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Review: ‘DO THE CLIMATE HUSTLE!’ – Film Called ‘Devastatingly Effective’ – ‘Funny’ (Order DVD Now)




Now and then we like to say here on Power Line—”Pass the popcorn!” Well, last night I literally (as in actually) got to say to John “Pass the popcorn” at a special screening of the documentary film “Climate Hustle” sponsored by the organization John now leads, the Center of the American Experiment.

About 250 people turned up for the special screening, and John and I conducted a Q & A and discussion of the subject after the film ended, and nearly all of the audience stayed!

Me with Richard Tol last year.

Me with Richard Tol last year.

“Climate Hustle” was produced by C-FACT, the Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow, and the film, narrated and hosted by the great Marc Morano, goes through all of the exaggerations and scientific weaknesses of the catastrophic global warming climate change hypothesis. One of the most interesting aspects of the film is the number of left-leaning scientists it features who have come to doubt and publicly oppose the catastrophic climate scenario. But the film also features a number of my friends and heroes, especially Judith Curry of Georgia Tech, Roy Spencer of NASA/University of Alabama, and Richard Tol of the University of Sussex, one of the world’s leading environmental economists. Tol used to be a lead author for one of the IPCC’s key chapters on the economics of climate change, but he grew so disgusted with the IPCC’s shoddy and politicized work that he has quit the process.

Here’s a short trailer for the film, which we encourage you to see if you get the chance. (You can watch much of the film in individual segments posted here.) It is funny, especially all the clips of the media grandees making fools of themselves predicting the end of life on earth any moment now, along with the many global cooling/new ice age stories the media breathlessly reported in the 1970s. And it is also devastatingly effective.


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