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Record cold coming to ‘almost entire USA’ – Low temperature records set to be SHATTERED




This is according to the European model, which is very accurate this far out.




While we end November on a warm note here in the eastern US, there are changes unfolding across the Northern Hemisphere that will likely bring a widespread very cold air mass into the US next week. This cold air mass is first going to arrive in Alaska this upcoming weekend with some spots in that state plunging to 40 degrees below zero and way below normal for early December. After that, the cold air dives into the western US during the first half of next week and then it’ll likely blast into the eastern US late next week.  In fact, by the time Saturday, December 10th rolls around, there may be colder-than-normal conditions all the way from Alaska to the southeastern US.  Beyond that, it looks like this colder pattern will indeed have some staying power as we move deeper into the month of December.

12Z GEFS 850 mb temperature anomalies for Alaska on Saturday night; map courtesy, NOAA12Z GEFS 850 mb temperature anomalies for Alaska on Saturday night; map courtesy, NOAA 


A loop (above) of 12Z GEFS 850 mb (~5000 feet) temperature anomaly forecast maps across North America shows quite well the plunge of the cold air mass next week from Alaska into the western US and then finally its expansion into the eastern US at then end of next week.  The 7-day loop of 850 mb temperature anomaly forecast maps progresses from this Saturday, December 3rd to the following Saturday, December 10th with colder-than-normal conditions shown in blue and purple and the warmer-than-normal air in red and orange.

Following the passage of today’s frontal system, temperatures will cool down here on Thursday and then even colder air pushes in for the weekend with possible snow showers early next week.  We will then likely warm up considerably once again in the eastern US during the middle and latter part of next week ahead of the cold blast which will initially dive into the western US.  A major storm could actually form along the frontal boundary zone by the mid-to-late part of next week which would bring more rain here (at least initially) and perhaps significant accumulating snow to parts of the Upper Midwest.  By the end of next week, the Arctic front separating the warm air to the south and east and cold air to the north and west is likely to plow through the Mid-Atlantic region ushering in the cold air mass all the way down into the Southeast US.  Longer term, signs point to colder-than-normal conditions sticking around here as we progress through the month of December.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian
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      • It’s the Lasers in CD, DVD and BluRay devices! The Lasers secretly convert bad, Human-made CO2 (which only causes AGCC) into Good, Natural CO2(which only feeds photosynthesis)! It’s confusing the plants and messing-up the models!

          • I wonder what happened to the lake that is now the Bonneville salt flats, perhaps global warming? The rain forest lost to deforestation is a self induced problem it has zero to do with global warming, more co2 would help plants not harm them.

            • Actually it impacts water vapor flows through the atmosphere having a direct impact on the movement of gases. There is strong evidence that large forests create and direct a flow of water through the atmosphere. Lose that routing mechanism and theory suggests that the moisture will “wander”. This theory seems to be holding some weight given the anomalous rain patterns experienced world wide over the last few years.

              All of that being said it has nothing to do with “carbon footprint” and everything to do with mis-management of natural resources in 3rd world countries. “Global Warming” is a farce perpetrated by “leaders” for alternative motives… ie control.

            • That and the fact that the USA now has more trees growing than when the Pilgrims landed. Even clear cutting isn’t all that bad if the land is allowed to re-seed itself with the trees. Owls especially need clear flight paths to catch the mice and squirrels in the clearings. They are not sparrows that can weave in and out of narrow openings, owls are heavy birds who strike usually in a straight line with very quiet wings. There are redwood FARMS in California that are clear cut and allowed to regrow (the trees are NOT all in a row) over the past several decades. After about 30 years, you would never know it had been clear cut. Some acreage has been clear cuts half a dozen times yet looks like it has never been touched by man. The rain forest issue is that the trees are first cut down, then the brush burned, and the soil planted in crops. That kills the next generation of trees. The soil is so poor that it’s then abandoned after just one or two years, and more acreage is hacked to death.

          • Cutting down every last living tree is obviously slightly problematic, same as poisoning every last drop of the world’s fresh water lakes, rivers and ultimately the ocean. That would obviously be a manmade disaster far beyond recovery in every way, doomsday, but does not equate to the scam of global warming. We better be aware that forever building houses, shopping centers, and ultra wide, land hogging highways, seemingly endlessly, on perfect farmland will have dire consequences from the standpoint of not only food production but also by greatly reducing natural animal habitat every single hour by square miles, very sad. Still, it’s saddest of all that the most unattractive, hateful (and as a result very hatable), arrogant, smug, nasty, dishonest leftists have hijacked the narrative in regard to realistically protecting our natural world and it’s a shame. It’s a shame because now people no longer care about the big picture, they don’t believe it, don’t want to hear about it, understandably. I hope the left becomes so totally discredited that there is no narrative that they control except completely reducing themselves to lgbt holy matrimony chants, black vs white vs country vs city vs nation vs nation vs young vs old vs wives vs husbands vs christianity vs science vs everything else. “Global warming” is a politically driven scam that has done such great harm to the natural world by discrediting the most valid concepts of conservation and for tormenting decent conscientious manufacturing out of the west and into unregulated, immoral, incompetent China where the effect is 1000 times as much untreated effluent pours into the world’s common seas. We would have been infinitely better off in the world if our manufacturing facilities remained in the US, Europe, Australia et al. I have seen the rivers pouring like a black pus, miles and miles of blackness into the sea from China from the window of flights over Asia so many times and each time it’s just as scary and disgusting as the the last. Thank the left for driving manufacturing businesses away from the west to out of control rogues like China, Viet Nam etc, sickening. Every time I hear some little democrat mouthing off, eyes and mind closed, mouth going, I just want to kick their little Gollum teeth in, they know nothing, they really don’t care about the big picture, they just push their drivel and half baked agenda. About time we finally rise up against these bullies and knock their lights out, I hate their guts at this point in my life for the unforgivable damage they have done to the world. Conservation is of paramount importance, too critical to be trivialised by repulsive left wing babble that nobody takes seriously. Too much democrat crying wolf has made everybody sick and degraded the subject.

          • Being a lefty, I bet you support ILLEGALS and so called refugees invading our country like locusts! If you are truly worried about the water, air and trees in this country vote to send them home!! We will end up living in a h3ll hole like India.

          • Yes… because people are CUTTING THEM DOWN, TONY. They are NOT just FALLING DOWN… TELL THEM to stop cutting them down… Don’t send me another TAX BILL because someone in a foreign country is CUTTING DOWN THE FCKU-ING RAIN FOREST…

                    • 2014 warmest year ever, until 2015, and now 2016 looks to beat that. How you get the planet isn’t warming from that is interesting. And have you taken ocean heat content into account and the amount of energy required to melt ice?

