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Bette Midler blames warm Christmas weather on ‘ignorant selfish climate deniers’


Bette Midler tweet: “Dec. 22, 2015, 63 degrees in NYC. I would like to thank the ignorant selfish climate deniers for all their goodwill toward the planet.”

Climate Depot’s rebuttal to Bette Midler: “This makes no sense. With the ‘historic’ UN climate summit agreement, ‘global warming’ has been solved! We have already been told by the likes of NYT’s Paul Krugman, that the UN climate ‘deal’ may have ‘saved civilization.’ So sorry Ms. Midler. Climate skeptics are not to be blamed. The UN has solved ‘climate change.

Also, Ms. Midler, how do you reconcile your views? In 2014, you used cold snowy weather as proof of ‘climate change’, but in 2015, you use warm weather?! See: Bette Midler in 2014 after cold snap: ‘If you live in The South and still believe Climate Change doesn’t exist, wake up. And buy a snow shovel’ 

Bette Midler in 2014 used cold and snow to prove ‘climate change’:

Also See:

Boston Globe on Christmas warmth: ‘Wrong. This Isn’t Climate Change. There have been many snowless Decembers before. Climate change isn’t responsible for this warm December. This year, it’s connected to a strong El Nino and the polar vortex.’

Climate Hustle’ Movie To Debunk Claims That ‘Global Warming’ Causes Every Weather Event – Watch exclusive clips of ‘Climate Hustle’: First Time Broadcast of Select Clips

Satellites show no ‘global warming’ for 18 1/2 years

2010: NYT: ‘Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming’ — ‘Overall warming of atmosphere is actually creating cold-weather extremes’

I can’t stand this Dec. heat, but it has nothing to do with global warming’

Global Warming’ Causes Both Warm & Cold Winters

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BETTE MIDLER: SNOW IN SOUTH PROVES CLIMATE CHANGE EXISTS: ‘If you live in The South and still believe Climate Change doesn’t exist, wake up. And buy a snow shovel’ – January 29, 2014


Bette Midler: ‘Highlight of the Inaugural Speech for me was hearing the two words ‘climate change’! Let us hope it means the issue will now be addressed’


12 Feb 1932, Page 2 – at




Flashback 1912: Snow was a thing of the past?! ‘If December passes without snow, we indignantly demand to know what has become of our good old-fashioned winters.’ – ‘Weather Is Like Government – Always Wrong’

Satellites show no ‘global warming’ for 18 1/2 years – No N. Pole warming for nearly 14 years – No S. Pole warming for 37 years!



  1. Besides the fact that human caused climate change is a leftist fear mongering hoax, we are told by the same left endlessly that a temperature for one season in one area is not climate, it’s weather. I never liked her singing and I certainly don’t like her advocacy for leftist mythology. Bette – shut up and sing – elsewhere.

  2. When a world renowned scientist like Midler speaks, the world listens. Of course, she has consumed more energy than 100 average people. But then again, it’s the unwashed masses who are the problem, not the glitterati. Obama told her so.

      • You can buy carbon credits from me on eBay. Just search for “Carbon Neutralizer Certificates”. Here’s how our program works. Let’s say you want to take the boat out this weekend and do some water skiing, but you’re concerned about the impact that would have on the environment. No prob, just jump on eBay and purchase enough certs to cover your planned activity. Then we’ll match you up with one of our highly trained Carbon Neutralizers who will promise NOT to do any waters skiing this weekend. Now you are free to enjoy your recreational activity without that nagging feeling that you may be destroying the planet.

        And remember, our Carbon Neutralizer Certificates make great stocking stuffers!

        • Can I be a Carbon Neutralizer for the ski scam? I don’t ski but if you don’t give me neutralization value I WILL learn to ski and demand to be pulled by an old model boat with 2 diesels and no holding tank for the head! No, I might just claim to ski and go from there. Isn’t that how it works?

  3. I am El Nino! All other tropical storms must bow before El Nino! Yo soy El Nino! For those of you who don’t “habla Espanol”, El Nino is Spanish for.. The Nino! To any of you hurricanes who are listening, step on up! Because nobody can take El Nino! I challenge any of you punk-ass tropical storms to a no-holds barred cage match! Any time! Any coast! I swear to God all Mighty it is time to pay the piper, ’cause El Nino’s coming for ya! And it ain’t gonna be pretty!

  4. So thanks Bette for breathing air in NYC that could be better used by those who really contribute to society and don’t just get paid for pretending to be someone else. Bette says, “I may not be a Scientist, but I played one on TV”

  5. You can’t fix stupid, or convince a liberal of facts. Then there is the Hollywood liberal, which is a special kind of stupid. I just tune them all out.

    Since when is warm weather in the dead of winter a bad thing?

      • While what you say is arguably true, the fact is that the people who keep claiming “global” this and “global” that don’t actually KNOW what they’re talking about – in the end it’s always about money, they want yours and mine.

        Sure, they have all these complex theories, but they’re merely possibilities. They most certainly don’t have enough facts behind their theories to warrant the kind of action they claim and demand is necessary. It’s rather easily demonstrated that if you were in fact to take ALL of the actions they claim are needed, the net effect would be so minimal as to be statistically insignificant and yet the cost involved would likely cripple economies around the world.

        The scientific community has announced global warming, then global cooling, back and forth over the centuries, well, even a broken clock is right at least 2 times a day….

    • Hence all the flocking to warmer climates in the dead of winter. All those chichi islands to visit, so little time. Who want to stay home in the winter? Got to work on those tans and suck down those margs. Hypocrites every one of them.

  6. “Ich bin ein Denier!”

    I deny that Anthropomorphic Global Warming has any
    significant impact on climate.

    I deny that Global Climate Change is having a net negative
    impact on life on Earth.

    I deny that Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is a pollutant.

