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All Earth’s Evils Blamed on ‘Global Warming’


All Earth’s Evils Blamed on ‘Global Warming’

If you believe the headlines, virtually all of the world’s ills could be solved by stopping the planet from its alleged warming.

A review of the past couple of years of headlines from The Drudge Report shows how “global warming” is being scapegoated at every opportunity.

It’s being blamed for a variety of weather problems, including colder weather:

Then, there’s the flesh-eating bacteria claim:

Health Official Warns: ‘Global Warming’ Making Flesh-Eating Bacteria More Common…

Apparently, even efforts to stock up on stock up on dairy products prior to a snow storm will be impacted by global warming:

Loaves of bread ‘will shrink due to global warming’…

Humans will mutate, become stupider, less faithful and financially responsible – and even their pets will suffer psychological harm – the headlines warn:

Finally, this headline may be the most extravagant global warming claim:

FLASHBACK: Scientist Declared ‘Global Warming’ Caused Hitler…

So, while milder winters were once considered a blessing, they’re now vilified as a sign of the apocalypse.

Editor’s Add-On: Based on today’s headlines, we appear to be safe from the ravages of global warming – at least, for the time being:

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