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Climatologist Dr. Fred Singer mocks the 2 Degree limit: ‘The Goldilocks Approach to Global Warming’


Have you ever wondered where the 2⁰C number comes from?  Does it sound like the Y2K scare all over again?  Well, let me tell you, because I have something to do with provoking its original publication.

In 1995, I published an article in Eos, the journal that goes to every member of the American Geophysical Union, a professional society of which I am a life-member and an elected Fellow.  I claimed there that we couldn’t see any evidence for a significant human contribution to global warming.  Naturally, this provoked some immediate responses — which I commented on in turn.

One response came from two Swedish scientists, Henning Rodhe and Christian Azar of Stockholm University.  This was the first time I saw this magic 2⁰C value.  Of course, they gave a reference for this number, which turned out to be a publication in the Swedish journal Tellus — by the same authors.  In other words, it was a self-reference — or a circular argument if you prefer.  It may even have been self-refereed; I don’t know.  Anyway, there is nothing to indicate that anything drastic will happen at the 2⁰C limit.  None of the climate models suggest any particular disaster; there will be no runaway warming; and climate warming will not become irreversible.

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