    I deny that alternative energy sources have Socialist

    I deny that any Science is Settled.

    I deny that those funded by Politicians seek Scientific

    • You only speak up with the topic you want to push is in your favor. Like Hillary saying the rich need to pay more taxes and middle class needs more relief. Like what Obama said in his first run for president. Result, the rich are paying more taxes, BUT the middle is also paying more taxes. Result the gap widens, along with the increase of government spending with no progress anywhere as they change how they do formulas to make it look like they have and the Dems Kool-Aid drinkers do not learn from history. Problem is the republicans are not much better.

  7. Hypocrite stupid ugly old irrelevant cow… You know Midler uses and has used fossil fuel every single day of her life,

    Midler would deny people heat, food, products, transportation, more, She has no answers, but feels better.

  8. “ignorant, selfish, climate deniers” Yeah, Bette, and you’re a great argument for repeal of the 19th amendment, you stupid, leftist wannabe, cow If you had any brains at all, you wouldn’t be a liberal, if you had any personal integrity at all, you wouldn’t call opposing opinions selfish, to protect your non existent argument. Beatch.

  9. Good Grief the Leftist imbeciles can barely contain their ignorance from spewing out through their craniums! Hey Bette Shut Up and continue to drive your SUV while living in your Mansion and looking down on the rest of society! F’ing Moron!

    Also, maybe you should take a class somewhere anywhere even a 5 year old can tell you the weather on this planet has been changing for millions of years! Why do you think fossilized fish were found in the sides of mountains 7,000 feet above sea level? Was the water being there at one time then receding all part of some Right Wing Climate Denying Dinosaur Conspiracy?

    No wonder this World has become so jacked, Imbecile conformists like you are too stupid to be allowed to steal everyone’s oxygen!

  10. As is the truth, whenever a “libretard, says WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING” it NEVER EVER MEANS THE LIBRETARD…This silly bitch whose only asset is bad singing, flies around in her own private jet, drives from place to place with a limousine entourage, lives in a super mansion and does everything else that “it says” it despises.

  11. Typical HYPOCRITICAL WHACKED OUT Left Leaning Tree Hugger. Did she drive off in her Fossil Fuel burning car or fly away in a Fossil fuel burning airplane, then go home and turn on her lights with electricity generated by fossil fuel? Her and the other WHACK JOBS could help the environment and population by outing themselves. That would benefit the environment and mankind

  12. Once again someone who lives in California is proving that it’s impossible to fix stupid! If global warming was a fact accepted by ALL scientists we would be concerned. A “consensus” of a select group, who get funding from the EPA is NOT proof.

  13. Being a talented entertainer obviously is not directly related to intelligence. I suggest Bette read about the just released NASA report asserting that climate change data is being misrepresented.

    “The group, which includes seven Apollo astronauts and two former
    directors of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, are dismayed over
    the failure of NASA, and specifically the Goddard Institute For Space
    Studies (GISS), to make an objective assessment of all available
    scientific data on climate change. They charge that NASA is relying too
    heavily on complex climate models that have proven scientifically
    inadequate in predicting climate only one or two decades in advance.”

  14. If this is global warming then those in the Northeast want more of it. Despite heating oil being the cheapest it has been in years, they hardly have to use much of it. I actually just turn on my old fossil fuel burning heating system just to create more global warming so I can continue to enjoy this warm December weather and to piss off the Bette Midler’s of the world and their fear mongering god, Obama

  15. Midler, you are such a twit. Read and learn the science before making your unsubstantiated, snap, one event, weather statements! You have about the same ability as that of a Yale divinity major (Al Gore) has of understanding event horizons that span tens of thousands of years. Your attention span probably enjoys the amount of time necessary to assess the need for long underwear on a frosty morning or whether to wear it at all.

  16. She’s so cute when she is disparaging people who actually do think, actually do evaluate the data, and who actually know that the U.N.s goal is to redistribute wealth from industrial nations to non-industrial nations. You know Socialism on an ego trip.
    However, a moron is still a moron no matter how cute they appear.

  17. Someone needs to go check her twitter or FB history for what she was saying when the Midwest & Northeast were enduring 20 below zero winters just a year or two ago. I suppose that was all these evil deniers’ doing too?

  18. Midler is a Hollywood Limousine Liberal, and well past her ‘sell by’ date.
    I’ll Bette she thinks we care about what she says.
    Maybe she likes the idea of the U.S. paying African countries for globull warming. Anyone else with a brain knows all that money will just go into some tin pot dictator’s secret bank account, thereby solving globull warming, right?
    But we are already doing that here with our very own tin pot dictator in our White House.

  19. Bette, we love it when you sing and tell jokes. Please sing and tell jokes, and nothing more or you risk joining the list of other has-beens who think that becaus they are famous, they are also smart (Cher, Streisand, etc).

  20. Yes. Because Bette is such a brilliant person, as is all Hollywood. She dropped out after a whopping three semesters at the University of Hawaii when she could not endure the rigors of that intellectually challenging course sequence… Drama. Spare us the Dram Bette. When you ope your mouth, make sure there is a song coming out. Nothing more.

  21. Midler is a typical ignorant liberal/progressive. Did she question last years record “COLD” weather? Of course not. Has she ever heard of El Nino? That is what is causing the warmer weather this year. These people make me want to puke.

  22. NYC Historic Average for the month of December Intellicast,
    NYC Records High 70° in 1980 FOR THE MONTH.. 70° (1982)

    NYC average low December 28°
    NYC average High 42°

    Then, in 89… NYC Record low 0° (1989)

    So no trend whatsoever. Even the climate scientists are saying this is El Nino, not Climate Change.

    Classic how a warm day means climate change for Alarmists Greens, but a cold day is the “weather” for “Climate Deniers”

    Bette, Feel better? You’re libtard friends like you more now? Drop dead.

