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It’s ‘special’ science where one Hot Month is the signal, and years of The Pause is just noise


It’s “special” science where one Hot Month is the signal, and years of The Pause is just noise.


We can always rely on Peter Hannam of the Sydney Morning Propaganda Sheet to accidentally advertise how unscientific the “brains-trust” is at the Climate Church. It used to be that science was symmetrical — the paws of physics worked every day. You know, thou shalt not create nor destroy energy, it’s one of those unarguable things. But UNSW has a new “special” kind of science where the global temperature can pause for years and billions of quadrillions of joules of energy can disappear and who cares? In politically correct science this is noise. But one hot month, caused by an El Nino and strap yourself in, glue on the Armageddon-helmet. Panic-Now, Panic later, Fear and Hellfire. The mystical Sign has cometh! So here is the Prof Rahmstorf getting confused about what’s “noise” and “signal”: “It’s important to take this hot spike as a reminder that this is a really urgent problem” said Professor Rahmstorf, who until last week was also a visiting professorial fellow at the University of NSW. “We are running out of time to avoid a 2-degree world.” Try and imagine him saying this: “It’s important to take this cold spike as a reminder […]Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)

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