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The Annual Disaster Fake News Story


By Paul Homewood

It’s Whack-A-Mole time!


A disaster-weary globe will be hit harder in the coming years by even more catastrophes colliding in an interconnected world, a United Nations report issued Monday says.

If current trends continue the world will go from around 400 disasters per year in 2015 to an onslaught of about 560 catastrophes a year by 2030, the scientific report by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction said. By comparison from 1970 to 2000, the world suffered just 90 to 100 medium to large scale disasters a year, the report said.

The number of extreme heat waves in 2030 will be three times what it was in 2001 and there will be 30% more droughts, the report predicted. It’s not just natural disasters amplified by climate change, it’s COVID-19, economic meltdowns and food shortages. Climate change has a huge footprint in the number of disasters, report authors said.

The UN report referred to is utterly fraudulent. Below is the key chart from the UN Press Release:


They claim an increasing trend since the 1970s, when miraculously it seems there were hardly any disasters at all!

In fact, the table from the actual report makes it clear that the number of disasters has in reality been declining since 2000, a fact which makes a nonsense of the projected rise of 40% by 2030:


But why the rapid increase since 1970?

We have been down this road before. The data comes from EM-DAT the International Disaster Database. They only began publishing data in 1998, and in 2004 warned that earlier data was incomplete:




In other words, most disasters were simply never officially recorded prior to 2000. To put it into some sort of perspective, EM-DAT define a disaster below:


How many disasters would have been officially logged by the UN or any international body fifty years ago, when the threshold was so low? Indeed many much bigger disasters don’t appear in EM-DAT in those early years, such as the Red River Delta flood in Vietnam, which killed an estimate 100,000 people in 1971:


Yet EM-DAT ignore this flood entirely:


EM-DAT Forget To Count Vietnam’s Red River Flood

Every year the UN publish a fraudulent report like this one. And each year it is faithfully reported by the media, who have no interest in telling the public the real facts.

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