Watch what the UN does not want you to see: The Rebel TV reports from UN climate summit in Morocco!

Idling vehicles of COP22 dignitaries who want US to cut emissions

November 15, 2016 – Sheila continues reporting from COP22 in Morocco this time showing you all of the vehicles dignitaries have left idling outside the convention centre.

Hypocrisy of smog-spewing taxis at COP22

November 16, 2016 – Sheila provides a snapshot of the crazy traffic (and smog) in front of the complex housing the COP22 event in Marrakech.

How did you get to COP22? Anti-fossil fuel activists from across the world climate-splain

November 16, 2016 – Sheila speaks with world-travelling, anti-fossil fuel protesters at UN climate conference, forcing them to confront their climate change hypocrisy.

PREVIEW: Marc Morano shreds Paris Climate Agreement at COP22!

November 16, 2016 – Sheila was at the UN climate change conference in Marrakech when Climate Depot’s Marc Morano was hauled off by security!

“Social justice” advocacy journalists welcome at globalist COP22 confab

November 16, 2016 – The official reason for the denial of Rebel’s accreditation to cover COP22 was the claim that we were “advocacy journalists”. Watch as Sheila confirms the presence of several other “advocacy” journalists, albeit ones with a more “helpful” point of view.

Marc Morano censored for shredding Paris Agreement at UN climate change conference in Marrakech

November 16, 2016 – Marc Morano of Climate Depot was shut down at the UN Marrakech climate change conference for shredding the Paris Agreement, to celebrate Trump’s election

Marc Morano: Armed guards “didn’t like my life-sized Donald Trump cutout” at UN climate meeting

November 16, 2016 – Are sceptics being expelled from the UN climate change conference in Marrakech? Sheila speaks to Marc Morano, who was manhandled by armed UN security guards

UN climate meeting becomes “conference of denial” as reality of Trump Presidency sets in

November 17, 2016 – Marc Morano of Climate Depot provides an update of the changing mood at this UN climate conference as the reality of a Trump Presidency sets in among delegates.

John Kerry fails to calm fears Trump will end UN globalist climate change agenda

November 17, 2016 – Sheila reports on John Kerry’s anticlimactic appearance on the fourth day of the UN Climate change conference in Marrakech.

Manitoba’s Chief Kevin Hart runs away from tough questions at UN climate conference

November 17, 2016 – Sheila tried to speak with Chief Kevin Hart of Manitoba, but his handlers refused to allow him to speak with The Rebel!…

Milloy: ‘Ten Ways to Fix EPA and Jump-Start the Economy’

President-elect Donald Trump has an unprecedented opportunity to get the economy moving again while protecting the environment in a reasonable and practical manner.

While Republicans have been in charge of the White House and Congress before, there are three major differences between now and then.

First, President-elect Trump campaigned on a platform of rolling back unnecessarily burdensome and economically harmful climate and EPA regulations.

Second, since EPA was formed in 1970, we have gained an awful lot of scientific knowledge about the environment and public health. We have an excellent understanding the health risks that “pollutants” and chemicals in the environment do and do not pose.

Third, we have made great strides in environmental protection since 1970.

Our air is clean and safe. Our water (with the limited exception of spots like Flint, Michigan) is clean and safe. So the task ahead then is to keep the environment clean and safe and to make improvements where it makes sense  — versus spending inordinate sums senselessly returning the environment to Garden of Eden status.

Here are 10 things President Trump could do help jump-start the economy while keeping our environment clean and safe.

  1. Climate. Hysteria over greenhouse has emissions has so proven to be scientifically baseless and economically harmful. Making energy less affordable and less available is a greater actual threat to the environment and public health than climate change at its imaginary worst. President Trump should pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate deal and rollback the Obama Clean Power Plan. This would remove the government boot from the throat of the coal industry and allow the miners to work and compete fairly in the energy marketplace.
  2. Air Quality. EPA has grossly abused air quality science and cost-benefit analysis to impose unnecessarily draconian air quality standards on states. EPA’s recent ozone rule is reputed to be the most expensive EPA regulation of all time – one that will produce no public health or environmental benefits but cost as much as one trillion dollars. These regulations cause states to forego economic opportunities and impose heavy compliance costs in Pyrrhic efforts to satisfy EPA standards that accomplish nothing of value.
  3. Water. EPA and environmentalists have long abused the Clean Water Act in an effort to stop economic development. While the Clean Water Act provides EPA with jurisdiction over “navigable waters,” EPA has arbitrarily extended

Sec. Kerry to UN climate summit: ‘I’m not a Cassandra’ – Climate Depot Response: Oh Yes You Are! Kerry makes false climate statements

MARRAKECH, Morocco — Full Sec. Kerry Remarks

John Kerry – Secretary of State – Marrakech, Morocco – November 16, 2016

Sampling of False Kerry Climate Claims:

Kerry claim to UN: “The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is a sword of Damocles hanging over our entire way of life”

Reality Check: Media has been hyping Antarctic melt fears for over 100 years! – Recycle same melt fear claims in  2014, 1990, 1979, 1922 & 1901!