  23. What a crackpot…! The warm weather is due to the effect of the El Nino Phenomena in the Pacific Ocean and has nothing to do with climate changing to anything. Changing weather is not proof of climate change.

  24. says the woman who probably lives in california where the weather is beautiful all year round? how can temperatures that are not cold and miserable be a bad thing? i know the people around me are enjoying it. yeah that has got to mean we are destroying the planet.. has to be…

  25. Hey Bette…the people who think they’re the smartest in the room are literally the most ignorant. And I’m not talking about your intelligence, how smart you are. You literally do not know what over half of this country thinks and believes. Yet you mock it. You don’t know what I believe or hold dear but you have no problem making fun of it, ’cause you think you know. And since you think you know, there’s no reason for you to learn.

  26. World renowned climatologist Better Midler said… Oh, wait… Eminent geophysicist Bette Midler said… Hmmmm. No, that won’t work either… Oh, here it is. Drama school dropout Bette Midler spouts off on a topic about which she knows next to nothing, spewing drivel that sycophantic ignoramuses slurp up like pigs at the feed trough.

    Shut up and sing.

  27. Look up “complete and utter idiot” in the dictionary and all that’s there is this clown’s face. We’ve had much warmer weather at Christmas time in the South than this and I’ve even mowed my grass here in Houston on Christmas Day. Why these generally uneducated, inane actors think they know anything about anything is just beyond me.

  28. Hey Bette, your climate alarmism is going nowhere. The two-decade global-warming pause, which no late 1990s climate model
    foresaw, led the public to doubt Big Climate’s confident predictions for the future. In response, federal bodies such as NOAA and NASA have adjusted the past to make the present appear hotter, and thus supposedly demonstrated that in fact there is no such “pause”. As a result, public opinion, which no longer trusts the Big Climate enforcers to tell them what the climate will be like in 2050, now no longer trusts them to tell them what it was like in 1950. A recent poll found that, notwithstanding the urgings of the President and the Secretary of State and others, only three per cent of Americans regard climate change as their major concern. Three per cent. There is your 97 per cent consensus, Ms. Midler

  29. I see, but if you’re a selfish climate promoter like Al Gore, your jet trips have zero effect on the climate. Thanks, Bette. You have now joined my ranks of know-nothing celebrities. Stick to entertaining and leave science to the scientists.

  30. Bette and Obama should not be involved in thinking about anything relevant. Both are merely entertainers. Better that they just continue to read scripts written by someone else. Neither has a talent for rational thought.

  31. The lady is talented yes, but more than ignorant. To push for something she has been brainwashed about, and insult others in doing so, shows arrogance, not knowledge. When scientist lie about tests results, and politicians invest their money in supposed cures, it is time for the more sane among us to tell them where to put their solutions. The Marie Antoinettes, who meet in Paris for the climate control summit, were a joke. How much fossil fuel did the “World’s Elite” use up to wine and dine, and come to their “Let them eat cake” conclusion?

  32. Isnt it funny all these TV people say there is global warming as they build billion dollar homes on the sea shore! Sorry Bet but your rant is as ignorant and you are. Stay to singing since your banter is off the wall and no one is listening!

  33. The last two winters were extremely cold in the lower 48. I guess Bette the scientist forgot about that. How about the 18 years of no global temperature increase.
    Hmmmm. Bette…How do you explain that Greenland was green when the Vikings landed there. I guess it was all those factories in Greenland spewing smoke almost a thousand years ago

  34. Bette, honey, stick to those things which you know best…music, entertainment, and being an obnoxious, self-engrandized schlump. The atmosphere is constantly changing and there is very little humans can do about it; particularly airheads like you!

  35. Lady, what happened to you? You used to be one sexy, talented singer and actress…and I enjoyed your songs and your movies. But then you decided to try to impress your fans with your political and scientific acumen. Sorry, dear, it is NOT working. Brains are not your strong suit, I guess. Better go back to what you do best: entertain. You were very good at that. Political activism – not so much.

  36. Bette’s wig must be on too tight, as it has most like has caused her some severe drain bamage. She is a solider in good standing of the Kool Aid drinking Lefties who believe everything they hear on CNN and are propagandized by the big lie of “climate change”. See, folks should do some homework. The goal of “climate change” has always been a UN imposed carbon tax…world wide..that will literally break every middle class person, and change everything about the way they live…from having no air conditioning, to eventually taking the right to drive away, from reducing the amount of heat we will have in our homes, to eventually seizing all private property. We are on shaky ground indeed, yet people go about their workaday lives in a comfortable bubble, denying what they feel is too upsetting … Global warming or climate change is a farce. Please do your homework. And Bette, they are doing marvelous things in mental health facilities these days. Check it out.

  37. I’m guessing most “deniers” are just regular people who go about their life every day. The leave some sort of “carbon footprint” through the year commuting to work, running to the store, etc. Let’s compare that to this idiot. I would imagine she has a tour bus or 2, uses private planes & other private transportation, and with every performance creates more pollution per worthless activity than just about any other celebrity out there. Hey Bette, go suck an egg…..

  38. It’s time for a full-out assault on Bette Meddler and the rest of the global warming cultists.

    THEY are the ones that need to be called “kook” , “fringe”, “nutcase”, “denier”, or worse. THEY should be laughed at non-stop, 24/7, until they hang their heads in shame and go into hiding, for being so stupid and gullible. THEY are the ones that need to learn simple science and be presented with all the FACTS that “anthropogenic global warming”, or “climate change” or “cooling” or “fool’s religion” or whatever they want to call it, is a GIGANTIC scam, and that anyone who believes it needs to have their head examined for serious learning issues and stunted maturity.

