Friday, December 4, 2020
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Kerry: If Trump pulled U.S. out of UN climate deal ‘it would be an act of extraordinary danger to our country’


Secretary of State John Kerry lambasted any future president who would tear up the international climate agreement the U.S. signed in April.

“Ripping up the climate agreement that was reached in Paris would be reckless, counterproductive, self-destructive,” Kerry told MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Wednesday.

“It would be an act of extraordinary danger to our country because of the path it would put us on both in terms of our global leadership on the issue as well as the actual policies we need to implement and it would in the end be an act of ignorance, of utter unbelievable contemptuous ignorance to get rid of something that the world has worked for since 1992 in Rio,” Kerry continued.

The attack was an indirect warning for Donald Trump, who last week promised to back out of the accord if elected president.

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