‘600 page litany of doom’: Weather Channel Co-Founder John Coleman slams Federal climate report: A ‘total distortion of the data and agenda driven, destructive episode of bad science gone berserk’

Update: ‘Climate Hustle’ or ‘American Doomsday’?! Obama climate report panned by scientists – ‘Pseudoscience’ ‘sales pitch’ ‘follow the money’ ‘total distortion’ ‘false premise’ ‘outdated & wrong’ ‘failure’

(For more on global temperature standstill see here: Global Temperature Update: No global warming at all for 17 years 9 months)

John Coleman’s Blog for Wednesday, May 7th

The sky is falling. “Climate Change” is running wild and disaster is certain unless we immediately stop burning coal and oil and move quickly to “green energy” to eliminate use of fossil fuels. Heat waves, huge floods, powerful storms, droughts and rising seas are on the verge of killing millions of us and destroying our civilization. That is my summary of the new Federal Assessment of Climate Change issued by a Obama administration team of more than 300 specialists guided by a 60-member federal advisory committee produced the report. It was reviewed by federal agencies and a panel of the National Academy of Sciences.

This 600 page litany of doom and gloom has received extensive coverage by the panting anchors of the national media who feel important when tell their audience that “the sky is falling.” Horrible pictures of storms, floods, drought and heat waves leaped out of the TV sets as the New York and Washington DC headquartered media was particularly excited to tell us how the huge increases in floods and storms was the worst in that part of the nation.

If you accept the picture painted by this report, the weather was just right, steady and nice in the historic past but because our industrialized society has powered its heating and air conditioning, its transportation by train, plane, cars and trucks, generated it’s electric power to run our lights, computers, television and smart phones with fossil fuels it has triggered this nightmare of awful storms, droughts and heat waves.

I am deeply disturbed to have to suffer through this total distortion of the data and agenda driven, destructive episode of bad science gone berserk. The only good news is that I least where I am and on the channels and websites I saw I was not further insulted by fawning TV Weathercasters visiting the White House and interviewing the President. I best I can tell, on a national level, that turned out to be a non-event (thank goodness).

Please allow me to hold your attention for a few minutes to explain why I don’t buy into this Climate Change alarmism. The climate of Earth has never been “normal” or stable. It has continuously changed through this planet’s 4.5 billion year history. Powerful storms, floods, droughts, heat waves and ice and snow storms have come and gone as long as Earth has existed.

The current bad science is all based on a theory that the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the exhaust of the burning of fossil fuels leads to a dramatic increase in “the greenhouse effect” causing temperatures to skyrocket uncontrollably. This theory has failed to verify and is obviously dead wrong. But the politically funded and agenda driven scientists who have built their careers on this theory and live well on the 2.6 billion dollars of year of Federal grants for global warming/climate change research cling to this theory and bend the data spread to support the glorified claims in their reports and papers.

When the temperature data could no longer be bent to support global warming, they switched to climate change and now blame every weather and climate event on CO2 despite the hard, cold fact that the “radiative forcing” theory they built their claims on has totally failed to verify.

They call people such as me who debunk their non-scientific silliness as “deniers” and claim we are flat-earthers and shills for “big oil”. It is insulting and maddening. But I will not be silenced. And neither will the thousand others, many of them with Ph.D.’s and on the faculties of major universities who are working to stop this bad science that labels CO2 as a pollutant and blames it for every shift in the weather.

We will be gathering, we global warming skeptics, at Heartland Institutes 9th International Conference on Climate Change, July 7 – 9, 2014 in Las Vegas. You can learn about that conference at http://climateconference.heartland.org/. I will be one of the speakers at the breakfast session on Tuesday July 8th. Look at the list of speakers on the website and you will see an impressive group. A group of the powerful Ph.D.’s in the group have recently published a complete scientific document that totaling destroys the climate change alarmism of the US Democrat Party and the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. You can find that publication on line at http://climatechangereconsidered.org/.

In the meantime, through blogs, and radio and television interviews whenever any of us can get on the air we will continue to try to debunk this way of climate alarmism. For instance, I will be on the air on WLS Radio in Chicago with Bruce Wolf & Dan Proft on Wednesday morning (today) at 8:45 AM Chicago time (6:45 AM San Diego time) and do my best to tell the real story of climate and weather. You can listen to that broadcast on line at


All of this not withstanding, my life is sooo good. Every day is fun and relaxed since I have ended the tread mill life of grinding out all those TV weathercasts a day. I now do my dancing for fun only. LOL


Blog for Tuesday, May 6th

The President of the United States has decided to make Climate Change a major issue of the last two years of his Administration.  This deeply saddens me but I won’t give up my effort to debunk the horrid distortion of science that has led to this Climate Change Alarmism campaign.  First of all, please, believe me, there is no significant man-made global warming. There is a minor warming trend continuing as Earth continues to go through its normal, natural climate change from Ice Age to Interglacial period which in ten thousand year or so will fade into another ice age.  The activities of mankind in powering our civilization with fossil fuels has had no significant impact on this natural process. And this chart shows that the warming has stalled now for 17 plus years:


So today to launch his new campaign the President has invited a group of television Meteorologist to the White House to interview him on the topic.  The barrage of publicity will be deafening.  I deeply regret that the global warming/climate change thing has become a partisan political issue.  Al Gore made global warming a Platform issue for the Democrat Party and it is now accepted without serious study or scientific consideration by a vast majority of liberals in this country.  And, as politics goes, the Republican Party denies global warming because it is a key issue of the other party without even studying the science.

There are thousands and thousands of scientists who know without a doubt that the entire matter is based on bad science. We fight with everything we have to inform the public of the truth, but the dominate liberal media shuns us and the global warming team calls us names and insults us. We know we right and we try to explain that this global warming campaign is costing us billions in tax dollars every year and driving up the our cost of living by well over a thousand dollars a year for the average family (and the cost is increasing dramatically in the coming years as the government enacts cap and trade regulations.)  One dramatic increase is in the cost of corn.  This is leading to hunger and perhaps thousands of deaths per year in the poorest nations of the world.  It is not a small, “who cares” matter.  You can get my explanation of how this all got started and what the bad science is all about by watching my videos on this website or following my links to active climate change debunking websites of scientists I greatly respect.  I get you to set politics aside and study the science of the issue.  It is important.  Meanwhile, somehow I will get through the next 48 hours or so of massive publicity on the issue.

Best regards,

John Coleman


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    1. That is the NEW Weather Channel….a fully owned and operated subsidiary of NBC and Comcast….two left wing operations. If you have complaints about the Weather Channel today, call NBC or Comcast!!! The Weather Channel founded by Mr. Coleman was dedicated to….surprise, surprise….WEATHER!! Today’s WC has bought into the global, warming, change, disruption myth! It ain’t John Coleman’s WC anymore, sadly.

      1. keep it up..please..you are too stupid to realize who you are helping in 2016

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        1. we are helping? um you are crazy lady gtfo go back to huff and puff post where the sky is falling. your far left party is screeching to a halt as the wheels are falling off. please just go to a community center and start acorning the phones. youll get to talk to people who agree with you all day long that way.

    2. Weather Channel is one of those things that seems like an anachronism today. Like Blockbuster Video. In the days before the Internet, people used to have to sit and wait for their local weather forecast on a TV channel instead of just viewing it instantly.

    3. hahahahahahaha owned by nbc. a bastion of equal rights……..go away liberal. your time is almost over …youve all had your chance, time to put the grown ups back in charge.

      1. put your real name where your fake one is, coward.

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        1. You do realize none of this has to do with weather. Weather, that we have been having for abaout4 billion years give or take. If you are so worried about CO2, quit exhaling.

          1. I think you should go rally for the XL pipeline, which takes crude from Canada..pipes it down the midsection of America…creating the environmental risks here, not there..and dumps it at Port Arthur, from whence it is shipped to China and Japan..You’ll be convinced it’s a patriotic move…fyi…I used to do the weather forecasts…I know what weather is..May your environment suit your attitude.

            In a message dated 5/7/2014 10:58:06 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

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            1. Actually…

              1) Keystone XL only adds a much needed connection to the existing Keystone Pipeline network, so it’s hardly something new.
              2) Pipeline transport of crude oil is BY FAR the safest method available today.
              3) The whole reason that the crude oil will go to Louisiana is because that’s where the best refineries in the world are located.
              4) The majority of exports will be of refined petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, distillates, etc.) which are far more valuable than raw crude and also far less damaging to the environment in the unfortunate circumstance of a spill.
              5) So what if the refined products go to Japan or China or Botswana? The Canadian producers will just ship the crude there anyway where it will be refined in far less efficient and far less environmentally safe refineries and there will be no boost to the U.S. Economy. Might as well make a few bucks while trying to keep the planet cleaner…

              1. It would be best to ignore the psychotic she-hag “coppersmom.” She is unstable and clinically retarded, so there is no use trying to be rational with the stupid beeyotch.

                On topic, you forgot to mention that there are currently 2.5 million miles of pipelines buried in the US. Leftists would love to push the narrative that pipelines are evil and dangerous, but the fact is that coppersmom and other filthy leftists are anti-humanist trash. It bothers them that we can afford to live in comfort while they feel guilty about it. The D-bag ideology is evil…people like coppersmom feel morally compelled to advocate for things that destroy wealth and squelch entrepreneurship. They are sick in body and soul and can’t be cured.

              2. There are more than a few leaks in your rebuttal.
                I appreciate that pipeline transfer is in some respects safter than sea transport, but this oil will eventually be transported over water, in any event. The crude will go to Texas, actually, Port Arthur. The refineries will produce massive pollution due to the increased production. It will not be bringing in oil for Americans to refine and use. There will be no disconnect from our need to buy oil from the Middle East, if xl is built. We have one nation. You want to cut it literally in half with a nasty, dangerous flammable goop tube forevermore. They’ll be jobs created, by golly to install the sucker…but very few to maintain. This is a permanent, idiotic scar on our essence.f it. And how do I know what I know? I was a reporter in Santa Barbara, California for many years…just google oil Santa Barbara. I also covered pipeline and LNG issues as considered by the California legislature..I’m no bumpkin.I have ridden 8 foot waves at Rincon in the middle of the ’69 platform blowout oil spill, and been coated from head to toe,famously.

                In a message dated 5/7/2014 2:57:42 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

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                1. Then you must support making ethanol illegal. It has been proven to create more pollution to produce and transport than the gas it replaces. Also You must be for more Nuclear plants if we could lower to coat of electricity in the USA we could make all electric cars more cost effective and get off the oil.

                2. Oh and lastly rather than insulting us or the weather channel, please stick to the point where is the error in his data that temperatures have not actually gone up?

      1. I believe she is referring to all of the $$ going to Obama cronies in the form of subsidies. Remember “Solyndra”???? Wake up and get a clue….

      2. The government decides which research gets funding. If a proposal is written that can be used to advance the theory of the day and help provide “support” for what the ideas the government wants to advance then that proposal is more likely to get advanced. If the research in question looks at an issue from a way that might refute the conventional government approved wisdom then it is less likely to be approved. I do not work in the global warming area but I have seen this at work in other areas on a small scale. It does not even have to be an intentional bias. If a bureaucrat has enough funding to support one more research project and they can select a proposal the could build the case for corn being used in ethanol or an alternative proposal to examine switchgrass use for the production of ethanol the corn proposal could easily be funded because it would be perceived as more valuable since it is looking at an existing area of interest. Switchgrass research would still get some funding but it would take longer to build a good base of research and by the time the results are in the infrastructure might already be in place for the use of a different fuel. Plus, established names with “good” results get more funding since they have a proven track record and know the process. So the early success of the dominate belief can lead to long lasting effects.

        Sorry others answered negatively to your very reasonable request. I hope this helps.

        1. @Bob – You are a real DUPE, or a covert demoncrat. Andy p Ricks was NOT asking a serious question. Just look at some of his other posts. He is like all neo-Communist demoncrats. They have swallowed (or furthered) the SCAM of AGW, either without researching the real science and economics, or in spite of it. When you stoop to their level to try to explain it to them, you do not do the cause of truth any good.

        2. What you don’t mention are the players, those that assist with the funding allocations. If Warren Buffet owns more land in corn crops you can bet your bottom dollar research money will be allocated to corn ethanol. They feed off of each other with everybody else money!

          1. WITH Charlie Munger AND Son being right in there as well; can Warren Buffet be far behind, or is he The Lead-in Man, they ALL being Berkshire-Hathaway!

      3. I believe she’s referring to the billions of dollars going to Federal agencies such as USGS, NOAA, USFWS, NASA, USFS, BLM, EPA, DOD, DOE, DOC, NSF – I could go on. These agencies budgets have been increased or restructured over the past 10 – 15 years to focus significant resources on demonstrating the effects of Human Caused Global Warming, now referred to as Climate Change. I hate to say it, but having worked as a scientist in one of these agencies for more than 32 years I can attest to the claim that many scientists (certainly not all) will follow the trail that leads to more funding. This is often done, not as a blatant misrepresentation of facts, but rather by ignoring reasonable hypotheses in favor of those that support a preconceived narrative that will keep the funds coming in.

        1. “Some” Scientists are human after-all. Yes, we are easily manipulated and biased to ensure our own survival. Not an excuse, just a fact.

      4. Well, one it talked about it in the article, $2.6 billion in grants for man made climate change research. Not to mention the millions in guaranteed “loans” for companies like Solyndra (529 million) ECOtality (113 million), Abound SOlar (70 mil), and Fisker Auto (139 mil). Then add on the billions more in subsidies from the Sunshot Intitiative. There are more if you do a little research.