    I’m tired of being called names and ridiculed because I don’t jump on board Al Gore’s, Leonardo DiCaprio’s, Bette Midler’s and other snot-brained elitist pigs’ beliefs that because we drive a car to work, or heat our homes and apartments, or depress the nozzle on a can of hairspray, we are somehow causing the end of civilization. Hey Bette: when was the last time you took a Prius across country to your next song and dance gig? Are you living in a cave without electricity like you want the rest of us peons to do? I’m sure you go through REAMS of hair spray, in order to make your 80-year-old countenance look like you’re still 60.

    The real FREAKSHOWS are these stupid, vapid, irrelevant celebrities, who act as though the rest of the world cares what they think and are supposed to kiss their golden behinds. It used to be that these “show people” would stick to what they do best – entertainment, and nothing more. They were sidelined as performers, as they should be. We say a movie or two with them in it, maybe saw them on TV, then THAT WAS IT. Nowadays, everyone looks to these people for the answers to the Universe. It’s time we ALL turn things around the right way, and begin marginalizing these birdbrains for the vacuous idiots they are. STOP WORSHIPPING CELEBRITIES PEOPLE, and live your own lives, with your own free, independent thoughts. You’ll be much better off for it, and smarter, too.

  39. Dear Bette Midler,

    Repeat after me. WEATHER. Say it a few times. It’s easy. Just think about last winter when almost 3/4ths of the country was covered by snow and the flock was calling it WEATHER. I bet you even called it WEATHER. How quickly you forget.

    So, enjoy the unseasonably warm WEATHER. It may not last long. You can bet on that.

  40. Didn’t NASA/NOAA come out just this week and say burning fossil fuels contributes to global cooling? Temperature data that has not been massaged by NOAA shows a cooling trend since 1934. Whatever you believe I think it’s fair to say the science is not “settled.” And when it comes to climate change Bette Midler couldn’t find her own rear with both hands.

  41. I never thought you were funny Midler, in fact I always thought you were crude like the rest of Hollywood that is why I don’t go to the movies anymore. I will not give another dime to Hollywood I would rather read a book then make you rich so you can live in a big fancy House in Beverly Hills or where ever else you live. You think that because you are rich that you can tell the little people that made your rich what to do. Sick of It.

  42. Maybe if Butte Middling had shut her incessantly caterwauling lib t a r d yap we wouldn’t be in this dire imaginary situation…

    How much carbon does Butte burn going all over the country to howl to the idiot masses that drive for hours to listen to her screech?

    Hope she chokes on a ham bone…

  43. When was there ever no climate change? I live in the NE and it’s been warm and without snow so far this Winter. I know it’s El Nino doing that but if that is what Global Warming would be like count me in.

  44. No, the chemicals it takes to produce the wide variety of wigs, facial concealers and enhancers it takes to draw up a face on Bette that won’t scare small children and animals that are hurting our planet.

  45. She is a hoaxer bowing at her religious alter. Since she believes we control weather and climate then she should call on all her hoaxer zealots to go outside and whip up a blizzard, since we are responsilbe for climate change…

  46. Bette. you’re lucky you can sing and sell a few records. Because you’re as stupid as a box of rocks, and there hasn’t been any amount of makeup, paint or cake frosting to make that mug look attractive.

    But let’s not be too hard on poor Bette. I guess if MY career was over and I had to spend my oodles of free time searching for relevancy, I would jump on the global warming hoax, too. It probably SEEMS to her like she’s doing something important, so just leave her alone and let her live in her fantasy world. After all, she’s spent a lifetime playing and pretending; there’s no way the old cow is going to change now.

  47. The longer the limo, the more luxurious the private jet, the more massive the mansions and estates, and the bigger their carbon footprint, the louder they shriek about how it’s everyone else’s responsibility to protect and defend Mother Earth.

  48. If Bette Midler really cared about global warming/climate change, then she would be living a modest life, avoid driving or riding in cars, avoid taking showers or bathing, never wash her clothes, and avoid using air conditioning or heat, and die young.

    oh wait, suffering is for the “little people” in “flyover country”.

    If climate change is the cost of civilization, I’ll put up with a tiny change in the average temperature, thank you very much.

  49. Does anyone care what Midler thinks or says? Another Hollywood elitest who is full of herself.
    Climate change has been going on since the start of time. Nothing new.
    First is was global warming, then global cooling and now climate change. What next?
    Deal with it, this if life and not worth worrying about.

  50. Poor Bette Midler, so long out of the lime-light and glamor she grew so used to when she was actually somebody and we paid attention to her. Growing old, especially in Hollywood, is such a cruel trick of fate. We should amuse her in her dwindling years.

  51. The real deniers are the idiots like YOU, who refuse to look at the scientists who completely debunk global warming. They are silenced and only those who agree with this global redistribution of wealth are recognized. I don’t believe a word of this global warming scam. That being said, I recycle and clean up my messes! What about you, Bette? Do you Jet around like BO and spew jet pollution everywhere you go and then preach to us about perhaps purchasing a bike to commute? You are a hypocrite of the highest order and your lame career is already over so this is just an attention grabber for you. Get off the stage! Your 15 minutes was up long ago.

  52. Bette and the other Hollywood elitist are nothing but puppets of the climax hoax. They will say what ever they are told to keep their acting gigs and raking in the bucks. It has already been proven to the methodology on determining global warming or climate change what ever, is highly questionable.

  53. Shut up, dummy. Seriously, there should be a twitter score assigned to celebrities indicating the relative stupidity of their tweets that automatically suspends their accounts when they say too many stupid things.

  54. Hey Bette baby, when you get your carbon footprint down to that of the average American citizen, then get back to us about how concerned you are regarding global warming.

    Until then, you are what you complain about, being greedy and selfish.

    Typical Hollyhood liberal.

