Analysis: ‘The Global Warming epidemic is over’ – ‘The public just aren’t interested any longer’

Posted on by Scottish-Sceptic


Clearly if Trump gets in as the next US president, the global warming hype is dead.

But oddly, I think even if Clinton gets in, I just cannot see the alarmism continuing in the US. The reason for this is that Democratic Politicians just love green voters … because like a one night stand … they just have to whisper the right words to them and then they can get screwed for the night (vote for the politicians) … and then will gullibly wait happily for years left like dirty trash on the side walk without any real demands until they next needed. OF COURSE DEMOCRATS LOVE THEM!

So, I wouldn’t believe a word Clinton is saying about the environment. As far as I can see in private she’s no more green than Trump – and the only difference I can see is that Trump is openly hostile to greens whilst Clinton says one thing in public and laughs at them in private.

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