Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Expands TO NEW ALL-TIME SATELLITE-ERA RECORD!

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 13 2014 – NEW ALL-TIME RECORD!!!!

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 13 2014 – 1,121,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean. Data for Day 255. Data here. This is a new All-Time Record. Breaking the record set in 2013 by 48,000 sq km.


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  1. So what? As has been noted time and time again, climate models predict an increase in Antarctic sea ice as the earth warms. And what about the collape of the west Antarctic ice shelf?

    1. You’re a LIP–a low information poster. Update yourself on geothermal activity and inform yourself on daily high temps in “west” Antarctica; then try to think.

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