  55. I’d like Miss M to consider the size of her carbon footprint when she moves her entourage from show to show and of her McMansions then talk to us about where the responsibility really lies. It’s one thing to talk the talk, quite another to walk the walk. Bear in mind, Miss M, we “deniers” are entitled to believe as we wish and I believe that you are a hypocrite. It’s not our thoughts that are the problem it’s our behaviors.

  56. She opens her mouth to blare what? Blaming our “lack of belief” for the weather? What is this, the Dark Ages?

    After the “New Ice Age” was laughed off of the newsstands in the early 1970’s, I must admit that I foolishly believed that such “climate disaster” predictions were so humiliatingly debunked that I would never again see their like. Instead, I find that we normal Americans are surrounded by pathetic people like Midler who are completely unhinged, but shouting their anti-scientific nonsense from every rooftop and demanding that we wreck modern society’s economic foundations in accordance with their hysterical mysticism.

    Their B. S. level is so high that it is actually nightmarish in its “1984” qualities.

  57. Caroline!(Caroline!) Caroline!
    All the guys would say she’s mighty fine(Mighty fine!)
    But mighty fine only got you somewhere half the time
    And the other half either got you cussed out, or coming up short.
    Yeah, now dig this, even though(Even though!)
    You’d need a golden calculator to divide(To divide!)
    The time it took to look inside and realize that
    Real guys go for real down to Mars girls, yeah!

    I know you’d like to think your shit don’t stink
    But lean a little bit closer
    See that roses really smell like poo-poo-oo
    Yeah, roses really smell like poo-poo-oo

  58. Every time Bette farts, it is some extra fossil fuel for the environment…..and rivals that of a West Kansas hog.

    Look, she Tweets because she feels insignificant and she is lonely. Look Bette, I hate to break to you, but no one, in this age of “opinion overload” (you are in the 1%, aka the 1% that NO ONE wants to hear from), wants to hear your opinion of weather patterns and the reactive science of the scientific study of “the weather”. Hell, Obama is working daily to be a “weather man” when we finally get his lying pa-too-tee out of the White House. So, he has the upper hand.

    The reason that these people have circled the wagons around the climate and weather issues (or non-issues), is because they can NOT comprehend nor come up with a solution about the overwhelming issues facing us… WWIII, which is a war they are trying to keep quiet. But, damn it, we are at war with Islam, as we have been off-and-on for hundreds and hundreds of years. I just hope we get a leader in the White House, who will commit to wiping the Muslim and Islamic Genetic Mutation from the face of the earth. Yeah, let’s talk about the “weather” while they are talking about “conquering and destroying Western Civilization.

    That is lunacy, idiotic and mentally and spiritually and nationalistically sick.

  59. Well I’ll take it over the English weather in the 1800’s.

    Are we to think that these fools seem to think that colder is better?

    “By all accounts, in the 19th century England experienced much colder
    winters than we’ve had in the last few years. Many years we saw snow
    and ice along with very cold northerly and northeasterly winds.

    In January 1811 the River Thames froze over.

    The winter of 1813/1814
    was one of the coldest on record, with a Frost Fair being held on the
    frozen River Thames at London. Snow lay thickly and London was swathed
    in thick fog (made worse by people burning coal in their hearths to keep

    1816 was known as the year without summer. The
    eruption of the Tambora volcano in East India caused thick ash clouds
    that greatly affected temperatures in Europe (just as the Askja eruption
    in Iceland had done a century earlier.) Snow drifts remained on English
    hills until late July 1816 and by September the River Thames had frozen

    The rest of the century seems to continue in the same
    vein. Very snowy, cold winters with snowfalls starting early (sometimes
    as early as October) and continuing until March / April the following

    It wasn’t until 1895 that England again had a few (typical) wet, snowless winters.”

    “By all accounts, in the 19th century England experienced much colder
    winters than we’ve had in the last few years. Many years we saw snow
    and ice along with very cold northerly and northeasterly winds.

    In January 1811 the River Thames froze over.

    The winter of 1813/1814
    was one of the coldest on record, with a Frost Fair being held on the
    frozen River Thames at London. Snow lay thickly and London was swathed
    in thick fog (made worse by people burning coal in their hearths to keep

    1816 was known as the year without summer. The
    eruption of the Tambora volcano in East India caused thick ash clouds
    that greatly affected temperatures in Europe (just as the Askja eruption
    in Iceland had done a century earlier.) Snow drifts remained on English
    hills until late July 1816 and by September the River Thames had frozen

    The rest of the century seems to continue in the same
    vein. Very snowy, cold winters with snowfalls starting early (sometimes
    as early as October) and continuing until March / April the following

    Before the 1800’s

    1616: Hot summer with drought similar to that of 1612
    1626: Dry and hot summer”

    But then the cold came and people died —-

    1683-84: Now when people think of ‘The Big One’ in terms of winters,
    they think of 1947,1963 etc. But there was one winter that easily
    surpassed both! This winter! Mid December saw the ‘great frost’ start in
    the UK and Central Europe. The Thames was frozen all the way up to
    London Bridge by early January 1684. The frost was claimed to be the
    longest on record, and probably was. It lasted kept the Thames frozen
    for 2 months, it froze as deep as 11 inches. Near Manchester, the ground
    had frozen to 27 inches, and in Somerset, to an astonishing 4 feet!
    This winter was the coldest in the CET series, at -1.2! (1739-40 was
    -0.4) This winter was described by R.D. Blackmore, in his book ‘Lorna
    Doone’. In mid February there was a thaw.

    1688-89: Long and severe frosts, Thames froze over.

