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UN Armed Security Shuts Down Skeptics After SHREDDING UN Climate Treaty at Summit Next To Trump Cut-out


Video of Armed UN Security Swarming in on Trump Media Event

Exclusive Full Video:

Associated Press video: US climate change sceptic Marc Morano shreds Paris deal

UN security shut down skeptics 

Skeptics SHRED UN Paris Agreement at UN Climate Summit – Seek to End Climate Activists Denial Over Trump

Trump’s impact on UN climate agenda can no longer be denied

Marrakech – With the election of Donald J. Trump, climate skeptics attending the UN climate summit in Marrakech, literally shredded the UN Paris agreement, complete with paper shredder and larger than life display of Trump. President Elect Trump has pledged to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris agreement much to the angst and downright horror of the climate activists.  (This UN crackdown on skeptics comes one day after 43-page report took apart the UN’s climate claims. See: Climate Report to UN: Trump right, UN wrong – Skeptics Deliver Consensus Busting ‘State of the Climate Report’ to UN Summit)

Marc Morano, who publishes the Climate Depot website and co-wrote and hosted the new skeptical film ‘Climate Hustle’, dramatically shredded the UN Paris agreement. The treaty shredding will signify the threat to the UN climate agenda from President Trump. Skeptics cheered the election of Trump and the planned dismantling of the UN Paris Climate Agreement and EPA “climate” regulations to make science and public policy great again.



Marc Morano statement:

“Today’s shredding of the UN Paris climate agreement will serve as a cathartic moment for the climate campaigners. Instead of continuing to dwell over how they will feel when the U.S. formally rejects the UN treaty under a Trump Administration, we will be offering UN climate activists a chance to visualize the actual document being shredded today at the conference. If nothing else, shredding the UN Paris agreement at the UN climate summit will help delegates move from denial and pass straight through anger and bargaining to the acceptance stage of grief.

The UN activists here are in denial over President Elect Trump’s rational climate and energy policies. Shredding the UN agreement is the skeptics way of nurturing the psychological health of climate activists who cannot fathom that the U.S. would kill the treaty. In much the same way an open casket helps grievers accept death, the shredding event serves as a way for climate campaigners to visualize the impending demise of the treaty. 

The UN climate agreement was not submitted to the U.S. Senate for ratification and empowers UN bureaucrats to have more and more control over U.S. energy and economic decisions for no climate gain —  even if you accept the Al Gore/UN view of climate claims. A treaty that imposes central planning and in their own words “global governance” on the world, deserves to be shredded. While people seeking to make a fortune off “climate change” may be upset at the treaty’s demise, this is great news for anybody who cares about genuine abundant energy, ending energy poverty and bringing prosperity to the world.

Trump has declared he wants to “Make America Great Again”, and it would be great if America Made Things Again. It is now time to pull the plug and shred the UN climate agenda.

The UN and EPA regulations are pure climate symbolism in exchange for a more centrally planned energy economy. The UN and EPA regulations are simply a vehicle to put politicians and bureaucrats in charge of our energy economy and ‘save’ us from bad weather and ‘climate change.’”  #


Associated PressClimate skeptic shreds Paris Agreement at UN ‘global warming’ conference – An American climate change skeptic has shredded a copy of the Paris Agreement on global warming at the U.N. climate conference. Marc Morano, who runs a climate skeptic website, was led away by security guards after the stunt outside the media center in Marrakech. Morano put the document in a paper shredder and said that’s what will happen to the Paris deal once Trump takes office. Wearing a red Trump hat, he said “the delegates here seem to be in deep denial about President-elect Trump’s policies.” As security guards led him away, he said “we will not be silenced.” Morano is a former aide to Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, one of the most vocal climate skeptics in U.S. Congress.

U.N. evicts skeptics for shredding Paris Agreement – E&E News reporter – MARRAKECH, Morocco — Three climate skeptics with credentials from a prominent Washington, D.C., think tank were evicted from the United Nations climate summit here yesterday after they shredded a copy of the Paris Agreement in the middle of the conference venue. – Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano and two other members of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), which disputes global warming science, were forcibly removed by U.N. guards after unveiling a life-sized cardboard cutout of President-elect Donald Trump, a copy of the landmark climate deal and a paper shredder.  – “Global warming skeptics are rejoicing at Donald Trump being elected president of the United States,” he told passers-by, as his colleagues alone clapped. He noted the president-elect’s promise to remove the United States from the deal joined by 109 countries as soon as he enters the White House. Morano informed participants that shredding the agreement they reached last year in Paris would help “with your stages of grief.” – “We’re going to shred a copy of the U.N. Paris Agreement so that you guys can move from denial, even anger, to acceptance of what should lie ahead with a Trump administration,” he said. Donning a red “Trump” hat, Morano, a former aide to Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), managed to dispose of what looked like two or three pages of the document before being spirited away by U.N. guards.

CNN TV covers Morano’s shredding of UN Paris Climate Agreement – Aired in repeated segments on November 17,18,19, & 20 2016: CNN’S ISA SOARES: But while many at the conference are optimistic the president-elect will change his mind, some of his supporters here are hoping he doesn’t budge.

MARC MORANO: “We stand in solidarity with president-elect Trump and this will be the first step toward doing it. This is our shredding of the documents.”

SOARES: Isa Soares, CNN, Marrakesh, Morocco. (END VIDEOTAPE)

Skeptics Thrown Out Of UN Climate Summit: Marc Morano, the publisher of Climate Depot, who was tossed out of the Marrakech summit after shredding a copy of a climate deal signed by nearly 200 countries last year. Morano was taken off the premises and won’t be allowed back in, the U.N. said. Morano, wearing a red Trump hat, said “the delegates here seem to be in deep denial about President-elect Trump’s policies” before being escorted off the premises by security, according to ABC News.

Gun Toting UN police force

All that remained after the UN and Morrocan security forces hauled off Morano. Shredded paper.


U.N. evicts skeptics for shredding Paris Agreement – E&E News reporter – MARRAKECH, Morocco — Three climate skeptics with credentials from a prominent Washington, D.C., think tank were evicted from the United Nations climate summit here yesterday after they shredded a copy of the Paris Agreement in the middle of the conference venue. – Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano and two other members of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), which disputes global warming science, were forcibly removed by U.N. guards after unveiling a life-sized cardboard cutout of President-elect Donald Trump, a copy of the landmark climate deal and a paper shredder…

Morano has been a staple at these events, staging sometimes elaborate stunts to draw attention to his belief that man-made climate change is not happening. A highlight was 2011, when Lord Christopher Monckton, a British climate skeptic, sky-dived onto the beach in Durban, South Africa, with a banner declaring “Climategate 2.0” — a reference to a controversy around emails stolen from climate scientists ahead of the Copenhagen, Denmark, talks the year before. One year later, Monckton dressed up in traditional Arab attire to enter a summit in Doha, Qatar, and later changed into a suit where he posed as a delegate from Myanmar to claim a microphone and deliver an anti-climate diatribe. The United Nations banned him from its conferences for life after the stunt.

This year’s paper shredder incident was tame by comparison, but Morano said the election gave the group something to celebrate.

“Global warming skeptics are rejoicing at Donald Trump being elected president of the United States,” he told passers-by, as his colleagues alone clapped. He noted the president-elect’s promise to remove the United States from the deal joined by 109 countries as soon as he enters the White House.

Morano informed participants that shredding the agreement they reached last year in Paris would help “with your stages of grief.”

“We’re going to shred a copy of the U.N. Paris Agreement so that you guys can move from denial, even anger, to acceptance of what should lie ahead with a Trump administration,” he said. Donning a red “Trump” hat, Morano, a former aide to Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), managed to dispose of what looked like two or three pages of the document before being spirited away by U.N. guards.


  1. When will you fools learn that man-bear-pig is going to kill us all?! You still don’t get it, do you? He’ll find us! That’s what he does! That’s ALL he does! You can’t stop him! He’ll wade through you, reach down your throat and pull your f*ckin’ heart out!