                    • We are in a cyclical Interglacial Period. You remember… that period of planetary warming that sits between between Glaciation Periods, when New York City and the entire Midwest sits under 5000 ft of ice? Remember that period? They happen every 20,000 years. Scientists don’t even know where we are on the temperature sine curve… between cooling cycles. Are we still on the upward trend towards peak warming? Are we on the downward trend getting closer to the next glaciation cycle? You don’t know. They don’t know. We don’t know. So if you want to hide under your bed because of a warming of six tenths of one degree in 75 years, go ahead. Just leave the rest of us out of it.

                    • Interesting thing about the glacial/interglacial periods, they are definitely driven by the Earth’s orbit, known as Milankovitch cycles. None of those are 20,000 years, but precession is 23,000 with the combined wobble and shifting of equinoxes. The most comprehensive study on this forcer is the 1980 paper by Imbrie and Imbrie, which states that we should have started cooling 6000 years ago, and that with no other forcers (like greenhouse gas accumulation) we should continue to cool for another 23,000 years. So scientists do know where we are on the not quite sine curve, and know we are going in the opposite direction. So you have brought this up as proof that we shouldn’t think it’s us, when our greenhouse gasses are the only game in town to do the warming. The natural cycles should be cooling. The sun has been dimming. The oceans have simultaneously been heating. Look, I wish it wasn’t us either, but the true evidence screams that it is us. Look up climate fingerprinting studies.

                    • You state “we should have started cooling 6000 years ago” but apparently we didn’t. That might be an indication fossil fuels are not the cause of the delay in cooling, as fossil fuels weren’t in use for 5900 of those 6000 years. A warming of .6 of a degree does not a catastrophe make.

                    • To be exact, Imbrie and Imbrie 1980 stated cooling starting about 6000 years ago. Your assertion that it did not cool is simply not correct. Please look up the Holocene climatic optimum, and you will see it ended about 6000 years ago, after which there was a general trend of cooling right into the Little Ice Age. As that best comprehensive scientific paper on Milankovitch forcing also points out, we should continue cooling for another 23,000 years if the Milankovitch forcing of the past were the cause of today’s climate shift. It’s going in the wrong direction and can’t be used in the way you’re using it. What is more interesting to note is that those past glacial/interglacial shifts that were orbit driven had the temperature change first and the greenhouse gasses follow as a positive feedback. Today we’re seeing the greenhouse gasses go first and the temperature lagging. In other words, the climate shifts you pointed out to begin with in this thread are completely non-analog to today’s climate shift which is more like the PETM. I’ll be happy to discuss the PETM with you if you wish.

                    • cshorey even tho we disagree, really appreciate that you have been polite. This is sorely lacking in the recent political climate (no pun intended.) I am no scientist obviously, but I have been around a long time. Long enough to know that many of the alarmists have an agenda other than studying the climate. There are plenty of qualified scientists who state there is not enough evidence that the climate is changing to declare a war on carbon. The most anyone can say, is that the earth has warmed about 6/10ths of one degree in the last 70 years. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end, no matter what the computer models say. The alarmists want to put fear into the hearts of average people, in order to convince them to grant power to bureaucrats. It is comical when we hear al gore claim that placing a fee on the burning of carbon will help save the world. That we can tax ourselves into a better climate. Rubbish! We are forcing poorer citizens of North America and Europe to pay higher and higher utility bills. We’re also mandating that they deal with ever-increasing prices on necessities as a result of punitive federal regulation placed on businesses, and the higher energy costs associated with all that regulation. It makes no sense in light of the fact that these regulations and taxes do not apply to 70% of the world population. Only the western nations. Are we going to declare war on China, India, Africa, Central and South America, because they are burning coal and oil? Are we going to impose our benevolent will on every nation in the developing world? Certainly not. This is about wealth transfer, plain and simple. Greedy capitalists must pay up for all their greed. The entire climate debate has been hijacked by benevolent statists who simply want more power to the government, and who use fear to convince people to yield their own liberty. This is the exact methodology that bush/cheney used to enact the treasonous Patriot Act, by convincing the masses to fear terrorism. Everyone bent over backwards to yield liberty to the Neocons. Which is exactly what the alarmists are doing, only they are using a different ‘crisis’ to convince people hide under their beds. This isn’t a right vs left debate. This is statism vs freedom.

                    • We have warmed 1 deg C since 1900, but if you go back to pre-industrial, it’s more like 1.2 deg C if I recall. That may not sound like much, but even more heat is going into the oceans. Current calculations are that about 93% of the heat retained is going into oceans. The specific heat of water means it can take in a lot of heat without changing it’s temperature much. The oceans stabilize temperature increase, but the fact that every ocean basin is warming with a few interesting exceptions says they won’t come to the rescue. For one thing, as ocean water heats, it expands, and pushes up onto land. Secondly, heat is also absorbed into land based glaciers which the best study of 30 glaciers showed are loosing mass which is flowing into the oceans. That one-two punch is currently causing 3mm/yr (about half from melting glaciers and half from expanding sea water) sea level rise, and there is every reason to think that is going to increase. Best predictions are around 1m rise by 2100. This is a serious economic threat. At this point we can’t stop it, but everything we can do to slow it down will help future generations, and ourselves. From a fiscal conservative view, it is best to push for mitigation through things like a carbon tax because otherwise you pay for adaptation. Mitigation is paying to avoid future costs, adaptation is paying for current costs. Adaptation without mitigation drives procrastination costs up more than any true conservative should ever be willing to consider. This science is real my friend, and the consequences are as well. No one argues a benefit from rising seas.

                    • They predicted the arctic ice cap would be gone by 2014. It’s not only here in 2016, it’s grown 21% since 2012.
                      They predicted more Cat 5 hurricanes due to global warming in the months following Katrina. They never materialized. In fact we’ve had the fewest hurricanes in the last ten years than at any time in US history.

                      All of their bold predictions have fallen flat. Apparently global warming is the only science that doesn’t have to be demonstrated or proven in the field. Sorry but I don’t buy their dire predictions.