    1683-84: Now when people think of ‘The Big One’ in terms of winters,
    they think of 1947,1963 etc. But there was one winter that easily
    surpassed both! This winter! Mid December saw the ‘great frost’ start in
    the UK and Central Europe. The Thames was frozen all the way up to
    London Bridge by early January 1684. The frost was claimed to be the
    longest on record, and probably was. It lasted kept the Thames frozen
    for 2 months, it froze as deep as 11 inches. Near Manchester, the ground
    had frozen to 27 inches, and in Somerset, to an astonishing 4 feet!
    This winter was the coldest in the CET series, at -1.2! (1739-40 was
    -0.4) This winter was described by R.D. Blackmore, in his book ‘Lorna
    Doone’. In mid February there was a thaw.

    1688-89: Long and severe frosts, Thames froze over.

    1690-99: 6 out of 10 of the winters in this period were described as severe, judging by their CET

    New century, similar pattern..
    November 1703: A ‘great storm’ in England, although thought to be the
    worst in the record books, I don’t wish to pursue any
    information in regards to it, as no snowfall came of it!

    1708: The coldest Spring, Summer, and Autumn for 47 years, other than 1698! (see part 2)

    Severe winter, the frost lasted for over 3 months! Temperatures
    plummeted to -18c. Thames froze in London, once again! Severe winter by
    CET values (1.2c).

    I will take the warm over the cold that took place for centuries in England.

  60. When every last one of these “Climate Change” believers, rides a bicycle or walks to wherever they want to go, then maybe I’ll believe what they spew from their frothing mouths. Don’t tell me I’m the reason it’s warmer this winter while you fly around in your private jet just to go buy you some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at some boutique store you remember from two decades ago. Lead by example you hypocrites! Abandon your limos and Rolls Royce’s and go buy yourselves a Mustang…no, not the car, the horse! Every time you use fossil fuel you join the “Climate Change Deniers” you’re so critical of.

    Oh, and just a reminder Ms. Midler, the climate changes four times a year, so although you’re not all together wrong, you are wrong in trying to pass blame to others.

  61. Appreciate the photo of Midler! Now we know what “stupid” looks like and her photo can take its rightful place in the dictionary. Had the misfortune of walking along side of her once at Disneyland. She’s certainly a daring one, to walk out without make up. Sent shivers up my spine!

  62. There is no cure for stupid. I wonder what the Devine Miss M.’s carbon footprint is. Probably exponentially greater than the average Denier’s. Here in New Hampshire, we have been enjoying the beautiful weather. Everyone is in great spirits. People are burning less heating oil too! Merry Christmas. God bless us, everyone!

    • I don’t know about the “great performer” part, lb. I’ve heard this aging, over-ripe bag of gas recently and she can’t even carry a tune in a 5 gallon pail. You’re spot on with the other part of your comment.

  63. This is reminiscent of what that abject dope, Meridith Viera, said some years ago when she claimed to have been walking in Central Park in late December and marveling at the warm weather then. She suddenly realized, “We’re all gonna die.” Would it be a charitable act to offer to help her along… ?

  64. No Bette, thank you for once again proving that climate-mongers are nothing more than shallow, hypocritical leftist, who need someone to point blame at to deflect attention from their ignorance, and to make them feel better about their own sad lives.

  65. Thank you so much for your intelligent, well thought out insight into the complicated matter of climate change, Dr. Midler. Why national climate policy is not carried out based entirely on the opinions of Hollywood liberal elites still continues to baffle the rest of the country. Maybe, once this issue is resolved, you could move on to resolve that whole ‘room temperature fusion’ thing.

  66. When you can show me a climate model that actually works, one that can produce valid, verifiable results without the need to manipulate the data to get a desired, predetermined outcome, then I might start to take this crap seriously.

    The simple truth is that climate change supporters, formerly known as Global Warming, chose to ignore the significance of factors such as the sun’s effect on climate. They further refuse to recognize that the programs that have been used to predict “climate change” are fundamentally flawed due to the fact that as a system climate is both too complex with too many unaccounted for variables, and too poorly understood to successfully model based on the current state of understanding.

  67. If it’s too cold it’s ‘Climate Change’ if it’s too hot its ‘Global Warming’. You just can’t tell these climate people anything because either way you just can’t win. How come nobody is addressing the real environmental concerns like GMO’s, toxic water, shoreline pollution, the decrease in bee populations, the dangerous cross breeding of speccies? How come the blame is being put on the average human when the government clearly admits that it is geoengineering the planet? Nobody addresses that period of time in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s when we were purposely blowing holes in the earths ozone with nuclear weapons testing! Sure, there are REAL concerns out there but nobody seems to be doing anything or enough about it. All people want is a clean place to live and I can’t blame anyone. The earth has not experienced ‘Global Warming’ in over 22 years by the way. So this is clearly a propaganda campaign by air head celebrities who have nothing better to do then powder their noses and drink kool aid all day (Rant over).

  68. Our Father which is in heaven makes his sun to shine on both the evil and the good, and he sends his rain on both the just and the unjust, (a Jesus quote, not mine). There are over 40 more Biblical passages that state that our God is in charge of our weather. I’ll believe what God says, not Bette, Al, Barrack, or any other arrogant proud earthly creature.

  69. What was that movie she made years ago……? Oh yeah, “Bitches” or something like that. They should have called it “DUMB Bitches”….more accurate!….and how much energy does this hypocrite use in her palatial home or her touring buses, aircraft, etc? Oh yeah, energy conservation is just for the “little people”… in the rest of us!

  70. Now what exactly does a mean fag hag know about climate change? I’m sure she knows a great deal about selfishness and ignorance, but science? Naaah. Bette, please go to meesekite land where you belong.

  71. On any given day, the majority of actors are the most grossly ignorant when it comes to objective science (the only real kind) and play into the mind tricks of those scientists who can’t resist covering the public in thick layers of subjectivity (the worst kind of science which leads to “beliefs” rather than fact, truth and repeatable confirmations of facts). Just because actors talk, does not mean that what comes out of their mouths is fact, truth. Emotion is tied to it far too much. This shows that most actors are easily prone to being duped, fooled, deceived into “beliefs” instead of objective facts, indisputable truths. Science these days is filled with more beliefs than fact. Yep, Hollywood’s best fall fast for the fools gold that is prominent in today’s scientific crown.

