Already Winter In Early August! Snow Falls Down To 2000 Meters In Alps

Already Winter In Early August! Snow Falls Down To 2000 Meters In Alps

By  on 13. August 2016

Yesterday I reported on the cold blast of polar air that had just frosted parts of Central Europe, surprising many Europeans as they stepped out of their homes early Thursday morning.

Apprarently it got so cold that it even snowed down to 2000 meters (as predicted already last week). Wednesday here presented a series of photos of snowfall in the Alps.

Typically the 10th of August is near the hottest time of the year. But this year many citizens are asking what on earth happened to the summer. Is summer already over?

This is a strange development in view of predictions made 10 years ago and longer warning that many ski resorts faced the end of business due to a projected lack of snow in the wintertime – due to global warming.

Now it appears the ski season in some places could be almost year round!

Year-round snow would be first since 1989…

German skeptic site here reports that Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze, remains as of 11 August covered in snow and ice this year, the first time this has happened since 2009:

August oder Dezemnber? Schon wieder Augustschnee auf der Zugspitze. Foto vom 10.8.2016, ca. 08.30 Uhr MESZ. Quelle:

Photo taken 10 August 2016. Source:

The site adds that “should the snow cover remain throughout the summer of 2016, that would be the first time since 1989.

Europe’s August is projected to be a generally cooler than normal month. The US NOAA CFSv2 model projects a clearly cooler than normal August across northern Europe:

NOAA-CFSv2-Prognose der Temperaturabweichungen (2m) für Europa vom 11.8.2016 für den August 2016. Deutschland liegt - wie große Teile Europas auch - im unterkühlten (blauen) Bereich um -1,0 K Abweichung. Quelle:


A cooler than normal August in Germany would make the month the third cooler-than-normal month this year, after March (-0.3 K) and April (-0.4 K).

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