                    • Hi PS,
                      What I see in the first article is a weak attempt to discredit a whole group of scientists, and a whole branch of science by cherry picking out a few who have made obviously exaggerated claims for the climate responses. I like the quote in that article, “There are very serious risks from continued climatic changes and a melting Arctic, but we do not serve the public and policy-makers well by exaggerating those risks.” I totally agree, which is why I gave you the 1m sea level rise by 2100 and not the top projections of 5-7m. The quoted scientist also pointed out that there is no question that we will see an ice free arctic soon, so pointing out that a couple jokers said it would already be gone doesn’t make that fact go away. The actual best projections are ice free arctic in summer by around 2040-50. Of course it could be sooner as most arctic ice models actually predicted a slower melt than has been observed. There are uncertainties in the projections of course, but do understand they play both ways. This is a known problem with the keeper of the blog site of your second article. And yet, I actually find nothing to disagree with, which surprised me because the source was Judith Curry’s blog. Judith has made some really suspect comments on climate science that are demonstrably wrong, and demonstrably show she doesn’t understand climate science. She’s just the queen of uncertainty it seems. But like I said, no problem with the article which says just what I’ve read for years, hurricanes may not increase in number, but they will increase in intensity. This work only seems to confirm the work of Kerry Emmanuel and others. Was I supposed to get something else from that?

                    • They’ve been saying we’re going to see an ice-free arctic for the last 30 years, and every time their predictions fail, they push it back another few decades. Global warming is the only science in history that is routinely allowed to swing and miss on their predictions. Had Copernicus’ prediction of Jupiter’s retrograde motion not occurred exactly as predicted, or had Newton not been able to physically demonstrate his First Law of Motion, science would not have advanced. The scientific method absolutely requires that hypotheses be corroborated with evidence, by making predictions and then seeing those predictions come through as predicted. For some reason, global warming theory has been exempted from these legitimate requirements. Indeed, they have had to change the name of the theory because their predictions have missed the mark so often. Global Warming – Climate Change – Climate Disruption. Computer models do not a catastrophe make. Unless the catastrophe is the model itself?

                    • Best to say who “they” are exactly. Guy Calendar in 1938 predicted we would eventually see an ice free Arctic. It’s ok to take people to task who overstate certain threats. But a projection of ice free Arctic summer by 2040-2050 seems most robust in the models. But no one predicted the crashes in 2007 and 2012, so we’ve seen plenty of cases of the shrinkage being worse than we thought. Don’t just focus on the few who have over anticipated. Go back to Guy Calendar in ’38. He also predicted that central Antarctica would gain ice initially and that has been observed. Or look at Smagorinsky and Manabe in ’75 predicting that you should warm the troposphere and cool the stratosphere. That too has been observed. Don’t throw all the positive predictions out and focus on few of “they”. Sea level rise is currently at an average of 3mm/yr. It’s a slow catasphrophe to be sure, and subject to creeping normalcy (a.k.a. landscape amnesia).

                    • The same ‘they’ that in 2005 said we would not only be seeing more hurricanes, but more Cat 5 hurricanes, and possibly a new, global warming enhanced super Cat 6 hurricane, wreaking havoc on our coastlines. Of course the alarmists were trying to capitalize on the fear among the population so soon after Katrina, we know this now. But the fact remains that from 2005-2016 there have beenfar fewer hurricanes than at any other 10-year period in US history. Again, must be an awesome gig… scientists whose dire predictions don’t ever have to come into fruition, yet continue to be treated as if they are experts, as if their warnings have merit, when in fact they are guessing. “Arctic to be ice free by 2013!!!”: “Experts say Global Warming Causing stronger more frequent hurricanes!!”:

                    • Interesting though cshorey. Why did Guy Calendar predict an arctic meltdown in 1938? Did he have any reasoning as to the cause?

                    • But it is decidedly not the same “they”. You seem reasonable, so you must sense that those working on sea ice decline are not the same people who focus on hurricane dynamics. All the time I’ve been in this business it has been said that there is no clear sign that hurricanes will be more numerous, but that they should gain energy. The second article you linked to above said just that. You have already demonstrated that Cat 4-5 has increased in energy. There is no such thing as Cat 6 per se unless we define it, but you could say Typhoon Haiyan was just that; the strongest storm ever observed on Earth. Kind of makes you want to call it a Cat 6 doesn’t it?
                      If you’re curious about the dynamics, you get stronger storms with more heat energy, and so as sea surface temperatures rise, we expect more energetic storms. But gaining heat in the climate system also increases upper level wind shear which rips the heads of hurricanes apart. The same battle goes on with tornadoes; energy vs. wind shear. The result is we don’t think there will be more hurricanes, as wind shear will keep their number down, but the ones that do form will have more energy to work with.

                    • Fair enough, but ‘they’ (being the alarmists and their allies in the media) predicted more frequent and more intense hurricanes hitting the US. This hasn’t panned out. Their prediction failed. Because their premise is wrong. ‘They’ being the alarmists and the press, and also al gore, predicted zero ice by the year 2004… then it was 2008… then it was 2013… now apparently it is 2040. This doesn’t have to do with dynamics. It has to do with honesty vs alarmism. It’s the alarmism that I challenge. I’ve never said that the earth wasn’t warming. Though 6/10ths of a degree in 70 years is hardly an unprecedented trend. I’m saying that they haven’t proven it is warming because of increased carbon levels. They use the alarmism to scare people into yielding freedom, and granting bureaucrats power that was not earned in the ballot box. They wield that power, which harms the economy and hurts the poorest among us the most. They often wield that power to reward allies through crony capitalism… see solyndra… who contributed mightily to ‘the cause’ and got filthy rich in the process, on the backs of the taxpayers. I find the hypocrisy entertaining. Here we have this bold protest in South Dakota because they don’t want an oil pipeline going across private land that has been approved by every government agency including the EPA. You look at a picture of the protesters, and they are all driving gas-guzzling SUVs pulling giant RV trailers, because you can’t have a good protest without dragging with you all the comforts of home, no matter how many miles you drove or gallons or fossil fuels you burned, for…. nothing.

                    • If the US stopped producing all CO2 right now it would have no impact on the warming given that China, India and other less developed countries are getting rich and buying cars and appliances that all require fossil fuels to power; cars directly and appliances indirectly in power stations.

                    • It would have a decided rate effect actually and that would be huge, but it is kind of an obvious point that global problems require global solutions. Hence the U.S. and China have had bilateral talks beyond the Paris agreement in which China said they would peak their CO2 output by 2030, and we would try to reduce our emissions 26-28% below our 2005 levels by 2025. What you wrote here is just an argument for global action and investments in cleaner energy sources.

                    • I guess science will be the same in 50 years as it is today so all we can do is suffer under the heat and melting ice sheets.

                    • If you think science is an entity, and that it stays the same over decades, you aren’t really talking about science.

                    • So you prefer a frozen planet with short growing seasons and increasing blizzards over a warming planet with long growing seasons and mild winters with rain instead of snow?

