Chelsea Clinton Takes Private Jet to ‘Clean Energy’ Conference

By Andrew Stiles|10:52 am, September 29, 2016

Chelsea Clinton was campaigning for her elderly mother in North Carolina on Wednesday — and showing off her Clinton-esque taste for expensive, carbon-emitting travel options.

After attending campaign events in Greenville, the former first daughter took a private jet to Asheville, just a five-hour drive away, to attend a roundtable event on “clean energy.” Asheville is a paradise for hippies who love the environment.

Here is the video of Chelsea boarding the fuel-guzzling beast, courtesy of the NTK Network:


The Clinton campaign promised during the Democratic primary that their entire operation would be “carbon neutral” and had some friendly reporters write stories about how even campaign manager John Podesta took the bus.

The campaign doesn’t talk about that pledge much anymore, given the how much the Clintons love flying on private jets, presumably out of class envy. They may be rich AF, but it must annoy them to have to attend campaign fundraiser with so many hedge fund managers who are even richer AF than they are and own their own private jets.

For example, Bill Clinton has flown on billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein‘s private jet, affectionately nicknamed the “Lolita Express,” on numerous occasions.

Hillary, meanwhile, hates flying on commercial aircraft with commoners; she oncedescribed it as “burdensome,” but that might also be due to the fact that she is very old and mobility challenged.

Flying on private jets, which are terrible for the environment, to attend allegedly pro-environment functions is a favorite pastime of ultra-wealthy celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio.

Statewide blackout plunges Australia into renewable energy debate

By Tom Westbrook | SYDNEY

An unprecedented power outage across South Australia state has stopped production at major miners BHP Billiton and OZ Minerals and left one steelmaker struggling to prevent molten steel from hardening and damaging its factory.

The statewide outage sparked political calls on Thursday for an inquiry into the power sector and questions over the state’s reliance on renewable energy. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said it was a “wake-up call” to ensure energy security.

Although power has been restored to 90 percent of the state after Wednesday’s statewide blackout, caused by severe storms, industrial areas north and west of the state capital Adelaide and the steel city of Whyalla are still without power.

Whyalla steelmaker Arrium Ltd said it had a blast furnace and four ladles full of molten steel and desperately needed to restore power.

“The situation is quite serious and a lot will depend on what happens in the next hour or two,” said a company spokesman.

The outage has halted more than 300,000 tonnes of annual copper production capacity and knocked out the state’s only lead smelter.

In the city of Port Pirie, the 185,000-tonnes-per-year lead smelter run by Nyrstar NV will be out of action for up to two weeks, the company said on Thursday.…

Arctic Ice Extent Recovering At Record Pace

Arctic Ice Extent Recovering At Record Pace

By Paul Homewood Arctic sea ice continues to grow back at a phenomenal rate. Since the start of the month, growth has comfortable exceeded anything on record since daily figures began in 1987. Ice has expanded by 0.896 million sq km, compared to the 1981-2010 average of 0.237 million sq km. According to NSIDC, ice extent now stands at the fourth highest for this day in the last 10 years. DMI actually show ice extent to be higher than NSIDC, roughly equal to 2013 and 2014, which raises questions in itself. DMI now estimate that the average extent for the month will be greater than, or on a par with, most of the last ten years. Only 2013 and 2014 are much greater. It is clear that September ice extent has remained extremely stable since 2007, regardless of what happened before.

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Climate Change Fraudsters Go To Jail

Climate Change Fraudsters Go To Jail

Pair was allegedly pocketed the money given by NASA for their startup instead of paying graduate students to do the work From AP and web reports: Professor, Wife Sentenced After Defrauding NASA The duo told NASA that their startup company would develop a cutting-edge sensor used to track climate change. Instead, prosecutors alleged, they used […]

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Another Statewide Blackout: South Australia’s Wind Power Disaster Continues