  2. the latest step of the cultural-marxists – who are extremely anti-white-racists to begin with – and the soft gestapo. As predicted, these marxist racist-democrat/party-fascists and their propaganda media drone slaves will continue the increasingly repressive and oppressive actions against their opposition until eventually they will incarcerate and kill finally. Its what marxists and fascists like them have to do to stay in power and take control. They cannot win in the arena of open and free public discourse, because they are liars, and their ideas and ideology damages, degrades, and impoverishes people. And because only varying degrees of threats , coercion, and violence maintain them for a time. Marxism and its variants, today going under the name of ‘political correctness’, and censorship. are satanic and those doing the wielding of the censorship are unknowingly and deniably doing satan’s bidding. they are satanic puppets who satan is using to destroy, and to create the climate for large scale violence and war. It is here and it is coming fast.

  3. Nobody wants dirty air and water… that’s just dumb. But the warming alarmists are just extremists with a political agenda which has little to do with either. Their mandates have no basis in reality and seek to drive energy costs significantly higher to the benefit of no one. With current technology, fossil fuels are still mandatory. Conversion to alternate sources must be driven by market forces and technical advances, not politics.

  4. Liberals world wide if they can’t get you to agree with them 100% they resort to name calling, threats and violence. Here the UN uses the threat of possible arrest and to shut down someone who does not agree with them.

    Get the USA out of the UN and get the UN out of our country.

    Today is Another Beautiful Triumphant President Trump Day in America~~~!!!

    Shalom My Fellow American “Citizens”

  5. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in an effort to combat Mafia groups.TRUMP should have the UN investigated for climate change fraud. Round ’em up, perp-walk them and put them all in jail!

    • I fully agree.. They even admit to influencing the price of electricity for the poor to make us want to use less. Whilst they overpower their 36,754 square feet mansions. These are nothing but meisers and thugs… All criminals.

  6. This nation should just close down the UN building and evict all these panhandlers forthwith. The US basically funds this ridiculous organization and gets absolutely nothing in return, save endless criticism and carping from these panhandlers. Throw the bums out!





    “CARBON CREDITS!!!!!!”

    HAHAHA! The Leftists ACTUALLY sell “Carbon Credits” to idiots, as if it means something!!!!

    WAKE UP !!!!!!

  8. Notice to all power-lusting politicians, statist thugs and brain-dead “intellectuals”:

    Times they are a changin and we’re not going away. Ever. I stand with Patrick Henry: Give me liberty or give me death.

  9. This is all about World Govt. But, the Chicken Littles” of the world will keep pushing this agenda. Hopefully, Trump will shred this group of loser’s agreement that was unlawfully signed by the clown in the Whitehouse.

  10. Research the Sun. It contains almost all of the mass in our Solar System and produces all of the energy. The Sun causes weather/climate.

    The Sun is 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System, and produces all of the energy AND WEATHER on Earth (including our ‘CLIMATE’).

  11. More proof that we’re dealing with a religion here, rather than a
    science. Heretics and deniers will be dealt with accordingly…

    I sincerely hope that this sudden resistance to globalism will result in triumph over these dogmatic climate nitwits.

  12. We have been OPPRESSED financially for the last 8 years, in the form of HIGH TAXATION and OUTRAGEOUS health care premiums. The globalists, with the help of CRIMINALS in our government, have gradually STOLEN whatever wealth we had. They had their Paris Treaty to STEAL MORE from us, all to LINE THEIR POCKETS while we STRUGGLE TO MAKE ENDS MEET.

    THANK GOD for Donald Trump! He stepped up to the plate to take on ALL of these CRIMINALS. We support you DJT! We THANK YOU President Elect Trump.

  13. The Globalist of consensus science have secured their salaries for now. The truth will rise to the surface though. The money flow for this will dry up. The bottom line is a path of stupid that will demand taxes from every person, pet, wild animal, tree, plant on Earth!

    Upon collecting climate change carbon taxes, eventually, the larger constituency will all become poor. They’ll want to know why and point to the carbon tax that cannot possibly save the Earth from the supposed pending Global Climate Change Fantasy. The tax amounts to a dangerous straw man that somehow threatens mankind, the Earth, then the greedy governments of globalism demanding this tax, but will certainly fail to deliver a real tangible correction to the straw man problem. We will want to also know, where the money went. There will be many hangings, beatings of those who hold tightly to the religion of GCC.

    This movie plot has been circulating in theaters for almost a century. We demand the clear truth more than we will settle for claims that “the GCC science has been settled” by the pocket protector laden scientists with smashing salaries who can’t prove mankind has enough impact on the weather, climate (which will go on changing in the event that all humans vanish). All they can do is like the democrats, libs – blame people to increase their tax collections. There about 10,000 different reasons to over-tax hard working people all over the planet – which amounts to a massive fraudulant scam. GCC carbon tax promises to be perpetuated into perpetuity!!

  14. climate change? yeah, sure, okay, the climate changes. big deal. it’s SUPPOSED to change. everything in cycles and seasons. but humans somehow responsible for this “change” to be bad??? highly doubtful. if you want to take climate seriously you have to note the one thing that drives the Earth’s climate with nearly 100% influence and that would be the Sun. yeah, that gigantic white star in the center of our solar system..

  15. Very Conservative politically, believe me, but that’s a completely different issue than climate change. You guys are fucking retarded for denying the importance of this. Just because loons like Al fricken’ Gore championed this issue does not mean it BS. This shit is happening, and just because it’s too scary or complex for you to digest does not mean it’s fake. Frankly, you’re compromising non-liberal platforms by being stupid, so thanks for that.

    • Factual data is not scary…note – I said factual data, not biased “created” data used to create the hockey stick effect. Ice masses move from one side of antarctica to the other, the polar bear is not close to extinction, the deep water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean aren’t warming, etc. etc. etc. It doesn’t take much to follow the money from the carbon credit exchanges into the pockets of the warming promoters and their constituents (ala Al Gore and Mr. Obama).

  16. Ill shoot any phony UN cop that tries to control my speech. Fuck the UN. Cant wait untill trump shreds the real scam agreement. There is no such thing as climate change… It is only weather. Hell if anything the chemtrail weather program is to blame for any changes they use as “evidence”. And the government know this.

  17. You know, I just thought of something that NEVER occurred to be before but it’s so [email protected]#$ing obvious now I can’t believe I didn’t see it previous.

    the majority of polar Ice is actually underwater right? hence: “tip of the ice-berg”

    Fill a glass with Ice cubes, then water…. initiate “man made warming” when all the ice melts…. does the water level go up and spill out of the glass?

  18. Look, The holy path is the reducing the burden on resources. The question you need to ask is how can I do the same work with less energy (also known as efficiency)? I don’t know how people got this wrong in their heads. The earth’s rotation has been slowing, the orbits change from circular to ellipses for planets and moons, the tilt of the planet has been changing, then the sun is outputting more and more light. In effect, the climate has always been changing. What you are suggesting, is controlling the climate. Carbon Dioxide? Seriously? What percentage of the atmosphere are we talking about? How many decimal points do we have to get to a number other than zero for that percentage? I’ll tell you what you can change, you can change local climates. By simply changing the color of house roofs, walls, yards to white or reflective, you can reduce temperatures in region. Or you can grow trees that turn the solar energies into photosynthesis, instead of relying on the radioactive emissivity coefficient (hope you have water). This has been proven to work in Spain. There is a desert that is now greenhouse farming, I think the average temperature reduction is 10 C.

  19. The climate changed since it began – duh. Human-caused climate change is a ruse to control & fleece the wealth-producing dumbmasses of the world so that elites pushing it can live the good life without having to work for it – duh.

    Here’s how to end that scam: ignore politics and political TV until both are bankrupt.

