Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Home Left Column 90% of the biggest Yosemite glacier has melted. Claiming humans caused it...

90% of the biggest Yosemite glacier has melted. Claiming humans caused it is a ‘material misrepresentation of the facts’



These show one of the major climate scams: describing the effects of two centuries of warming as purely anthropogenic (see other examples below). In fact much of the warming of the past two centuries is a natural recovery from the Little Ice Age.  Our CO2 emissions skyrocketed after WWII (see data here).  Global Fossil-Fuel Carbon Emissions – Graphics

Data graphic Data (ASCII, Fixed Format)   Data graphicData (ASCII, Comma-delimited)

Carbon Emission Estimates

Carbon Emission Estimates graph

Global Per Capita Carbon Emission Estimates

Global Per Capita Carbon Emission Estimates graph

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