                    • Oh, and the glacial/interglacial cycle appears to have been on a 42,000 year cycle before 1 million years ago, but some time around then switched to the 100,000 year cycle we’ve been in more recently. 42,000 years is obliquity forcing, and 100,000 years is eccentricity driven.

                    • And by adjusted in caps, I assume I should read that as “manipulated with devious intent”. There’s no evidence for that. In fact, there is interesting counter-evidence. Richard Muller was a self proclaimed climate skeptic who said he was going to look into all this “altered data”. He even got Koch Bros. money for his Berkeley “BEST” study. In the end, he found the same record everyone else had, and then showed you couldn’t explain the warming since the 1980’s without bringing human induced greenhouse gasses into account. Data is adjusted for various reasons, but all of them are examined for validity before going to official press. If you under-represent the Arctic, which Guy Calendar in 1938 predicted would warm the fastest with greenhouse gas forcing (and it has), the your data will read too high for a global average. If you take the stratosphere in as well, which Smagorinsky and Manabe predicted in 1975 would cool with greenhouse gas forcing (and it has), then you need to correct for this to get true lower atmosphere warming. If you take your car to a mechanic and they calibrate the engine, I hope you don’t assume they’ve done harm by “adjusting” it.

                    • Prior to 2000 they would adjust by cooling the record, since global warming stopped they have been warming the record. Roy Spencer looked at their bullshit that 2014 was the hottest year ever.. they had warmed the rural stations to match the urban ones.. look at .. there is so much fraud it’s a joke. 2015 is the hottest year ever but the satelite record shows no warming for 20 years, it’s bullshit.. and then there’s RSS fraud:

                      look at tony hellers site i’m sure you seen it, it’s one scam after another as far as climate change measurement, since 2010 it’s been blizzards every year, snow in the tropics, tokyo just got it’s first november snow ever, Taiwan got its first snow ever last year. I don’t know what your talking about that it’s supposed to be cooling for 6000 years, the previous interglacial 130,000 years ago the world was so hot that there were think forests in northern alaska and sweeden and siberia was green, you have no idea how hot an inter glacial is ‘supposed’ to be..
                      this article talks about how hot the vikings era was a thousand years ago, note the part about how high sea levels were back then, a cold period followed and a cold period will follow this warm period as well..

                    • The problem with all this is that the BEST study took these issue into account, and came out with the same trend in temperatures as NOAA, NASS, and GISS. To support your conclusions, we have to assume a conspiracy between all the people involved in all those studies, and the sheer numbers start to get out of hand. Roy Spencer is your source, and I always find it odd how any perceived error gets jumped on if you don’t like the science, but then roll out Roy Spencer who’s model of temperature from satellite data used the wrong sign in ALTERING (correcting for bias) for the decay of the satellite’s orbit. That might be suspect enough, but since then Dr. Spencer’s work has needed around a dozen more corrections (also not arbitrary but for real reasons) and his data set falls in line with everyone else.
                      Now Taiwan getting snow is not a point against climate change. This has to do with the Jet Stream and the amplitude of it’s waves. Right now in the US, the Jet Stream is dipping pretty low and putting us in cold air. But why would the Jet Stream increase it’s amplitude? The arctic is warming faster than anywhere else (predicted by Guy Calendar in 1938), and the velocity of the Jet Stream is a function of the difference in temperature between the Arctic and Temperate region. As the Arctic warms faster, the difference diminishes, the velocity of the Jet Stream slows, and the amplitude can increase, and it seems to also slow the tracking of it’s waves. If you’re caught on one side of the wave that’s stuck, you get drought. If you’re on the other side, flood.
                      As for the last interglacial, I do have some idea of how warm it was. I’ve worked on two projects that go back that far. You can walk on coral reefs in Miami city proper from that time. Thanks for pointing out that we probably don’t want to push our climate back to, and even past that. See above that we have already had a discussion on Milankovitch forcing of ice ages.

                    • Bullshit the ‘sheer numbers’. These blogs have put of pictures of where some of these thermometers exist. One is at the airport near concrete runways with jet aircraft taxiing by every 5 minutes, one is near a 5 lane intersection in the middle of a large city. With 100’s of billions of $s in government funding at stake all of it riding on the notion that global warming exists, youd better believe there will be a conspiracy, it only takes warming up a station here and an adjustment there, we’re talking about less than 1* of climate change since the 1800’s and since 2000 a sliver of that, all they gotta do is make sure there is ‘some’ warming on the official record and the NY Times can then continue their global warming alarmist crap, writing about some island in the pacific tropics that is ‘hot’. The only reason these urban climate network stations exist is so these agency’s can engage in data manipulation. Like we wanna measure climate change so we’re going to measure it in the middle of human activity of 5 million people and cars and planes. Spencer/Christy have denied this ‘decaying orbit’ crap repeatedly, AND you can see on the link I put above that RSS had pushed the later years up while leaving the late 90’s an early 00’s the same, then they tried to hide their fraud by not announcing the change, thinking that no-one would notice, well someone did and the data scammers get caught again; And there’s always some technical jargon that explains this baloney ‘revised LT, New MT’.
                      What does it even matter what all these graphs show anyways. SInce 2010 there have been harsh winters, super blizzards in the northern latitudes and heavy snow in the tropics like Vietnam, central mexico, Houston Tx, North Africa and these weather patterns coincide with weakening solar activity-those are the same weather patterns that existed in the early 1800’s and the 1600’s the last time there were solar minimums.
                      The arctic isn’t ‘warming’, there’s no land up there so its an easier place to manufacture bullshit temperatures and the British Antarctic Survey shows the antarctic cooling since 2000. I found no info on Guy Calander but what about scientists from the 1930’s like Raymond Wheeler, see this vid it explains his theories:
                      and also Leona Woods Libby (she worked on the manhattan project; brilliant scientist) from the 50’s and George Kukla? They all predicted that global warming would end in 2000, followed by a cooling trend, and LWL in particular said that there would be a sharp cooling event around 2020, they made these predictions based on natural cycles. We can now see that both major oceans will probably be cold around 2020, the PDO & the AMO. and solar cycle 24 will be bottoming out around 2021.. 80% of volcanic activity occurs during solar maximums & solar minimums. If you look at the solar cycle chart you can see that mt. St. Helens erupted at the peak of cycle 21 (a VEI5), exactly 11 years later Mt. Pinatabo (a VEI6) erupted at the peak of cycle 22. In 2010 Eyjafjallajokull (a VEI5) in iceland erupts at the bottom of cycle 23, its likly that they travel in pairs and we get a VEI6 in 2021 eleven years later. all those factors intersect to create some bitchen cold weather around then and even an 1816 situation where cold comes in summer. It’s looking like those scientists got it right long time ago.

                      and finally, We don’t wanna go back to a world where all that frozen tundra in siberia, canada, Norway, Sweeden is beautiful forests and green space that humans could inhabit? and instaed we want a mini-ice age where 50% of crops fail and food prices spike? what you talken about man!?
                      and on a final note, i can’t find it now but new peer reviewed definitive research shows that the tropics are becoming more cloudy, no tropical hotspot:

                      and instead cloud coverage are reflecting all those solar rays back into space, low solar activity, creates cloudy skies, the greenhouse gas theory has failed.