        Is that specific enough for you?

      5. The dollars that fund the research. Please understand that at the end of the day, climate “scientist” have any product to sell to the end user. No 3d television, better smart phone, faster computer etc. Because they only have data, they rely on tax payer money for funding. Since their research is mind numbingly boring, they won’t get money like space exploration.

        So they need a dooms day scenario for continued funding.

        1. It’s actually simpler than that. When the top level bureaucrats sit in their office discussing funding for the next fiscal year they ask “what’s got the attention of the elected politicians who give us our funding this year?” If that’s AWG or Climate Change, that’s what they move their focus to. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about the official mission, it’s about growing their specific agency’s head count so they are more important and can move on to bigger and better things.

          Trust me. I’ve been in the office when the conversations are held. These days nobody is more invisible to the elite than the help desk guy fixing their PC.

      6. “But the politically funded and agenda driven scientists who have built their careers on this theory and live well on the 2.6 billion dollars of year of Federal grants for global warming/climate change research cling to this theory and bend the data spread to support the glorified claims in their reports and papers.”
        Straight from the article.

      7. Two kinds of dollars.

        There are the dollars that fund research and studies. Often times those dollars dictate the published outcome.

        Then there are the dollars that interested parties hope to obtain in the future based on the changed in the attitudes and beliefs of the citizens and/or consumers. (Al Gore falls very much into this category.)

        Many times the dollars that pay for “research” are spent in order to generate the future dollars.

      8. NIH and NSF are the two primary funding bodies that receive U.S. taxpayer money and use those monies to award Grants to U.S. and world laboratories. Department of Energy and Department of Defense are also huge allocators of public funds to scientific grants. All of that money is subject to “political wind shift” so if your research thrust does not align with the accepted narrative it is not funded. It has always been that way but not to the extent it is today. Researchers today must parrot the global warming narrative in order to get another grant which, in turn, funds the payroll of laboratory personnel, apparati and consumables used in the research setting.

      9. Most of the “climate” experts receive grants to come up with guess what global warming. they don’t want to lose their piggy bank. Most scientists do not believe in this. Nor do Geologists. Want to know about climate change? read a geology book.
        a real one.

      1. …and Colemann’s just some weather dude. What would he know about climate compared to the man who single-handedly slowed the rise of the oceans?????

        1. MSM LIES! Anyone notice how rabid the reports have gotten about weather hype? “Polar Vortex!” “Killer storms!” …..”Global warming!” BUT….Plastics are a huge pollutant both in landfills and the air due to huge manufacturing especially Styrofoam but that’s a foreign oil product so we won’t talk about that……….lets target lawnmowers and cow farts instead………..

          1. World debt is over $75 Trillion dollars as world governments continue to just pump money into their economies just to keep them afloat. (As the US has been doing for years at the tune of 85 Billion a month).

            World governments need new cash flow to continue their lavish spending spree and this is where they are going to find it.

            Regardless weather you believe in Global Warming or not. Does anyone think that giving world governments Trillions of dollars is going to fix anything…

            All it boils down to is money grabbing, Regulation, Control (with control being the forefront of thought from the governments)

          2. Especially the alarmist idiot robot drama queens on TWC !! I guess if they can convince enough low info and stupid people, they’ll keep their ratings up !!

            1. As soon as NBC bought TWC I stopped watching. TWC went from an informative network to Al Roker’s circus! And they even fired the hurricane hunter pilot because monitoring hurricanes as a reservist took “too much time away from her job”. Pathetic!

          3. rick,
            AND they’ve started ‘naming’ winter storms (big or small), like they do hurricanes. Why? Well, because it gives people the conditioning/impression that ‘Oh no! The snow storms are so bad now the weather experts have to name them!’ … Except that this is the AGW pushers’ way of skirting around the fact the winters are not warmer or les snowy. Whatever happens the AGW pushers grab it and twist it into proof they are right. So wrong are they, and so little do people believe these guys, that they once again have to change the terminology from 1970s ‘new ice age/global cooling’ to 2000s ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ when things didn’t heat-up to now “global climat disruption’ today so that that AGW pusher umbrella covers anything and everything.
            The weather ‘science and seriousness’ today isn’t much more than that flashing and thundering smoke and mirrors illusion the “Wizard of Oz” was controlling from behind the curtain in order to frighten, and thereby control, the masses.

          4. Exactly! You hit the nail on the head. There are actual environmental dangers that deserves the medias attention, except they focus on the fear inducing lie called Climate Change. It is publicly funded by the government and exaggerated by the media in hopes of scaring the people into wanting government control. Fear encourages people to give up their own rights in exchange for protection against an imaginary foe. I do not have to believe in Climate Change to be an environmental activist, nor does the government always have to be the answer to every problem.

              1. …and then she lied some more and will continue to do so…for that is her real talent and what she does best. After all she learned from the best…her husband

                1. But her and her husband no how to take a kickback…hence they have made 100’s of millions of dollars, just like that troll Gore. They are like a crooked magician….yelling about the rich, the republicans and the end of the world….while stealing your wallet!

              2. Republicans released their report today that proves there was no stand down at Benghazi and it was guarded sufficiently. Again, the REPUBLICAN report. They used millions of your tax money dollars and spent 2000+ hours on this. Your party. Your elected base. You should ask for their apology. I expect your apology tomorrow. No more BS. If you want to live in my country you need to start being smarter than this.

                1. The report described the attack as “complex” with the attackers affiliated with Al Qaeda. Hillary said it was because of a video, and not an orchestrated Al Queda terrorist act. Our ambassador had a hot poker shoved up his ass. Hillary lied; four people died. That’s what difference it makes. (And you, too, are a liar.)

              1. Parabellum, well, Hillary was thought to be married to the first black president until Bill was found to be an Al Jolson impersonator when the black grease paint rubbed off. I think Monica was the first to find out when she heard him sing “Mammy” as she was pleasuring his best friend little Willey. She claimed that afterwards she had to take a shower to get the dye off. There are those, probably libs, who still think he is because they’re color blind, probably more like those who’ve bought into agw now referred to as gcd.

            1. Republicans released their report today that proves there was no stand down at Benghazi and it was guarded sufficiently. Again, the REPUBLICAN report. They used millions of your tax money dollars and spent 2000+ hours on this. Your party. Your elected base. You should ask for their apology. I expect your apology tomorrow. No more BS. If you want to live in my country you need to start being smarter than this. You can always leave.

          5. auntie socialist
            You need to understand that most of the problems of the US are a result socialist policies of the past including some republican ones.Look what happened to the russians when they went socialist, how about Venezuela in the few years Chavez and the head red have had control. They can’t feed themselves anymore.
            Seems that you would prefer that no one make anything and that the morons in charge go ahead and destroy the US economy. It is clearly coming and I am sure your ilk will try to blame “capitalsts” for its destruction. But really it is caused by 50 years of moronic “pay the voter to vote for me ” policies. Don’t worry about the capitalist. Obama is going to clean them out just like he will you.

            1. “sure your ilk will try to blame “capitalsts” for its destruction.”

              It was caused by the politicians of both parties who are in bed with their favorite corporations, wall street, & the bankers, who all followed 20 years of deregulation greenspan which led to the 08 collapse due to fraud & corruption at the very top.

          6. Now we get a name for every 2-inch snow “storm”, like it was a hurricane. Can anyone remember the name of the first snowfall last February? It was one for the history books… I guess.

            1. *they’re not there
              *dogs not dog’s
              *When not when
              *dogs not Dogs
              *space between dogs and to
              *to not To
              *masters not Masters
              *an ellipsis has three periods, not two
              *1st sentence is a fragment
              *If this weren’t written by an idiot, it would read “When liberals listen like dogs, they will obey like dogs to their masters…” However, if it weren’t written by an idiot, it probably wouldn’t have been written at all.

          7. Well you do realize that, as the entire country has adopted singular names for hurricane events, to better track and monitor them, The Weather Channel, has made it part of their agenda to name winter storms. This is not anything for them except a marketing ploy. It’s not an agenda on their part

          8. The term Polar Vortex has existed since 1876. Republicans released their report today that proves there was no stand down at Benghazi and it was guarded sufficiently. Again, the REPUBLICAN report. They used millions of your tax money dollars and spent 2000+ hours on this. Your party. Your elected base. You should ask for their apology. I expect your apology tomorrow. No more BS. If you want to live in my country you need to start being smarter than this. You can always leave.

        2. Professional climatologists — who live and profit from the funding of politician spreading climate hysteria — can’t stand looking at a much broader picture of climate. They are relying upon data taken accurately over a period of a few decades. This isn’t even a “drop in the bucket” of Earth history. Climatologists WANT to find “global warming” and links to mankind — because they make their living from it. Liberal politicians just want CONTROL.

        3. You do know that he doesn’t even have a BA in meteorology right? and have you bothered to check the water tables at coastal cites? or are you to stuck on Obama bashing to realize that this has been on the table for decades? I don’t give a rats *** about Obama. every thing we do has a consequence the caps are melting sea levels are rising, so much so that cites in Florida are getting flooded a lot more and the infrastructure which was enough to deal with it in the past is no longer adequate. and maybe you should be asking which side stands to make more money the fossil fuel industry, who has a death grip on our government or NASA? because according to this guy NASA is fudging the science? Here is a tip don’t just take someones word actually look things up. In fact look up water levels in Miami Fl, then look pics of the polar caps and compare ones from 20 to 30 years ago to ones taken in the last couple of years. Then ask yourself what could cause these changes? Does ice melt if it stays the same temperature? When it gets colder or hotter?

          1. Amazes me is that no one has picked up on the “lisp’d” s’s. When the messiah is lying through his teeth he whistles his s’. When he’s talking about something truthful, that ‘tick’ disapears. Noticed this when he first ran for president and it persists. Check it out.

        1. What amazes me is that no one has picked up on the “lisp’d” s’s. When the messiah is lying through his teeth he whistles his s’. When he’s talking about something truthful, that ‘tick’ disapears. Noticed this when he first ran for president and it persists. Check it out.

      2. Love your ‘boldface’ comments. I read a recent post that criticized your ‘All Caps’ comments and laughed. Keep up the fight fellow Truther!

          1. Agreed: Then Take it From Me as Leonidas told Xerces at Thermopylae. 🙂
            Thank God our Founding Fathers were the first to codify such a self-evident, basic, God given right!

      3. Yeppers John..the ‘O’ is the ‘Sultan of Lies’..absolutely! We know what he is..the word is spreading on ‘Main Street’, too!

    1. As a recipient of said funds I would like to ask you how we should fund scientific research without federal dollars. I am most intrigued of where these moneys would come from. Hey, did you know most NSF allocated moneys for projects extend decades in to the past? I work for a group in ecological study that publishes many findings in scientific journals, some arbitrary, some pivotal, but all true.

      See the thing with science is that we give you the facts, hard data not opinions, and it is up to the reader to interpret the data how they see fit. So it’s a lot like a Rorschach test watching someone interpret scientific data, you really see where they stand as a human being. Those swiftest to jump to conclusions about hard data having an “agenda” typically do not understand what science or the scientific method are.

      1. Research should never be funded by special interest groups and the government is a special interest group! There are many ways upon which research can be funded by universities, but they are too busy using those dollars to build football stadiums and thinking how to pay college players.

      2. and the IPCC “scientists” gave us lies and a left-wing agenda.

        They LIED! We have the EVIDENCE!

        Do you UNDERSTAND THAT?

        Or will you STILL INSIST we believe the LIE???

        To answer your question….research is not completely dependent on government. There is also PRIVATE research. But that research is not usually driven by a POLITICAL AGENDA. Its driven by a market agenda. You know the market, which is PEOPLE!

        But then your research has to show something that benefits the market, you know, the PEOPLE.

        And as soon as they find out your “research” is a politically driven agenda, you will be CUT OFF!

        Thats what you fear. The truth!

        1. Liberalism is a mental disease. It is a form of insanity.
          And they never miss an opportunity to prove it no matter the cost.
          Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome
          is the doctrine of the Liberal.

          1. Exept they are not Liberals

            They are ANARCHISTS. Notice their metrics are constantly changing.

            Liberals are for everyone doing their own thing, anti war, peace, all that 1960s clap trap

            Warmongers like War Criminal Obama are anything BUT liberal..

            In fact, the worlds biggest liberals condemn Obama (see image)

              1. You do recall the protests against the “1%” Those 99%ers were far left nut jobs. They trashed property, stole property from others in their on groups, raped people in their own groups and even killed people in their own groups. That is anarchy.

                1. I didn’t sopport Occupy because they were socialist leaning, blaming private but never .gov.
                  However what you claim about stealing, raping and killing is not true. Also consider that most demonstrations these days are purposely infiltrated with .gov antagonists, creating havoc, so that when the dust settles, uninformed people like you carry the ball for them- falsely disparaging the protestors. Yes- it is an “Infowar”

            1. LIBERALS ARE FOR WHAT?
              You’re joking right?
              Liberals are for a collective society not everyone do their own thing. Especially Christian and Conservative. Followed closely by free markets, hunters, and free thinkers. They are as far from their groups title aka liberal as we are from pluto.
              Liberals want government in control of all aspects of our lives from what we watch,to what kind of car we drive to who we hire and promote.
              Liberals are the 21st century fascist. Kind weird considering they were the 19th century slave owners and the 20th century racist.

          2. Freud has a great explanation for why liberal turrds like bloomberg are scared of guns…

            “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.”
            Sigmund Freud, General Introduction to Psychoanalysis (1952)

            1. ONLY “Cure” known for “Progressive” LIEberalism is the administration of Lead and although not 100% effective because they continue to vote, it does slow them down rather well.