  20. Is this serious? Climate police? WTF is going on in the world that we have resources for climate cops?

    Climate nuts are about as useful as tits on a bull. The biggest factor to our “climate”, is the sun. Why they never talk about the sun, is alarming itself. I have lived next to the ocean for a decade, and this is the time frame that they warned us we would already be under water. It hasn’t happened, and if anything, there is evidence that the water has gone down. What a joke.

    It is this very political view that helped elect trump, so by all means, continue pushing your garbage views upon the people, that way we can elect more sensible leaders as you idiots become more and more desperate and ostracized. Man made climate change is false, and it is no accident that you berkinstock wearing retards have stopped saying “global warming”. Too many frozen toes while protesting all that man made heat. Now this one size fits all terms, is used to blame every single event that can be related to climate. Sorry, we aren’t buying your BS.

    As a way to celebrate, I will go out and burn my leaves, probably use a little plastic to get the fire going good, maybe burn those old rubber tyres that have been doing nothing but harboring mosquitoes.

  21. The last bunch of Climate Clowns who went to the Antarctic to record the “melting” ice became stuck in the ice and had to be rescued. This is a scam to impose taxes and take away people’s choice of mobility, air conditioning and heat!

  22. One should remember that when it comes to free speech, there is none outside of the U.S. People outside of the U.S. are told what to say, what to think, when to think, when to speak and when to shut up. It is slowly getting that way in the U.S. tho with the liberal lie machine and propaganda everywhere. They have trashed our Constitution, our government branches, our laws and our rights. America is under assault from the criminals of the world, the U.N. This is the largest criminal organization to ever come about on this planet.

  23. I don’t get it. As all the global warming fanboys are staunch evolutionists. Why wouldn’t they welcome this as they would evolve? Natural selection. Come on you Godless cretins you wouldn’t want to curb the progressive forward movement of evolution would you?

  24. I am 57 years old. All my life, I’ve been told Venice is going under water any day now. Seems like it hasn’t. At least two former members of the IPCC have publically admitted global warming is nothing but a wealth redistribution scam.

  25. It is amazing to watch liberals double down on a lost cause. I realize you lefties were picked on and ignored in school, but it is time to get over it. Grow up. At the end of the day, no one cares about your chicken little scam. Before you listen to anything more from Al Gore, remember that his predictions failed to come true. He also invented the internet…

  26. Well that proves it, I am personally responsible for MYSELF CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE, proof? Foreign military armed personal brought it’s monopoly of illegitamate violence and force against decent. Had they not made such militaralized act of force against words that maybe not in agreement with perfect strangers on my behalf that will greatly finaincially benefit from stealing my money, I would never of known.

  27. Climate varies. It varies whether we’re here
    or not. This can be seen in comparisons of earth
    with all the other planets in the solar system
    (they’re getting warmer, too). The earth is big.
    We are small.

  28. There’s good reason to be skeptical, because of the way it all went down. Almost out of nowhere there was this sudden global warming agenda that nobody ever heard of. Opposing views were INSTANTLY shut down and ignored by the world press. No discussion, no debate, nothing. Before anyone knew it, Global Warming was the law of the land and “settled science.”

    Huh? Everyone was like, when the heck did this happen? There were just way too many world leaders who were suddenly on the bandwagon. Not the people in their countries mine you, but just their leaders. It was just way too suspicious, like they were all in on it before announcing it to the world as law.

    Soon afterwards, we started seeing reports that certain ‘experts’ were exposed for admitting in emails that they manipulated the data because it wasn’t convincing enough. The so-called hockey sticky graph was only from someone’s imagination. Reality showed no such thing.

    • It all started with David Rockefeller at the UN where he supposedly had 1000 scientists signed on to a study confirming global warming! (many said they had never signed on to it).

      When ever the NWO wants to push something, this is the way they do it. Behind closed doors and done with deceit, fraud and usually public money attached as incentives!

    • There was no debate. Every time we try to have the debate, we’re told the debate is over and that they won it, so no further questioning is allowed. It’s a hell of a strategy! Not having a debate and claiming you won is a lot more reliable than actually having a debate, where there is always the possibility that the other side may be more convincing. Why take the chance?

      It’s the standard M.O. of the left. They are not interested in debate; they intentionally use what are now widely known to be Alinskyite tactics to suppress debate over issues and instead attack the messengers of opposing ideas. They ridicule, bully, and intimidate their opponents into silence or compliance, and then they claim they’re open to new ideas and that they want to talk about things. Just don’t ever try to take them up on the offer!

      That’s why Trump won. He’s the first figure in a long time who refused to go on the defensive and be cowed by the left. From their perspective, he didn’t do it right– when the accusations of every possible thing they could throw at him (as they do with all Republicans) came fast and furiously, he shrugged them off and stayed on the offensive.

      Democrats win by putting opponents on the defensive; a defensive person always looks guilty. Even if a person accused of hating puppies vehemently denies hating puppies, a headline that reads “Candidate X denies hating puppies” still associates “Candidate X” and “hating puppies” in the mind of the reader. If you go on the defensive and stay there, you’ve lost.

      Trump was supposed to do that and lose, like Republicans usually do. When he didn’t, the media went nuts trying to figure out why their attacks on him weren’t gaining any traction. Remember how baffled they were during the primaries when attack after attack was launched at Trump, yet his popularity only surged? They were so used to their accusations, half-truths, and out-of-context statements working on their political foes, they didn’t stop and think that the way he was reacting had anything to do with it.

  29. Punch them. Spit on them, Kick them, anything to fight for your self defense and rights. The UN has no authority over any CITIZEN of America. You do not, and must not cooperate with them. It is up to local law enforcement if you are committing a crime which you are not. So they CAN be physically stopped from denying you your free speech rights. Don’t volunteerily give them up.

  30. And what were the Earth Day predictions from 1970? It matters not, as long as we agree the solution is to have government regulate your life, liberty, and property as the only way to save the planet, children, and disabled minority kittens. Isn’t it a fitting philosophy for a movement founded on Lenin’s birthday?

  31. The sea levels will rise no matter what, as long as there is water on this planet. Ever hear of alluvial fans? At the mouth of every stream, and river there is sediment that washes down every day. Cumulatively it ads up to hundreds of cubic miles of sediment going into the oceans every year. If the ice caps frose solid till the end of time. The oceans will still rise. it is called EROSION.

  32. Whether the planet is getting warmer or not is easily measurable. What is not, is the scam that the warming is Man-Made. The planet has cooled and warmed numerous times in the past 5 million years and somehow went through the cycle without the influence of Man or his SUVs.

  33. This post has done more to make me NOT believe this website, than any I’ve read, anywhere.

    Why do yo have to lie? That’s what the “left” is doing. We don’t need to do that! Just tell the truth.

    #ClickBait lies. Sad.

    • No belief required. Just education and knowledge so you are correct “Liberals and Democrats understand GW thanks to their better intellectual analytical capabilities. Isn’t that really all you need to know?

          • Guess you didn’t read those emails that exposed the liberal conspiracy to defraud the public. Clearly the Kool-Aid has taken quite a toll. Doctored data is not science, but a lie. Drink up, you seem to be happy in your ignorance.

            • Again, I’d wager you haven’t a clue what you’re regurgitating from contrarian science-denying sites. I know that with more than 95% confidence because you provide no evidence for your vacuity and continue with endless kvetching.

              • Uhhhh….Al Gore said that the polar ice caps would be completely melted by 2015 according to global warming science. The antarctic ice has never been greater and it’s almost 2017. Duh!

                The Dust Bowl years were the hottest average temps on record….ever. To this day, we are COLDER now than in the late 30s. As a matter of fact, some climate models have us entering a mini-ice age. ICE AGE! Hello?

                • Thank you for affirming that I’d win the wager. Nothing in your tendentious jeremiad bears any resemblance to reality. You clearly are a buffoon when it comes to climate science and reality. Your unsubstantiated platitudes are typical of science deniers who revel in their ignorance.

