Angst Over Romm TV Debate: Morano is ‘howitzer of climate skepticism’

 [Marc Morano Note: I have never seen so much hand-wringing by climate fear promoters over one fair global warming TV debate. To watch debate click here. Also, my debate opponent, former Clinton Admin. Official Joe Romm has now declared a ‘Morano-Free Zone’ at his website see: Romm Bans in Post TV Debate Rant! ‘Morano is unquotable and uncitable’ – Refuses to link to debate! Also, here is another climate fear promoter’ analysis:  What are we going to do about the Marc Moranos of this world? – Update: Fmr. Harvard Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl explains why debating is so difficult for many climate fear promoters.]   

Chris Mooney: Why Reason Loses In Climate Debates: Special Marc Morano Edition – Discover Mag. – April 9, 2009 (Note: Mooney authored The Republican War on Science, his bio here.

 Excerpt: Marc Morano has long been Senator James Inhofe’s top global warming spinmeister and talking head. His special ability is to argue super-fast, spewing out questionable claims, a kind of howitzer of climate “skepticism.” […] Morano is going to get on TV, and he’s going to sow more doubt about global warming. He’s quite effective at this–frankly, even as I lament it, I’m also impressed by his skill–and has a think tank behind him. And they’re willing to fight damn hard to get their point of view across. […] In my view, while it may be justified (not to mention hard to resist), it’s rather pointless to get mad at Morano, or CFACT, over this. They’re playing the game to win, and they’re very good at it. Frankly, we should be paying close attention to their tactics, and even trying learn from them. […]  There’s the wealthy philanthropists and well funded think tanks and interest groups on our side who, faced with this unfavorable media environment, have failed to adapt and equip us with counter-Moranos–intellectual warriors who are not only up for the task of setting the record straight, and defending accurate science, but actually have it as their full time job description. This is hardly impossible to do; you can learn to be a good TV debater, a stunningly effective advocate for your own side…but who has time to really make an art of it? Who is funded to do this? So far as I can tell, it’s generally conservatives, that’s who. And that, my friends, is the latest installment of “why reason loses”….


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Romm Bans in Post TV Debate Rant! ‘Morano is unquotable and uncitable’ – Refuses to link to debate! – Declares ‘Morano-Free Zone!’


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