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Record cold and snow spread globally


Record cold and snow have descended upon the planet this Winter and even in the summer in some places. The cold is spreading as the latest satellite data reveals that despite a huge El Nino, global temperatures are not statistically warmer than 1998.

The global warming “pause” continues. See: Death Of Global Temperature ‘Pause’ Greatly Exaggerated – 2016 Not Statistically Warmer Than 1998  & Despite new claims, global warming temperature pause ‘still going strong’  & The Pause Lives on: Global Satellites: 2016 not Statistically Warmer than 1998

Round up of global record cold and snow


Record cold, then freezing rain in Portland metro

New cold record set in Finland

California – 6½ feet of snow in 72 hours – Homewood ski area has received 79 inches  (200 cm) of snow in the past 72 hours. Continue reading California – 6½ feet of snow in 72 hours

Far colder than normal in Russia

Snowing in New Zealand – In high summer

California – 6½ feet of snow in 72 hours

Ten to fifteen feet of snow for California

Austria – “Winter is returning – and how!”

“Brutal cold” in Germany

“Great cold” in eastern France

Idaho – Most snow on the ground, any day of the year, any year

Boise sets TWO snowfall records. This morning, the National Weather Service measured a record 15 inches of snow on the ground at the Boise Airport. That breaks the record for total snowfall sitting on the ground, on any day of the year, in any year. The previous snow-depth record of 13 inches was set on December 30, 1983 and again December 2, 1985. Second record more than doubles previous record Yesterday, Boise received 6.5 inches of new snow, the most snow ever recorded on January 4th and more than double the previous record of 3.2 inches set in 1951.

Villages isolated by snow in Iraq

Getting colder again over parts of Canadian west

Schools in E. Idaho (where it’s COLD) – close because it’s TOO cold

39 inches of snowfall in 24 hours

India – Heavy snowfall closes Mughal road for third straight day

Turkey – Flooded minaret now surrounded by snow

Abandoned in the middle of a blizzard … police found her body


    • Agreed. The models are often way off, particularly when the baseline data is skewed to maximize warm results. Many of the global models got pommeled in December and now in January. The only guys getting this correctly are at You can’t just let some sniveling socialist dial-in the inputs in a back room somewhere and use that as weather gospel. You HAVE to study the historical analogs. That’s where the red meat is. The fact is, nothing has really changed that much since the industrial revolution. Oh sure, a couple of super El Ninos but stay tuned. These upcoming winters are going to be historic.

      • You’re absolutely correct. We are in a new Grand Solar Minimum as part of the 179 year cycle. With an 8 year lag between the grand alignment of Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter opposite Saturn in 2010, the combine force of this alignment has changed the angular momentum of the Sun and pulled it off it barycentric motion. This has slowed the Sun’s conveyor belt and the magnetic activity of the Sun is going to shut down for about 30 years. Just as the Modern Solar Maximum warmed the oceans and released additional CO2 into the atmosphere between 1900 and today, the cooling oceans over the next few decades will see CO2 reduction as the salt water reabsorbs excess CO2 once again. All of this will happen without a single dollar of tax money going to the United Nations….sorry progressive socialists, your warming scheme has been overtaken by the universe!

  1. Don’t you understand? It’s all about feedback loops and such. You melt the ice in the north and south poles, and it floods the Earth with cold water which is then feedback looped into the air which then rains snow and ice on the Earth in a way that is caused by man’s breathing and carbon dioxide and yes, cow flatulence and such, not to mention all those cars, factories, planes, etc.. Then you call it climate change cause it’s no longer warming, but, it’s all that melting caused by warming that’s making my buns freeze, so freezing the poles again is the only choice we have. Stop climate change! Freeze the poles! That is our credo!

  2. Here is a chart on Temps – from USHCN data….. that speaks VOLUMES about the rise in temperatures over the last 100+ years – (at least for US data…)

    Note the difference between Raw and ‘Final’ Temperatures, and it’s trend line, is almost equivalent to the temperature change that have the Warmist’s and their panties all tied up in a wad.

    NOAA states the altered data is the best they have…. Hmmmmmmm. Even the Temp data is suspect.