                  • Hmmmm….I told you what Al Gore said in his “documentary” movie, that the polar ice caps would be completely gone by 2015. And he had numerous charts, and I quote here, “empirical scientific data,” to prove his point. Since this “AGW science” was clearly, laughably false….you call me a buffoon for pointing it out to you. Really? If you want to call Al Gore a buffoon, and his charts and associated drivel as unsubstantiated platitude….well, who am I to argue with that? Now I can’t prove to you that the ice caps are in fact still here, or show you the Al Gore movie, in a blog….but trust me, both do exist.

                    I also said that there were emails that showed a conspiracy to falsify data to “prove” global warming existed. This “Climategate” debacle involved the IPCC and prominent scientists that were central to the global warming debate. They took measures to conceal, rather than disseminate, data and these scientists viewed global warming as a political cause, rather than a scientific inquiry. Many admitted to each other that much of the science is weak and dependent on deliberate manipulation of facts and data to show actual warming trends. Again, these easily searched for emails are not unsubstantiated platitudes of my ignorance, but rather concrete proof of yours.

                    • Eschew prolixity and neoplasm especially with a jeremiad of unsubstantiated and evidence-free gallimaufry gibberish. All you do is reinforce why I’d win the wager. You clearly are a buffoon when it comes to climate science and reality. Your unsubstantiated platitudes are typical of science deniers who revel in their ignorance.

                    • All you do is reinforce why I’d win the wager. You clearly are a buffoon when it comes to climate science and reality. Your unsubstantiated platitudes are typical of science deniers who revel in their ignorance.

                    • You sure do repeat yourself frequently….oh, wait. Sorry, my bad…..I forgot liberalism is a mental disorder. I tried using known facts instead of altered data, but I just can’t fix stupid.

                    • Repetition is needed because you have an inability to absorb and learn. You also struggle with English, so I must presume it’s your second language. The English language is dynamic and wonderful. Learn to use it and what the definition and meaning of words is, such as fact … it’s a noun meaning something that actually exists; reality; truth or something known to exist or to have happened or a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true. I realize your vocabulary may not extend much beyond the ten hundred most commonly used English words. You won’t learn anything from other people if you don’t understand what words mean. Again, I’d wager you haven’t a clue what you’re regurgitating from contrarian science-denying sites. I know that with more than 95% confidence because you provide no evidence for your vacuity and continue with endless kvetching and deflection.

                    • I’ve never visited any climate contrarian sites. Apparently you have…sooo, who’s the tin foil wearer here???

                      I only told you what AL Gore said in his movie. Is that the science-denying site to which you refer? Al Gore used AGW “science” to prove that the polar ice caps would be completely melted by 2015. And this is the same “science” to which you have hooked your wagon to…..excuse me while I snicker at that for a bit. Exactly where is the deflection in my informing you that his “science” is false? Are you denying the existence of polar ice? You haven’t addressed that issue at all, while condescendingly saying that I’m deflecting.

                      And you never addressed those emails that showed the “scientists” fudged the numbers on GW to achieve a political agenda rather than adhere to sound science. Is this also where you have hooked your wagon? I have stated two things…that Al Gore’s science is buffoonery, and that the IPCC emails proved collusion, deceit, and data falsification to promote an agenda.

                      I also notice that you take issue with my “limited” vocabulary. I believe that you have me limited to “ten hundred” common words. Really? You’re going to use that phrase, deny polar ice, and ignore Climategate as a basis for calling me names. Your liberal inanity is fully on display. I laugh so hard.

                    • I’ve never visited any climate contrarian sites

                      As you’re commenting on one here, you’re either delusional or a liar. Pick one. Then seek professional help to find a cure or palliative treatment. Thanks for sharing that despite having one of the best free education systems in the world we still manage to turn out nescient cretins like you.

                      All you do is reinforce why I’d win the wager. You clearly are a buffoon when it comes to climate science and reality. Your unsubstantiated platitudes are typical of science deniers who revel in their ignorance. Surely, you’d be able to give citations or links to your gibberish or are you just the shy and coy type who likes to pretend they know something when they don’, like Trump’s plan to beat ISIL.

                    • Are we deflecting again? I think that’s what losers do when they have no effective rebuttal. Your blather is clearly intended to impugn a superior position, and it fails miserably…..again! And what wager? Are you imagining things….do you hear voices too? We did establish your mental disorder.

                      Please address your assumed fallacy of my statements, Mr. Deflector-in-Chief. Was Al Gore and his AGW science wrong on polar ice? Do we if fact still have polar ice and at record levels? Are the Dust Bowl years the hottest on record, and not today’s averages? Did those IPCC emails show collusion and deceit to promote a false GW scenario?

                      And you’re still repeating yourself….still calling names…still refusing to address those statements I made that prove the AGW hoax, to which you bow. Liberals are truly a sad bunch when anything that requires thinking is involved. Glad to see they are on their way to irrelevancy, good riddance!

                    • Eschew prolixity and neoplasm especially with a jeremiad of unsubstantiated and evidence-free gallimaufry gibberish. All you do is reinforce why I’d win the wager. You clearly are a buffoon when it comes to climate science and reality. Your unsubstantiated platitudes are typical of science deniers who revel in their ignorance.

  34. Skepticism is what forwards science. If not careful, we are on the verge of them singling out people as a heretic for their opinion, and burned at the perverbial stake. Talks are already afoot on jailing climate skeptics. Wake up people! Regardless of your views on this, we are going down a slippery slope. Do you remember Socrates? Forced to drink hemlock and die simply because he disagreed with the “kingmakers”. His wrong? Telling the world that the earth rotated around the sun. [Remember who was right.] I do believe we have an impact on the environment, and should do what we can to provide clean water and air, but I will leave you with this head scratcher. Fact- CO2 levels rise when global temperatures go up, so how can global temperature rise be caused by CO2 levels rising? It’s backwards! We must not have our universities afraid to lose funding if they disagree as scientific progress will grind to a halt. Always be wary when someone changes the question when they don’t get the answer they want!

    • Yes, we do know that CO₂ follows T, do try to keep up; it’s because the carbon cycle makes that so. It wont happen any other way unless the excess CO₂ being added overwhelms the carbon cycle sufficiently (in terms of volume of natural vs excess). We know humans are adding excess CO₂ from fossil fuel usage, cement manufacture, flaring and land clearance and disturbance. Unfortunately, CO₂ is a GHG and as such it acts as an attenuator of terrestrial IR to space, requiring the climate system to warm in order for the SB law to equal out the differential. Again you’ll just have to keep up. There’s tons of peer reviewed evidence within the 95% confidence limits.

      • Yes, it’s so well understood that the warmists have yet to make a climate model that has actually predicted anything. You can make models to claim anything you want, but until it is validated by comparing its output (successfully) to empirical results, it’s nothing more than a guess. Like the hockey-stick, a model that would show a spike in warming right when it was meant to no matter WHAT raw data you entered.

        They all go running around claiming they fully understand things, but when we get an 18 year period with no warming that they completely failed to see coming, we’re told that it has to be a blip, since the science is “well understood” and we’re still pumping CO2 out there, so we know the warming is still happening.

        In other words, believe the models that are supposed to predict reality before you believe the actual reality.

        It’s just as well, though, as soon the empirical data will be adjusted to fit the models, per the usual procedure, so we can claim then that the model is validated because it “predicted” the data we changed to match the model output.


        • Hmm last time I checked the current excess energy in our climate system falls within the 95% confidence interval of the range projected by current modelling simulations. Obviously you’ll not care, because you don’t understand the models. But if you are anywhere remotely interested in having a normal conversation with someone from the scientific side, you’d need to start with the actual nuanced reality of how the models are doing, not some hyperbolic waffle that shows your nescience. But, nuanced scientific discussion is not what you get here, unfortunately! Please don’t attempt to discuss a subject about which you have no education or knowledge. You’d get much further if you shared your knowledge like what it takes to be a shelf packer at Walmart.