                    • Not sure why you could find nothing on Guy Callendar. I see his name was autocorrected and dropped an L in my previous post. But even when I search that way I still get plenty of hits with this one at top:
                      Using politicians talk on justifications for war is a strange comparison to a group of scientists who, as I have pointed out, have made plenty of predictions which have played out. We have seen warming troposphere and cooling stratosphere. We have seen arctic warming fastest and antarctic gaining mass at its center. We have seen oceans gaining heat, and now have data showing heat gain below 2000m as well as in the shallower water.
                      Blizzards are not contrary to gaining heat in the system. You still get winter, and thanks to the Clausius-Clapeyron equation we know that warmer air can hold more water at saturation then cold air. So if the air gets warmer, but is still below freezing, the result is more snow. This is why Guy Callendar predicted Antarctica would gain mass at its center to begin with.
                      Spencer/Christy did not deny the decaying orbit, and definitely tried to correct for it. They definitely got the sign wrong, and that is in the permanent records and doesn’t go away. As for the RSS data, that is not Spencer/Christy it is Russ Mears, and I guess I’ll have to give you a video back which has Russ Mears talking about the very data set you are using incorrectly here:

                    • I finished watching your video. He was using the Greenland core which is known to be affected by ocean circulation. He wan’t you to believe that these very real cycles are the full explanation for today’s climate change. But no where does he address Milankovitch forcing, nor the heating of the oceans, both of which go directly against his hypothesis. Raymond Wheeler was good, this video was not.

                    • Even if we do get some warming it would not be difficult to shade the planet with sulfur dioxide thrown into the upper atmosphere.

                    • You’re right, it would not be difficult, but it also is most likely not advisable. The issue we’re having is normal sunlight coming down, but the converted thermal IR is not going out as easily and that imbalance causes heat retention. The SOx geoengineering fix you refer to (basically making fake volcanoes) would fix the problem by not letting normal sunlight come down as it has. I hope you see this is more a band aid on a cancer than a solution to the issue. Then there’s the response of climate models to aerosol forcing, and they suggest we could get persistent floods and droughts in various areas. So there’s a good chance we won’t like what comes of SOx in the stratosphere, and then the last nail is driven. We can’t take it out quickly, so if we don’t like it, we’re stuck with it for a few decades at least. Mitigation is a much more economically efficient solution.

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                    • You are right on Libby, It’s our selfish short sightedness (not from people like us) shows how we are sowing the seeds of a very different reality for our children and their children. Any one who at this time in history is not totally aware of the accelerating rate of change in the north and south poles and Greenland ice sheets and ocean ice is beyond blind and ignorant. I truly don’t understand how people who are so dependent on the incredible devices that science has brought us and yet think that this reality is just a plot for higher taxes and a way for scientist to make money. Even if there was a question as to how much humans are responsible the reality of the future if the climate scientist prove correct is so extreme as it will effect billions .

                    • Our children and grandchildren are going to suffer greatly trying to repay the 10 trillion dollars Oblamey has added to the debt. As much as every other president combined. But that’s probably George Bush’s fault, right?

                    • Well, we had a balanced budget in the last year of Clinton’s presidency. Then W came along, started the major wars in the Middle East, and slashed taxes. What was the result? Obama’s biggest fault was extending the tax cuts and continuing the war on the Middle East. (Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.) But it WAS W who began the deficit spending.

                    • Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !mj98d:
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                    • That balanced Budget was Brokered with Newt Gingrich ….
                      As If Bill Clinton could Balance a spoon on his Nose

                    • I guess you were against going after the country that sent us the terrorists that murdered thousands of US civilians along with the Twin Towers. You must have felt quite lonely in your opposition.

                    • Bush’s wars and tax cuts are what exploded the deficit, it’s a cumulative effect and caring for Veterans after the war is quite costly, and Obama was not responsible for half of the deficit. Just wait until Trump explodes the deficit with his huge tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%, his 1 trillion dollar stimulus package (which the GOP refused to pass under Obama), and repealing the ACA all which are going to tank the economy, crash the stock market, and increase unemployment back to the Bush recession. You voted for that, now sit back and enjoy. I’ll give Trump and the GOP 6 months to end our strong economy of 15.5 new private sector jobs, 80 record months of positive job growth and 4.6 unemployment and rising wages at the fastest pace in decades. Hope you enjoy the crash and I really hope you will take responsibility for it when it happens. Let’s talk again in 6 months.

                    • Just trying to spread a little truth around this site. I know people here don’t like facts, but you need to hear it anyway.

                    • Libtards wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped them in the face. Talking points, that’s the libtard’s facts. Hillary spewed her talking points because that’s all she had. No record to stand on and not one accomplishment. THOSE ARE FACTS JACK.

                    • You should look at all the facts surrounding the amazing Obama economic recovery. Those are facts that are real and backed by statistics, but you probably wouldn’t know anything about that. THOSE ARE THE FACTS JACKIE.

                    • Yea, I got to experience the alleged pres. amazing economic recovery, it was called unemployment! And that is a fact and it’s backed by a statistic called my unemployment record. Yea it is an amazing recovery all right, I just don’t consider record food stamp recipients as an economic recovery.

                    • You’re as Delusional as the other cool aid drinking libtards. There is no recovery. You’re just spouting more talking points.

                    • Yes, facts are OK. So allow me to share a real fact of the so-called obama amazing economic recovery with you. Recently I got to experience this so-called recovery by way of unemployment. Whenever I was asked what I was doing I correctly said: “I’m living the obama economic dream…..unemployed”. Mark Twain said it best:”Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. ” This became obama’s economic method, cook the books. So don’t spout off about this so-called amazing economic recovery unless you have the real facts rather than reveal your love fest for the alleged pres. As for me, I have documented facts of this so-called amazing economic recovery called my unemployment record on file with the state I live in.