  3. Who was that assclown who said that the “earth has a fever” years ago? Oh that would be that idiot Algoreacle back in 2006. So what now? Earth has a cold? Oh yeah, he’s also the moron who said this: “The number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has doubled in the last 30 years.” Except that the past 11 years post-Katrina, they dropped. You junk science court jesters just make it up as you go.

  4. Don’t forget when the Global Warming hoaxers begin to realize that global warming actually wasn’t taking place, they had to change the name of the scam to Climate Change. You see back in July temperatures were averaging 80 degrees, but due to excess CO2 in the atmosphere temperatures in January are averaging 30 degrees, which is a change. But don’t question the nonsensical science behind this Global Warming/Climate Change, just pay your carbon footprint tax bill and shutup.

  5. Good Old Farmers Almanac predicted a Severe Freezing Winter and the Great Scientific Minds of the Climate Change World predicted the Arctic would melt, Antarctica Ice would melt and flood the World. Hmmmmmmmm
    Seems a lot cheaper to just buy the Old Farmers Almanac than spend Billions of Dollars on Bull Shit.

  6. From yesterday’s Daily Mail article, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ could become a reality: “Climate change could cause ocean currents to COLLAPSE plunging the Northern Hemisphere into an ice age, warn scientists.”
    “Researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego have shown that climate models may be drastically underestimating the possibility of ocean circulations collapsing.”
    “According to researchers, the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is an important component of the Earth’s climate system.”
    “The pattern carries warm, salty water in the upper layers of the Atlantic northward, and colder fresh water in the deep Atlantic southward.”
    “This ocean circulation system transports a substantial amount of heat from the Tropics and Southern Hemisphere toward the North Atlantic, where the heat is transferred to the atmosphere.”
    “High levels in carbon dioxide would cause Arctic and Greenland ice melt, increasing the amount of freshwater run-off into the ocean.”
    “This increase in freshwater would disrupt the AMOC, which relies on a balance between fresh and salt water.”
    “Previous studies have estimated that carbon dioxide levels will double to 700 ppm by 2100. If this is the case, ocean currents could collapse by the year 2400.”
    “North Atlantic Ocean surface temperatures would drop 2.4° C (4.3° F) and surface air temperatures over northwest Europe could drop by as much as 7° C (12.6° F).
    Zhengyu Liu, co-author of the study, said: ‘It’s a very provocative idea.
    ‘For me, it’s a 180-degree turn because I had been thinking like everyone else.’

    These pseudo- scientists are REALLY INSANE!!!

  7. Quit looking at the “Moment”, and use some common sense. Temperatures can be hand picked to suit their purpose…but, most of the glaciers that have been around for 10’s of thousands of years are either receding or just plain gone, and that’s just a fact…

    • Thank God the glaciers have been melting, or we would still be in an ice age! Sea levels have been rising about 1/8″ per year for as far back as we can measure as a result. They are not rising any faster, nor any slower than normal. You should have stated that those glaciers that have been around for 10’s of thousands of years continue to melt. That’s what glaciers do! They either grow or recede. Nothing unusual here, folks…move along! Sooner or later, temperatures will cool and the glaciers will return…that is, if the earth isn’t struck by one of the thousands of asteroids orbiting our planet! Of course, we can’t blame man for that, right?

  8. I remember when Paul Ehrlich and his ilk first began to terrorize the public about climate and population issues. I saw him on The Tonight Show in 1968 and he really scared me. Predictions of Planetary famine and catastrophic climate change [it was supposed to be a new Ice Age then] proved to be 100%wrong. But the same bunch is still using the same tactics to fool the rubes…As you get older and wiser, the charlatans become painfully obvious and you marvel that you were ever taken in by them.

  9. .
    Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when certain creatures hibernate and aren’t heard from again until the 1st heatwave of the season. Here is a partial list of animals that go into deep hibernation:

    1. Bears 2. Hedgehogs 3. Bats 4. Prairie Dogs 5. Hamsters 6. Skunks
    7. Ground Squirrels 8. Common Poorwills 9. Deer Mice 10. Wood Frogs
    11. Warm Ongers 12. Gullibleswarmists 13. Cattlefartaphobes
    14. Hockeystycophants 15. Celebrehypocrites 16. Leodecaprionuts
    17. Climatardians 18. Carbonfootpricks 19. Climydiaphobes
    20. Greenpeacesofschitts 21. Libcockandbullschitters 22. Carboneurotics
    23. Ecochondriacs 24. Primatechangers 25. Democratascammers
    26. Geosexaphiles 27. Algoresickaphants 28. Ecovangelists
    29. Petromaniacs 30. Agwalarmists 31.Cotwoaphobes


  10. By the end of the decade, Al Gore’s great, great grandkids will be calling for more coal and fossil fuel burning in a futile attempt to mitigate a mini ice age that will be threatening to become more severe than expected.