  35. Attracted to an event protesting destruction of park space for a new building in the Teddy Roosevelt Park site of the Museum of Natural History, a speaker appeared with an unrelated unannounced topic called Climate Change, the term itself dishonest since we have known since childhood that climate is always changing. And, furthermore, there is more convincing evidence that we are entering a new mini-ice age.

    The speaker, a U.N. representative, presumably a scientist, droned on and on with his message of a one trillion dollar/yr goal to combat this urgent global problem of weather change.

    He assured us with the professionalism of a guy selling Girl-Scout cookies, that this $1,000,000,000,000/per year was doable if only our communities each did a few million each. Cheez!!

  36. Marc Morano is not a climate-skeptic but rather a climate science-gainsayer. One cannot be a skeptic when one’s education and knowledge wouldn’t even be sufficient to pass middle school on the topic in question. He is a well-known fossil fuel shill and propagandist with a venal proclivity to lie.

  37. United Nations Official Admits the Purpose of the Global Warming Hoax is to Destroy Capitalism

    3 February 2015 – The Top UN Climate Change Official is optimistic that a new international treaty will be adopted at Paris Climate Change conference at the end of the year. However the official, Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of UNFCCC, warns that the fight against climate change is a process and that the necessary transformation of the world economy will not be decided at one conference or in one agreement.

    “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history”, Ms Figueres stated at a press conference in Brussels.

    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution. That will not happen overnight and it will not happen at a single conference on climate change, be it COP 15, 21, 40 – you choose the number. It just does not occur like that. It is a process, because of the depth of the transformation.”

    The Global Warming scam is nothing but a Marxist redistribution of wealth and the mechanism to further entrench un-elected, globalist, bureaucratic, oligarchies.

  38. I must admit to being, for a while at least, a believer in this nonsense/cleverly disguised power grab/HUGE illicit money maker scheme but at first glance it does seemingly make sense, all the emissions from our toxic gas and fume belching, constantly consuming with no regard to wastefulness or any other concern past our noses society, sure it makes sense-AT FIRST GLANCE. Plus, backed up by their “numbers” which now we know are “adjusted” (i.e. faked) in so many ways, plus many more ways we haven’t caught them on, YET.

    It was both the sudden “oh now its just called climate change, forget about global warming” when their MANY dire predictions never proved true, but most of all the second I first heard the term we’ve all heard so many times now, “SETTLED SCIENCE”-IF YOU’RE A TRUE SCIENTIST OF ANY KIND, THERE IS NO SUCH THING and that’s when I really knew there was something foul here!

    • God, not this ancient trope again. It was Frank Luntz, the Republican pollster, who advocated calling it “climate change” because it seemed less threatening. And the climate has indeed been changing over time, but not over the last few thousands of years, and never near as fast. And while CO₂ may have been a following indicator in the past, it is the leading cause at this time, as has been understood by atmospheric physicists for decades.

      • Oh ok, so you MIGHT have debunked the least relevant of my facts, but still have a long way to go! How about the “settled science” part next, or are you one who would’ve said “off with his head!!!” to Galileo, etc for daring to challenge the status quo. Even Einstein’s THEORIES are still being tested every day by REAL HONEST SCIENTISTS, but of course trying to prove or disprove Einstein doesn’t get your grant money pulled, tenure and full professorship hopes totally derailed, basically any hope of being a scientist who doesn’t have to pull a 3rd shift gig at the 24hr McDonalds to pay your rent has been quashed quickly, also for decades by these same people. Why is it that the “open minded left” is so totalitarian and draconian to anyone who dares to challenge their plans for everyone. Its because when you lie, you can’t let anyone do an honest examination of your lies, sooner or later you’ll be exposed!

        • Your knowledge of science is worse than pitiful. Did you even graduate middle school or are you just another red state idiot running your mouth? There is no proof in science that is for distillers, mathematicians, and courts of law. Thanks for sharing that you’re neither a scientist nor scientifically literate but rather pugnaciously and obnoxiously nescient when it come s to climate science and probably the reasons why you project your employment on others. Science is apolitical but I don’t expect you to know that as your under educated status makes you fear this modern world.

  39. Typical behavior of jack-booted thugs. The real truth will come out that man has little effect on the climate of this little blue marble. The largest impact is from the sun itself, which is going into a moander minimum, which will cool down the “global warming.” I very much dislike any piece of paper that gives other countries say about what happens in this one.

  40. This deserves an explanation. The Mayan predicted this galaxy would cross the north-south equator in December 2012. Everybody who did not understand what they said, ran about – screaming and shouting “the world will come to an end in Dec 2012”. Well, it did not. Most only guessed at what the Mayans said.
    What was meant by their statement was “we are going to have problems with our climate for about the next 7,000 years because the northern hemisphere of the universe is very rough and disruptive.
    Hey, they were right – now you can see it. The disruption has started. We need to get ready for our turn north of the universe equator. We need to get started working out a solution to this problem.

  41. There’s no fool like a ‘climate change’ fool. They will literally believe ANYTHING! Well…..except the truth. Britain taxes cow farts. Carbon credits made Al Gore rich while doing nothing for the planet. Because…apparently, money can clean the air and make the CO2 disappear and keep the seas from rising. It must be working because the seas haven’t risen. BUT it’s not enough (and never will be). The only sea that is rising is idio-cy.

  42. I forget which Congressman tweeted a while back that George Orwell’s book “1984” was not intended to be an instruction-manual.
    Didn’t Orwell write precisely about this? “Black is white” or something? Don’t think, just obey, dammit!

  43. “Al Gore announced he is finishing up a new book about global warming and the environment. Yeah, the first chapter talks about how you shouldn’t chop down trees to make a book that no one will read.” –Conan O’Brien

  44. “Barbra Streisand told Diane Sawyer that we’re in a global warming crisis, and we can expect more and more intense storms, droughts and dust bowls. But before they act, weather experts say they’re still waiting to hear from Celine Dion.” –Jay Leno

  45. “Former Vice President Al Gore starring in a new documentary about global warming. I believe it’s called [Leno snores]. … The film actually features Al Gore and explores his journey on how he first got interested in temperature change. It started back when he was vice president. He noticed how the temperature would change, like whenever Bill would walk into the room, it would get warm and whenever Hillary walked into the room, it got cold.” –Jay Leno

  46. “Climate experts say we should tell villagers in developing countries to reduce the amount of cooking smoke they generate to help fix global warming. You know, it’s as if these people don’t hate us enough already. I mean, they live in mud huts, they have thatch roofs, their clothes are made of straw. We pull up in a bunch of Humvees and SUVs going, ‘Hey, you want to cut the smoke out of here?'” –Jay Leno

  47. Just got back from NZ. BIG CLIMATE CHANGE whiners. But, have they planted a freaking tree on the million upon millions of acres of sheep paddocks? No, they added cattle and now have a severe pollution issue. But they will MAKE you buy a properly green dryer. You have to dry things for 3 cycles or 3 times longer (I use a clothesline by choice, but too cold at my friend’s house). Trust me, the whole dirty green movement was created to steal money. Useless windmills clogging the scenery and killing the wildlife they are wanting to preserve. Grants to companies that fail in 1 year and keep all the money. What a joke and I am sure it goes for all the climate whiners. Here is a thought for them: GEOLOGIC TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Call the sheriff? Call the local police? Nope, if this UN crap is allowed to continue Americans will have to call federal police at first and sooner or later UN sponsored international police or peace keepers.
    Am I paranoid?
    Nope, just an observation.

  49. I decided to have a greasy, beefy burger for lunch today, instead of something healthy, and that’s before reading this. I heard something else on the radio ref “man made climate change”… good thing, and gonna be farting all day long now 😉

  50. So funny. Hey you global warming hoaxers, your game is OVER! You don’t have a leg to stand on and there will be no gradual withdrawal, Trump can say FU and that’s the end if it.