                    • Even economist Richard Tol admits that you get more economic loss with unmitigated climate change. How rising sea level could be seen as a plus in the world economy is beyond me. And then there’s the less predictable weather for farming, and the problem of the Jet Stream getting stuck more frequently causing more droughts and floods. Have no doubt, there will be winners in this, such as longer growing season in Canada, but every reasoned economic analysis has said you will loose if you do nothing. Mitigation responds to future costs. Adaptation responds to present costs. Adaptation without mitigation causes added procrastination costs. A policy of adaptation only will drive those procrastination costs up even more. Doing something about climate change is a fiscally conservative act.

                    • You spout nice talking points like all liberals. NO FACTS. You assumptions are all based on science that was paid for by Oblamey as to tax and redistribute wealth.

                    • Not sure why you couldn’t find the facts behind this. I did a search on “Richard Tol Climate Harm” and this came right up:
                      Now please do realize that Tol is also a conservative and has long said climate change would be a net benefit to society. Read this abstract to see that even he has to admit that initial benefits are sunk as the system gets further perturbed. And why did you call me a liberal when I’m giving a fiscally conservative analysis to the issue.

                    • The priest class has been saying the end times are near since civilization began…this is just another example. Very short sighted…

                    • what is short sighted is giving takes breaks to the wealthiest 1%d and exploding the deficit; I can’t wait to see what you say when Trump exploded the debt. Can’t wait. I hope you will speak out against the GOP when they ruin the economy and explode the deficit.

                    • JFK reduced the tax rate on the top earners and had the largest increase in the economy in decades and had INCREASED revenues to the treasury because of all the economic activity generated by the tax cuts.

                    • I read a lot of facts, that’s why i would never vote for Trump or the GOP. You should look at the facts of the Obama administration, but you won’t because you are brainwashed by the alt right. Sad,

                    • So where did you get this crystal ball to be able to look down eons of time to make this determination? While your gazing into this crystal ball could you please tell me how many tornado’s will rip thru the central US this spring? preparation is paramount.

                    • No, it’s how can the global warmest make a buck by spoon feeding the babble of fear to a bunch of dimwit’s. Just this morning I watched on Link TV having this big conference in New York Cit. What a hoot, they had quest speakers demeaning the oil and gas industry for destroying to planet.these. I thought how many of these fear mongers traveled to New York on a transportation system that relied heavily on fossil fuels to get them there. They should be thankful for the oil an gas industry that provides the the wherewithal to get them to where they can demean the thing that makes there babble possible.I bet they enjoyed a nice meal which, oh by the way the food for that meal was most likely brought by a pollution belching truck. How ’bout a hotel room, the oil and gas and maybe coal provided the electricity to keep there rooms nice and warm or cool. I could go on and on but the believers of this nonsense have there head stuck squarely up their posterior.And oh by the way, how about using some of this science of prediction on predicting when I will ever get a set of winning lotto numbers.

                  • Then why has global temperature increased while the sun reduced its output over the last half century? It’s not the sun in the sense that putting a lid on a pot of water on a stove will change the temperature without changing the burner. The sun (burner) can stay constant, and yet more energy is retained in the earth system. Currently the satellites we taxpayers funded have found an energy imbalance at the top of our atmosphere that equals about 4 Hiroshima bombs of energy retained every second. Sure isn’t the Sun.

                    • 12/29/2013 the Sun did a geomagnetic reversal when the Earth was near it’s closest to the Sun Obit. The magnetic field of the Sun and the Earth had opposite polarity before it happened. This attracts the Earth closer to the Sun as it had been for nearly 12 year’s. When the Sun Reversed to a positive celestial north it acted like all magnets do and repelled from eachother and made our Orbit more rounded in it’s elliptical orbit. Now Earth has a wider orbit during the Southern and Northern Winter’s making them colder and longer, with shorter Summer hotter months. The North Pole faces the Sun longer than the South Pole in this changed orbit causing the Antarctic to grow in mass of snow and ice as the Arctic has lost more. Our planet’s atmosphere is like a heat exchanger and water is carried from one pole to the other as clouds. Evaporation and precipitation has more greenhouse effects than carbon dioxide. Since the end of our last Ice Age some 17,400. Year’s ago. The Earth has been warming. With several small global cooling periods in this Interglacial period. The last one ended around 1850 causing a warming and now we are starting another cooling period that can become the start of Earths next Ice Age…that can cause another mass extinction of flora and fauna like has happened 4 other time’s in Earths history. Global Warming has been the only thing keeping that White Death at bay. And morons think global warming is a bad thing. When Global Warming is making Earth greener and supports more life. Taxing Carbon is just how Government’s fund their pet projects and has no effect of reducing CO2, when 99.95% of it is created by flora and fauna and the ground itself. All Fossil Fuels only contribute 0.03% of Earths CO2 and the other 0.02% is other human created sources. Humans have very little to do with our Climate…and that will never change by Taxing Carbon.

                    • Um, no. Inverse square of distance will kill that idea quick. We have satellites to measure the input from the sun, and they show a decrease of the time of measurement through the cycling of the sunspots. Remember back a few years ago in 2012 when there were zero sunspots for over a month. As far as the climate shifts since the last ice age, there were also cooing events such as the Younger Dryas events, and then the general cooling after the Holocene Climatic Optimum. As far as the next ice age gripping us, this is semi-true in that we are predicted to keep sliding into another if you leave the system alone and let orbits control. But it should be noted the next cooling by orbit is predicted to be mostly precession driven and not that intense compared to previous freezes. And then there’s the question that if you’re cold, do you put on a sweater, or jump in a furnace? The question here is rate dear sir.

                  • Global warming is not in question. The question is, rather, is it part of the normal weather fluctuations that occur periodically over large amounts of time, (thousands of years) or is it caused by we horrible humans who care nothing for the damage we are, supposedly, causing.
                    Most evidence points to the first of the two possibilities.
                    Not much can be done in that instance except to try to prepare.

                    • In Canada I’m hoping for about a 1.5-2 degree jump in the temperature. We could then help feed the world with new crops at higher latitudes. The increased atmospheric CO2 would triple production.

                    • That’s what I’m say’n, who’s to say this alleged global warming would be such a bad thing after all? Just think, you wouldn’t have to go to Florida in the winter to escape the cold, just enjoy the warm temps on the shores Lake Erie in the middle of January.