      3. Its all BS! People are waking up to the whole Climate Change fantasy. This is nothing but redistribution on a global scale. I for one as a taxpayer don’t want one more dollar given to agenda driven ‘scientists.’ If the science is solid, there would be no disputing it. The science isn’t solid, regardless of how many politicians sign on to it.

      4. I agree with you. However, when Government Political Policy is being written based on scientific theories where there is substantial disagreement there is something wrong. I have a suggestion for the Religious Climate Fanatics, quit making end of the world predictions that never come true. You people have been doing this every since I can remember and I am 50. When your predictions do not come true you change the terminology or use any normal weather patterns such as a rain storm and say it was due to climate change. Your credibility is shot! These predictions put you on the same playing field as Religious Fanatics screaming the world is going to end.

        1. Just use the 1st amendment separation of church and state. As they clearly are a religious group their God just happens to be liberalism.

      5. “As a recipient of said funds” and therein lays the problem. When research is given by the politically motivated at the behest of special interest groups science must conform to receive it’s grants. The scientific method is just the first casualty in a long list.

      6. You, Mr. Republicrat_domecrans, make the mistake that most of us believe this is an us v. them issue. It is not a Republican v. Democrat problem. It is a Federally funded oligarchy v. the citizens problem, and you are PRIME ENEMY NUMBER ONE!

        You do not offer facts, nor hard data. How do I know? Error bands and tolerances. I cannot seem to find those on scientific charts coming from those of you examining climate any more.

        Since no instrument in the world is without error, and no methodology is without assumptions, AND given the fact that your reports offer neither….We are only left with the quite logical conclusion that your results are sculpted to meet the desire of your masters.


        And, by the way, we have figured out that both sides of this single party system are really in it for one thing: to propagate a formula whereby they profit and the People pay.

        That’s it. Nothing more.

      7. I understand the scientific method. I see you are not scientist enough to understand (or human enough to admit) what I meant by my one-line comment. Come on now, think about it.

      8. care to share with us the many climate models that have overestimated temperature changes since 1980. if the models have not been supported by observation what good are they

        1. Much of the data was known to be flawed because of the heat island effect in many cities (blacktop, pavement etc). Of course, those with an agenda to show warming did not throw out the flawed collector data from heat islands.

      9. “And it’s up to the reader to interpret the data how they see fit”

        If one see’s fit to call you a liar with a agenda, how could you get upset when you said each person can come up with their own interpret of data?

        Just as some would interpret in a manner to say the sky is falling..

      10. Nice daydream. Too bad it doesn’t really work that way. The NSF is as political an organization as any other government agency or office. Just the choosing of whom and what to fund is rife with politics.
        How about this … fund the research with your own money. If anyone thinks it’s of value, they can purchase the data from you. Competitors can evaluate if your data is any good or not, and expose bad methodology, bad science, bad procedure … or validate. Eventually, the marketplace will expose the frauds, reward the honest. Your outfit can thrive or ail based upon trustworthiness. It’s called an open free market.

        Most of those climate modelers would be bankrupt by now.

      11. The Bushes are one of the top globalist families who intend to profit greatly off of the global warming scam. Obama Bush Clinton Bush Clinton it doesnt matter which frontman gets shoved down our throats. The real decision makers are in The IMF Bilderberg Group World Bank Trilateral Commission CFR and Federal Reserve. Its a big club and we arent in it.

          1. STFU you dolt. Tinfoil hat? You are an idiot. The Bushes going back to Prescott are a clan of Elitist scumbags. Starting with Prescott and his banker buddies at Brown Brothers Harriman trying to overthrow the government and supporting Hitler. Go ask Smedley Butler if the Bushes are corrupt. George “New World Order” Bush Sr the CIA Director is a globalist toolbag of the highest order. They call him Molech at The Bohemian Grove. And good ol Skull and Bones GW Bush is still looking for WMDs in Iraq. You are a fool if you think the Bushes give a flyin F about you dummy.

      12. Nonsense reply.
        The entire AGW argument is centered around misleading, manipulated or outright fabricated data. It is not science and as such should not be funded.
        Most reasonable people would agree that the government can be utilized to further legitimate research efforts, but there is no oversight of the process. You’ve got the inmates running the asylum, and so we continue to fund the ridiculous AGW fairytale, along with countless other worthless projects that are a complete waste of taxpayer resources. In a more sane age this abuse would be at least grounds for termination and possibly for criminal prosecution.

      13. You give us crap on a shingle. Scientific method – crap. You foist this ‘consensus science’.

        You want to give us science? Just tell us what is the day of reckoning – if we continue as is, when will it be too late to do anything about it and whatever dire consequences are supposed to happen will happen, regardless of what we do?

        YOU PHONIES NEVER ANSWER THAT QUESTION. IT’S ALWAYS, ‘….we still have time to fix this…’ Whom do you think you talking to – the useless idiots that vote for a liar like Obama (‘…keep your doctor…’)? 200 ppm 300ppm 400ppm, but it’s always ‘…we have time to fix this…’, and ‘….just let us tax you and give trillions to wall st (who do the trading of the credits)…’ What a joke.

        You allow the the MSM to state the debunked claim that 97% of scientist believe it when it was an annonymous 3 question survey where 92 of 97 (unverified scientists) believe in this hoax. It was mentioned again on MSNBC or NBC last week.

        But using the same unverified method, 31,000 signed a petition with 1,000’s declaring themselves to be scientists.

        Does the MSM mention 31,000 vs 97, just to be fair and impartial? Of course not.

        Michael Mann sued someone for defamation. When they asked for his records to prove his ‘scientific research’ – he refused because his fake science would have been exposed. He thought he and his live off federal grants crowd was going to ‘bankrupt’ the person who ‘defamed’ in but the man got a ‘sugar daddy’ to fund his defense and call Mann’s bluff and Mann folded like the phony he and the rest of them truly are. Manipulations of data (always making cooler periods warmer) are rampant.

      14. In his speech warning about the MIA, Eisenhower also

        ‘…. noted that the technological revolution of previous decades had been fed by more costly and centralized research, increasingly sponsored by the federal government.

        “Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields… ,” Eisenhower warned. “Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity.”

        While continuing to respect discovery and scientific research, he said, “We must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

        http://www .aaas .org/news/after-50-years-eisenhower%E2%80%99s-warnings-against-scientific-elite-still-cause-consternation

      15. So when you omit data points you are still just giving us facts, but not all of them. The scientific method is… You have a hypothosis and you test to verify it or not. What we have now are “scientists” that have a fanatical belief and test to backup their belief. Any scientist that says Settled Science, isn’t a scientist. In an ecology of BILLIONS of years, using a 100 year window, you can’t form a pattern. How did the Earth emerge from the last ice age if the global temperature only rises due to man made sources? The planet goes through cycles mainly controlled by that giant ball of energy in the sky called the Sun. When the sun gets warmer, so does the Earth.
        BTW, the “science” that is funding by the government is usually for government uses, IE to further government agendas. Science is done in private labs all over the world every day because companies want to develop better more efficient means to create and build products.

      16. Have you noticed those institutions known as Universities? ….throughout history, they were the unbiased centers of open debate and independent research. A number of the more successful became quite rich on patents on technology. ….THAT is where research funding should be found, just like in the rest of the private sector.
        Unfortunately, they are now hot-beds of political profiteering and true research and free exploration of ideas are suppressed …. all thanks to political extortion.
        Government money is NOT a blessing, but a curse.
        I assure you, if the government subsidized fast food, we’d soon discover no one could afford it without the government paying 90% of its (newly inflated) cost.
        Look at the oil industry:
        WITHOUT funding from the government, and largely over the objections of regulators, the oil industry developed horizontal drilling and hydrolytic fracturing, enabling an explosion of energy independence world-wide ….. if only the governments would allow it.
        (Oh, and the terrible “subsidies” to the Oil Industry are essentially the R&D credit that is available to everyone, and for which President Obama just signed a permanent extension.)
        In short:
        Free Enterprise will fund R&D out of the competitive advantage true knowledge and productive innovation that flows from honest R&D.
        It is easy to say, and impossible to prove either way, “well things would have been worse” if the government had not “invested” in X, Y or Z. ….precisely because it is easy to say, it is said; precisely because it cannot be proven, it rewards the lazy.
        Wean yourself and our society from the ideologically driven political gamesters (gangsters?) and we will see an explosion of job creation, productivity, wealth, and new, innovative companies and technologies.
        It worked that way in the past and it will work again in the future. You cannot win a race if you insist you keep a crutch under your arm even though you don’t need it.

      17. Back in 1976 or 1977, my chemistry teacher told me that there were 104 elements to the Periodic table. Period. It was a fact. No more elements could be found because we had discovered them all. He was the flat earther of his time. Global Warming theologians are the flat earthers of our generation.

      18. You’re tainted and crooked and don’t even realize it. Anybody that is funded by the gubbamint is a useful tool to do their bidding !! THE END !!

      19. Gotta be a troll, that’s my suspicion. “As a recipient of said funds I would like to ask you how we should fund scientific research without federal dollars.” Ever heard of soliciting funds from those that would believe in your research? Novel idea huh? Maybe if you could solicit funds from donors believing you could recycle sunlight, you wouldn’t need goverment funds either.

      20. The facts are given. Well, the maybe just the ones that support the theory. The others, well, check out the East Anglia Emails for a clue!

      21. Funding can come from private philanthropists and foundations. This model is not new, and the Smithsonian Institution employed this model from its inception. In fact, philanthropy is how much of science was funded before politicians figured they could use “science” to manipulate voters. The American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, etc. get their funding from donations, and provide grants for a great deal of research.

        Second, if you are an honest scientist (but I repeat myself, for science requires unyielding honesty), then you would know that science starts with a null hypothesis. This assumption of hardcore skepticism that there is no effect of an experimental condition under study prevents the scientist from the bias of “discovering” findings that fit a pre-determined expectation that prompted the investigation in the first place.

        Third, analysis of data is not up to others “to interpret as they see fit.” Science requires replication of conditions until the results recur time-after-time so there is no room for interpretation. And if the predicted outcomes do not recur, then the conditions are dirty, the experiment is a mess, and the “findings” are worthless: this is the current state of climate “science” whereby all the [apocalyptic] predictions have failed to occur. In fact, those climate predictions from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25-years ago have been dramatic failures. Since the predicted climate apocalypse has not occurred, nor even a rise in global temperature over the last 17+ years, it is clear that those benefiting from climate science funding are behaving more like a cult than real scientists. (The Climate Catastrophe Cult is an issue for anthropologists and sociologists to study.)

        Fourth, if you were a real scientist then you would further know that scientists are human beings, and are subject to extremes of self-delusion and subtle biases that will affect their work. In fact, many “findings” in medicine, pharmacology, and the social sciences are simply not able to be replicated, while others have been found to be simply fraudulent invention or manipulation of data. For a fuller elaboration of this point, see http://www.economist.com/news/briefing/21588057-scientists-think-science-self-correcting-alarming-degree-it-not-trouble .

        Fifth, it is clear that you are not a scientist, but a troll, for you are so blind about these matters of science, and the scientific method. And you know, the intentional misdirection and misinforming of others shows lack of intellectual integrity, if not outright malice towards others.

        Finally, as Professor Glenn Reynolds says: “I will believe that burning carbon fuels are a problem when the people who tell us they are a problem start living like it”…Note the hypocrisy of Al Gore and our president (and family) who jet all around the world for vacations and golfing, etc. without one care for their carbon footprint. … Not by their words, but by their actions will they be known (i.e. found out).

    2. It’s funny, when I was in college I took a course as an elective titled….the history of science. A few takeaways from the course….everyone should be required to take the course. science has been wrong over the course of history WAY more often than they’ve been correct as It’s evolving, what works today will not be in 50, 100, 200 years. lastly, we got in-depth into funding, and throughout the years up until the past 100-200 or so, science was funded mainly by the church, they had an agenda then. now it’s funded by government (church for liberals), they have an agenda now. no matter who funds it they have an agenda…no one can deny this, it’s indisputable and in no way objective or free from bias.

    3. They love to say, 98% of climate scientists agree that blah-blah-blah-blah. They add, “….and the vast majority of studies confirm…”. Okay, so how can the “science” be “settled”? It can’t be, because under the long-accepted Scientific Method, if a theory is not validated 100% of the time, then something is wrong with the theory. Also, in “hard science” tests and models are refined to give a better validation of the theory, rather than tweaked until you get the results you want.

      When someone wants to include the East Anglia e-mails in a “serious discussion” about so-called climate change, we can start moving forward to exposing this fraud for what it is. The “hockey stick” graph has been proven to be terribly flawed, so that’s why Lefties moved on to “climate change”. It’s a house of cards that were dealt from the bottom of the trick deck that the Left likes to use.

    4. What is the percentage of Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere?
      Ask yourself, Do I KNOW!

      A. Less than 44%

      B. Less than 24%

      C. Less than 14%

      D. Less than 0.04%

      The correct answer is D, less than 0.04%.
      The exact amount is .0389% or 389 / parts per million molecules.

      Educate your self. This is just a way for the fascist Democrats to raise the cost of energy beyond the affordability of the average American.

    5. Yep…These so called so called scientists aren’t getting paid to go against what the government wants to hear. There are also alot of cronies that stand to make alot of money and make huge campaign contributions in return. Both parties have their favorite cronies. It happens Tom Steyer who made his fortunes off of coal and oil donated 100 million to make Climate Change a huge election issue in 2014. Somehow I don’t think it is because he is a good guy but that he has lots of money tied up in green energy. ..http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/04/the-epic-hypocrisy-of-tom-steyer.php

    6. Did you actually bother to look at the graph in the article? Did you notice that it actually demonstrates a mean rise in global temps of 0.2c per year? And that the author used the graph without understanding the science behind it?