    Your agreement is only with 0bama and he is gone in January so you have no agreement.

    Your treaty will never even see the Senate floor and wouldn’t pass if it did.

    You don’t have to like it UN but you have to accept it. You will be lucky if Trump doesn’t throw all of you out of the country. You really belong in Brussels with the rest of the NWO scum anyway.

    It will be easier to round you all up to kill you when the time comes if you are all in the same place.

  51. We know about rising temperatures.. No one has yet to prove this is 100% due to man made actions. It’s consensus. Consensus among all physicians in the US placed post menopausal women on Estrogen. Then we figured out that we were causing breast cancer. Consensus science is DANGEROUS science. In fact consensus, isn’t science at all. No one has proven man made global warming. Period.

    • Thanks for sharing that you’ve never had a science class and are totally scientifically illiterate. There is no proof in science that is for distillers, mathematicians, and courts of law. There is, however, consensus throughout science. If there wasn’t, we wouldn’t progressed as far as we have. No one doubts the consensus on gravity for example but we know little about it. Our lack of knowledge doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist because we can measure it and have formulated laws and theories that predict outcomes with more than 95% certainty. But we still don’t know what gravity is. You are confused between applied science and research and so your analogy is a gross failure.

        • Well the pollsters got the popular vote correct, HRC is ahead by more than 3%. Unfortunately, we’re not a fully developed democratic country that relies on a rigged election system. Looks like some States are heading for recounts, like FL, WI … what will you do if they reverse the election results.

          • “the popular vote”?? “the popular vote”??


            Do you even know how our election system works or not??

            “the popular vote”?? What does that have to do with,….. wait for it,…. ANYTHING?!?!?!?!

            • This will come as a surprise to you but in order to be accepted as a democracy in the definition of the UN Charter of Nations, the basic definition is one person, one vote and most votes denominate the winner. Why should a person’s vote be discounted because of where they reside?

              • “Why should a person’s vote be discounted because of where they reside?” They shouldn’t and they aren’t.

                We’re a Constitutional Republic with some aspects of Democracy.

                Democracy is majority rule. Didn’t you know that?

                We and our Constitution, have been around long before the UN was a tingle down the leg of a liberal. We’re governed under the Constitution, not something a UN charter says….

                The UN belongs in Switzerland, a neutral country. Not here!

                You’re still unable to figure out why Trump won, aren’t you?

                Edit: Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner…

          • You think fully developed democratic countries rely on rigged elections? I suppose that’s why you guys try to hard to do just that.

            The rigged election system is in favor of the left– we have a media that is essentially owned by the DNC, and the massive voter fraud always goes in that direction as well. Electronic voting machines that switch GOP votes to Dem are reported every election, but never the other way around. Dems are caught conspiring to register ineligible people by O’Keefe and others. Boxes of ballots marked for Franken right when Coleman was on the cusp of winning, and Democratic districts with more than 100% voter turnout. Even the POTUS standing there encouraging illegals to vote!

            If we had anything approaching an honest election without fraud, Trump would be well ahead in popular votes too, and the same could be said if we had a media that was merely biased in favor of the Democrats rather than being a full-fledged wing of the Hillary campaign.

      • And what you don’t realize because of your sheltered life in the MSM and HuffPo basement is that a very large group of Climate Scientists.. In the 100’s even doubt the theory of man made global warming.

        I don’t think you will find a single Physicist who doubts The Theory of Relativity which explains gravity.

        So if you want to stick with your idea that if everyone believes something is true — then it must be, that’s okay, but you neglect the fact that there are hundreds of climate scientists (who have signed joints statements) that say your consensus is wrong.

        I don’t think you’re going to find the same sort of article with scientist debating relativity or evolution.

        It’s fortunate people like you don’t work in science. Every day would be a Thalidomide day.

        Just so you know from now on.. the goal of a theory is to prove it, not accept it. Just because there are theories that are unproven, doesn’t mean we accept them. Physicist every day are contemplating alternative explanations for quantum mechanics..

        it’s people like you who would leave us in the stone age.. not those of us discontent to accept truth only because we are told that’s the way it must be…

        At one point.. you idiot.. the consensus was the world was flat. Thank God for people like me.

        • Thanks for sharing that you’ve never had a science class and are totally scientifically illiterate. There is no proof in science that is for distillers, mathematicians, and courts of law. As to gravity there are more than seven competing theories … the two main ones don’t attract more than 50% consensus. Picked up a physics textbook yet? You can get a good used one inexpensively on Amazon.

      • That would be great if you could show me data that was produced 20 years ago that show weather patterns with 95% certainty. Because, If you like, I can show you data that Climate science produced 20 years ago.. and it’s completely wrong.

        I can show you links from the internet wayback machine that predicted by this time we would have sea levels 20 feet higher than they are now.. This is the science your content with?

        Too funnny.

        Btw. As a doctorate in science.. I find your accusations of me hilarious. You are such a liberal. And you are a perfect example of why people voted for Trump. America is sick of your ilk.

        • Revel in the anonymity of the internets that affords you delusions of grandeur about your education. You’re a poseur as evidenced by your words. I’, always puzzled by simpletons who say they have evidence and then are too shy and coy to present same.

          • Oh, and now you’re trying to take my privacy too? What a typical liberal. When faced with some logic you can’t stretch your pea brain around, you throw up a a straw man and come after my privacy. I’ll take that as a “no”, that you don’t want to see “Climate Science” that’s completely wrong from 20 years ago then. Dolt.

  52. The personal behavior of 1% of the U. S. population results in their CO2 footprint being 50 TIMES that of the other 99%. Not surprising to anyone. What does surprise people is when they realize this means this small group is responsible for more than 33% of ALL U. S. CO2 emissions (all CO2 emissions being attributable to people) and were this small group to only emit 25 TIMES the average of the other 99%, OVERALL U. S. CO2 emissions would decline (immediately, not over decades) by 17%. Can ANY of you AGW folks PLEASE explain why all the plans being implemented and proposed will allow this small group to continue their behavior unabated while financially hammering the lower income and middle classes, just for being alive. Please hurry, it is an emergency you tell us (well not for the actual polluters that are the ruling elites). OR you could just admit it is a giant scam, which is obvious to ANY informed person.

  53. There is no problem knowing that we’re having Global Warming and it is not the fault of the people and all this is about is how our government can make money off of all the companies and all the people and that is really what this is all about.

  54. Last evening, while flipping through channels, I landed on CBS Evening News just long enough to hear their report on some climate change thing or another. I was there just long enough for their reporter to say that “Climate Change is supported by the vast majority of Climate Scientists.”

    Knowing it to be a lie, I quickly returned to flipping through channels.

  55. The idiot warmers think that sea levels are up all around the world.
    The idiot warmers think that ice is melting all over the world.
    The idiot warmers think that if you fill a glass half full of ice and half full of water it’s going to run over the top of the glass when the ice melts.
    There is more polar ice on planet earth now than there was when Al Gore made up his fiction movie.

    • Amazing four sentences and you create four falsehoods or red herrings. Good job! I’d bet you don’t have a résumé that would get you a career in a scientific field and that your knowledge of science is worse than pitiful. Did you even graduate middle school or are you just another red state idiot running your mouth?

  56. Most current impact to the environment was Tuesday’s election results causing large amounts of warm liberal tears to flow into the waterways killing almost nothing except the hopes and dreams of Fat Albert and his hustle.

  57. Do you morons actually believe you can change what IS, by using force. JERKS ! It is no longer global warming, and yes we are going through climate change, but it is not heating up but purported to be heading into a Mini Ice Age. Humans believing they can change the climate which is regulated by the sun and our earth’s relationship to the sun, when geoengineering has been the problem all along. What they have done is move the Jet Stream causing major problems with many countries because their climate has changed.

