Former Harvard University Physicist: ‘DiCaprio’s new climate movie is truly pathetic’


By Former Harvard University Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl: 

National Geographic released the new 95-minute-long movie “Before the Flood” created by Leonardo DiCaprio on their YouTube channel:

DiCaprio is facing trouble because they caught him when he was misappropriating a rainforest fund in an international money laundering scandal so he surely hopes that this movie will help him to decriminalize himself.

It’s probably the most superficial movie on the climate issue that has been released so far, beating even No Pressure 10:10, An Inconvenient Truth, The Times of the Stupid, 2055, and many other “masterpieces”. DiCaprio never goes beyond the manipulative one-sentence slogans that everyone must have heard about one million of times. What is annoying is that DiCaprio isn’t just a fool. He is a pompous fool and that’s the kind of creatures that I simply cannot stand.

DiCaprio moderated a panel discussion alongside US President Barack Obama at The White House. PHOTO: FILE

So he could afford to fly to many corners of the world including the polar regions and has befriended many famous or notorious people. But none of these things implies that he has a clue what are laws that the climate actually obeys and what’s going to happen with it – a trivial fact that he implicitly tries to obfuscate all the time.

He must be right when they paid for a helicopter to go here or there, he wants millions of stupid viewers to think, and some of them will.

At the beginning, we learn a few things about DiCaprio’s dad. He was a fan of Andy Warhol or whatever. Then we’re shown some paintings of Adam and Eve. There are additional paintings of the characters from the Bible, a few generations after Adam and Eve.

I exploded in laughter when a picture with dozens of people from the Biblical times was described as “overpopulation”. Well, if someone is terrified by the “overpopulation” 2,000 (or even 3,000+) years ago when there were just a few hundred million people in the world (the Roman Empire had about 50-60 million near the 4th century CE), the contemporary world must surely make him nuts.

But it’s obvious that the Earth has no trouble to feed the 7+ billion people today and even without any new technologies, a world with tens of billions of people is easily imaginable.

We’re shown various famous and notorious friends of DiCaprio’s – Ban Ki-Moon, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, the Pope, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Elon Musk, …

‘If experts had been right about sea ice, there would be no polar bears in Churchill’

he simple fact is that if polar bear experts had been right about the threat to polar bears from the loss of summer sea ice in the Arctic, there would be no polar bears in Churchill this fall. No bears for tourists to photograph, none for biologists to study, and certainly none for the BBC to film for an upcoming three-part TV special called “Arctic Live.


The low-ice future that biologists said would doom polar bears to extinction by 2050 has already happened in 8 out of the last 10 years. The sea ice future has been realized.

Polar bears have experienced those supposedly deadly low-ice summers for almost a decade but the global population did not drop by 2/3 as predicted and not a single one of the ten subpopulations predicted to be extirpated under those conditions has been wiped out.

How much more wrong can you be than that? Will the BBC mention this conundrum in their show? Will the polar bear experts they consult share this fact with viewers? We’ll all have to watch and see [show times and summaries of each program here, 1-3 November] but here are some background facts that might enhance your viewing experience.…

Yet Another Attempt To Blame Cold Winters On Global Warming!

By Paul Homewood




Every year it seems we get a new study linking cold winters to global warming and “melting” Arctic ice.

Only last month I debunked the latest attempt, and I assumed this must be the same study. Turned out I was wrong!

This is what Unscientific American has to say about the latest paper:



The polar vortex in recent years has brought the kind of miserable cold to northern states that made it hard to breathe outside. We’re probably in for more of the same.

That’s the finding of a new study published yesterday in the journal Nature that finds that as the Arctic warms, it is shifting the polar vortex to Europe. That in turn will bring more bursts of frigid cold to North America.

Those temperature drops could lead to miserable days in February and March, the research finds. Conversely, those drops in temperature could offset some of global warming’s effect in those regions, said Martyn Chipperfield, professor of atmospheric chemistry at the University of Leeds and a co-author of the paper.

“Climate change can lead to extremes; it’s not like a regular change, everyone to the same extent at all times and places,” he said. “Despite the overall warming, you can get in places like the Northeastern U.S. extreme cold events. That’s consistent with climate change and global warming.”

The polar vortex is a fast-moving band of air that encircles the frigid Arctic in winter months and traps it there. Its movement is part of a decades long change.

