Analysis: ‘Why Skeptics are Losing the Climate Change Battle’ – ‘We keep up the illusion that there is such a thing as a Global Temperature’

But they have built themselves a hole by going along with the warmist idea that there is a Global Temperature, which can be manipulated down by man, even to 2 degrees Celsius. Such an idea is also absurd, but dear skeptics, we have given it credence by acknowledging that there is some sort of mysterious Global Temperature or even an average Global Temperature. There are no such entities.

The whole of the warmist argument collapses once we declare roundly that there is no Global Temperature and neither is there such an entity as an average Global Temperature either. There is such a mass of data constantly on the move that it is impossible to infer an average. What is even more absurd is that the warmists claim that 2015 was the warmest ever and the skeptics reply that it was only the third warmest. Game, set and match to the warmists.

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