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Only In My Backyard: Warmist Dem Sen Whitehouse backs $700 million fossil fuel plant for R.I.



In an interview with WPRI news, climate activist and US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse announces his support for a huge 900 megawatt fossil fuel-fired power plant to be built in Burrillville, Rhode Island.

Senator Whitehouse: “I don’t think that it’s valuable from Rhode Island’s perspective to make Rhode Islanders pay high winter gas prices”.

WPRI says that activists environmental groups ‘such as Save the Bay and the League of Conservation Voters are understanding about his position on the project.’

Sen Whitehouse backs Burrillville power plant
WPRI Eyewitness News 12
Rhode Island
January 22, 2016


  1. I have noticed that the Greens have not called for the end to fossil fuel production in the North Dakota Bakken basin or those of the Permian in West Texas, while saying that the Alberta Tarsands are a planet killer. And they have not opposed selling American crude oil overseas, while saying that the XL pipeline will only encourage the Oilsands from being developed. The increase in American oil production over the last 5 years is far greater than that projected for at the Oilsands, and, unlike the Oilsands, has come about with all the frac-ing injection that is said by Greenpeace and the Sierra Club et al to be terrible for the locals.

    The American Green lobby and Obama are not concerned with economic growth, energy consumption or impact on the Earth. They are concerned with the economic growth, energy consumption and impact on Earth by OTHER people.

    The Senator’s and his enviro-NGO supporters are simply playing the real game, which is to maintain their personal and national interests while stalling lifestyle improvements elsewhere. The hypocrisy is staggering but only important if you actually hold solid moral values. If you are a Machiavellian, crony-predatory capitalist like the Senator, Leonardo DiCaprio or Al Gore, the idea makes perfect sense: get others to do the heavy lifting. After all, the object of wealth, power and influence is to make your, not their, life easier and better. Because if you don’t have to share it, you won’t: there is only a certain amount of good stuff going around, and you can’t get whatever somebody else has already received.

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  2. Is Whitehouse Chinese?

    China’s climate agreement with Obama calls for them to double coal burning in the next 15 years.

    Pielke, Jr.’s iron law prevails; economic activity trumps global warming concerns, in China and elsewhere. Even the UK and Germany will eventually learn.

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