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Big oil climate appeasement: ExxonMobil executives urge Trump to keep U.S. in UN Climate Agreement


ExxonMobil executives recently urged President Trump to break a campaign promise and keep the U.S. in the UN’s disastrous Paris climate agreement.

Secretary of State and former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson agrees with his old colleagues and has said he favors taking the Trump Administration in the same direction.

This would be a huge mistake.

President Trump signed an executive order designed to roll back the Obama Administration’s global warming policies and end its war on energy.  The President’s E.O. makes no mention of the Paris agreement.

But if he’s going to push America toward energy independence, dumping this ill-founded UN agreement is an absolute must.

In recent years, energy companies – Exxon in particular – have been constant targets of Green campaigners.  This often makes them weak-kneed and fearful. They’d like nothing better than to rid themselves of these pesky Green gadflies and improve their image among the elitist media.

To accomplish this, businesses all too often seek to buy off the Greens rather than stand up to them.  Exxon’s position on the UN treaty appears to follow in this ignoble tradition.  Fueling the Greens with corporate credibility and cash is, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, like “feeding a crocodile hoping it’ll eat you last.”

President Trump should see through Exxon’s attempt to “greenwash” away its public relations problems, keep his campaign promise, and free America from the UN climate agreement.


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