                    • So is this to say you are not one of the horrible humans? I bet your not even a deplorable human either? Hey “Moon Beam” worshiper, the preparation, according to the global warmest comes in the form of higher taxes and more restrictions. But I’m sure Scott Pruitt will change all that, thank you President Trump, has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

                    • While I choose to question most everything our current government puts out, it is my prerogative as a US taxpaying citizen to do so. I have personally experienced first hand where university groups over “Contract and Grants” run things like a business in their quest for receiving money for “research”. They will in fact “fix” research in that quest in those large bureaucracies by design of not in error to achieve their end goal….MONEY. I have also seen scientist that may be the top of their field, but make common sense mistakes with research or even have issues simply driving a car in the rain. I can give you many examples, but personally seeing research stations where they paved an area next to a temperature sensor that was once grassland or installed a new HVAC unit’s discharge port where hot exhaust also blows over another sensor then claim “we are seeing hotter temperatures this year over last!” while in actuality, they are in total error!

                      When the obvious is pointed out many attack the messenger with angry accusations as to “how dare you question my research because I am Doctor or PhD so and so”. Some (only a few) welcomed questions or input with attitudes of acceptance (mostly the older ones with real world expierence). If one can not Question research, to me it is not worth it’s grain because #1 the human factor in delusions of grandeur does cause many problems. #2. The current system of things is prone to error from it’s money loving chase. and #3. Where would we be if we never questioned anything???? Especially from people that say “you can keep your doctor or insurance plan” while they know it is just not true?

            • The entire government are evil treasonous criminals! The day of the next false flag using the nuke the evil government stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day globally for the past decade. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but by then 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government and their evil alien masters!

                • You STFU you god dam evil bstrd government liar! You belong at the end of a rope for treason and accessory to genocide you evil piece of government alien sht!

                  The entire government are evil treasonous criminals! The day of the next
                  false flag using the nuke the evil government stole in 2007 and blamed
                  on Iran, America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO. This
                  is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X
                  and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day globally for the past
                  decade. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but
                  by then 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil
                  government and their evil alien masters!

                • Anyone talking about farts is a stupid government liar and they are appealing to the pandemic level of stupidity in this poisoned, brainwashed, dead country! This has been planned for centuries by those “gods” who made stupid human sheeple to be primitive workers to mine gold for them. They have twice before wiped out humanity and they are about to do it again.

                  • If these guys are out there with all this tech and power why would they not simply grab asteroids of Gold which even we mere mortals have identified instead of depending on Parker Schnable and Newmont Mining etc. to get it grain by grain over millennia? You do realize that “Cowboys and Aliens was a movie?

                    • You do realize that your are a genetically engineered species? You have fused chromosomes which is not possible in nature. I dont know why they cant just create it. The fact is there are 400,000 year old gold mines in Southern Africa and the human species in only about 250,000 years old. As I said, they wiped us out twice before and they are going to do it again and with the help of the evil governments!!

            • The entire government are evil treasonous criminals! The day of the next
              false flag using the nuke the evil government stole in 2007 and blamed
              on Iran, America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO. This
              is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X
              and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day globally for the past
              decade. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but
              by then 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil
              government and their evil alien masters!

          • Send a form letter to each cow (don’t know status of heifers, bulls or steers) explaining the program and sanctions, w/duplicate to rancher/farmer. All must sign and return affidavit that they read and understand their responsibilities.

          • I laugh every time I see this. You know… most liberals are new age types that believe in Atlantis and Lemur, all of that. To them, milking a cow is sacrilege… wonder how they’d feel if we told them that BO was offensive and nursing in public to make a statement was gross?

          • This is all lies! “Climate change” is Planet X!!!
            The entire government are evil treasonous criminals! The day of the next false flag using the nuke the evil government stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day globally for the past decade. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but by then 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government and their evil alien masters!

          • It’s a favor to large corporate dairy farmers in California, because the little guys can’t afford the $4 million cost of the equipment to capture and deal with cow manure. Expect a lot of the small dairy farmers in CA to sell out to the big corporate farmers, who send cash to politicians to help put their competition out of business. Then after most of the dairy industry in CA is gutted, they’ll have it repealed, leaving only the big corporate dairy farms there. That’s the plan you don’t hear about.

          • But of course cold weather is CAUSED bt global warming. Everything unpleasant is caused by global warming. Everyone knows that. The media and the “Progressive” establishment and the envirowhackos all says so, so it must be true, mustn’t it?

        • Brown will borrow the money from the States pension fund and enrich his buddies and probably himself. It has been only a few months that CalPers invested pension funds buying a 25% stake in a solar power scheme that has not made a dime since built in the desert. Later CalPers said they only made 0.6% on its investments last year, and will require more tax money to pay the difference in the 7% they predict every year. Corruption on a scale that is hard to believe.

        • Ah. Likely one of his friends has a device ready to be manufactured. The carbon filtering device is attached to the rear of the cattle and the gases are neutralized as they come out and turned to breathable air. That’s where the kickbacks will come from.

        • Instead of blaming those poor ol’ cows (which is cruelty to animals–where’s PETA when you need ’em?), I blame liberals. Between all those bean sprouts and tofu causing gas from one end, and their lyn’ a$$ mouths gasin’ from the other end, I’d say Global warming-climate change-climate chaos is all their fault. Let’s tax tofu and bean sprouts and everything else liberals love. TAX LIBERALISM NOW!!

        • I want one of those bovine emmissions monitoring technician jobs.That would put me on the cutting edge of methane calibration in real time in order to save the world. Field work has always appealed to me. Can you hear what I hear? Pfffttttt…

          • New comers to Mexifornia always wonder why Orange County has that name. The area where Disneyland sits was dairy land, lots of dairies when I grew up. Lots of changes in kALIFORNIA since the early ’50’s. Many native Californians wish all the new comers would move back to where they came from and does not mean just the Mexicans.

        • Methane gas is a natural process of biodegredation, as organic matter decays it is broken down by bacteria, then the bacteria release methane as a waste byproduct. This occurs in every forest, swamp, and lake on the entire planet. Nothing a loser regressive politician can do to stop it.

        • Quit complaining and shut up. Kalifornia (read; Mexican) voters just blessed us with a Marxist super majority in the state legislature and senate. There is zero impediment to imposition of Cuban/Venezuelan Communism here, save the Donald cutting off the flow of subsides from the Federal hog trough.

            • I have lived here for 60 years and you forgot the high taxes & regulations with MORE coming. My husband is a small business owner and the rules are RIDICULOUS… Control and MORE $$ to pay for the entitlement programs is what it’s all about. The Elites sit up in their Ivory Towers and pass their laws to make it harder and harder to follow the rules.
              Ca will soon be nothing but Entitlement groups and the Elites. Middle class is moving out.

        • interestingly enough emissions from cattle exceeds that of cars, airplanes and trains combined. They now have technology that allows the methane to be harnessed into usable energy and sold back to the local power companies. Its quite brilliant.