  11. If not for pyromaniacal cavemen, the Sahara Desert wouldn’t have gone from a green paradise 11,000 years ago to what it is today and the great glaciers would still be covering much of the Northern Hemisphere.

  12. And yet our public schools continue this inane GW indoctrination starting at a very early age. Test scores in science are made by regurgitating the fake science. And the oblivious go on with their lives wondering why their utility bills inch continuously skyward – even with all the widely acclaimed improvements in “technology”.

  13. Yes, yes, whatever…blah blah blah. The really BIG news is that the UN, along with President Obama, has ALREADY declared that 2017 is the HOTTEST year on record! And we’re only 6 days in! Who are you going to believe? 120 percent of all scientists (AND Al Gore, btw)…or this article?

  14. It’s cold outside. Please fire up your wood burning stoves and generate some CO2 to heat up the atmosphere and cut down on heating bills. The libs tell me the sun or earths changing orbit do not play a role in the temperature changes, the warming is caused by humans generating CO2 and those darn cows farting methane gas.

  15. Let me guess the NOAA response to global cooling. Global warming has caused superheating of the Earth’s iron core resulting in wobbling of the Earth’s axis, causing missaligment of the gravitational fields, resulting in ocean current disruption resulting in deep cold ocean water to float on top of warmer water, resulting in expansion of the polar ice sheets, resulting in global surface cooling, in othewords man-made climate change.

  16. It’s not “Global Warming” anymore. It’s “Climate Change”, which is still caused by man.

    That’s right! Man is evil and is to blame for everything …… because man has that kind of god-like power.

  17. The noted S. American Global Cooling Climatologist, Alberto Gorez, correctly predicted the current GLOBAL COOLING TREND over 2 decades ago…..but of course Alberto is a real scientist, who understands the Laws of Thermodynamics….he actually took several upper level college courses in it…..unlike the Global Warming liars who flunked out of college “Science”….

  18. I have purchased a coal burning stove, and am currently doing my best to Convert Carbon and Oxygen to CO2….It’s a typical oxidation process which democorats cannot understand….Science and Democrats are like Oil and Water, or Vinegar and Ice Cream….they just don’t go together…..

    Would anyone like to purchase a Carbon Debit to help warm the earth back up?

    The earth’ s temperature has nothing to do with THE SUN, if you CHOOSE to believe the CHOSENITE RUN MEDIA…..

    The MAUNDER MINIMUM that brought us the LITTLE ICE AGE has returned.

    LONG LIVE ALBERTO GOREZ…..the greatest Prophet since RONSTRADAMUS!

  19. Maybe the “HEAT IS HIDING IN THE OCEAN DEPTHS” again?

    You know, like when you go swimming in a lake or the ocean, the warmest part is always the deepest!! UH-HUH…



    If it’s Run by the “Chews”, It’s fake news!

  20. “Snowfalls will soon just be a thing of the past”
    “Children just won’t know what snow is any more”…The Global Warming “Experts” at E. Anglia “University” Circa 2000…..

    Have Man made global warming liars ever been right about anything?




    What HASN’T Obama lied about?

  22. Headline 2000: “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”

    “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”

    The Greedy lying racist Chosenite Run Media will tell any lie, in order to ‘SHEKEL GRUB’ money from working families… so remember TAXING FOOD WILL BRING BACK SNOWFALLS FOR THE CHILDREN!

  23. When nobody was still going thru this winter in the NH, we warned that Brazil was having its worst winter in many years reaching temperature anomalies of -4°C for the entire months of May and June, and more than 60 days of negative temperatures. Even in the tropical State of Rio de Janeiro during the ‘Summer’ Olympic Games there were places facing -8°C at 2000m. But people was fully entertained with the ‘AGW’…

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