Alex Epstein’s Manifesto: The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels – Every medium and every audience, needs to incorporate the moral case for fossil fuels and values-based communication’

Manifesto: The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Today, Alex Epstein launched a new manifesto for the fossil fuel industry. It’s a must-read. Please share with friends who might be interested—particularly those in the fossil fuel industry!

“In the battle for hearts and minds, you are widely viewed as worse than the tobacco industry.”
“Your attackers have successfully portrayed your core product, fossil fuel energy, as a self-destructive addiction that is destroying our planet.”
“There is only one way to defeat the environmentalists’ moral case against fossil fuels—refute its central idea that fossil fuels destroy the planet.”
“Unfortunately, the fossil fuel industry has not refuted the moral case against fossil fuels. In fact, the vast majority of its communications reinforce the moral case against fossil fuels.”
“So long as you concede that your product is a self-destructive addiction, you will not win hearts and minds—and you will not deserve to.”
“Energy, the fuel of technology, is opportunity—the opportunity to use technology to improve every aspect of life. Including our environment.”
“The climate is inherently dangerous (and it is always changing, whether we influence the change or not). Energy and technology have made us far safer from it.”
“I divide winning hearts and minds into three categories: neutralizing attackers, turning non-supporters into supporters, and turning supporters into champions.
“Values-based communication is communication that vividly connects your audience’s values to the conclusion you want them to reach and the action you want them to take.”
“In my experience, whatever the audience and whatever the medium, to base communications on the moral case for the fossil fuel industry is a game-changer.”
“‘Before Alex Epstein’s lecture, no other students on my campus could imagine an environmental or moral defense of the fossil fuel industry. Now, weeks later, I am amazed at how they now defend the industry.’ –Julian Hassan, Vassar College”
“This year, your industry will lose billions of dollars because it has failed to win hearts and minds.”
“The communications materials of the vast, vast majority of companies are not only failing to win hearts and minds, but they are also empowering the opposition by conceding their ideas.”
“If you agree with me, the implications are dramatic: Every fossil fuel company’s internal and external communications, for every medium and every audience, needs to incorporate the moral case for fossil fuels and values-based communication.”


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