    7. and when the communists control the effluent that spews from the WH and what the media deem fit to report you cease to have a common sense based, economically balanced, republic….

    1. Did you actually bother to look at the graph in the article? Did you notice that it actually demonstrates a mean rise in global temps of 0.2c per year? And that the author used the scientific graph without understanding the science behind it?

  1. Follow the money. Always….follow the money. CC is absolute bogus garbage. My question to believers of this drivel: Who is giving you this information? SCIENTISTS?? Or politicians? Need I say more.

  2. Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Distortion, What new name are these idiots gonna come up with next? It’s called ‘WEATHER’ It’s been going on for about 4.5 Billion years now.

  3. Laughing at the Global Warming Fruit Cakes. Here is my solution to their myth. If a liberal business can build an electric car that has the conveniences of a modern car and costs $22,000, I WILL BUY IT. If a liberal company can build solar cells that will cost $1,000 and will generate enough power for my house, I WILL BUY IT. If a liberal company will build a wind generator that will power my house for $1,000, I WILL BUY IT. If a liberal company will come up with a replacement for fossil fuels that work as well, I WILL BUYT IT. Here is the rub,,,, liberal FLAP THEIR LIPS wanting republicans to solve their problem. Stop complaining, stop flapping your lips and pointing fingers,,,,,,,, WE WILL BUY IT. Until then,,,,, shut the h*** up you whiners.

    1. The funny thing is that’s a likely outcome. Rooftop solar power already beats out local utility rates in a lot of areas of the country, even without government subsidies, and in 15 years that’ll be true almost everywhere. You could provide the entire world’s energy needs with a 16 sq mile solar array in some bright corner of Arizona, it’s totally the future.

      1. I’m not an expert. But I do know the average home, using AC, needs more than 30 solar panels on their home. Entry level costs with installation $15,000, usually a lot more. Solar only works if the sun is shining bright so night you are still using utility systems. The payoff will take several years. And, at some point, just like electric cars cause reduced gasoline taxes for our roads, the government will need to tax your solar panels at a huge rate,,,,,,, just because. This is something that liberals need to solve rather than flapping their lips all day on global warming. I have heard enough,,,,,,,, try to solve it yourself rather than making me feel bad. JUST DO IT.

        1. Well there’s a lot of companies that lease rooftop solar systems to you with no upfront costs (I sound like a salesman now). The lease rate is always less than your electric utility cost, so you end up saving money. So they only do business in areas where they can undercut local utilities. And you only pay them for usage so they have an incentive to maintain the system properly.

          If you project out, and assume millions of people will adopt solar at some point, you’ll have what’s essentially a massive distributed power utility, where most of the power is generated at the point of use, which is way more efficient than transmitting it from a power plant hundreds of miles away. Traditional utility companies will turn into “wire companies” where they just own the wires linking one building to another and distributing power loads. Large batteries are necessary to provide buffering and nighttime power, but it’s all doable. Lots of old power companies will fight tooth and nail though, and likely look to government for protection.

          1. WOW,,, you are a salesman. Here is the spin. Every single day,,,,, a company goes bankrupt. Every sing day,,,, a company announces something is wrong. Every single day a company will announce a major change. Every one of them. These roof top companies TODAY,,,, man,,, they are great. FREE,,,, free,,, free. For life??? What is the company says,,,,”Our revenue is down and we need to stop offering free power and we need to start charging you for it.” Do you think that (could) happen based on daily business news stories? And,,,, after the utility companies shut down generating plants because,,, YOU USE SOLAR,,,,, what do you do? Oh,,,, and we know the government is going to need more because you aren’t paying taxes on your utility bill like you DID. Your idea is digging a hole that at some day you may/may/not, bury yourself in. Good luck with that.

            1. So what, there’s risks, that’s life. These businesses are profitable, so the model clearly works. If they go belly up, it would be because of corporate incompetence, because otherwise the costs bear out.

      2. That’s not 100% true. I used to live in an ideal area for solar panels (hi desert, 300+ days of sunny skies per year, moderate temps in the winter and rarely above 110 in the summer) where, for about $30,000, I could get a solar panel system that would have powered my home and basically reduce my electric bill to net zero dollars for the year. The problem with that is it was about a 6.5 year ROI but the panels had a usable life of 5 years, the storage batteries about 7 years and the inverter about 10 years. So just as I would have been seeing the cost benefit of the purchase I would have had to start replacing the equipment.

        Like SRussell55 stated, it’s not a complicated formula, it has nothing to do with green or not green if a better option is provided people will buy it. If it’s not a better option people won’t… no matter how much the govt. tries to scare people.

        1. Honesty and facts. Nice to see. Just like Hybrids, batteries do age as does the electronics, electric motors etc. That’s why you can get an early model Prius for under $2K. Most of the car needs replacing.

    2. Did you actually bother to look at the graph in the article? Did you notice that it actually *demonstrates* a mean increase in global temps of +0.2 celsius, per year? And that the author used the graph without understanding the science behind it?

  4. It is difficult to pass restrictive regulations and controls without the means to justify such. Climate change serves such a purpose. For politicians, such regulations are ‘necessary based on scientific study’. An easier justification than stating they believe that government can make better personal decisions than can the individual. When carbon credits are issued to the population, those in the political, cultural, and entertainment elite will be exempt from such.

    1. Actually, the upcoming civil war will do FAR better than that. Expect the number of hives – and hive residents – to be FAR less when it is over.

    2. Electric cars don’t run on air, they still use Energy to produce that electricity. Not including the energy it takes to make those batteries unlike normal cars.

    3. Electric vehicles are worse because of the mining of rare earth metals needed to make them. EV’s have larger carbon footprints than full size Humvees. May as well drive a fully capable, full size vehicle. I laugh at the people I see in the clown cars known as Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

  5. Will someone please explain to me how they can even measure the rising or falling temperatures across the planet. Weather for the most part is local and variable. Chicago just had the worst winter in a long time, but they still say, even in this article, that there has been modest increases in temperature. So what gives?

    1. The set up monitoring stations at locations around the world, collect the data and then average it over a period of time. One thing not mentioned often is that the global warming administrators (I can’t call them scientists) when the data was not supporting their guesses got smart and they would place their monitoring stations in a place that would grow in the next 5 years. So they would monitor it and when buildings started going in and roadways were built around the monitoring station the average temp in that area would go up and they would point to that and say… see, the temp is going up and it’s because of man. But they would leave out the part when monitoring stations in non populated areas showed a drop in average temp now they just leave those monitoring stations out of the equation all together.

    2. Since 1970 they can use satellites to measure global temps, including the oceans. Land based measuring is subject to flaws: NOAA has been forced to close 10-20% of their temp measuring sites because they were located on airport tarmacs, too close to building heat exhausts etc. In addition, the shutting of Siberian temp stations in the 1990’s due to Russian financial crises is reported to have produced much/most of the reported warming in the 1990’s. Warmists will note ‘yes, Chicagoi was cold, but someplace else was warm’. They will not mention that temps are flat to down over the past 18 years. Any discussion of ‘warmest temps ever’ must be taken with a grain of salt: the thermometer was invented in 1650, anything before then is a guess. Keeping that caveat in mind: it was 4-7 degrees warmer in the medieveal optimum (900-1300), and even warmer in the Roman optimum (100-400), yet the oceans did not swell 20 feet, the world did not burn to a crisp. Mankind flourished, and we call those warm temps an optimum. People survive in the mideast with temps well above the 65 degree global average. Cold temps kill.

  6. Global warming or climate change or whatever the new moniker might be is the biggest scientific fraud perpetrated on the world since evolution. Junk science funded by left wing shill organizations should be immediately rendered invalid and ignored. Instead, it is treated as gospel truth and the media “encourages” debate by simply dismissing anyone who disagrees. How Kremlin-like of them!!! Thank you, Mr. Coleman and others for the courage to speak the truth. Please don’t stop. Your truth must win the day over Al Gore’s fantasies!

  7. Does anybody know where I can buy a 4-door electric car for around $20,000, built by a liberal owned company using liberal unions to build it, in a liberal state?????? If it looked like a Camry I would buy it. Where are they? helllllllooooooo? Can a liberal help me out? I want to help but your not stepping up to the plate here….

  8. …but …but …how many Al Gore© Brand Certified Green Carbon-Neutral Energy Thingies must I purchase before the government tells me I’m allowed to stop panicking?

  9. The only reason that jacka$$es like Gore push global warming, is so that they can make billion$ by running Carbon Credit Exchanges.

  10. Ayn
    Rand didn’t believe democracy would work for the long haul because people were
    unable to understand basic socioeconomic concepts. Maybe she was right!

    1. Sadly, yes. She was right. Of course, she was made right by an education system that doesn’t and a news media that only reports what it’s masters tell it.

  11. The cornerstone of modern science is the scientific method.
    First, scientists formulate hypotheses regarding Alternative Energy and Climate Change.
    Secondly: They apply for government grants.
    3 – Then they create computer models based on a guess.
    4 – Then they perform experiments to test their hypotheses.
    5 – The computer models create data exactly as expected.
    6 – Then they get real-life data that doesn’t fit the hypothesized data.
    7 – Then they alter the data or revise their hypotheses to fit the data by back-dating it.
    8 – Then they publish.
    9 – Then they apply for more government grants.
    10 – Then they go back to step 3.

  12. NOBODY denies that the climate changes. It has changed for billions of years on Earth. Clear-thinking scientists and others only deny that it is now caused by humans. “Professors” should be required to get out of their dusty offices and spend some time in the real world occasionally.

  13. All you really need to know that AGW (by any bogus name they dream up) is a complete SCAM and HOAX, is to observe them doing exactly what they are telling you NOT to do. Then reflect on the fact that all we have to do to combat this AGW, CC, CD, is to pay huge taxes to the U.N bureaucrats, their constituents, and the carbon credit banksters (including Algore).

  14. Somebody will be forced to spill the beans…

    Someone will spend the federal money stupidly and get cough…

    Then the cat will be out of the bag…

    1. i disagree. there is no ‘spill the beans’ on this one.

      you’ve got literally thousands of people with degree who are working on this because the money is flowing in from government grants and private sources.. they NEED this to be a problem. if these scientists accepted the premise that man does not contribute to changing climates, they are out of jobs.

  15. Psychopathy is the most complex and most destructive of mental disorders. A list of people assessed as psychopathic includes Jeff Skilling at Enron and Bernie Ebbers at WorldCom, corporate psychopaths who destroyed their own companies, damaged the careers of thousands of their employees, and destroyed billions of dollars of corporate value. Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy were serial murder psychopaths, Bundy murdered dozens of young women and Gacy murdered dozens of young men. Casey Anthony murdered her own daughter so she could party, and was assessed as a psychopath.

    Awareness of psychopathy is building more and more rapidly, and we are now beginning to realize that financial and political psychopaths are doing major damage to our Republic. Dr. Clive Boddy has made a credible argument that the 2008 worldwide financial meltdown was the product of financial psychopaths working with political psychopaths. If you lost money in 2008 and your financial well-being has been declining, thank a psychopath.

    One characteristic of psychopaths is that they ignore real world problems (employment, national debt) to concentrate on non-problems (global warming). Non-problems can be emotionally charged and can be used to create social tensions and polarizations. Psychopaths do not care one way or the other about global warming, but can gain money and power by exploiting the polarizations that they have created. If Al Gore cared about global warming he could live in a smaller mansion and avoid flying around the world in his private jet liner.

    Psychopathy is complex but can be studied and understood, to great profit.


    1. If 50% of the population, liberals, purchased an electric car, put solar cells on their roof,,,, the other 50% would not have liberal created mental disorders. Solve your problems,,,,,, talk is very very cheap.

    2. And the Demoncrap Party is composed primarily of psychopaths and useful idiots. Narcissism is now in vogue with this Demoncrap administration, which Hussein and his fellow liars-in-residence demonstrate on a daily basis. You have to question anyone who claims to love this country, but votes for and supports Demoncraps even as the country sinks further into the chasm. Apparently there are far too many psychopaths in our society, and most wear the Demoncrap label as they constantly push for more and more control. Like their Nazi and communist brethren, these anthithesis patriots are about destruction in order to bring about the perfect world.

      1. “And the Demoncrap Party is composed primarily of psychopaths and useful idiots.”

        And psychopath enablers. All psychopaths have enablers, without which a psychopath is just an ineffectual person with the world’s worst personality disorder. Hitler polarized German society on an xenophobic basis, us-versus-them. Stalin and all Communists polarize the world between classes, as do neo-Marxists such as Obama. Militant Islamists polarize the world on a religious basis, and non-militant Muslims are worse than Infidels.
        By far, most psychopaths operate on a family and community level, and there is much info on the internet concerning psychopath enablers on a local level. There is not so much information for major political psychopaths, but Antonio Gramsci created “Cultural Communism” eighty years ago and fills that void. Gramsci proposed that cultural institutions be infiltrated and captured: academia, media, political parties, churches. The Democratic Party, the Mainstream Marxist Media, and the Marxist professors are children of prescient Gramsci’s efforts. Psychopaths are not stupid, but they are dedicated to destroying themselves and everyone else that they can, supporters and opponents alike.

      2. “And the Demoncrap Party is composed primarily of psychopaths and useful idiots.”

