributed to anything, so blame the war on Climate change. Despicable.

  97. Both of these jerks along with Al Gore and Ban Ki-moon fly in private jets globally and often to speak about global warming, climate change and how we (meaning us, not them) need to cut our carbon footprint.

  98. “97% of Climate Scientists” do Not Agree… at all
    Where did this 97 percent figure come from?

    Prof. John Cook of the University of Queensland in a paper published last year that purported to have reviewed over 11,000 climate science articles:
    Here is What Was Actually Stated:

    IOP Science
    May 15, 2013
    “the scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming (AGW) in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, examining 11, 944 climate abstracts from 1991–2011 matching the topics ‘global climate change’ or ‘global warming’.
    We find that
    66.4% of abstracts expressed no position on AGW,
    32.6% endorsed AGW,
    0.7% rejected AGW
    and 0.3% were uncertain about the cause of global warming.
    Among abstracts expressing a position on AGW,
    97.1% (of the 33.6%) endorsed the consensus position that humans are causing global warming.”

    To reiterate:
    Of the 32.6% of abstracts which DID express some opinion on AGW, 97.1% (of the 32.6%) endorsed the “consensus position that humans are causing global warming”.

    In other words, 97% of the 32.6% of abstracts which mentioned AGW endorsed the consensus position that humans are causing global warming.
    That is NOT 97% in total, it is 97% of one-third of the total.

  99. In 2008 NOAA publically set down a marker.
    It was a big one; the potential invalidation of all Federal and State ‘Global Warming’ models,
    plus all related Law and Regulations based on same.

    2008 (midway through the current Pause)
    If the pause lasted 15 years then it would be so significant
    that it would invalidate the climate-change models upon which policy was being built.
    “The simulations rule out (at the 95% level) zero trends for intervals of 15 yr or more.”

    Wall Street Journal
    “we’re already as much as 19 or even 26 years into “no global warming” … “depending on whether you choose the surface temperature record or one of two satellite records of the lower atmosphere.”

  100. Why is he talking to a hollywood elitist who has done nothing but contribute to global warming by flying private jets around the globe.
    Here is a theory: Assumption- Climate change caused the Syrian conflict.
    My research finds the statement to be TRUE.
    A warming period in the year 522 BC caused warming in the Arabian peninsula. As a result of that warming trend a young teenage female descendant of Ishmael spent an increasing time outside of her small tent. During one of her many outing she came across a very personable and attractive male goat. One thing led to another and soon a new life was born, and they called it mohammad. Mo grew and thrived and soon developed into a blood thirsty murdering pedophile. He created a new cult following of marauders and killers called muslims, who worshiped the moon god of Arabia. This cult thrived and soon slaughtered and raped their way through the entire Arabian peninsula and southern Europe and has continued in their santanic practices to modern day.

    1. Birds of a feather flock together. Leos facial and body language in the photos don’t show a high level of respect and admiration for the POTUS.

  101. Nice to see how damn stupid our government is. Purge is needed. We have a legal one in November. And just like a dull knife, it won’t cut it. Who would ever think our soft drinks and tanning booths would be taxed.

  102. This applied during the 1930s in Germany with the rise of the Nazis and it applies now with Global Warming and these two buffoons.

    “Often in a German home or office or sometimes in a casual conversation with a
    stranger in a restaurant, a beer hall, a café, I would meet with the most
    outlandish assertions from seemingly educated and intelligent persons. It was
    obvious that they were parroting some piece of nonsense they had heard on the
    radio or read in the newspapers. Sometimes one was tempted to say as much, but
    on such occasions one was met with such a stare of incredulity, such a shock of
    silence, as if one had blasphemed the Almighty, that one realized how useless
    it was even to try to make contact with a mind which had become warped and for
    whom the facts of life had become what Hitler and Goebbels, with their cynical
    disregard for truth, said they were.”

    The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by Shirer, William L.

  103. Earth is supposed to be much warmer and moister than what it is now. It took an artificial event to cool down Earth. Plants make oxygen and plants don’t grow in the cold. It’s a money making scam and nothing else.

  104. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If the purveyors of this snake oil (AGW) REALLY believed the claims they make about it’s effects, they would live their lives very differently. They hold “conferences” at exotic and luxurious locations around the world. You never hear of them holding a “conference” at some third-world craphole, where the financial impact would be a boon for the local population. Have they never heard of videoconferencing? They take private jets and SUVs, even for trips just to the other side of the city. They tell us the oceans are rising, yet buy beachfront property.

    When you want to know what someone truly believes, you never listen to what they say, you watch what they do. That’s why I never listen to existing politicians, I look at their record.

  105. Of course “climate change” contributed to Syria. Quivering, quaking devout warmists elected a communists son to the highest office in the land, whereupon he appointed a woman we wouldn’t know except for her peckerheaded husband to the highest diplomatic office in the land, whereupon she proceeded to antagonize Russia, set the rim of North Africa upside down from Tunisia to Egypt, and then PRESTO— starts a regime change/civil war in Syria. Barry is finally right!

  106. Obama created the Syrian war along with Hillary Clinton and others. The kicker is that the Arab Spring was planned by Obama, Clinton and get this the Bushes. They are all globalist, who feel the Muslims must be unified with the world so their global plans can come too pass so they created a mass exodus into Europe and one into the US.

  107. Two morons together do not make one good citizen, dicaprio has no business I. Politics he should be in jail next to hillary for all the money he took..


  109. Actually, if you examine the weather patterns in the area of Syria, you will see that they have been experiencing an unrelenting drought with multiple crop failures. The drought has driven rural people into the Syrian urban centers looking for work and food, and it is this crush of people that in part created the social stress that sparked the conflict. Other factors obviously contributed with the Syrian dictatorship’s brutal crackdown on the unrest.
    We are experiencing a change in the climate, in part a natural, cyclical event, and also created by the carbon dioxide and methane we are putting into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere are the highest ever recorded. That is observable fact. The non-scientist naysayers in this comment section seem not to realize that we here in the South are experiencing significant periods of drought that historically are not normal for this area.

  110. What a lunatic- has any doctor asked the question that this guy is nuts? This guy needs to be fitted with a canvas overcoat- its hot in the Middle East- has been for thousands of years. How on earth is this guy our CiC. oh yeah George Soros tweeked the election results by owning the company that makes the machines

  111. Yet another example of the intellectual vacancy and moral bankruptcy of Obama and Democrats-liberals-leftists.

    Obama and they likely think the scientific method is an exotic sexual-relations position.

  112. ‘Scientific Consensus’ The term is nonsense.
    If there needs to be a consensus it called a ‘Scientific THEORY’!
    If it were proven it would be known as a ‘Scientific FACT’!
    WHICH it ISN’T’ The Proof that I’m right is they have to make up a nonsense term ‘Scientific Consensus’

    If one must swap the word theory with consensus it’s called ‘POLITICS’!

    ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ in the context of ‘Global Warming’ is another nonsense term!
    The climate is changing! oh REALLY!? When hasn’t it?… NEVER! Has the climate been extremely different than NOW?… YES!!

    ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ whenever used by man-made global warming zealots has NOTHING to do with climate, IT’S ‘POLITICS’!

    1. Consensus … it’s when science, religion and politics all merge. We’ve seen that before… “The earth is flat!” “The sun revolves around the earth!” Both were scientific consensus at the time and both were completely WRONG.

  113. Are you sure it wasn’t all the refrigerators or AC units that the US uses that caused the Syrian Civil War? Wasn’t that what John Kerry said?