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Warmist Eric Holthaus of Slate Mag.: ‘Climate change is making this blizzard worse’


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Warmist Michael Mann pushing ‘global warming’ blizzard connection – “Take unusually warm Atlantic ocean surface temperatures (temperatures are in the 70s off the coast of Virginia), add a cold Arctic outbreak (something we’ll continue to get even as global warming proceeds), mix them together and you get huge amounts of energy and moisture, and monster snowfalls, like we’re about to see here,” said Michael Mann, a climate researcher who directs Penn State University’s earth systems science center. Mann said the ocean temperature anomalies of 5 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit above average would yield more than a 20% increase of the moisture content of the air overlying that layer of ocean waters. That air, in turn, “is getting entrained into the system to produce the heavy snowfalls,” he said in an email to Mashable. Mann said it isn’t clear how big of a role climate change might be playing, though, compared to other factors.

‘Blizzard for the Ages’ Headed for East Coast – ‘Climate change’ blamed – Slate Mag’s Eric Holthaus: ‘Climate change and El Niño have pushed water temperatures in the Atlantic to near record highs right now, which could offer something similar to the boost a landfalling hurricane sometimes gets when traversing the Gulf Stream—a rapidly strengthening storm, though with snow instead of rain. That means the most remarkable thing about this week’s snowstorm is the sheer amount of water that will be available to be turned into snowflakes.’


  1. The Paris Climate Agreement has abolished all forms of climate change, extreme weather events, and sea level rise for everyone, everywhere, and for all time. It is a done deal. The climate change that has been going on for eons no longer exists and will never occur again. What ever is happening, it is not an example of extreme weather and it is not caused by any form of climate change because there no longer is any such thing as climate change.

  2. What a load of Barbra Streisand. With that twisted logic, you can blame anything on “climate change” & call for draconian government mandatory restrictions & taxes to deal with whatever fantasy you want. Can you say “political agenda”? I thought you could.

  3. I particularly like the observed data from Central Park. Nothing like unadulterated information to point out some simple truths, which is the very gradual decline in precipitation. However those of us in California, which is largely dependent on the melting snowpack from the Sierra Mountains for its water, would ask what the water content of the snow in the various years was. Does anyone take this into consideration back East?
    I think it is important to bring this, because we are only just beginning to get our minds around the whole problem of Climatology. It must rank as one of the most complex questions put before the human mind, and perhaps (with the exception of World Peace and the general field of human cooperation), the most important of all issues facing us in the future.
    But for certain, allow the political class and its collection of opportunists and power hungry psychopaths to get involved, and we find ourselves mired in over-simplification and self-serving profiteering.

  4. so funny.

    Bill should do the CO2 / heat lamp experiment again, this time with the lamp also turning off, instead of simply heating to a steady state. The planet spins, and we have darkness. the planet also does not reach a steady state during its day/night heating/cooling cycle.
    If he did that, he’d notice that increasing CO2 decreases overall temperature.

  5. This cannot be. The Paris Climate Agreement has completely abolished all forms of climate change, extreme weather events and sea level rise for everyone, everywhere, for now, and for all time. It is a done deal and we here in the USA do not have to pay anything for it because we are a very poor nation with a very large national debt, trade deficit, and unfunded liabilities as well an federal government administration whose claim to fame is ” a lack of leadership” according to our beloved President. Apparently they have intimidated the sun and the oceans to provide the ideal climate for everyone, everywhere, and all the time. Eons of climate change has now stopped and will never occur again.

  6. So, Eric, what isn’t evidence of climate change? If it rains-climate change? If it doesn’t rain-climate change? If its windy-climate change? If it is stagnant-climate change? If its warm-climate change? If its cold-climate change? If it snows-climate change? If it doesn’t snow-climate change? Science is back in the Dark Ages. BTW Hows Algore’s time bomb clock coming along…1 day to go?

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