        • “Global warming” is Planet X!

          The entire government are evil treasonous criminals! The day of the next
          false flag using the nuke the evil government stole in 2007 and blamed
          on Iran, America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO. This
          is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X
          and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day globally for the past
          decade. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but
          by then 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil
          government and their evil alien masters!

        • In July there were 91 million head of cattle in the USA per USDA’s NASS. In 1840 there were 60 million Bison or Buffalo. Just Buffalo. Doesn’t include any other bovine. There were probably a couple of more deer and other large animals in 1840.
          What a difference several decades of Dimocrats can make.

          • We called it a ‘Brown Out’ – Pat was bad, thank God for Ronnie! Then there was Moonbeam #1. His CalTrans appointee was so bad I remember her name today, Adriana Gianturco. Too cheap to conmnect freeways – just end em onto surface streets! Power failures/shortfalls,…. Now my fellow ‘citizens/illegal aliens!?’ proved their stupidity by electing this idiot! again, Moonbeam #2! He and the Dem legislative cohort have brought us an out-of-control Union jobs program under the guise of High Speed Rail. Affectionately referred to as the ‘Browndoggle’ this train to nowhere will be a never-ending monument to Dem ‘Good Intentions’!!!! But wait, that’s not all!! COW FARTS, Cap & Trade, …Just wish Fl property tax rate was lower – Melborne Beach awaits!

        • You mean humans are finally out of the alleged global warming equation? I guess we need to get ride of the cows and eat more chicken! Way to go Moon Beam you saved the human population, can’t say that for the cows, however. California deserves a guy like Moon Beam.

        • This was a good idea which unfortunately backfired when it drove the cost of tacos through the roof. A better idea might be methane powered automobiles which will give a whole new meaning to the term “cow in the trunk”.

      • Soros is as illegitimate as they come. Soros is the modern anchor man for the European oligarchs to maintain their thieving $$$teeth in America since Andrew Jackson tried to kick out the Central Bank idea.

        • algorean
          Noun: A left-wing, non-thinking, knee-jerk believer in junk science and
          tired Socialist paradigms. (Derived from former vice-president Al Gore)

          Adjective: Pertaining to a flawed leftist belief based in junk science, socialist rhetoric, or Hollywood cocktail blather.

      • Add into the equation that John Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz gave Ted Hanson $250,000 over a decade ago to start the entire sham and lie in front of a NASA emblem. Everything and anything goes with the government and this is just evidence of them trying to come up with a new Ponzi scheme they think we will believe and feel good about paying for … and for that, I do believe that it is time the Swamp is drained!

      • So you think the earth is not warming and glaciers have not shrunk by 70% in the last 5 decades?- You just believe science deniers sponsored by the energy industry as real truth tellers but deny all “real evidence” that global temperatures have been continuing to climb for the last 40 years? you assume NASA is political and dishonest but Koch is being totally honest and not agenda driven?
        Sounds like you believe smoking cigarettes will make you healthier too.

        • You go on, honey, and check out those glaciers for yourself. And while your at it, do a count of polar bears. Those people you call “science deniers” are educated as well as those who claim the sky is falling. But they are not paid to make up stories in order to get gullible people to give them money. Have a nice day.

        • You are Wrong Dex . . . .
          Arctic . . . Normal Today . . .
          Antartic . . . has GROWN by vast amounts in the last decade . . .
          Glaciers have grown and retreated throughout recorded history . . .

          Was there a time Dex when the Climate Did NOT Change?
          When was that?
          Did I mention . . . Gorebull Warming is a fraud ! ! !

        • Interesting comment. Apparently you are unaware of the tremendous value of nicotine in the treatment of cancer. Once it’s no longer available to the common man, which isn’t far off, the big pharmaceutical companies will start marketing their nicotine based cures. Experimentation has been going on in foreign countries for years proving combinations of curcumin and nicotine literally eradicate various types of cancer. Another scam perpetrated on the unsuspecting and naive American public.

        • You all are stupid! “Climate change” is Planet X!! Thats what the evil government is hiding with the toxic chemtrails sprayed every day globally for the past decade.
          The entire government are evil treasonous criminals! The day of the next
          false flag using the nuke the evil government stole in 2007 and blamed
          on Iran, America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO. This
          is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X
          and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day globally for the past
          decade. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but
          by then 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil
          government and their evil alien masters!

    • I’m old enough to remember Global Cooling (1975). & the Ozone hole (1978) & Acid rain (1980) & Glo-bull Worming (1988)…
      As always, the solution is: Money (taxes), Power (regulations) & Societal Control (telling you how you should live)
      When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem, real or imagined, looks like a nail.
      Recognize it for what it is, George Soros and the NWO leading you down “The Road to Serfdom”.
      Don’t be a sheep.

    • If you are going to take a crack at “global warming”, then take a look at the map and story again. Its the United States that will be cold, not the globe. You can also see on the map that areas north will be well above normal (orange and brown).

    • Answer me this: why is it when I pose the question WHY is it that the 1950’s to the 1980’s temperature and co2 levels are the gold standard to what the “normal” temp and co2 levels are and must remain at those, and only those levels, I don’t get a response? WHY is that the NORMAL? Why not select the temperature and co2 levels from 1, 10, 100 or 500 million years ago when the temperatures and co2 levels were FAR greater or lower than they are today? Answer me this, Al Gore.

    • It was a Republican who wanted the name changed to Climate Change, but climate scientists are fine with that as adding more energy to the exogenic climate system can cause cold spots as well as warm. As you warm the Arctic faster than the temperate region, the Jet Stream slows, which causes it’s amplitude to increase. This can drag cold air down to lower than usual latitudes and cause record cold temps. Nonetheless, for every record cold broken in the past few decades, three record highs have been broken. That asymmetry is the trend to pay attention to in the climate system, not transient weather patterns.

  1. EFFING LIB T A R D S — even if it were conceded that the planet’s average global temperature is increasing and that that increase is due to human activity (neither of which is conceded), there is not a shred of proof ANYWHERE that all the nostrums and prescriptions that the greens have promoted to “curb” the emission of CO2 will, when all is said and done, have ANY measureable, meaningful, or “significant” impact on their own projected trajectory of the average global temperature. In other words, all their “redistributionist” horseshit (pursuant to the Paris Agreement’s mandates) amounts to ALL cost and NO benefit.

  2. global warming is a NWO shakedown designed to gain control and swindle vast large amounts of wealth. It is a pure lie and all you academia are fools for being so gullible. You have failed humanity and should be ashamed.