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‘Data Surprise! Global Temperature Continues Stall, Polar Ice And Snow Cover Continue Surprising Growth’


Data Surprise! Global Temperature Continues Stall, Polar Ice And Snow Cover Continue Surprising Growth

Thanks to German site wobleibtdieerderwärmung for providing what follows. The slightly negative linear trend in global temperature measured by RSS satellite (TLT) continues despite the El-Nino-driven warm 2015. Source: trend This flat trend has held since the end of 1997 and is closing in on two decades – catching a number of scientists by surprise. The preliminary data from UAH and RSS shows that 2015 was the third warmest year since the measurements began in 1978, and thus did not set a new record. A reanalysis of the global 2m temperature from CFSv2 measured a positive deviation from the mean of 0.27 K, but put the year 2015 only in 6th place: Note that the poles in the chart have been stretched out and so appear much larger in size than what they actually are. Source: What Causes El Nino Warmth? This all means that more than half of the satellite measurement era has seen no warming whatsoever! In Germany according to a DWD press release dated 30 December 2015, the mean temperature for 2015 was 9,9°C and so was the second warmest on record, tied with 2000 and 2007, despite the unusually warm November and December months, which were dominated by mild southerly winds. Polar ice growth A big surprise for many has been the ice growth measured in Greenland since 2014. Moreover the Greenland ice sheet has gown some 300 km³ since September 1, 2015 alone: Top: The total daily contribution to the surface mass balance from the entire ice sheet (blue line, Gt/day). For comparison, the mean curve from the period 1990-2013 is shown (dark grey). The same calendar day in each of the 24 years (in the period 1990-2013) will have its own value. These differences from year to year are illustrated by the light grey band. For each calendar day, however, the lowest and highest values of the 24 years have been left out.” Source: It’s also worth taking a look at the surprising NASA-Study here! The northern hemisphere in November 2015 saw a total of 36.25 million km² of snow cover. That’s about 2.3 million km² above the WMO 1981-2010 mean. It’s the 7th greatest extent since measurements began in 1966. Northern hemispheric snow cover in November for the 2011 to 2015 five-year period set a new record since measurements began in 1966. The 40-year trend is strongly upwards. Source: In summary the global temperature, polar ice and snow cover trends show no warming taking place, but rather harbor strong signals of cooling.

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