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EPA Air Chief refuses to affirm US can meet Paris ‘obligations without the Clean Power Plan’



Testifying before the Senate Environment Committee, EPA Air Chief Janet McCabe refuses to affirm if the United States can meet its Paris obligations without the Clean Power Plan. Assistant Administrator McCabe: “I’m saying that there are a number of programs already contemplated and 2025 is many years away… I’m saying that there are many opportunities…”

SENATOR JOHN BARRASSO: “So you’re saying today to this committee that you can meet or the United States can meet the obligations without the Clean Power Plan?”

ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATOR JANET MCCABE: “I’m saying that there are a number of programs already contemplated and 2025 is many years away. I think everybody expected that there would continue to be efforts made to reduce carbon emissions across the wide range of opportunities.”

SENATOR BARRASSO: “So, to meet the US obligations you do not need the clean climate plan, that’s what your saying? That’s your testimony?”

ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATOR MCCABE: “I’m – I’m – I’m saying that there are many opportunities, and I am also confident that the Clean Power Plan will ultimately be upheld and go into effect. But, these are important goals and the United States is committed to meeting them.”


SENATOR BARRASSO: “The EPA’s own lawyer, the US Solicitor General, called it extraordinary and unprecedented. So it’s not a routine sort of a thing.”

ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATOR MCCABE: “For the Supreme Court to step in, that was unprecedented, but it is not– there’s no expression of any consideration of the merits of the Clean Power Plan. It is a procedural step.”

Hearing: Oversight of the Renewable Fuel Standard
Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
February 24, 2014


  1. Maybe they should tell her to lay out everything on the table so we can see what the future will look like. They obviously know what the world will look like in 100 years, so asking them to give us stuff 10 years away should be a easy.
    This is just another program that will fail and they will “invent” a new burden to hide the old one.

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