Another Statewide Blackout: South Australia’s Wind Power Disaster Continues

By Paul Homewood Traffic in total darkness around the streets of Adelaide as residents are left without power on Wednesday night Hard on the heels of a “near miss” in July when it narrowly averted widespread blackouts, South Australia was warned on Wednesday night to prepare for an extended loss of electricity in the wake of wild weather. Described as a once in a 50-year storm, the statewide disruption prompted power companies to warn that users of medical equipment should prepare to use back-ups, and mobile phone users to conserve batteries. “We are experiencing a state-wide outage which means we have no supply from the upstream transmission network,” electricity distributor SA Power Networks told clients late Wednesday. In an unprecedented development, the state was cut-off from the national electricity network, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) said “resulting in a state-wide power outage in South Australia”. As a result, the entire electricity market in the state had been suspended as it sought to work with electricity transmission company ElectraNet “to identify and understand the severity of the fault, as well as determine a power restoration time”. There were no implications for other states from the extensive blackout in South Australia, the energy market operator said. The extensive disruption follows the narrow avoidance of widespread blackouts in South Australia in July. At that time, the state government brought pressure to bear on a local power company for an idled power station to be restarted to avoid potential disruptions, following a lack of electricity generated from wind and solar sources at a time when it was unable to “import” sufficient supply from Victoria. But Wednesday’s event will trigger renewed debate over the state’s heavy reliance on renewable energy which has forced the closure of uncompetitive power stations, putting the electricity network in South Australia under stress. Earlier this week, the Grattan Institute warned that South Australia’s high reliance on renewable energy sources left it exposed to disruptions. It pointed to the fact that while the renewable energy target had encouraged the development of wind and solar generation, it had the potential to undermine supply security at a reasonable price, because it forced the closure of inefficient power stations without encouraging the construction of the necessary new generation supply sources. I have not commented yet on South Australia’s black out yesterday, as …

Renewable Energy Poses Growing Security Risk, GWPF Warns

Renewable Energy Poses Growing Security Risk, GWPF Warns

In light of the statewide blackout in South Australia, the GWPF is warning that intermittent wind and solar energy pose a serious and growing energy security risk and threaten to undermine the reliability of electricity generation. A paper published by the GWPF two years ago (UK Energy Security: Myth and Reality) shows that the ability of the electrical grid to absorb intermittent renewable energy becomes increasingly more hazardous with scale. In fact, wind and solar power, because of the intermittent nature of the electricity generated, are the real risk to security of supply. Full paper (PDF)

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‘Climate Exaggeration Is Ruining Science’

Falsified and sure-to-be-falsified exaggerations from a parade of Ph.D. scientists are ruining the reputation of science itself.

Green activists are at war with the greatest American foe since the Axis Powers—or so they say. The latest Democratic Party platform compares the fight against global warming to World War II.

Using terms such as “battlefield,” “siege,” and “front,” those opposed this “war effort” have been labeled anything from Nazis to Holocaust deniers. (I personally have been called a sociopath by climate activist Joe Romm of the Center for American Progress, another story.)

The upcoming election has inspired dire concern. Don’t “vote for climate catastrophe” warned aWashington Post editorialist. “At this point,” stated Michael Klare, Professor of Peace and World Security atHampshire College, “electing green-minded leaders, stopping climate deniers (or ignorers) from capturing high office, and opposing fossil FOSL -1.71%-fueled ultranationalism is the only realistic path to a habitable planet.”

Desperation Backfire?

Equating the Third Reich with the free society’s fossil-fuel reliance, and charging Republicans with climate destruction, is from the theater of the absurd. Americans care greatly about the future; to say otherwise is to deny their very humanity. It is right and fair that critics of climate catastrophism reject calls for bigger government, tax-wise and regulation-wise.…

Pence Defends Trump: The ‘hoax’ is that ‘bureaucrats in D.C., can control the climate of the earth’

“There’s no question that the activities that take place in this country and in countries around the world have some impact on the environment and some impact on climate,” Pence told CNN Tuesday.

Pence was responding to critics of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump who attacked him for calling global warming a Chinese “hoax” to hurt U.S. businesses. Trump denied saying such a thing in Monday night’s debate, but was quickly rebuffed by fact-checking reporters.

“What Donald Trump said was a hoax is that bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., can control the climate of the earth,” Pence told CNN. “And the reality is that this climate change agenda that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to continue to expand is killing jobs in this country.”

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