    We are not skeptics of “Climate Change”, we are skeptical of those who still believe that human activity is the cause without ever mentioning human deployment of Geoengineering. It is all a matter who you chose to believe, bought and paid for government climate scientist, or actual real scientist who have been studying this for decades. they have Ice Cores and many other metrics to prove that global warming idiots are just that, IDIOTS !!!

    • The belief that man’s CO2 causes climate disruption has been disproven since a long time ago. That these dips keep flogging it shows us their true agenda – they’ll go down swinging in support of it, because they’re too well paid to give up now.

  58. Yeah, global warming…but don’t say anything about chemtrails, Fukushima, the Gulf oil spill, the petroleum cartel’s blocking of alternative power to maintain oil dependence, etc. Let’s go cry about Trump together in our safe spaces with play-doh and cookies. What a sick world.

  59. For those of you who can’t think for yourself and believe anything a democrat tells you, it wasn’t too long ago that all the experts told us to prepare for worldwide famine due to shorter growing seasons. Prepare for the coming Ice Age. Notice the date on the cover of Time.
    Sure enough, NOW it’s finally coming out that the sun is becoming less active with sunspots (one of the real events that heats the earth). So expect much colder temps.

  60. A reader by the name of RISING asked about human sacrifice to the gods of light and sun. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:
    “A wicker man, that, according to Caesar, was used by the Celts to sacrifice humans to their gods. Human sacrifice is the act of killing one or more human beings, usually as an offering to a deity, as part of a ritual. Human sacrifice has been practiced in various cultures throughout history.
    Human sacrifice – Wikipedia”
    The Mayans were not the only one who sacrificed humans to the Gods or the spirits of past heroes or kings etc.

  61. It seems that sanity is starting to creep back into the western world again with Brexit ,Trump and the rise of the right in Europe. The globalist left and their insanity is finally coming to an end ,they have done incredible damage to the West and the world ,hopefully not irreversible damage . We have a long way to go.

  62. It is the new form of black gold, folks. Trillions upon trillions to benefit those who will “help” with our climate change “problems”. Weird how they switched the term global warming with climate change considering the climate has always been changing. Furthermore, I find “the pause” to be a particularly funny excuse.

  63. Would be interesting / valuable / enlightening to have an HONEST discussion of “global warming” (“climate change”) issues. BUT… That is IMPOSSIBLE with the cast of “progressive” MSM / govt heads/speakers pushing their agendas. Our “Democrats / progressives / leftist liberals” are totally against a seriously OPEN discussion of the issues – it’s their best weapon to push their total agenda onto the world. Such B*ST*RDs!!!! This COULD be “serious business”, BUT their OVERT BIAS makes it IMPOSSIBLE to discuss in a rational manner.

  64. When the agreement is for the US to give money and countries like India and China get a pass then it is a bad deal. How many people continue to suffer because their poor countries are beholden to the UN for assistance? No coal or natural gas for you and you suffer while the kinks are worked out with wind and solar. Oh that big hole in the ground mining rare earth elements is no harm to the environment.

  65. The East Anglia emails prove “global warming” or “climate change” to be a grand hoax!

    Yet these UN fools want to control our lives with their bogus fears and regulations!

    To hell with the UN!

    To hell with climate change! it is a grand hoax!

    • That’s it in a nutshell. If AGW was as obvious and dangerous and unequivocal as they claim, the massive fraud uncovered in climategate would never have been necessary. Fraud is what you do when that’s not an option, and the fact that fraud occurred (and is still occurring) is not in question.

  66. It is predicted? What the heck does that mean? Global warming fanatics have a PR problem, and they don’t even know it. Stop selling vague science and start talking about POLLUTION. Everybody gets that, show more examples of that. And set realistic targets as well – don’t request big commitments that no one will meet anyway. Go with gradualsm..Shape the conversation towards technology solutions that will generate economic activity and/or god help us, PROFIT!!!! Most things don’t have to be state imposed solutions. Many cool things companies are doing now not only are good for the environment but also save MONEY!!!! An example I see every day is trucks with angled fins coming off their trailers to reduce drag. Less drag = better fuel economy = more profit.

  67. Is there no freedom of speech in Marrakech? Thank the Good Lord that we finally will have a President who knows that “global warming” is a hoax perpetrated by those who wish to transfer wealth from the people and countries that created it to the people and countries that do nothing but produce an ever-growing population of takers. So-called “global warming” is a LIE!

  68. There is no global warming; the issue is solely control of malleable, uneducated leftists. You can’t cure stupid and there is no point in attempting to educate those who won’t be educated. There are people on the Internet who are trolls and write the party line repeatedly in a vein attempt to sway those who would be swayed, Most people aren’t that stupid.

  69. I can’t wait until Trump whips it out and urinates all over any AGW agreements President FecaI Midas and the rest of the whacko Bolsheviks (D) have committed to.

    Live by the executive order…die by it.

  70. time to leave the UN
    UN makes 400 BILLION dollars on BOGUS CO2 emissions
    you cant tax sun
    you cant tax methane
    you cant tax earth core warming
    so that aint it
    it has to be something you can extort countries for
    CO2 hoaksters.

  71. It is called weather; without it we would be unable to survive. I recall learning that there were a few ice ages before the invention of the automobile and coal burning plants. This is extortion at the highest international level and we are no longer making bad deals with other nations. We are making “America Great Again!” Good luck manipulating us in the next sixteen years. #gotohell

  72. Whenever you read a story about the “Uh does such and such”…remember that WE US taxpayers are billed for 47% of the whole UN budget…47%. I believe whatever the “UN” does is OK’d by the guys(Obama et al til 1/20/17) in DC. Time to get TH out of the UN and stop paying that high bill!!!!

  73. This is serious. The UN is in full control of these United States!! Soon skeptics will be looked at as terrorists. As of Nov 4 2016 they took over many aspects of our country and nobody is even saying a word. Obama saying it’s bad to love our own country when we have to worry about the rest of the world first. They also note there is no such thing as globalization!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Our sovereignty may already be lost thanx to 0bama. Thank god Hitlary didn’t get the Presidency!! For now anyway. Dec 19,2016 may prove otherwise!!! Imagine the protests if She wins!!!

  74. People, please search the net for Milankovitch cycles

    And view the 420,000 years of ice core data from Vostok, Antarctica research station.

    The “hockey stick” is just a sliver of the available data.

    Our climate is controlled by the force of the other planets on the Earth. The same way our moon causes our tides, Jupiter tugs on us.

    spread the word 😀

    • The hockey stick is a made up bar graph created by the “10 year global warming model” Al Gore used his VP paycheck to have created. The sad thing is that no matter what data is fed to the application, it always produced the same bar chart.

      Al Gore is a sad individual.