        And psychopath enablers. All psychopaths have enablers, without which a psychopath is just an ineffectual person with the world’s worst personality disorder. Hitler polarized German society on an xenophobic, us-versus-them basis. All Marxist societies are polarized on a class basis. Militant Islam polarizes on a religious basis, and nonmilitant Muslims are worse than Infidels.

      3. To quote myself: “Psychopathy is the most complex and most destructive of mental disorders.”

        Generalizations are not useful in dealing with the topic of psychopathy. Every psychopath is unique in the neurological and environmental factors that shaped his or her development. There are about three million psychopaths in the USA, few of whom are sufficiently ambitious and intelligent to become corporate executives or senior
        politicians. But one percent of three million is 30,000 psychopaths in high positions. Most psychopaths operate within families and communities, and perhaps there are about twenty-thirty percent of prison populations that are psychopathic.

        All psychopaths are manipulative and identify vulnerable enablers to help in accomplishing their corrupt, larcenous, and murderous aims. This is true of all psychopaths operating in any environment. We are indebted to Antonio Gramsci, an Italian socialist that was active about eighty years ago, who provided a template for psychopath enablers. Gramsci proposed a “Cultural Communism” that was to infiltrate respected organizations with the object of capturing them for Marxism. All your academic, media, and political psychopath enablers are grand-children of Antonio Gramsci.

        Major psychopaths can be identified by Dr. Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Check List (PCL) and by neurological exams (EEGs, fMRIs, CAT scans). Psychopath enablers have deficient personalities that require a boost from a stronger psychopathic personality in order to function. This pattern seems fixed in stone, and was evident in the rise of all Marxist states including Nazi Germany, and in the other great psychopathic system, militant Islam (as opposed to non-militant Islam).

        We are engaged in a struggle for survival against psychopathic systems (Obama, Putin, and militant Islam), and there has been no similar struggle since the defeat of Germany and Japan in WWII. All psychopaths fail, and create massive social and economic damages for supporters and for opponents as they fail.

        Good luck.

      1. All psychopaths fail, as you might expect of the world’s worst mental disorder. Psychopathic failures entail massive social and economic losses for both the psychopath’s supporters and for his opponents. WWII was a the occasion of the failure of German and Japanese psychopaths. The collapse of the Soviet Union saw the failure of Marxist psychopaths. Obama and his enablers will fail; the only question is, how costly will it be for the rest of us?

  16. yes it is a hoax.beware politicians who say the only way to fix anything is through implementing new taxes.they “create” a problem,then make laws restricting our way of living,and penalize it with higher and new taxes.

    1. I’d argue that the most dangerous threat to our country resides in classrooms throughout the nation, from K through 12 and into Colleges and Universities, in the form of socialist minded teachers, professors, and administrators who are responsible for “educating” the young; the young who, having been indoctrinated into the party politic doctrine, then vote for unmitigated menaces like the current POTUS and other members of the DEMONcRAT party to Congress, like good little Lemmings.

  17. While not yet as deadly as the ‘science’ used to ban DDT and kill millions across the globe with malaria, yellow fever, etc…

    But the global alarmist zealots are panicking and their hate is only beginning to ramp up…
    Beware America, modern liberalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

      1. Pathetic strawman you attempt to prop up there Raffi.

        Notice I placed science supporting the DDT ban in quotations to distinguish it from science (you know the hypothesis testing through evidence based peer reviewed randomized and blinded studies which are reproducible kind of science).

        That deadly ban, augured by Rachel Carson’s pathetically unscientific Silent Spring, was no different than the agenda driven politically motivated Climate Change pseudoscience which Dr. Coleman is calling out.

        1. DDT bans is a strawman argument also though, that’s my point. You just took a random unrelated point, and then shot it down as if it has some relation to the original argument, which it doesn’t.

  18. And I forgot in my posts,,,, we need a liberal company that can come up with a car charging system that does not require a fossil fuel burning power plant. They are so proud of battery cars,,,,,,,, but where are they charged from??????? 30 miles away,,,,, they don’t talk about how happy that is.

    1. thats why California is implementing a “mileage tax”.buying green cars really doesnt save the green in your wallet.or the environment.

      1. If it moves,,, tax it. If it moves to fast, regulate and tax it more. if it stops, subsidize it. That’s the liberal way. TAXES is THEIR GOD.

  19. The government always uses some bullshit “report” to try to sell the public on some related bill or whatever. If you’re still believing them, then, well…I’m sorry.

  20. “The climate of Earth has never been “normal” or stable. It has continuously changed through this planet’s 4.5 billion year history. Powerful storms, floods, droughts, heat waves and ice and snow storms have come and gone as long as Earth has existed.” This says it all and it is perfectly logical. But I fear logic is in very short supply among the brainwashed.

  21. The very basic data one has to look at is just the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere. It’s 0.04% or zero point zero. The mass of the atmosphere is 5 quadrillion metric tons which might as well be infinity when it comes to man. For man to raise that percentage of 0.04% to even 0.05% would be absolutely impossible, there is just not enough cars, factories, coal burning in the world to do that, and even if we could, it would still be a zero point zero percentage. Plus since when did CO2 ever cause a greenhouse effect? Water vapor is THE cause of that, not CO2, it’s how Venus became a greenhouse planet. But there’s not big money in water is there. Al Gore couldn’t have made a billion dollar fortune trying to ban and regulate the ocean. What people have to do is STOP voting Democrat! STOP IT! That is the REAL crisis going on here. I’m not saying Republicans are perfect, but the Democrat party has gone so far left in the past 30 years it’s destroying the country. I mean for Gods sake, we got a hardcore Marxist in the White house, and one who is sympathetic to radical Islam, a guy who actually assisted radical Muslims in taking over Egypt which is why the Egyptians rebelled. How insane is that? A country that is mostly Muslim actually rebelled because the government became TOO Muslim. That’s the kind of psychopath we have in the White house.

    1. Not to mention natural events that release everything. Valcanoes, ocean volcanic vents, methane, natural decomposition of plant material. CO2 is essential for life.

  22. I’m sure the left will slam him as someone who does not know what he is talking about. Unlike their hero Algore, he is an uneducated Neanderthal denier, where as Algore is highly educated in climate and weather science.

  23. Come on,,,, there must be a union job for building an electric car that looks like a Camry for $22,000. I WOULD BUY IT. Come on liberals,,,,,,, we need you!

  24. The Weather Channel is one of Obama’s and Global Warming’s biggest cheerleaders. Have you watched their atrocious new morning “show”? Propoganda at its finest – Pravda would be jealous.

  25. Ah yes… I remember the good ole days of my youth 50 years ago when the climate never changed. There were never any floods, hurricanes, tornados, droughts or bad snowstorms. The weather was always perfect. Then the greedy Republicans and evil capitalists had to go and ruin it…

  26. Halfwit Ali Al Goof Gore, stinking, sweating up his arm pits, with ZERO capacity to even ponder such questions as science, is correct about one thing! Democrat voters are absolutely inept, unconcerned about what is true, and EASILY fooled.

    1. We should really refer to the leftists who comprise the looney party as Demoncraps, because that is exactly what they are. Excrement from demons, with no socially redeeming values. They are incapable of any reasoning that conflicts with their DNA-missing mindsets, and will not admit being wrong on any subject. They are all about control to primarily better their status, and theoretically those of lesser beings. They are a complete waste of good air.

    1. are you talking about the politicians or the ‘climate scientists’?

      we know that the climate scientists let on that if there isn’t a crisis, most of them will be out of jobs.. and i’m just guessing here, because i don’t personally know any climate scientists, but they probably aren’t driving a KIA or Ford Focus.. they probably aren’t even driving hybrids. and they aren’t living in cramped apartments like starving artists.

      just my guess, but they NEED this to be a crisis.

    2. no,they “create”a crisis.i predict when this global warming fiasco fails.the next created global danger will be asteroid impacts.they will implement an”asteroid tax”for the developement of technology to prevent impacts to save the Earth.

  27. What you don’t hear anyone talking about is what is pushing this global warming crap, it’s the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21 (agenda for the 21st century), and the excuse for needing the agenda is global warming! The plan is for America to become part of a communist one world gov. This will affect every area of our lives. This is whats behind BLM taking over thousands of acres of land, corral the humans into the cities where they can control you easier. I found the UN document online, & one thing it says is “it isn’t fair for some to buy & sell property & make a profit when not everyone can afford to, (share the wealth)

  28. Vote conservative. If we can get enough on our side we may be able to charge and jail some of the loud mouths that are ruining this country for our children. Time will come that justice will be served.

  29. A lot of people don’t seem to realize that making you feel bad is the whole point. Young people are coming into this thing on the tail end, all full of pee and vinegar. Alternative fuels are NOTHING NEW. This has been going on for a long time. The problem is alternative fuels can’t compete with fossil fuels and they know it. So, the only way to get people to buy your product is to FORCE them to buy your product (government health care anyone?). How do you do that?…Fear and self loathing. Fear is a powerful motivator and the scumbags pushing global warming know it. Nobody really wanted their product until they were guilt tripped into the whole “we’re killing the planet” (weep) garbage.
    If climate alarmists REALLY wanted to “save the planet” their energy sources would be really cheap, readily available, and easy to make. Alternative fuels are NONE of those things.

  30. When they release a report by scientists and climatologists instead of global warming activists, then perhaps I may pay attention.

    1. Climatology and physiology (which have a great deal in common these days) are much like a pair of 120-ZZZ sized breast, all are difficult to support with any commercially available means; thus, all support must be manufactured from whole cloth…

  31. Global Warming does not exist……just another Liberal $$$$ Scam…….see Al Gores bank statements for proof…..carbon footprint my A $$

  32. When did science stop following the scientific method? The man-made global warming theory was proposed, then it was tested by comparing the predictions in the models to actual results. These results did not match the predictions at all.

    Thus, according to the scientific method, ie. science, the theory is FALSE. Who exactly is “anti-science” again?

    1. The theory isn’t true or false, it just has some percentage of certainty, but it’s non-zero. Like you know it’s relatively accurate if multiple models converge on the same thing. However even if it’s only 1% likely that man-made global warming is true, it would be a mistake to actually run the experiment and find out if we’re right or not. Science is a great and all, but there’s some experiments that shouldn’t be ran.

      1. The theory failed. That is obviously true. Scientists need to examine the results of the failed theory and draw the proper conclusions. That is how knowledge accrues and science advances.

        There is no such thing as science by consensus or a theory having some identifiable percentage of certainty. That’s absurd.

        Making major economic policy based on unproven (or in this case disproven) theories is incredibly dangerous and stupid. Well, it’s stupid for We the People. For the puppet masters pushing this theory, it’s a great way to increase their power and money.

        And that’s what it’s really all about, my friend – increasing power and control of a small elite group over the people.

        1. Actually it’s a central tenant of the scientific method that you cannot prove ANYTHING with 100% certainty and that is certainly true with climate models that are all inherently probabilistic anyway, just like weather forecasts are.

          If you asked a bunch of climate scientists, do you believe that it’s certain mankind is the driver behind climate change today? They’d say “No, you cannot know this for certain”. But if you asked, should we keep pumping trillions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and hope that nothing bad ever happens, they’d say “No way”.

          Sure there are political forces at work however, you should counter them by proposing solutions that don’t require the state, not by attacking the underlying science.

          1. They may say “no way”, but the science does not back that conclusion. Their opinions are not science.

            The solution is a true free market, which is the best economic structure to create innovations in power generation and in everything else. If you really believe that man-made global warming is a real threat, then the worst thing you could do is to give more power and money to government to solve the perceived problem.

            Our government is corrupt beyond belief and cannot be trusted with any more power or money from us.

            1. There’s a lot of science behind the climate change, there’s also a lot of bullshit. Horrible reporting is to blame, it takes a ton of effort to separate fact from fiction. I used to be a big climate skeptic, but then realized that the skeptic arguments were even more ridiculous than most of the stuff spewing from climate change folks, I called them out on a ton of bullshit. So ultimately, I’m just willing to accept the non-zero possibility of man-made climate change, since after looking at both sides it seems like a reasonable thing, and there is a massive shitstorm of evidence, I mean you could spend your whole life reading about this stuff…

              1. “If you want to disprove all of it, you’ve got your work cut out for you.”

                I’m sorry, but the AGW THEORY has yet to be proven. We cannot disprove something that has not been proven. The burden is upon the AGW believers to definitively prove the theory of man caused global warming by strict scientific methods. That means including ALL data collected in an honest process that does not favor one consensus. This has not been done to this point. The act of collecting surface temperatures is so distorted that it is not reliable. By eliminating data points that don’t fit the narrative, the AGW community has invalidated their conclusions thus failing to prove their theory.

  33. And yet liberals told me to go “off myself” because I said global warming is more religion that science. Nice display of tolerance 🙂

  34. Obama’s cult of ignorance doesn’t go by facts, science, evidence or anything that would male sense. Instead a complete suspension of reality combined with a diversion from more important issues. At the same time politicians have given solar projects the green light to kill the symbol of our country, the bald eagle, and have indemnified Monsanto for the ecological disasters it’s causing.

  35. So all we need propose is to build a pipeline network to capture the melting polar ice and Greenland glaciers and transport it thru Canada to where it is hot. We can set up sprinklers misters and recharge our reservoirs, lakes, and underground aquifers. Let’s work with what we have. Right? I am sure they will want to pursue that plan. Puts people to work helping people. And if designed right it can generate enough power thru generating stations and siphons, just like Mulholland did before WWII for Los Angeles. No new technology is required. Lots of jobs created., cool clear water for everyone, deserts transformed to beautiful farmland producing food for the hoards of destitute, asthma cured because of the misters that reduce smog and cool and humidify the air, And there is enough water trapped in Greenland, antiarctia and the polar regions to last us about 3000 years and longer if we recycle it. AND ALL BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING. I say BRING IT ON…!!!!! Or we can try and stop it in order to have the same crappy unpredictable weather we have always had. So would you rather have cool clear water from the north or Drought, petulance, disease and death?

