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Ice Breaker Which Helped Rescue ‘Ship Of Fools’ Gets Jammed In Meters-Thick Summertime Antarctic Sea Ice!


Ice Breaker Which Helped Rescue Turney’s “Ship Of Fools” Gets Jammed In Meters-Thick Summertime Antarctic Sea Ice!

Schneefan at German skeptic site here writes about how yet another ice-breaker has gotten stuck in summertime Antarctic sea ice. The Antarctic “Aurora Australis” with 68 people on board became stranded in sea ice in the West Arm in Horseshoe Harbour last Wednesday, and rescue efforts were prevented by a snowstorm. According to reports that the ship’s rump has a tear, but its structural integrity is thought not to be at risk. The problem: Too much ice! For some readers the Aurora Australis may ring a bell. This is because it is the ice breaker that ultimately helped rescue the 52-person crew on board the sea-ice trapped research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy which ferried a global warming/polar ice melt expedition led by a hapless Prof. Chris Turney back in early 2014. That expedition devolved into a highly publicized folly attracting much worldwide ridicule. Eventually a helicopter from the Chinese ice breaker Xue Long succeeded ferrying Turney and his crew to safety. Today the German Handelsblatt here reports that 37 scientists on board the Aurora Australis were rescued on Friday and that the remaining crew has stayed on board in order to try to free the injured ship. Schneefan writes that it should be clear to global warming/polar researchers that sea ice at the South Pole is not melting, but has in fact been growing for 37 years! Arctic sea ice, surrounded by large land masses has, on the other hand, been declining: Source:

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