Analysis: David Suzuki’s ignorance exposed — ‘Suzuki was baffled. Ideology and ignorance combined’

Suzuki’s ignorance

An extreme environmental ideologue, who advocates action on global warming and saving the planet, David Suzuki flies around the world on carbon-fuelled speaking tours and charges thousands of dollars per appearance, whilst exhorting the rest of us to cut back on our excessive lifestyles.
The ABC therefore thinks he’s Gaia incarnate and offered him a full Q&A to himself to spout his propaganda.
Bill Koutalianos, of the Climate Sceptics Party, hit him with the first question on temperature flatlining since 1998. When Suzuki asked how he got to that conclusion, Bill rattled off the acronyms for the four main global temperature sets, GISS, HadCRUT, UAH, RSS. Suzuki was baffled. Ideology and ignorance combined.

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