  36. The AGW liars are missing the elephant in the room and they NEVER mention it

    Gross heat release from burning fuel. Thats real heat!

    Why dont they mention that OBVIOUS fact? Why discuss CO2

    There are US Patents for MAKING MONEY on controlling CO2 emissions.

    Its a corporate Patent scam using Govt as Mafioso enforcers

    1. CO2 is discussed because it acts as a temperature amplifier. I.e. CO2 blocks infrared from radiating into space raising temperature, raising temperature decreases the ability of the deep oceans to store CO2, in turn raising the CO2 level even further, and so on in a loop. That’s why folks raise the alarm bells on CO2 emissions, because there is a danger of setting up a run-away feedback loop.

      1. Keep drinking the kool-aid, Einstein.

        It’s all complete BS and the fact that you buy into it proves how little you know of science.

  37. The coal fired electricity generating plants are being shut down by
    the wackos at the EPA. The brownouts and blackouts are coming soon.
    When it starts, shut down the power to DC first.

    1. FAlse hysteria. I see you know nothing about power generation..

      They dont need to shut anything down, just retrofit the boilers to natural gas..

      Do get an education.

      1. Ah yes, liberals, the ever-clueless.

        Every time someone like you makes a comment that inane, it brings to mind Ronald Reagan’s comment about you liberals:

        “It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s that they know so much that isn’t so.”

        Daveca, you know so very very much that just isn’t so. Ignorance is the domain of the liberal.

  38. When do we file the first class action lawsuit on this to put this issue on trial in front of a court where real evidence must be presented? Every American is hurt by this and there are compensable damages that can be shown. After that, those in the scientific community who serve on the National Board of Sciences and other entities who assisted in the politicization of this issue also should be sued, including the politicians, like Al Gore. Make them pay for promoting their bad science.

    1. That was the nineteen eighties and nineties. We’ve moved on to a new crisis. Just imagine what it will be in the next decade. Probably a tax on oxygen.

      1. Wrong, they converted some of my aerosol cans to pump spray and we saved the ozone hole from being a hole and humanity survived so that we could combat further assaults upon Gaia.

  39. The global warming doomsday prognosticators remind me of the bums on the street corner in the sixties with their cardboard sign reading, “The World is Ending, Repent”. In this case they are using the scare tactics, not for our souls but for our wallets.

  40. We all know this is an election year……….So, all the global warming crap coming from Obama is a total sham and nothing more than a deflection from Obamacare and all of his other failed Socialist policies..

  41. If i am not mistaken i have recently found out that these global warming models are basically feedback loop models of the Jay Forrester ilk. Is that true?

  42. If Obama really believed his own nonsense rhetoric, he would stop flying his family all over the globe for vacations and cut his own “carbon footprint”.
    Like the Messiah Al Gore said at the end of his gloried Powerpoint “An Inconvenient Truth”, YOU need to change the way YOU live. You, not the elite leftists who “believe” in the cause. They’re laughing all the way to the bank, the hypocrits.

  43. These Global warming frauds should be classified as terrorists and gangsters, imprisoned for Crimes Against Humanity and under the RICO Act.

  44. In the meantime, i can say two things that render such modeling useless. No engineer (I am one) would model the “heat sink” without taking account of the “heat source” particularly if the interest is in what is the output of a heat source to heat sink system. Yet we do this with global warming. Try applying for funds to study the sun? A solar astrophysicist would starve. Yet “Google” this: long period irregular variable. If you do you find that astrophysicists characterize our sun as one. Hmmmmm. Number two. I dwell in very large numbers for other reasons (numbers measured not by zeros but by thousands of feet in pica ten pitch). Using bounding assumptions i doubt (have not looked at this in detail) that the amounts of CO2 produced by the earths fauna far dwarfs anything mankind could produce through manmade functions, and the capacity of the earth’s flora to consume our manmade CO2 is far greater than our ability to tax the natural system with manmade functions. If we use the “Jay Forrester” digitized method for modeling the flora – fauna interaction with respect to O2 and CO2 we would have what electronics engineers would classify as a “push pull” amplifier, which is a rock solid amplifier design. [Amplifiers utilize feedback loops to boost input signals to a desired stable output.] The modeling would show that practically nothing can shift the balance between O2 output of the earth’s flora, its consumption by fauna, and then the corresponding output of CO2 from the earth’s fauna, and its consumption by the earth’s flora. In other words it does not matter what output of CO2 occurs from manmade sources, the balance cannot change any more than one side or another side of a push pull hi fi amplifier can favor the positive or the negative output of the source sine wave. One side or the other grows or reduces to stabilize the input of CO2 from manmade sources to a stable output.

    1. Outstanding comment, great to hear from a real “scientist”. Unfortunately 75% of the population will not have a clue about what your post is illustrating/demonstrating.

    2. Well, almost. Amplifiers usually use negative feedback to reduce distortion. This actually reduces the output signal level. Further, what happens on the “top” half of a wave going through a push pull amplifier doesn’t affect the “bottom” half. That’s why you can have asymetrical waveforms. Maybe you want to think about a phase locked loop as a better example.

  45. tell the spoiled kids at Harvard, they know better than everyone else and are blindly following the left wing whacko talking points including trying to get the school to divest in oil companies and such.

  46. The Obama administration has been “distorting” every piece of information they release. From unemployment to GDP, they have manipulated it. WHY would this climate report be any different?

    Without a media that will actually report the truth, this administration is free to continuously lie to the American people.

  47. John Coleman was great to watch on KUSI news for many years. I appreciate him standing up to these scumbags and their pseudo science of global warming.

  48. Without even getting into any of the science or specifics in the Federal Assesment of Climate Change, you can tell that it is completely bogus. There is no discussion of any positive impacts. How could there be absolutely no positive impacts of climate change for such a geographically, socially, and economically diverse country as the US? It’s impossible. Like idiots, they overplayed the thing.

    1. I would bet that Canada would welcome a little warming. Higher temperatures mean longer growing seasons for them. Longer growing seasons mean better crops, more food and more money. Many other countries would benefit also.

  49. I recall when John Coleman was launching TWC. No man believed in his product more than John did. And if you got him talking about the weather, it was obvious that the “Weather Experience” had facts behind it, not just a pretty boy waving his hands across a map. He’s a credible source. Oh, and, as far as I can see, with no monetary dog in the race, contrary to all the government grantists out there asking for more money so they can continue to misplace temperature sensors at the ends of runways.

  50. I have long said I would not trust this administration to tell me truthfully if it was raining outside. Now it appears that I am completely justified.

  51. If they are using feedback loops in the models, the results are rigged (either intentionally or unintentionally) to deliver the output wanted by the modeler. I have proven such with a Jay Forrester model of “the Limits to Growth.” Simply design the circuit to deliver the output wanted. If you want unmitigated disaster from global warming, simply have at least one more positive feedback than negative feedbacks. If you want steady state, see comment below, have an equal number of positive and negative feedback loops. If you want the output to crash downwards, then have at least one more negative feedback loop than the positive feedback loops. This result always happens whether the loop models are two to one, one to one, or one thousand to one thousand to one. Inputs and relationship assumptions only shape the curve and provide amplitude to the curves, but the end result is always a function of the numerical majority of one sign or another of the feedback loops. So if i were a global warming modeler, and i do all the research and work i want to do, and create a model and the result is steady state…. well that cannot be right. I have to change the model output to unmitigated disaster by adding one feedback loop or changing a sign because that is what makes sense to me, not steady state. I “fixed” a mistake or error in my model. the global warming modelers are modeling what they want to see.

  52. Lets all abandon “power” and return to the earth…we can become hunter gathers, our life expectancy will fall, and there will be much more misery in the world but at least then the weather will be stable and normal

    1. Wait, but of course we will need our scientists and our wise leaders to continue to use power because we cannot expect them to have to suffer..they really are that important

  53. Al Gorleone is the original clown who got this effort rolling, but after looking at the millions he’s made selling his “snake oil”, I can’t say that he hasn’t done a great job of profiting from this manufactured crisis.
    He, along with all of the pseudo scientists who also profit from this fabrication.
    The frustrating part is that rational Americans can tune out all of this obvious nonsense, but we still have to pay for it.

  54. They’ll just say this guy is a crazed republican, anti-science loon, and it won’t change anyone’s mind.
    We are so split in this Country, everything we hear is pretty much believed by half, and disbelieved by the other half.
    I’d argue climate change is real, but the solution is not more government, more regulation, and more taxation, but i’ll be attacked by the other half so as hillary would say: “What difference does it make?”

      1. The climate is always changing, did you read the rest of my comment? Did you notice i didn’t use the idiotic terms the left is using to scare people? No, i guess you didn’t. At least you got to make a moronic comment though, good for you.

  55. i misspoke in the earlier comment: corrected: “I doubt …… that the amount of CO2 produced by manmade sources are anything but dwarfed by the amount of CO2 produced by the earth’s fauna, and the capacity…”

    1. People are quick to attack others when they mistype something. Problem is nobody reads the comments, they just see the ones on the top screen and attack/support, then off to the next article. Thsi means the people who were mad at whatever you typed wont see your correction, and still think they have “won” some argument, probably calling you a liberal or something because they didnt understand what you type, or read something you didnt mean to word that way. If I see something I dont agree with, I usually ask them to explain, then proceed to rip them a new one, factually, and backed up with sources. I get called names at that point, but that is the sign of a weak argument.

      1. “People are quick to attack others when they mistype something.”
        It is a simple Saul Alinsky tactic when someone cannot possibly defend their position. It is just like playing the race card, a perfect example that the person has nothing to support their position.

        Remember Saul gave the lying left their dishonest debate tool belt. He told them never debate the actual topic if their position was weak or zero but to, ridicule their opponent, attack the credibility of the source, attack spelling or punctuation…, or if all else fails play the race card.

    2. Besides, you have 4 comments, with 4 upvotes. thats 100% upvote per comment. better than most. Keep up that ratio and youre golden.

    3. What are they going to do? chop down the pines that produce CO2? Plug all volcanoes so they dont produce CO2? these warmist are insane. one volcano produces more CO2 than mankind has produced since we appeared.

  56. John was the best when he was on Channel 7 in Chicago
    HE IS ALSO a scientist, in the field of which he speaks,
    Barack Obama is not , he in fact is ignorant in his own field
    Bill Nye is not , he is an engineer
    Al Gore and Harry Reid are not

  57. Most people do not realize 87% of Climatologists are Socialists and or Communists. They have a Communist agenda. It is a historical fact that Lenin was a Climatologist.

  58. F The EPA they should be closed down. When is America going to grow a spine and start fighting back , I guess we haven’t reach the quarter of a cent raise on the TEA yet.

  59. John has really done it now. Now the Feds are going to go after The Weather Channel just like they are going after Sean Hannity and Drudge and Rush. They will try to label TWC as a PAC.

  60. They call CO2 the devil, I cal it plant food. We are not horrible for the mere act of breathing, no matter how much they try and say we are. They are simply trying to find more ways to liberate us, from our money.

    1. Let’s review, during the day vegetation uses carbon dioxide (CO2) and gives off oxygen, during the night vegetation uses oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide (CO2). We should all be dead by now, Ice caps melting, super storms, hurricanes, Lions, tigers, and bears, OH MY!

  61. This Progressive democrat war on weather and the climate must stop! The climates have changed since the dawn of creation. And, the climates of regions of the globe have gone through changes, as well. Why must Progressive use any and everything to drive their totalitarian agenda of wealth re-distribution through Progressive government regulators, where Progressives use regulations to make themselves and their family and friends mega-rich.

  62. If it wasnt so dangerous, these idiots claim on global warming would be funny. But they would destroy countries for their global warming BS,

  63. All so-called “Climate Scientists” who get public research funds should be compelled to display the following disclaimer:

    Global Warming Climate Change Hysteria Feeds My Family and Pays My Taxes!”

  64. Too bad Mr. Coleman isn’t a scientist, just some due who went to college in Illinois and saw an opportunity in reading weather reports and then convinced another guy with money to fund The Weather Channel. That would *really* help his credibility.

    1. As opposed to Gore, Soros, Obama and all their fellow travelers who lost their shirts on the Chicago Climate Exchange because they could not get their Carbon Tax Credit scam operating. They were positioned to make billions until the e-mails exposing the Global Warming hoax leaked out.

      How come after Al was so sure the current coastlines would be underwater by now he went and built his mansion right on the coast?

      Now, they are doubling down on the CCX in order to recoup their loses. NBC has been beating the Climate Change Drum even last night re-showing footage of heavy rains as proof of climate change. Strange they did not report the lowest number of tornadoes on record this year.Funny how when lying progressives don’t want cold weather to ruin their scam they remind us Weather is not Climate but when they want to make bad Weather an example of Climate Change all of a sudden weather is climate. Ah, without Saul Alinsky the left would be speechless.


  66. They want you in the carbon tax gulag, another way to loot everyone on the pretext of saving the world, while the coffers of psychopathic mass murderers are lined with the fruits of our labor. On what side of history will you reside? Slave or Free Man?

    You decide.