The polar vortex has actually “shifted persistently” away from North America and into Europe and Asia over the last 30 years, researchers found. That results in cooling over North America but warmer winters in Europe.

As global warming decreases sea ice, the sun’s warmth absorbed by the ocean is instead released from the ocean for a longer period of time, which disrupts the vortex.

When the vortex weakens, a growing number of climate scientists argue, the cold Arctic air migrates to lower latitudes, as happened in early 2014 and 2015. The sudden and somewhat prolonged burst of cold broke pipes and water mains and more than doubled energy bills in places like New York and New England as it wreaked havoc across a wide swath of the country.


The full paper is here.


So let’s see …

N. Hemisphere Snow Cover Trend Has In Fact Been Upward Over Past Quarter Century

USA’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) providesdata here on snow cover.

Because global warming is supposed to be leading to less snow, one would think that snow cover in terms of area would be trending downwards over the past 50 or so years. However, the data tell us a very different story.

Surprisingly wintertime snow cover area has actually been trending upwards over the past 50 years and all-year snow cover in the northern hemisphere has been pretty much steady, and even of the rise over the past 25 years!.

The following NOAA chart shows us the northern hemisphere show cover for November:


Clearly the November trend is solidly upwards, with especially great area extents over 5 of the last 6 Novembers. The next chart is for December:


In December as well we see especially vast snow cover over many of the past 15 years – even higher than the winters of the 1970s, when we were being bombarded with warnings of global cooling.

Next we present the data for January, where see no change over the past 48 years:


However in January, over the past 25 years we can make out a rising trend as well. Claims that snow is becoming a thing of the past are very false.

February’s trend tell us the same story: greater snow cover:


Again here as well the powerfully upward trend is clearly visible since 1990.

The same is true for the autumn months of September and October.

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: ‘Hillary Clinton Boards The Climate Crisis Train To Nowhere’

Furthermore, the overall increases in such things as hurricanes and tornadoes have not materialized. Drought in the western U.S. pales in comparison to the mega-droughts tree rings tell us existed in centuries past.

Lake-bottom sediments in Florida tell us that recent major hurricane activity in the Gulf of Mexico has been less frequent than in centuries past. Strong Sandy-type storms occur every year in all the major ocean basins… they just don’t happen to hit major metropolitan areas. It has now, even after Hurricane Matthew, been over 4,000 days since a major hurricane (Category 3 or stronger) has made landfall in the U.S.

Sea level rise, which was occurring long before humans could be blamed, has not accelerated and still amounts to only 1 inch every ten years. If a major hurricane is approaching with a predicted storm surge of 10-14 feet, are you really going to worry about a sea level rise of 1 inch per decade? If Hillary would have fact-checked her example of sea level rise in Norfolk, Virginia, she would have found out that the experts already know this is mostly due to the land there sinking.

To the extent that the cost of weather disasters has risen over time, that is well known to be the result of modern society building more infrastructure in areas that are prone to damage from weather—which is almost everywhere.

So, to keep the masses alarmed, politicians must claim that what is normal is actually abnormal—and getting worse. And, furthermore, that only they can fix it … and thereby save your children and grandchildren.

And it is that “fix” that really sinks any current plan politicians have to address climate change. Even the modern godfather of global warming, ex-NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies director James Hansen, has admitted that the Paris climate agreement is “a fraud really, a fake.” This is because even if the countries of the world agree to do what they promised on climate change, and that climate change is entirely our fault, and that climate change really will ultimately get bad, the promised actions will have no measurable effect on future global temperatures.…

NASA Moonwalker & Physicist: ‘The Phony War Against CO2…Increased CO2 has helped raise global food production & reduce poverty’

Excerpt: The increase of atmospheric CO2 following the Industrial Revolution also has facilitated the expansion of natural vegetation into what had been barren areas, such as the edges of the Sahara and the Arctic. According to the U.N., the world will add 2.5 billion people over the next 30 years, most of them in developing countries. Feeding these people and assuring them a comfortable living standard should be among our highest moral priorities. With more CO2 in the atmosphere, the challenge can and will be met.

National policies must make economic and environmental sense. When someone says, “climate science is settled,” remind them to check the facts. And recall the great physicistRichard Feynman’s remark: “No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles.”

Mr. Nichols, a physicist, and Mr. Schmitt, a geologist and former Apollo 17 astronaut, are co-founders of the CO2 Coalition.