Kerry: ‘The East Antarctic Ice Sheet three miles deep. And if all that ice were somehow able to melt away completely because we are irresponsible about climate change…’

Reality Check: NASA Study: ‘Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise’ – ‘Mass Gains of Antarctic – Ice Sheet Greater than Losses’


Kerry: If Antarctica melts, ‘in the coming centuries, sea level would rise somewhere over 100 to 200 feet.’

Reality CheckFormer NASA Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer in 2016: “Sea level rise, which was occurring long before humans could be blamed, has not accelerated and still amounts to only 1 inch every 10 years.


Kerry: Recently “average of 22.5M people have been displaced by extreme weather events annually. We never saw that in the 20th Century

Reality Check: “Extreme weather is either on no trend or declining trends! 25 New Papers Confirm A Remarkably Stable Modern Climate: Fewer Intense Storms, Hurricanes, Droughts, Floods, Fires…


Kerry: “Storms that used to happen once every 500 yrs are becoming relatively normal”

misleading, and just plain incorrect, to claim that disasters associated with hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or droughts have increased on climate timescales either in the United States or globally’


Kerry: “The reason both [wind and solar] will continue is that the marketplace will dictate that, not the government”

Reality Check: Then why the hell do we need a UN treaty to centrally plan our energy supplies and economies if the marketplace will dictate?


Bjorn Lomborg: Trump’s climate plan might not be so bad after all – Clexit ‘will will stop the pursuit of an expensive dead end’

By Bjorn Lomborg November 21 at 12:57 PM
Bjorn Lomborg is president and founder of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and a visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School.

The election of Donald Trump and Republican majorities in both houses have terrified environmentalists and climate campaigners, who have declared that the next four years will be a “disaster.”

Fear is understandable. We have much to learn about the new administration’s plans. But perhaps surprisingly, what little we know offers some cause for hope.

Even ardent supporters acknowledge that the Paris treaty by itself will do little to rein in global warming. The United Nations estimates that if every country were to make every single promised carbon cut between 2016 and 2030 to the fullest extent and there was no cheating, carbon dioxide emissions would still only be cut by one-hundredth of what is needed to keep temperature rises below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius). The Paris treaty’s 2016-2030 pledges would reduce temperature rises around 0.09 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. If maintained throughout the rest of the century, temperature rises would be cut by 0.31 degrees Fahrenheit.

At the same time, these promises will be costly. Trying to cut carbon dioxide, even with an efficient tax, makes cheap energy more expensive — and this slows economic growth.

My calculations using the best peer-reviewed economic models show the cost of the Paris promises – through slower gross domestic product growth from higher energy costs — would reach $1 trillion to $2 trillion every year from 2030. U.S. vows alone — to cut greenhouse-gas emissions 26 percent to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025 — would reduce GDP by more than $150 billion annually.

So Trump’s promise to dump Paris will matter very little to temperature rises, and it will stop the pursuit of an expensive dead end.…

Why I Stopped Believing in Man-made Global Warming and Became a Climate Skeptic

Why I Stopped Believing in Man-made Global Warming and Became a Climate Skeptic

protest_climateWhen I was in my late 20s, I was living in San Francisco and playing in a reggae band. At the time, I fervently believed that global warming was a real, man-made problem. And I was vocal about it. Among other things, my friends and I would slap bumper stickers on SUVs that said: “I’m Changing The Climate, Ask Me How.” I didn’t like yuppies, and I resented their big SUVs struggling to climb the city’s steep hills, needlessly warming our planet.

It seemed obvious to me that there was a climate change problem. I heard about it—and read about it—every day in the news. Eventually, I started to study the issue, thinking that I needed to understand it better to write informed articles on the subject.