  67. You know, all I’ve ever wanted is to be left alone – to do my own thing in peace. But you can see plain as day where the AGW agenda is going. I’m almost at the point where I’m thinking it would be better just to say, “F’ it!”, sell everything off, grow myself a Grizzley Adams beard, buy a mule, pack up a rifle and an ax, and just head off into the mountains. Screw ’em all, let the Progressive’s have it.
    I don’t think my wife would be too keen on that plan, though. Bummer.

  68. The traditional role of government throughout history has been to rule over the people by controlling speech, travel, religion, commerce, political activities… and now whether.

    With so many control freaks attracted to government you have to wonder how many of them have an abuse history.


  70. The entire sum of human output in terms of energy, if collected….could heat the ocean by 1 degree farenheit in about 10,000 years.

  71. Too many obstacles to the theory that Carbon dioxide is a leading cause for global warming. First the oceans absorb a good deal of that gas. Secondly the oceans are the prime product of oxygen. Thirdly even if all the regulations are implemented in the US against Carbon Dioxide emissions we have no control on the emissions of other nations such as China and India. Even if we do have control on other nations the carbon foot print produced by earth alone is large and that includes the animal kingdom.

  72. If fossil fuels received the same amount of taxpayer subsidies as wind and solar boondoggles… a gallon of gas would be a buck.

  73. i tend to be a skeptic. the models have been proven wrong. the models were the foundation for justifying changes in policy, and once they failed the justifications became ever more transparent and absurd (colder, hotter, dryer, wetter, it’s all the fault of climate change).

    that said, somebody get this guy a proofreader.

  74. Most climate research is funded by governments. In order to get that research money, you better publish reports favorable to what the governments believe. If not, no more funding. This also pertains to all other research funded by the government. Marxism is killing us.

  75. 1%er Manbearpig has warned you all! Submit to his totalitarian Gaia religion of the elites or suffer the consequences…
    I for one choose to ignore him and live free in a manner I choose…

  76. What happened to the hole in the ozone, acid rain??? guess those didn’t work so on to the next control issue. Parents teach your children about this crap, it’s making a lot of the younger ones really scared, which is the reason they are doing this…it is to control the population through fear. When the little ones grow up THEY are the ones that will vote all the green crap IN

    1. The acid rain fell through the hole in the ozone and would have destroyed us all, except that luckily Y2K came along and on Jan 1, 2000 the ozone reset itself, gobbled up the acid rain and humanity was saved.

  77. Let’s do a little critical thinking about a key concept in AGW known as the “global mean temperature” (aka average global temperature). And for the sake of this discussion let’s forget about the vagaries of actually measuring temperature and pretend it’s about as easy and accurate as finding out a person’s age. As it turns out accurately measuring temperature data is not as easy as you think, but let’s ignore that for now.
    Our critical thinking will take the form of a thought experiment calculating the ”global mean age” of humans to a very high degree of accuracy. This thought experiment will have access to the time and date of birth of every person on Earth and will be updated continuously to reflect births and deaths. This highly accurate tabulation is possible because this is a thought experiment. And typical of thought experiments a few hypothetical quantities will be used for expository purposes so don’t waste your time debating minutia – stick to the big picture. Also for you public school products the arithmetic mean is what we’re talking about here and it is identical to what you know as the “average”.
    It turns out that the global mean age of humans was 27.214483 years on January 1, 1993 and by January 1, 2013 decreased by 0.1537 years. Sounds plausible but just what does that tell us? Not to be repetitious, but the accuracy of resulting “global mean age” is excellent. And remember, the thought experiment does not lack for sample size – it includes the entire population of the Earth tabulated continuously.
    Time for critical thinking – what does one make of the fact that the global mean age has decreased 0.1537 years since 1993? Is that “good” or “bad” for humanity? Did the average age decrease because of an increase in the birthrate or because more seniors passed on – or both? Also we know that infant mortality, gender mortality and longevity are dependent on many geographical, socio-economic, genetic and biological factors. But all this detail is ground to a slurry by averaging disparate data points in some gigantic statistical sausage maker of a calculation. The fact is that this incredibly accurate and all-inclusive global mean age statistic is next to useless in developing informed conclusions about the state of humanity and worse yet, invites conjecture based on “anecdotal texturing “.
    Now back to AGW and the much touted average global temperature…just why should the air temperature on a street corner in Bonn, Germany be averaged with the air temperature over a soy bean field 61 miles due north of Kansas City with the air temperature over a spot in the ocean 57 degrees south latitude 151 degrees east longitude? Are those data significantly coupled and if so how does that coupling change over time? What did that system look like 100 or 500 or 1,000 years ago – no one knows! And even if the Earth were literally covered with absolutely accurate temperature sensors the global mean temperature would leave us grasping at straws just as the global mean age did in out thought experiment.
    And yet this statistical phantasm of a “global average temperature” is supposed to be the oracle by which we view the immense complexity of global climate? What a joke!

  78. We are just a couple months past another PROVEN example of Barry’s constant lying (You can keep your doctor/plan) and so many other examples yet the enviro-nazis are still willing to believe a professionally trained liar and distorter of the truth (aka a lawyer) when it comes to “MODELS” creating by people trying to prove their “THEORY” and in the face of the leaked e-mails exposing that hoax.

    Just how much credibility are they willing to shed to enable this re-distribution of wealth and of course skimming off the top of EVERY carbon tax credit via the Chicago Climate Exchange which they created?

  79. The tragedy is, it doesn’t matter how much contradictory data is published, how many real (not on the AGW payroll) scientist contradict the AGW dogma, or how little of what they have been predicting would occur actually does occur, liberals will never back away from AGW.

    It’s a religion to them. It is not about science, it’s about belief and they have bought the propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

    “Science” that doesn’t allow debate, “science” that tries to shout down or suppress opposition, “science” that is “settled,” isn’t science at all, it’s politically motivated dogma.

  80. It seems to me that geo-politics is at the center of the global warming/climate change debate. If you demonize fossil fuels, you lessen the power and influence of oil producing countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc… In that light, it makes sense why the U.S. government is so hard pressed to push global warming upon the world.

    1. Ah, you are missing an important point. We have a current administration who IN THEIR OWN WORDS have told us we are the problem and are deliberately trying to lessen the influence of the USA world wide. I guess reasonable people could debate that position and I would be glad to take the position the world is a better place because of the USA than a world without the USA and maybe the former Soviet Union and how about total world domination by Muslims.

      Make no mistake Barry does not like the USA and is using the typical liberal failed logic of making things fair by stealing from those who earn to those who sit on their backsides.

  81. You people obviously have a lot to learn about Hope&Change Science™. “Proof” is a concept used by the white man to oppress people of color. Hope&Change Science™ leverages liberal arts math, a non-exclusionary method of gathering analyzing and publishing data that correctly weights the social consequences of “truth” and “evidence” in order to prove that we’re not spreading enough wealth around.

    1. Don’t forget the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and its creators, Soros, Gore, Barry (blind trust if you can believe such a thing exists for a politician).

      They took a real hosing when the global warming “experts” and the phony “consensus” science were exposed by their own e-mails.

      Now Barry feels the window of opportunity to recoup those huge losses is closing as he cannot guarantee the damage he has done will be continued by the next administration. They have to act now and expect that action to be laced with all sorts of poison pills to prevent any non-RINOs in the GOP from overturning it.

  82. Conservatives need to look through the lie and realize that Cap In Trade HAS ALREADY STARTED. The Waxman Markey bill from 2009 and California’s AB32 DEMAND a 60% GHG reduction in the next 20 years and n 83% reduction by 2050. To start with, soon kiss wood stoves, fireplaces, pellet stoves, yard burning goodbye. Next, feel the increased price of TRAVEL. Travel is considered by the greenies as the main contributor to GHG. Next they come for your homes, restricting sales until the home is updated for energy efficiency.
    Rush and the gang whine almost every day now about the crazy climate related proposals, as if these are some liberal pipe dreams. They are already screwing you. ICLEI canvassed every county, city and town in your country and influenced your local commissioners and planning departments to include severe limitations to GHG in their GENERAL PLAN, which dictates all future land use.
    Deborah Tavares (YouTube) ties this together by describing the CAP (climate action plan) that every locality must conform with or lose state, fed and NGO funding.
    We need to stop laughing about cow farts and rising seas and concentrate on REPEALING Waxman Markey and AB 32 as well as Cap In Trade. Did you know California is already the #2 carbon market behind the EU? And it just got started.

  83. Oh please what would one of The most Respected Meteorologists(John Coleman) in The World who stands no financial gain (grants) who leads a coalition of over 31,000 experts in the field of climate and Meteorology know about Climate change or global scamming? We have a little over 2100 Eco socialists with dubious degrees all receiving Federal funding approved by Statist control freak politicians who stand to gain Massive unregulated Taxation and Government regulation of every aspect of Humanity. Hey did I mention We’re Funded and supported by the Globalist Bankster funded UN. Trust us what could possibility go wrong ? It’s for THE CHILDREN’S Future.( we’ll discuss world over population and eugenics later)

    1. World population is buried down at the very core of this liberal BS as there are a core group of people who are confident the world can only support 350-500 million people. Like warming, cooling, change the math is quite fuzzy and highly political in nature.

      1. You have the Happy Liberal numbers depending on the group .Upper level globalists( Gates,Turner,Rockafeller,Soros,etc) want population as low as 250 million as per the original UN 1969 Numbers Just enough for a working global slave class.

  84. This is why most Americans are not worried about “climate change”. They realize the data doesn’t support the alarmist positions held by liberals & MSM.

    1. I would have no problem discussing CO2 with a liberal as long as that discussion did not have the sword of redistribution hanging overhead.

      It would be so helpful to have the discussion/debate/REAL scientific method used to evaluate the “theory” without the political hysteria.

      First explain temperature changes on other planets in our solar system. No SUVs there.

      Then and only then if CO2 can be PROVEN to be a threat, we can evaluate the human part of the CO2 equation and if it makes sense to cripple the energy supply to our economic engine all while knowing fully well China and India will continue to spew out CO2 like a galactic cow fart.

      No, progressives want to start stealing our money, limiting our growth without any plan to stop China/India and without first PROVING there is a problem.

  85. It is the new religion. Reminds me of the Noah story, where man’s sins brought climate change for real. They are just preaching an updated version.

  86. Hey John, I remember your days in Chicago. I think you even came to my grade school about 40 years ago. I always liked and respected you. I didn’t know you were the founder of the weather channel. Anyway, thanks for your work in Chicago and now for shinning a light on this fraud. When I get Al Gore to come to my house I’ll invite you too. You can kneel down behind him and I’ll push him over.

  87. To reduce it’s environmental impact, the 600-page report could have been summarized in one page: adhere to any (and all) government mandates, pay your taxes, and your (big business and government) leaders will do just fine… Fuhshizzle!!!

  88. I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you, Dr. Coleman, regarding your comment on the “dramatic increase in the cost of corn”. It is the increasing world demand for meat and our government’s policy to rent the least productive land (CRP program) from the farmer that has driven the cost of corn higher rather than our ethanol policies. Only in years of severe drought (such as 2012) or severe wet (such as 1993 or 2013) has the price of corn exceeded the cost of inflation from a baseline year of your choosing. The production of ethanol was originally subsidized by the government through the policies of tax credits (refunding the taxes paid on each gallon produced). Now that the industry has matured, those tax credits are no longer available and the ethanol industry must compete with traditionally refined gasoline on a dollar for dollar basis. One could argue that the EPA’s mandate that the fuel industry be required to use 13 billion + gallons of ethanol each year is a form of subsidy but, even without the mandate, ethanol is the most economical and ecologically friendly alternative to reach the EPA’s octane requirements for a gallon of gasoline. The bi-products of ethanol production are DDG’s (dried distillers grain) and corn oil. DDG’s are a high protein staple feed ingredient used for livestock so the net decrease in feed available for livestock due to ethanol is negligible. Corn oil can be used for many things from cooking oils to bio-diesel. The biggest drawback of ethanol production is the volume of water it takes to process the corn. We have seen a temporary decrease in the meat supply, particularly beef (herd sizes are down due to lengthy droughts in the south and lack of productive pasturelands) and pork (PED virus epidemic leading to severe mortality losses among piglets) which is causing an appropriate market reaction of higher retail prices. This has nothing to do with the price of corn. Corn prices are 50% lower today than they were at this time just 2 years ago. By far, the greatest increase in the cost of our food is due to the correspondingly higher costs of transporting that food. In the end, however, you and I both still spend a smaller portion of our income on food than anyone else in the world. The market forces will drive us to expand our beef herds and develop a vaccine for the PED virus in pork which will, eventually, lower their base costs. If prices do not come down on the retail end at the same time, it will be because the cost of transporting those products has risen even further. Be sure you thank the Lord for the American farmer the next time you ask His blessing on your food. (P.S. I’m in total agreement with everything else you said about global warming. Thank you for your insight.)

    1. Let me guess, subsidized farmer, midwest…maybe Iowa. Forgot about the blizzard in the Dakotas, Wyoming Etc. where “cattle” were not subsidized? Ethanol is the most economical and ecologically friendly alternative? You must be growing corn. And…not to mention the damage Ethanol does to older car and truck fuel systems. Look, I grew up in the Dakotas, ranchers were driving 20 year old pick-ups while the “subsidized” farmers were driving new 4WDs every year, and would always load up on the “free” cheese with bumper stickers reading “It’s hell to be poor”. Go vote Democratic again, you need the subsidies.

