Billionaire Steyer Falsely Claimed He Didn’t Promote Global Warming Investigations Into Exxon

It turns out liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s environmental super PAC was totally involved in promoting investigations into ExxonMobil and global warming skeptics by state attorneys general.

“It’s not something that Tom personally is pushing, though some of our teams on the ground have participated in rallies or events to support our coalition partners,” a spokeswoman for NextGen Climate Action told Politico.

NextGen, Steyer’s super PAC, admitted to backing investigations by New York AG Eric Schneiderman into Exxon over its stance on global warming. The admission came just one day after Steyer told Politico “[w]e’re definitely not pushing this thing.”

“We are not part of this effort,” Steyer said.

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Well, that turned out not to be exactly true. The Washington Free Beacon did some digging and found NextGen “has repeatedly promoted the effort and attempted to enlist federal and state officials in efforts to bring charges against Exxon.”

Schneiderman began investigating Exxon in November to see if the company was misrepresenting to shareholders the impacts global warming and climate regulations could have on its operations.

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