      • Care to show in which published paper about the hockey stick (through 2013) contains the gibberish you posted:

        1. 1998: K. R. Briffa, et al., Influence of volcanic eruptions on Northern Hemisphere summer temperature over the past 600 years, Nature, 393, 450-455, 4 June 1998
        2. 2000: T. J. Crowley, Causes of Climate Change over the Past 1000 Years, Science, 289, 270
        3. 2000: S. Huang, H. N. Pollack, P. Y. Shen, Temperature trends over the past five centuries reconstructed from borehole temperatures, Nature Letts., 403, 756-758
        4. 2002: C. Bertrand, et al., Climate of the last millennium: a sensitivity study, Tellus, 54,3,2210244, May
        5. 2002: J. Esper, Cook, Schweingruber, Low-Frequency Signals in Long Tree-Ring Chronologies for Reconstructing Past Temperature Variability, Science, 295, 5563, pp.2250-2253, Mar. 22, 2002
        6. T. M. Cronin et al., MWP, LIA, and 20th century temperature variability from Chesapeake Bay, Global Planetary Change, 36, 2003, 17-29
        7. 2004: H. N. Pollack, J. E. Smerdon, Borehole climate reconstructions: Spatial structure and hemispheric averages, J. Geophys. Res., 109, D11106, 9pp, 2004
        8. 2005: E. Jansen, et al., “Extracting a Climate Signal from 169 Glacier Records”, Science, 308,5722,675-677, Apr
        9. 2005: A. Moberg et al. Northern Hemisphere 2,000 year Temperature Reconstruction using low and high-res proxy data
        10. 2005: S. Rutherford, et al., “Proxy-Based Northern Hemisphere Temperature Reconstructions”, J.Clim,18, 2308-2329,2005
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  75. Reasons why Global
    Warming is Hogwash

    CO2 is heavier than the main components of air.
    Look at the Elemental chart. The lightest is hydrogen, then helium etc. Carbon
    dioxide is a compound and has much more weight. It therefore sinks in the atmosphere and does not float up to the

    But we hear the term about “Green House Gases”.
    Yes it is true, CO2 is used as a Green House Gas atmosphere enhancement. Plants
    must have CO2 to survive. Long ago and to this day CO2 is pumped into green
    houses to help plants grow larger and faster for our consumption of their
    byproduct, fruits and vegetables. Look it up on the internet.

    Because of that fact, you do not find trees
    growing at high altitudes. Trees need CO2 to survive. Known as the Tree-line, it is the same all over the world 8000 feet
    or so. It is not because of the cold weather at those levels because up in the
    artic you still have tundra grass and fungus that grow under the snow fields.

    The atmosphere is made up of 78% Nitrogen, 19.1%
    Oxygen and .9% Argon. The remaining percentage is made of Water Vapor, CO2, CO,
    Methane, and other hydrocarbons. CO2 represents .06% of the atmosphere, roughly
    6 parts per million. Take 1 million marbles, paint 6 of them red for CO2 and
    lay them out. It would be hard to even find the 6 CO2 marbles. There is not
    enough to make a difference. And plants are taking all they can get because
    they have to have CO2 to survive and convert it back to oxygen for us to

    If you heat up that block of Atmosphere of 1
    million marbles, the nitrogen oxygen and argon molecules will absorb more heat
    than the CO2 marbles. Nitrogen is used as an atmosphere in metallurgical heat
    treat furnaces in industries all over the world to keep out any damaging oxygen

    So what if you take CO2 molecules and only have
    them in a 1’x1’x’1’ cube, what would the temperature be? The higher
    concentration would actually decrease in temperature until you have 100% in the
    cube. The temperature would be -109F. We call it Dry Ice and it is used to freeze foods.

    Why are they pushing to tax CO2 emissions? It is
    a global method to raise taxes for other ruling parties to use funds and
    control people and business. CO2 is a byproduct of all engines. That goes for
    ships, trains, cars, power plants, you name it. Control what can be allowed and
    what tax must be paid and you can control people and industries. Al Gore
    developed tax credits yet he doesn’t cut back his CO2 footprint one bit and he
    doesn’t pay his tax credits to himself. But he wants you too.

    CO2 is so heavy that it sinks to the earth and
    is absorbed in our ground. CO2 is actually found deep in the earth and is
    pumped up and piped to other oil wells to add pressure to get the Natural gas
    to the surface.

    Some international companies actually are
    getting paid to capture and sequester the CO2 emissions from plants and other
    sources. They pump CO2 into salt domes and old natural gas wells all across

    CO2 comes from the earth and the central core.
    Under the earth’s mantle lies molten lava constantly spinning keeping the earth
    in rotation. Occasionally, Volcanoes go over a hot spot or a thin spot in the
    mantle and we get a volcano. It spews ash and CO2 into the atmosphere. Both
    come back down to earth through rain, hail and just their plain weight. The CO2
    is an off-gas emission of the earth’s internal combustion.

    There are caves in Mexico that have giant
    crystals growing inside. CO2 is a major component for that to happen. Men
    cannot go down there without having oxygen respirators to breathe.

    Scientists at the universities will claim to
    believe in the Global Warming so that they get grants to study side bar issues
    with the environment. Plan a trip to Antarctica to see the penguins and how
    they are coping.

    Some old official sites of temperature readings
    were in fact out at Airports where there is masses of concrete, which does
    reflect and retain heat. Temperatures have been falling and rising with and
    without man’s industrialization. It ties closely in with the Sun’s storm
    pattern which we are still determining.

    So now you know. Accept the fact that the masses can be
    fooled if they don’t do their own homework.

    • Such a long screed to demonstrate that you’re clueless about math and science

      represents .06% of the atmosphere, roughly 6 parts per million. Take 1 million marbles, paint 6 of them red for CO2 and lay them out. It would be hard to even find the 6 CO2 marbles

      I’m going to use your diatribe of stupidity to highlight why the US is going backwards and needs to import immigrants to do the jobs that requires educated people.

        • You wouldn’t know because you’ve never had a tertiary education and your day laborer jobs don’t require them. Your skills are obviously very marketable and well matched for the jobs you qualify for.

          • Typical. The best and most overused retort is touting education. You’ll probably try the same with me but the sad fact is I received multiple scholarship offers, chose a school, grew up, served, traveled the world, became successful, semi-retired by 40, and am certainly wiser than a condescending loathsome d0uche such as yourself. Instead of letting everyone know how your mommy and daddy (who were probably brother and sister) ignored you as a child and made you the dumaz you are today, why not present a thought filled, honest and factual argument rather than insulting someone. If you had any knowledge at all, you’d know imported workers work for half of what an American with the same degree will and that is a proven fact and why greedy lying leftists corporations fight for the visa program and open boarders. But hey, don’t let the truth get in the way of your dear leader’s agenda. You know, the leader that lost, resoundingly.

            • Mercifully you have escaped the ravages of intelligence due to suffering from cranium intra réctum for most of your life. And you wonder why you have zero credibility once you leave your alt-R, KKK and/or militia group meeting. I know what your Internet browsing history already knows …….

              • Again, don’t let facts interfere with a good agenda and unfounded rhetoric. When you graduate from college, and then your parents basement, feel free to join the real world. The one which disavows your communist ideology and lie driven agenda. You know who founded the klan, you know who supported it during the Civil Rights movement. But I’m sure you’ll never utter the truth. Simpleton.

  76. Liberals please do your part to conquer climate change!! Take a deep breath and don’t breathe out thus spewing CO2 into the air and warming the planet. Depopulation is the answer!! Getting rid of 6 billion people would be a good start. Dumb down the people. Make them afraid of everything and pay them to riot in the streets. Sound familiar. If some people can do things illegal why can’t everyone!!!

  77. Climate Change is a Hoax. They just want to impose another tax and ultimately install a One World Government. I do not recognize the UN and will shoot these bastards dead if they step one foot in my neighborhood. Oh by the way, I know a lot of people who feel the same way and some have bigger guns then me… Foretold is Forewarned

  78. I am a Caucasian, ( for all you in Rio Linda that means white), Christian Southerner and I am outraged at the way the UN, with he help of the Clinton Administration, handled the Rwanda horror, (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND PLUS BLACK AFRICANS SLAUGHTERED IN ONLY THREE MONTHS), while the UN and Clinton’s people stood by and did nothing!

    Get out of the UN. Let them build an office building in the Sudan or in Iran and they can all move there.

  79. There is no science in climate change. The goal is to destroy capitalism, shift money from wealthy nations to those that need it. It’s about control. Scientists are bought off and come up with “evidence” that wouldn’t hold up in any court of law. If your theory can’t hold up to argument then you have just that, a theory.

  80. If the advocates of “global warming” would stop “adjusting the data” and relying on other “tricks” to achieve the desired end result, their arguments might be more credible. It’s like saying 2 + 2 = 5. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence realizes that answer is incorrect. True science is not predicated on frauds or tricks. The earth has been warming and cooling for millenniums. It’s not going to stop anytime soon.