Supergirl’s Not So Super Global Warming Propaganda on TV

In the first episode of a two-part story arc, “Hostile Takeover,” a flashback to Kara’s childhood includes a conversation between young Kara and her Aunt Astra explaining that occupants of Krypton were killing the planet because they are “greedy for energy.” Just like when candidate Barack Obama lectured us on the rising of oceans threatening planet Earth, Astra spoke of the threats to her planet to young Kara by saying, “The oceans have changed, and the weather.” – See more at:…

Vikings-Seahawks Game Could be Coldest Outdoor Game in Viking History

Vikings-Seahawks Game Could be Coldest Outdoor Game in Viking History

Temperatures Sunday morning in the Twin Cities should be below zero Fahrenheit (below -18 C), according to WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman. Early forecasts call for significant cold just in time for Seattle Seahawks fans to arrive in Minnesota for their playoff match against the Minnesota Vikings. According to SB Nation, this might be in the running for the coldest outdoor game in the history of the Minnesota Vikings. Typically, high temperatures average 23 F (-5 C) in the Twin Cities from Jan. 9-17 while low temperatures average 7 F (-14 C). Temps May Hover Around Zero For Sunday’s Vikings-Seahawks Game The post Vikings-Seahawks Game Could be Coldest Outdoor Game in Viking History appeared first on Ice Age Now.

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WaPo: ‘Inaction on global warming is as reckless as drunken driving’

Daniel Farber teaches environmental law and tort law at the University of California at Berkeley.

Our moral duty to address climate change is based on a simple concept, straightforward enough to qualify as kindergarten fare. We tell our children that they need to be careful not to hurt their playmates. As we get older, we learn that we need to be careful when we engage in other activities too — we shouldn’t drive after drinking, or leave loaded guns around children. The same simple concept can take us a long way in thinking about our policies to address climate change.

Those who emit carbon don’t mean to cause harm, any more than a kid playing backyard baseball means to knock out a neighbor’s window. But it’s not enough to have good intentions. We’re not required to avoid ever doing anything that could possibly harm others — there’s no way to avoid every possibility — but we do have a duty to take reasonable precautions to prevent avoidable damages.

Defining what is reasonable in a particular context can be difficult, but it generally involves consideration of the foreseeable risks and the burden of installing preventative measures. As to climate change, the question is whether we have taken reasonable precautions in light of the available evidence.…

Before He Was Pushing The Global Warming Scam, Paul Ehrlich Was Pushing The Global Cooling Scam

In 1974, Stanford’s Paul Ehrlich said global cooling was going to kill us all.


31 Jul 1974, Page 7 – at

Ehrlich wrote a paper with Obama’s science czar, John Holdren, predicting a new ice age.


Five years before that, he wanted to poison Africans.

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A STERILITY DRUG IN FOOD IS HINTED – Biologist Stresses Need to Curb Population Growth – View Article –

Ehrlich and Holdren are saying the exact same things now, only it is global warming that is going to kill us rather global cooling.

2015-11-17-11-42-42Biologist Paul Ehrlich gives dire prediction for global civilization

Review: ‘Climate Hustle’ Exposes Global-warming Con Job – ‘Humor throughout the film is absolutely fantastic’


Image from Climate Hustle

Among the film’s most important contributions to the climate debate: Morano allows alarmists to speak for themselves throughout the documentary. Climate Hustle is packed with clips and interviews of alarmist politicians, “experts,” celebrities, and scientists bloviating about alleged man-made global cooling, warming, the supposed urgency of doing something about it, and more. Hilariously, some of the supposed effects of alleged man-made global warming — everything from weather events and increased prostitution to rape, car theft, airplane turbulence, barroom brawls, and even the extinction of coffee — are highlighted, too.

That way, as the film shows, no matter what happens — heat, cold, snow, drought, rain, floods, tornado, hurricane, storms, no storms, etc. — can always be blamed on evil humans and their evil CO2 emissions.

Some experts quoted in the film compare the current government-funded climate hysteria to the hysteria surrounding the witchcraft trials of centuries ago. Also mentioned in relation to the increasingly bizarre climate alarmism: Aztec blood sacrifices to end drought, including the sacrifice of thousands of people in a few weeks to appease the angry climate gods.


Journalistic Fraud: North Pole Region Saw Similar Warm Spikes Before…OVER 70 TIMES In Last 58 Years!

Only a fraction of the Arctic saw a large warm spike

The reality is that weather charts showed that only a minority fraction of the Arctic had briefly reached the melting temperature, while the vast remainder was stuck at its usual 25 – 40°C below zero.

According to the Danish Meteorological Institute here, which has been systematically tracking Arctic temperatures north of 80° latitude since 1958, here’s what the 2015 “North Pole meltdown” really looked like (far right) once the whole Arctic region got factored in:

DMI Dec31 2015

Chart: DMI.

The above figure shows that the temperature in the Arctic above 80°N was estimated to have risen only some 13°K during the event, and not 30°K as the WAPO tried having its readers think.

The fact is that only a small region near the North Pole saw a burst of warm southern air – lasting a few hours. The rest of the Arctic remained in it’s usual ice box. Almost immediately, temperatures at the North Pole position dropped back to -30°C.

Has a 13°K spike happened before?

Is it something weird and totally unusual that we need to worry about? Going back and looking at the DMI charts, we find that temperature spikes in the Arctic for the period early November to late March are nothing new.

For example a look at the year 1959, the chart below shows that a similar temperature spike occurred not just once, but twice! (marked yellow).

DMI 1959
Chart: DMI.

And examining all the years since 1958 we see that a temperature spike of some 12°K or more in a matter of a few days during the November – March deep winter period occurred more than 70 times!

In fact fluctuations of 10°K (i.e. similar to what just happened) are actually the norm for the North Pole region.

Also taking a look at the wild fluctuations seen in 1964, 1984, or 1990 – back when CO2 was at levels near the “safe” 350 ppm – we see they were far more extreme.

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