  72. My denial or acceptance or any thing I am thinking has nothing to do with the weather or the climate.

    If there is man-made climate change, it is a result of the use of fossil fuels and carbon releases. If Bette wants to make a difference, she should stop using airplanes, cars, heating her house, and using electricity generated by the burning of fossil fuel.

  73. This goes to show that you don’t need intelligence to be “Successful”, you just have to be Lucky. Sad that many Successful people are down right “STUPID”. Wonder if she “Plane Pools” with Madonna or takes her own Jet.

  74. They alarmist should be held to account in 15 yrs, 20 yrs..when nothings happens..they should be prosecuted for fraud and we should be able to sue them for the money made off of this unnecessary fear mongering. Includes government officials.

  75. It’s time to round up all these useless entertainers and send them to the middle eastern desert, let azzwad do what he wants to them. They are the problem, not the solution. They should never state their political, or ideological preference. they are making fools of themselves as they look for relevency and a moment of attention by making azzclown statements. A word to bett, I have it on good authority that tomorrow the Sun will rise in the East, but don’t tell anyone, also, it might rain, could possibly be a dust storm if it doesn’t snow.

  76. These “entertainment” idiots think they are so important they hyper personalize everything including their perception of weather patterns; if it doesn’t fit their script it’s wrong. Bette Please jump in front of a train.

  77. Bette’s understanding of statistical analysis

    Analysis = rectal examination
    standard deviation = an average perversion
    Mean = not nice
    Mode = past tense of mow. I mode the grass yesterday.
    Median = singular form of comedian.

  78. This warmth she refers to is the result of El Nino. Her high priests (scientists) have long stated that El Nino and man-made climate change are unrelated. She, and the rest of the warm mongers, needs to chill out.

  79. Science: “With a strong El Nino pattern, the warming of surface waters in the Pacific Ocean near the equator. That’s helped drive warm air west to east across the Lower 48 and kept colder air from the Arctic at bay.”Insanity, believing it’s warmer because of deniers.

  80. She’s another liberal phony. As if she’s some science genius. And ever take a look at her home in NYC? She’s put an Upper East Side socialite to shame.

    Why do all these weather deniers not realize: Weather has existed for centuries. In my lifetime, I remember MANY warm Christmases and many years we’ve been dumped with tons of snow. In the ’60s, we had tons of snow! I know because I shoveled it!

  81. These new age, tree hugging whacks are just nuts and prove it over and over again. Bette says that the world is warming, just wait until late January and the whole country east of the Mississippi is inundated with 6 feet of snow, then it will go back to “climate change”. The fact is that ALL the planets are heating up and that there is a change in our solar system. Look it up!

  82. I remember the Winter of 1972 in upstate New York, which was just like this one.

    The warm weather lasted through New Years Day (when it was 60-degrees in Rochester, NY and it hadn’t snowed yet for the first time that season). Then we were pelted with snow and cold weather that lasted until almost June. No one talked about man-made global warming then. In those days the scammers postulated global cooling. We were all going to freeze to death. See the link below.

  83. Don’t worry Bette, Hillary is going to come out with a cure for Alzhiemer’s. I’m sure you remember riding around with the convertable top down on the evening of Dec 31,1965 because the temperatures were in the 60’s in the Northeast. It’s called “weather”.There is a guy on TV, (remember that, the little people in a box?) that can tell you tomorrow’s weather with a 50% accuracy every night at 11.

    • The biggest “carbon BS footprints” belong to the Cretans that spout off about the global warming in the first place. Let’s see if they pay their “carbon tax” when it comes time to start stealing from the whole world by the biggest lie since the Federal Reserve Act.

  84. Bette Midler – WHAT AN IDIOT I guess she prefers everyone to be freezing cold in an ICE AGE? How is the planet being warmer bad in the first place? It would be great if the entire planet were a lush tropical place full of plants thriving on CO2 – we’d have less desertification even! I’m so sick and tired of these stupid chicken littles decrying a couple of degrees of warmth – what drugs are they on??????

    • A couple of degrees of warmth, combined with the increasing acidity of oceans, would cause the food chain to collapse. Plankton is at the lowest level of the ocean food chain. If the plankton dies out due to higher acidity (which is starting to happen) everything that eats plankton will die. Everything that eats them will have to find a new food source, but most of them will die too.

      The last time ocean acidity increased dramatically it did it alongside massive releases of methane, and is called the Permian Extinction. A huge percentage of all species to have ever lived on earth died in that extinction event.

      Of course, this was a result of natural processes. What we are doing, is re-creating those processes. Yes, it will happen naturally on it’s own, but we are accelerating it. Which is stupid, and steps should be taken to slow the process down. We can’t prevent it utlimately, but we can stop helping.

    • Weather changes from day to day. Climate is patterns of weather over extended periods of time.

      The reason they keep saying the wild swings in weather are a result of climate change is because wild swings in weather are predicted by climate change models. That’s why there was record snow last year, and unseasonable heat this year in the same place.

      But it makes more sense that the observable effects of climate change are caused by a liberal conspiracy rather than gigatons of particulate matter pumped into the atmosphere. It’s not climate change, it’s Obama’s weather machine.

  85. Poor Bette. How old is she now? If it was ice-age cold it’s because of deniers, if it was a hurricane it would be because of deniers, if it was an earthquake it’s because of deniers, etc..
    Misinformed. For virtue and against sin- who isn’t for that?

  86. Nature tells how nuts these loonies are simply by showing us symbiosis in action: Plants need C02 to give off 02. We need 02 to give off C02. The more C02, the more plants. The more plants, the more 02. The more 02, the better for us. End of equation, they don’t want us. Fin.

