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EPA goes ‘local’ with state-by-state climate scare campaign: ‘What Climate Change Means for Your State’


As our climate changes, every state will become warmer. Aside from rising temperatures, the impacts of climate change are likely to be very different from state to state. Increased rainfall intensity will cause more flooding in some states, while increasingly severe droughts may threaten water supplies in other states. Farms and forests will be less productive in some states, but warmer temperatures may extend growing seasons in others. To learn more about the likely impacts of climate change where you live, click on your state or territory below.

Find your state here:

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files in this section. See EPA’s PDF page to learn more.


State State State
Alabama (PDF, 2 pp, 1.7 MB) Kentucky (PDF, 2 pp, 3.1 MB) North Dakota (PDF, 2 pp, 3 MB)
Alaska (PDF, 2 pp, 1.7 MB) Louisiana (PDF, 2 pp, 3.1 MB) Ohio (PDF, 2 pp, 1.8 MB)
Arizona (PDF, 2 pp, 5.1 MB) Maine (PDF, 2 pp, 1.7 MB) Oklahoma (PDF, 2 pp, 4.7 MB)
Arkansas (PDF, 2 pp, 1.6 MB) Maryland (PDF, 2 pp, 1.7 MB) Oregon (PDF, 2 pp, 5 MB)
California (PDF, 2 pp, 3.3 MB) Massachusetts (PDF, 2 pp, 3.1 MB) Pennsylvania (PDF, 2 pp, 1.7 MB)
Colorado (PDF, 2 pp, 1.8 MB) Michigan (PDF, 2 pp, 1.7 MB) Rhode Island (PDF, 2 pp, 1.6 MB)
Connecticut (PDF, 2 pp, 1.9 MB) Minnesota (PDF, 2 pp, 1.7 MB) South Carolina (PDF, 2 pp, 1.8 MB)
Delaware (PDF, 2 pp, 1.7 MB) Mississippi (PDF, 2 pp, 1.7 MB) South Dakota (PDF, 2 pp, 4.6 MB)
District of Columbia (coming soon) Missouri (PDF, 2 pp, 1.6 MB) Tennessee (PDF, 2 pp, 4 MB)
Florida (PDF, 2 pp, 3.2 MB) Montana (PDF, 2 pp, 4.6 MB) Texas (PDF, 2 pp, 1.7 MB)
Georgia (PDF, 2 pp, 1.6 MB) Nebraska (PDF, 2 pp, 3 MB) Utah (PDF, 2 pp, 4.2 MB)
Hawaii (PDF, 2 pp, 368 KB) Nevada (PDF, 2 pp, 1.8 MB) Vermont (PDF, 2 pp, 1.8 MB)
Idaho (PDF, 2 pp, 4.3 MB) New Hampshire (PDF, 2 pp, 4.5 MB) Virginia (PDF, 2 pp, 3 MB)
Illinois (PDF, 2 pp, 3 MB) New Jersey (PDF, 2 pp, 1.8 MB) Washington (PDF, 2 pp, 5.1 MB)
Indiana (PDF, 2 pp, 3 MB) New Mexico (PDF, 2 pp, 4.4 MB) West Virginia (PDF, 2 pp, 3.2 MB)
Iowa (PDF, 2 pp, 4.7 MB) New York (PDF, 2 pp, 3.4 MB) Wisconsin (PDF, 2 pp, 4.8 MB)
Kansas (PDF, 2 pp, 3.7 MB) North Carolina (PDF, 2 pp, 2 MB) Wyoming (PDF, 2 pp, 1.8 MB)


Guam (PDF, 2 pp, 663 KB)
Puerto Rico (PDF, 2 pp, 706 KB)
Virgin Islands (coming soon)


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