      1. Nice try. Not a farmer. Not growing corn. Not subsidized. Never voted for someone calling themselves a Democrat (although I held my nose and voted for Romney which was pretty close). My pickup is a ’98 and I pump 10% ethanol blended gas into it all the time. No fuel system damage after 180,000 miles. I suppose we could go back to the good ‘ole days of leaded gas but, as the EPA guidelines for octane requirements currently stand, ethanol is the most price competitive and ecologically friendly option when compared to the oil derivative competitors. The farmers driving the new 4WD trucks in your area were probably taking advantage of the tax-deductability of their work vehicles just like any salesman can deduct the expense of driving his Ford Fusion for business purposes. I grew up poor on a farm (you did get Iowa correct) and would be more than willing to live the poor life of a small farmer if it were just me. Fortunately, I have a wife and 2 children I’m responsible for supporting and cannot afford to take on the risk of being a farmer. If you are not a farmer, I would wager that your income is not at risk every time it rains or doesn’t rain or some other weather event. I agree that livestock farmers should also have insurance available to them just like the grain farmer does. Just last year, I know of a turkey farmer who lost 100,000 30-pound birds due to a long hot spell. Being a typical farmer, however, he absorbed the cost himself and replaced those birds with more, hoping to turn a little profit on the next batch. I actually work in an industry that competes directly with the local ethanol facility but I’m still objective enough to see the overall value of the product – it creates a profitable market for corn growers and reduces the amount of tax dollars going directly to the farmer in some other form of price subsidy (i.e. PIK or LDP). Thank your parents for me for being ranchers and doing their best to raise a little food for the rest of us who like to eat.

        1. My pick up is an ’89, grew up west dakotas, college east dakotas, got tired of the farmers bitchin’ when the ranchers were takin’ it in the shorts. My predjudice. Thanks for responding. I just hope they don’t go for the 15% Ethanol, that will be the death of my ’89. My income depends on clients that are unsure of what’s next, as a small business owner. Maybe I should consider farming…thanks for your politeness, wish I could say the same for myself.

  89. Clearly a racists, flat earth, and right wing conspiracy filled article. I will clearly overlook your sound SCIENTIFIC based position and stand by my global warming, err cliomate change, err climate interrupted brohters and sisters.

      1. LMAO! Apparently those predicting the global phenom do not have the background either. They have been wrong and attempt to force their template on ANY weather that happens wet, dry, cold, or warm. I predict that it will be hot or cold tomorrow, plan accordingly.

  90. Climate change is just another government driven agenda to tax all americans. Those who buy in to it are loons. I will NEVER vote for or side with anyone who wants to raise taxes. AND anyone that comes to my doorstep demanding money will get a bullet from my AR instead.
    DEMORATS = high taxes and turning this country socialist

  91. Duh! The clue to the failure of the theory of global warming was Al Gore. Once he built that band wagon for everyone to jump on, for the money to flow into his pocket, the theory was suspect. When the government climbed onboard, every thinking person on earth knew the wagon was carrying a load of bulshyt and Al was the driver. Notice the terror of global warming in China, India, Germany, Russia, Spain, Africa, and the other 196 countries? Al didn’t go over quite as well over there, except in Swedish and Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize judges. Well, you have to accept the fact that scientists have families, want to buy new cars and take vacations. Most scientists have a tough time finding a job. Using their degrees to add credence to ridiculous theories that pay big money is a human characteristic. Now they have a job as long as they keep the media and politicians hyped on CO2. How many German scientists suddenly “discovered” that Jewish blood was different than Aryan blood in WWII. The leading scientific country on earth at the time suddenly believed in mysticism, bogus biology, and mythology. Same as global warming. If the world does heat or cool, it isn’t because of humans or belching cattle. “The Earth Abides” is more than a science fiction story. It is a fact of life. The earth does what the earth wants to do despite the fleas sucking its juices and crawling across its skin. We aren’t going to affect it.

  92. The lead investigator behind NASA’s SABER study, James Russell from Hampton University, informs us that “Carbon dioxide and nitric oxide are natural thermostats”,* meaning when CO₂ gases rise into the upper atmosphere, which they must because they are robust absorption vehicles for heat (heat rises/cold falls), that’s when these formerly lower atmospheric gasses unload their heat packages, otherwise CO₂ and nitric oxide can’t be “natural thermostats”.

    You see, Ladies and Gentlemen, as we were taught in grade school (and as Meteorologists are instructed in Meteorology 101, proving the Meteorology profession was co-opted by Marxists), warm air rises and displaces the colder air atop. That colder air then moves back down towards the ground. As THE robust gasses for latching onto heat (Infrared Radiation/IR), [man-made] CO₂ and nitric oxide are therefore responsible for COOLING the planet to a greater degree then it would be otherwise. In other words, if man-made CO₂ and nitric oxide are decreased, all other variables remaining constant (such as the energy output of the Sun), global temperatures will dramatically INCREASE.

    It is during the night, when one side of the Earth isn’t being bombarded by light, that heat-laden CO₂ and nitric oxide in the lower atmosphere are especially adapt at displacing/replacing the greatly less heat-laden CO₂ and nitric oxide in the upper atmosphere, and unloads their heat cargoes into space. This cycle continues all night. Hence, the more CO₂ and nitric oxide any particular area of the Earth has, the greater the cooling effect will be for that area.
    *“Carbon dioxide and nitric oxide are natural thermostats,” explains James Russell of Hampton University, SABER’s principal investigator. “When the upper atmosphere (or ‘thermosphere’) heats up, these molecules try as hard as they can to shed that heat back into space.” — http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2012/22mar_saber/

  93. B-b-but! Neil DeGrasse Tyson says it’s as settled as Relativity! And he’s sooooo cool! I mean, look at all the really cool memes of him! So if he says it’s true it HAS to be true! And that old white guy is sooooooooooooooo not cool and doesn’t have a TV show that makes me smart just by watching it! So he can’t be right because he’s soooo uncool!

  94. The sky is falling, at least according to the same folks that said if you like your doctor and your health plan you can keep them, the same folks that purposely lied that the Benghazi attack was caused by a video when they knew better, the very same folks caught running guns to terrorists.

    Zero credibility.

  95. This isn’t a Democrat or Republican agenda, it’s a U.N. agenda. Read it for yourself, it’s on the UN website for all to read. U.N. Agenda 21 ( = depopulation through taxation and regulation.)

    1. Except for the extreme fringes the whole Mexico/U.S. Border is desert….so you are saying it will be MORE desert? Desert deluxe? Desert 2.0?

  96. Governments are always looking for more effective ways of controlling the masses. In the US, it’s easier to restrict freedom and liberty by climate regulations than it is, for the moment, going for guns…liberals are easier to fool.

  97. I love the smell of desperation in the air. The president is attempting to ram both glo-bull
    warming and illegal amnesty down our throats now as they’ve seen the writing on the wall
    of the “Clean Sweep of 14” where we rid ourselves of the liar leftists at the voting booth once
    and for all.

    The last gasp of a tyrant.

  98. Even the Weather Channel guy says the President of the United States is lying about Climate Change… Well that’s disconcerting for the Chicken Little crowd….

  99. .
    How dare this guy come out against Global Warming, Climate Change, I mean Climate Disruption.
    I don’t care about his “facts”, he needs to be destroyed.


    1. How about ‘second-by-second climate disruption’? That way we don’t even have to have facts any more since it all changes so quickly.

  100. As with everything else the left does, the whole climate change agenda is about nothing more than control and redistributing wealth.
    By mandating oppressive regulation, they can force behavior modification on the public and extort wealth from the private sector.
    In reality not one of these supposedly well meaning progressives give a hang about ecology and the hypocritical manor in which they conduct themselves in their personal lives proves it.
    Spewing all the manufactured, sensationally fatalistic mumbo jumbo in the world isn’t going to convince the public especially when they don’t see the predictions come to pass and they realize that their energy bills ‘will necessarily skyrocket’ when the left has anything to do with it.

  101. Hope Mr. Coleman has his tax records at-the-ready.
    Oh, wait. He’s white. We can marginalize him with the racist tag.
    Just kidding. We’ll do both at the same time.

  102. A bogus report commissioned by Obama written for his ideology driven agenda. I don’t even have to read it to know the conclusion, more government and increased spending. And of course the elimination of the individuals liberty.

  103. But, but…I thought it was all ‘settled science’….or is that just code for STFU so we don’t have to have a intelligent dissenting opinion?

  104. Hmmm. It’s about time to bring back sacrificing virgins to stem global climate change, just as humans did thousands of years ago. It’s got to cost a lot less than limiting fossil fuel consumption or carbon credits or all the taxes on everyone and it’s got to be at least as effective on climate change than all these things.

  105. I read somewhere the growing consensus by 4 to 1 is that President
    Pinocchio’s nose will grow by an estimated 3.2 inches in the next few months.

    Scientists overwhelmingly agree, the science is settled.

    If he lies on-average 462 times daily for the next 2 years,
    462 X 730 = an overall growth of nearly 29 inches is predicted.

    Which means every man, woman, and child in America will now be taxed
    .0001% of their pre-taxed annual income for the bi-monthly pruning.

  106. It’s beautiful today. Sunny, high 70’s, cool breeze, but then it’s suppose to rain on Saturday. This climate change is really getting to me.

  107. Thank you John Coleman for speaking truth to power. The “Global Warming” scam is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated. There have been climate changes many times in the few billion years the earth has been around and most of them occurred well before man arrived on the scene. So even if the present “Global Warming” fraud were true, which is unlikely, it’s a real stretch of the imagination to blame it on man. Obama and the hucksters’ “solution” for this non-event is to undermine the American economy and to transfer sovereignty from the individual nations and surrender power to the UN. Wake up folks, Obama is a pathological liar and is trying to destroy our great nation.

  108. Any moron that continues to deny climate change (“global warming”), or that it is now primarly “human caused”, is a idiotic FOOL.

    GO READ THE SCIENCE. Avoid stupid websites like this one and every other “denial campaign” while the planet continues to heat up and destroy lives, homes, crops, future.

    The facts are IN. But we’re left with idiots and fools to “combat”, when instead, we should adapt our lifestyle and civilization and stop dumping trillions of tons of pollutants into the atmosphere. You can only shit in your own nest so long before the waste you’ve dumped becomes a problem… I think 200 years is “enough”.

    1. I know, its so obvious too! Where I live, the temperature has gone up 30 to 40 degrees, just in the last three months! It is time to do something before its too late! Arrrrrghhhhh!


    2. Damn JR, I thought they shot you years ago??? When you leftist goof balls come up with a way to lift a 370,000 pound Boeing 777 off the ground, propel it forward at 650 MPH and upward to an altitude of 7 miles above the ground, then come see us with your “green energy” mumbo jumbo. Until then, Delta is ready when we are … drill baby drill!

    3. The science is as fake as the President’s wife feigned concern for the people of this country. Only a dupe believes the tripe that comes from any purported “expert” climate scientist. They can’t predict the temp in 2 weeks let alone 20 years. And yes, weather matters, it always has, where do you think “climate” actually comes from?

        1. You are correct sir…but you shouldn’t use 4 syllable words to an AGW believer, they never make it past about 2 to 2 1/2…

    4. I know. I’m still trying to recover from that Category 5 hurricane that hit the Mississippi Delta back in 632 BC and from the F5 tornado that ripped along the front range of the Rocky Mountains in 1386. I heard two Native Americans lost their teepee that year and they then decided to start hunting buffalo because they were farting too much.

    5. First of all you stupid person… there is no such thing as settled science. Real science welcomes challenge. You should learn something about “Experimental Error”… and then you should take a few courses in higher math and thermodynamics. There are no experiments to verify the claims made by the idiots you worship.

        1. Great comment… yes I know… their blind worship is frustrating. These are really very dumb fish… lucky if you could teach them to swim.

          1. Lols. Keep trying. It’s kinda fun to watch. Here’s one I use from time to time:

            “As I sit here looking up at that giant, continuous thermonuclear explosion in the sky, just eight light minutes away, I cannot help but wonder how any otherwise intelligent person can come to the conclusion that it’s my Crown Vic that’s causing the Earth to warm.”

            Use it freely if you like it….

    6. I know, right! The temperature is predicted to rise another 20 to 30 degrees here in the next 3 months. That’s as 50 degree increase since December! Anyone who does not understand this is MAN MADE is a flat earth science denier! Only man and his dirty machines did this. We need to have global government and global taxation to solve this problem now! Dear Science, thank you for creating Al Gore, and especially Barack Hussain Obama our saviour from the magical oasis land of Kenya where everyone is so smart and clean and happy.

    7. You have been so duped it’s embarrassing to the entire history of human existence. You know, all those people before you that survived “normal” climate change with many more extremes than your “man made” climate change. So many neurons not connecting, so sad.

    8. Dumbo Ice packs .Rocks ,clay mud packs and barried old trees DNA’S all show we have millions of times in the last 67 Billion years have had far warmer and much colder centuries .
      Just for the record at 6,000 feet the temps have averaged 28-30 degrees for Thousands of years .
      And man is smaller than a pin dot only 30.000 feet above earth .
      Remember the Arctic ,anti Arctic ,Huge Mountains , Ocean’s , Lakes , Rivers , Swamps and many deserts account for 68 % of the earths surface .
      Mother nature decides our weather patterns not some guys getting paid in Labs to scare us to death .
      Va just experienced our coldest and snowiest Jan, Fed and March since 1972 .

  109. Considering the earth has been experiencing climate change since the earth first formed an atmosphere, it’s darn near impossible to pin global warming on man.

    Man-made global warming is a theory and predictions about global warming are
    made with computer models based on global warming theories.

    The theory dictates the model and the computer models confirm the theory.

    In scientific circles this is called ‘confirmation bias’.

    This isn’t science. It’s an agenda.