  87. Oh Lord Please-this dried up liberal skunk travels around in jets and limousines and she doesn’t see her own bloody HYPOCRISY !!!!! Liberals-heathen soulless scum who dwell in sewers and voted twice for a muslim maggot mommy’s boy pimp bastard ass hole.

  88. The “Climate Change” guys got the Pope and Bette Midler on their side – it must be true if there is a “Consensus” of entertainers and theologians!!!! Yes folks – $150 Billion spent since 2006 on “Climate Change” research and this is what they come up with. We can’t see their data, forecasting software, documentation but we’re supposed to accept the Pope and Bette Midler!

  89. Do not support Na zi’s. It’s that simple. If we stopped paying these Hateful, Racist, Bigots, they would have to crawl back to whatever rock they crawled out from under. I’d like to thank Bette Midler for adding herself to the list of Climatenazi’s, anti-haters, anti-racists, and anti-bigots no longer need to support. …

  90. Bette don’t overstretch that brain of yours if you don’t know what your talking about. Trying to keep your name in the paper as the stooge of the left is a career coffin maker. What’s happening today in weather is what is expected in a very strong El-Nino pattern, you know how things affect weather right Bette?. OH yeah, your idiot leftist buddies left you looking like their useful idiot again. idiot.

  91. Religion and politics mixed with “science” harkens back to the good old days of the “earth is flat” or the “sun revolves around the earth.” Got to feel sorry for these ignorant folks who don’t even know they are being duped.

  92. Well….Bette Midler has spoken! So let it be written, so let it be done….however, there is just one more question for you Bette… do you explain the maunder minimum, and this current pattern of interglacial warming? All of which happened without any signifigant impact from man….I’ll wait for your answer……

  93. Quick, please sow up her ovaries. she has now surpassed Hillary Poopie Pant-Suit as the smartest woman in the Cosmos. this high intelligence must be hidden from the world. if only we could time travel and abort her in the womb of her mother. just cut her right out and suck that brain from a small puncture wound at the base of her neck. we can then sell pieces of her to the dog food companies.


  95. She is not different from most celebrities. She is a wealthy member of the progressive left, the type (think Al Gore) who believe all of these “green” rules apply to everyone but her because she, unlike the common folk, is somehow entitled to gas guzzling (and perceived polluting) vehicles such as limos and private jets. Her opinion on this issue is as relevant as her opinion particle physics.

  96. I fear that Ms Midler has eaten the same steak that Ms Pelosi did and has been infected with Mad Cow Disease. It is readily apparent in both of them that they no longer have full use of their brains….

  97. These Hollywood environmentalists are not only the biggest frauds, they are also some of the biggest morons.

    The Climate has ALWAYS CHANGED dummy as it is cyclical not linear and tied directly to the thermodynamic outputs cycles of the Sun.

    I truly wish man would control it, because warmer weather means less disease, increased agricultural production and less money spent on fuel to not freeze to death.

    Help the environment by punching an “environmentalist” like Bette in the face.

  98. So last year NYC weather was?

    Over the past couple of decades living in this same house, I have seen every range of winter weather (winter climate change). Low snow years bring -10F & lower temps, more snow brings 20-35F temps, personally I’d rather have more snow than continuous below 0 temps.

  99. Beautiful voice. That’s it. Nothing in the head that’s useful. Bette, I’ll go outside and change the climate just for you. Do you want a White Christmas or would you consider that to be racist? Exactly what temperature would you like? Actually, you don’t need me. Actually, though, you are an idiot. But such a beautiful voice.

  100. Just another stupid liberal claiming the world is on the verge of dying, while ignoring the fact that absolutely nothing has changed outside ordinary, natural variations.
    Meanwhile, the Democrats they support weave an endless web of destructive policies that leave REAL, lasting, and harmful affect on tens of millions of Americans, who’s economic lives may never recover… and they blame Republicans… who ALWAYS give them EVERYTHING they want.
    We could survive an Obama administration, if we had Republicans willing to put up a fight, and if we didn’t still have half the country too stupid to connect what’s happening to the lunatic Democrats they elect. As it stands, I have strong doubts.

  101. Like a true religion, Warmers openly display their faith while also condemning logic, reason and evidence. Imagine how much mankind could have already accomplished if not for the trappings of gods and religion. As a supporter of the first amendment, I recognize that Americans have the right to believe in any religious non-since to include religious symbols such as; the crescent moon, the cross and the recycle triangle. However, I also have freedom from religion and choose not to participate in any religion of faith. So I use my recycle bin for PVC parts, the bible is among a collection of literary fiction in my library and I use the quran as musket wadding.

  102. The real question is not whether Hellywood leftists are proven gullible, indoctrinated lemmings like Bette. The real question is why don’t those that believe that global warming is a hoax speak out against it. If it is due to a fear of becoming ostracized or unemployed…it speaks volumes to a culture of intimidation that is not America!

  103. Just shut up and sing (or act). Nobody cares about your politics. Yeah, east coast has near record highs right now. Last year was a brutally cold winter. Colorado has unseasonably cold weather right now. It’s weather, not climate — remember that? All you worshipers in the Church of the Global Climate Change keep reminding everyone of that when conditions aren’t favorable to your position.

  104. I like Bette Midler as a performer, but she’s wayyyyyy out of her depth. Where was she last year when the winter lasted seemingly forever? A snow pile in Boston didn’t melt entirely until July!
    Just because these people are celebrities, either by talent or just dumb luck, they feel the need to lecture us “lesser lights” on everything from politics to the economy to the climate.
    Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Bette should get off of her high horse of hypocrisy and do some fancy book-learnin’.
    If she believes the global warming, eh, cooling, eh, climate change rubbish, (and she doesn’t), she should at least go where the problem is.

    Another sunny day in China!!!