The first time I experienced a twinge of climate change doubt was when I learned that carbon dioxide (CO2) comprised less than 0.04 percent of the atmosphere. In truth, such a seemingly small amount shouldn’t be underestimated since CO2 starts trapping heat quite effectively at far more minuscule concentrations. But at the time, I thought, “That’s strange. I would have thought it was a lot more.”

The point is I had been barraged with so much global warming hysteria that I figured CO2 must comprise one percent or five percent or 10 percent of the atmosphere. But since it was only 0.04 percent, it seemed to me that the people making the case for global warming should be more careful and to not exaggerate their claims—to not lose credibility.

Regardless, I continued to believe that man was changing the climate. And I was unhappy with friends who seemed like stubborn, cranky holdouts when they disputed this indisputable fact—that humankind was indeed warming the planet.

‘The Real War on Science’ – ‘Left has done far more than the Right to set back progress’

I’ve read the Left’s indictments, including Chris Mooney’s bestseller, The Republican War on Science. I finished it with the same question about this war that I had at the outset: Where are the casualties?

Where are the scientists who lost their jobs or their funding? What vital research has been corrupted or suppressed? What scientific debate has been silenced? Yes, the book reveals that Republican creationists exist, but they don’t affect the biologists or anthropologists studying evolution. Yes, George W. Bush refused federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, but that hardly put a stop to it (and not much changed after Barack Obama reversed the policy). Mooney rails at scientists and politicians who oppose government policies favored by progressives like himself, but if you’re looking for serious damage to the enterprise of science, he offers only three examples.

All three are in his first chapter, during Mooney’s brief acknowledgment that leftists “here and there” have been guilty of “science abuse.” First, there’s the Left’s opposition to genetically modified foods, which stifled research into what could have been a second Green Revolution to feed Africa. Second, there’s the campaign by animal-rights activists against medical researchers, whose work has already been hampered and would be devastated if the activists succeeded in banning animal experimentation. Third, there’s the resistance in academia to studying the genetic underpinnings of human behavior, which has cut off many social scientists from the recent revolutions in genetics and neuroscience. Each of these abuses is far more significant than anything done by conservatives, and there are plenty of others. The only successful war on science is the one waged by the Left.

The danger from the Left does not arise from stupidity or dishonesty; those failings are bipartisan. Some surveys show that Republicans, particularly libertarians, are more scientifically literate than Democrats, but there’s plenty of ignorance all around. Both sides cherry-pick research and misrepresent evidence to support their agendas. Whoever’s in power, the White House plays politics in appointing advisory commissions and editing the executive summaries of their reports. Scientists of all ideologies exaggerate the importance of their own research and seek results that will bring them more attention and funding.

But two huge threats to science are peculiar to the Left—and they’re getting worse.

The first threat is confirmation bias, the well-documented tendency of people to seek out and accept information that confirms their beliefs …


  • Date: 21/11/16
  • Benny Peiser, Financial Post

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States signals the beginning of the end of international climate alarmism.

Trump’s victory has shaken the green movement to its core and will almost certainly lead to the Paris climate agreement’s unraveling. That conclusion, however, is not how most people at the uneventful UN climate confab, which ended in Marrakech last week, saw it. Many speakers, still in a state of shock, denial and anger about Trump’s victory, resorted to wishful thinking and claimed that the president-elect would change his mind about his pledges, or failing that, could not withdraw from the Paris agreement.

French president Francois Hollande stated that Trump has no option. “This Paris agreement is irreversible, no one can get out of it. And even if he could be tempted, there will be forces, amongst them American democracy, who will ensure that it is respected.” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the Paris climate agreement “has now become unstoppable.”…


The decrease is seen in the land only data. Data from the sea shows a decline but not as much. This is expected given the ocean’s thermal lag. Data from the RSS group that provides satellite temperature services show that late-2016 temperatures have returned to the level it was at post-1998, Fig 1. Click on the image to enlarge.

RSS land Data

This clearly shows the recent El Nino for what it is – a short term weather event. Now that it is over it can easily be seen that the lower Tropospheric temperature displays no long-tern trend between 1999 – 2016. The same is seen in the UAH analysis of the satellite data. Fig 2.

UAH land data

Many have noticed that the strong El Nino of 1998 resulted in a “step-change” in lower atmospheric temperature. There is no reliable statistical evidence for an increase before it in the satellite data that was available in 1979. After 1998 the temperature did not return to its previous level but remained at a higher, stable level. It remains to be seen if the temperature will undergo another step-change. It’s very early days but on the sparse data available I think it seems unlikely.…