Activist Gets Detained At Science March, Calls Entire Thing Racist

Energy and Science Reporter

A prominent environmental justice activist claims he was “assaulted, roughed up, and detained” by a Washington, D.C., cop Saturday at the March For Science and his fellow marchers ignored it.

Reverend Lennox Yearwood claims he was detained while walking across the street to get to the science march. In a Huffington Post column recounting the incident, Yearwood claimed he was slammed against a food truck and accused of being “on drugs.”

Yearwood claims that because none of the nearby attendees of the March for Science stood up for him while he was being detained, the event shows the inherent racism of many participating in the march.

After being slammed into the food truck, five officers allegedly surrounded Yearwood then detained him. Once he was identified as a member of the clergy and a VIP at the march, the officers ran his identification for outstanding warrants and did not find anything. Yearwood was then allegedly released without being placed under arrest.